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The Lou Hochberg Awards
On Wilhelm Reich's Discoveries

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Lou Hochberg Student Awards

Suggested Topics

In all cases, students are expected to have a good grasp of the published literature, to provide reference citations, and follow other "old fashioned" rules of authentic scholarship.

On Sociology/Psychology/Anthropology/History

The Emotional Plague (Reich's original discovery).

Child Development, from a self-regulatory perspective.

Family Organization (authoritarian/free, neurotic/healthy, compulsive/non-compulsive, etc.)

Select a Specific Historical Period of Emotional Plague (European Inquisition, Salem witch-trials, National Socialism, International Socialism-Communism, etc.) and Discuss from Reich's Sexual-Social Perspective.

The Functional, Orgonomic Definition of Emotional Health.

Women's Sex-Economic Role in Social and Family Environments.

Origins of Religious Hatred, Race Hatred and/or Political Hatred.

Apply Reich's method of Orgonomic Functionalism to a Topic of Your Own Choice.

Adolescent Sexual Freedom: the Sex-Economic Perspective.

Destructive versus Rational Social-Political Behavior in Action, Based upon Character Structure.

The Differences Between Freud's and Reich's Concepts of Culture and Sexuality.

Archaeological and anthropological evidence in the light of Reich's sexual-social discoveries, and related cross-cultural and regional-geographic findings as in DeMeo's Saharasia discoveries.

On Experimental Orgone Biophysics (Advanced)
(If experimental work is to be undertaken, submissions in this subject category must be accompanied by consultation with scientists having direct knowledge and experience with the subject material. Papers exhibiting either flawed scientific methods, mixing Reich's materials with popular metaphysics, or reliance upon popular but inaccurate claims or distortions of Reich's findings as in the "chemtrail" or "skeptic" literature, will be automatically disqualified.)

Theoretical Review of Reich's Life-Energy concepts and experiments

Observations on Reich's "Subjective Light Phenomenon"

Reich's bions and modern microbiology "origins of life" research.

Reich's bions and pleomorphism.

Reich's findings on the human orgone energy field, and other life-energy field discoveries.

"Kirlian" or "Korotkov" bio-field photographs of plant leaves or human fingertips, before and after charging inside an orgone accumulator.

Experimental testing of the Orgone Energy Accumulator
* subjective sensations
* plant growth stimulation
* electroscopical discharge rate anomaly
* thermal anomaly
* effects upon laboratory animals, cancer mice

Orgone-similar effects in high vacuum experiments

Reich's Cosmic Superimposition theory and modern astronomy.

Reich's orgone energy versus the cosmic ether, or neutrino sea, or interstellar medium (plasma), or "dark matter".

Develop another topic of your own choosing, based upon Reich's discoveries.

It is also recommended to contact Dr. James DeMeo, Director of OBRL, for an email consultation or preliminary review of your topic. All submissions, especially for higher-level award categories, must conform to the facts, and will be held to rigorous academic-scientific standards possibly exceeding what their own home departments may have required. For example, articles with a decidedly political bias, even if "approved" by an academic department, are probably not going to be well-received by scholars studying Reich, where the rigid social-poltical "left-right" split is viewed as a distortion of the human emotions and character structure.

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