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Cloudbusting is not
"Weather Modification"

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Cloudbusting is not "Weather Modification" *

By James DeMeo

Over the years there has been a tendency for cloudbusting to be called "weather modification" or "orgonomic weather modification", or other terms which imply that the primary function of cloudbusting is to change the weather in a specified manner, to make the weather do this or that. Technically and philosophically, this is entirely incorrect, and I suggest this terminology be henceforth dropped completely from the lexicon of orgone research. Reich's impetus in the development of the cloudbuster was not to "modify" or "make" anything - rather, it was to restore the lost property of atmospheric pulsation. Cloudbusting was historically developed to address an atmospheric crisis situation, of a hazy contaminated atmosphere and drought which afflicted his region of rural Maine. Reich noted, atmospheric energetic pulsation and natural self-regulation in the atmosphere had stopped, and so he worked towards a solution, to return the atmosphere back towards a more natural condition.

Factually, cloudbusting is a technique to remove obstacles in the way of natural atmospheric functioning, to restore the lost principle of atmospheric energetic pulsation and self-regulation. The context is similar to the goal of Reich's emotion-release therapy, to help the individual feel more alive and to breathe deeper, to biologically pulsate more freely and function in a more alive and self-regulated manner. Emotional armoring could be relieved by the therapy he developed in his early clinical work, and this resulted in a more healthy functioning of the total organism. Likewise, his cloudbusting method can soften the atmospheric armor which appears as a dull, steel-grey haze and stagnation in the lower atmosphere and on the landscape. When armor or atmospheric stagnation sets in, one might attempt to assist or help nature to function as it would normally, had not the armor or atmospheric stagnation developed. Careful work with the cloudbuster could often accomplish this goal, though not uniformly or under all conditions. Cloudbusting is not a crutch, nor a "medicine" to be applied routinely, or without training or knowledge of atmospheric science. It is somewhat similar to a temporary form of atmospheric acupuncture, something used only briefly, to restore natural energetic streaming to the atmosphere, just as acupuncture needles are used on the living organism only briefly, to stimulate a more normal and healthy bioenergetic functioning. After normal biological or atmospheric functioning is achieved, both acupuncture needles and the cloudbuster are put away, into storage, and are no longer needed.

Regarding atmospheric functioning, part of the difficulty is the term "cloudbusting" itself, which implies to many people "busting up clouds". Or it implies "cloudburst", a possible forced triggering of rains from a given cloud, as if one pricked it with a pin and the water came pouring out. While the dissipation or eliciting of rains from individual clouds is sometimes possible, neither are primary goals of the cloudbusting technique. Reich preferred the term "Cosmic Orgone Engineering" which is truly accurate, as the cloudbuster has no capacity to directly influence the mechanical parameters of weather or atmosphere, such as temperature, pressure, winds, humidity and so forth. To orthodox science, the entire subject of cloudbusting is "impossible", or heresy. But we nevertheless observe how changes in the primary atmospheric orgone or life-energy, stimulated by the cloudbuster, are followed by subsequent changes in all those secondary atmospheric parameters, as they re-adjust to changes from a blocked towards an unblocked condition.

By removing tendencies towards atmospheric stagnation, the atmosphere by itself begins to pulsate and form discrete clouds which spontaneously grow and shrink, and often develop into larger cloud aggregates or storm systems, after which they dissipate away for clear skies. Pulsation. By contrast, the cloudseeders try to "squeeze" moisture out of one or two individual clouds, using noxious chemicals -- but that approach is entirely foreign to the field of Cosmic Orgone Engineering, which views atmospheric pulsation much like the beating of the heart of a living creature. It does not require intervention unless something a-priori interferes with natural pulsation, causing it to stop.

While grappling with these terms, I came to some interesting observations about words and language. It is far easier to come up with descriptive terms or synonyms which imply "doing something" to "make-force" another thing to happen: modification, alteration, change, make, force, and so forth. Related words which imply the outright stopping or interfering with natural processes are even more abundant: suppression, repression, containment, stop, halt, end, terminate, discontinue, squash, quell, calm, quiet, silence, purturb, upset, kill, etc. But try to come up with single words which mean, clearly, assisting a natural function, or restoring a lost natural function, or setting free a natural impulse formerly bound up and repressed. Here, one finds human language fails entirely, and one must string together entire phrases to get the concepts across. Perhaps the freely-living peaceful societies of the world, mostly long-gone in ancient history, had such single words, but we just don't know. And so, we continue to use the word cloudbusting, but also search for descriptive terms which avoid the implications of "controlling the weather" or "weather modification" and acknowledge that at basis, cloudbusting is a method for restoration of free movement of formerly blocked and stagnant atmospheric life energy.

Another reason to cease using the term "orgonomic weather modification" is the fact that the cloudseeders do use the "modification" terminology -- they also start from the basic assumptions that cosmic or inter-molecular space is empty, without any primary energy, and that both nature and the universe are dead. Meteorologists have no acceptance of any principle which comes close to atmospheric self-regulation, and indeed have been hot to criticize the use of concepts which come from the world of biology, such as homeostasis or the Gaia theory of Lovelock. By contrast, orgonomy came from the world of the biological sciences, with an emphasis upon self-regulatory processes. We therefore should strive to avoid the "control-make" terminology of mechanistic physics and meteorology, which is founded upon concepts of "empty space" and a dead atmosphere and universe.

Other historical facts set Reich's orgonomy and cloudbusting fully apart from traditional cloudseeding and conventional physics and meteorology. As I have detailed in other essays and articles, Reich's work was opposed by the cloudseeders and atmospheric scientists embracing the empty-space theories. Reich viewed the jet-streams and aurora as an expression of living orgone energy streams high up in the atmosphere. His overall discussion of the sensitive and excitable atmospheric life-energy were fundamental to his arguments that cloudseeding and atomic-bomb testing were life-negative influences upon the atmosphere, creating irritation and stagnation, out of which drought and severe storms could develop. Strong irritants such as atomic power plants could irritate the atmsophere, and drive it to extremes of behavior: furious storms, or stagnated immobility and drought. In the modern-day criticisms of atomic bombs, nuclear power plants, cloudseeding, conventional air pollution, droughts and desertifiction, Reich's work is hardly mentioned. This is a large error, as his work is of central relevance to modern-day scientific and environmental controversies.


* Adapted from an earlier article of the same title in Pulse of the Planet 4:116, 1993.

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