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Lodging and Travel Information to the

Orgone Biophysical Research Lab (OBRL)
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Travel and Lodging Information for Ashland, and the

Orgone Biophysical Research Lab (OBRL)
Greensprings Center

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TRAVEL: Getting to Ashland, Oregon, and the Greensprings Center.
(Map sent upon request or pre-registration)

Note:  The Orgone Biophysical Research Laboratory and Greensprings Center are open only to registered seminar and workshop participants, and then only during the time of the announced events.  We unfortunately are not in a position to receive visitors or guests at other times, except for strictly professional reasons and then by advanced appointment only.

The City of Ashland is located in the south-western part of Oregon, at the junction of Interstate 5 (which runs north-south). It is about a 30 minute drive from Ashland to Medford, where the major airport is located.

The OBRL Center is about 20 miles east of Ashland in the Greensprings region, on Route 66. It is close to both the Greensprings Inn and the Pinehurst Inn (both of which have fine restaurants as well as lodging), and the Hyatt Lake campgrounds. See below for information on those.

Air Connections to Ashland:
Medford, Oregon is the closest major airport to Ashland and the OBRL Center. Access from International Cities is usually made via airports in Seattle (Washington), Portland (Oregon), Denver (Colorado) or San Francisco (California); from those cities, one can get a connecting flight to Medford, which is about 30 minutes drive to Ashland, and another 45 minutes from Ashland to the OBRL Center. Car rental is available at the airport from companies such as Budget, Avis, Hertz, Alamo, and Enterprise.  Ashland is just to the south of Medford on Interstate 5.

Ashland is also about 8 hours driving time north from San Francisco, or 6 hours driving south from Portland, and a full-day drive south (12 hours) from Seattle.

Taxi/Shuttle Connections From the Medford Airport:
*  Cascade Airport Shuttle, goes from the Medford Airport to Downtown Ashland, or all the way to the Greensprings Inn:  Call them to get current costs and for a reservation (541) 488-1998.
*  Ashland Yellow Cab (541) 482-3065.

Car Rentals:
You can rent a car from the major companies, so long as you have a valid US Driver's License, insurance coverage and a major credit card. Most (but not all) will rent with a European or Canadian driver license, or International Driver License, but you should check with the companies to be sure. Mostly, they want the credit card to guarantee payment and repairs in case of an accident. Here are telephone numbers of companies that provide rental cars to the Medford, Oregon airport:

Avis:800-831-2847 or 541-773-3003
Budget:800-527-0700 or 541-773-7023
Crater Lake Motors (local): 541-773-3673
Dollar: 800-800-4000 or 541-608-9100
Enterprise: 800-736-8222 or 541-772-1200
Hertz: 800-654-3131 or 541-773-4293
National: 800-227-7368 or 541-779-4863

If any of these numbers go out of usage, consult directory assistance or internet, and please let us know about it to make the changes.

Driving to the OBRL Greensprings Center from Ashland: Take it Slow! This is a Curvy Scenic Road! Route 66, or Highway 66, runs east from Ashland through the mountains towards Klamath Falls.  It is also called the "Greensprings Highway", and is designated as a scenic route.  It will take about 45 minutes to make a relaxed 19-mile drive from Ashland to the Center.  Drive east on Route 66 from Ashland, away from I-5 and then past Emigrant Lake.  Follow the Highway up into the mountains.  Approximately 17-18 miles east of I-5, up in the high pine-cedar forest, you will pass the Greensprings Inn and intersection with Hyatt Lake Road.  Continue east on Route 66 approximately one more mile and look for small "State Park" roadsigns.  Slow down and turn left (north) into the driveway immediately across from the State Park sign.  The driveway will be marked with a small sign: "OBRL".  Continue up the driveway and please park in the marked spaces close to the two-story lab/classroom building.  If you get lost, call the Center on your cell phone, or from the pay telephone at Greensprings Inn.  If you find yourself at Tubb Springs Park, or at the town of Lincoln, you have gone too far.

Train Connections to Nearby Klamath Falls:
Amtrack has a passenger train which passes through Klamath Falls once a day, connecting from San Francisco and Portland/Seattle.  From there, one can rent a car and drive to Ashland or the Greensprings Center, heading west on route 66.  Unfortunately, the train connections are infrequent, only once a day, and frequently late. So if you wish to take the train, this must be planned carefully, arriving a day or two ahead of schedule.  There is no passenger train passing through Ashland or Medford, but Amtrack does run a special bus which connects from Ashland to their train stops in Eugene and Sacramento. Call them for more details. Amtrack reservations: (800) 872-7245.

Bus Connections into Ashland:
Greyhound Bus formerly stopped in Ashland, with connections north to Medford, Eugene and Portland, and south to Sacramento.  But it is not clear if they will continue this service. Call Greyhound reservations for the latest updates. (800) 231-2222.

International Guests:
If you are not a citizen of the USA, you will be required to have a valid passport from your home country, and depending upon your home country, a visa from the US Embassy in advance of departure. Canadian and European nationals only need a passport, but you should check with your International Airline or the local US Embassy websites to be sure. If you plan to rent a car, an international driver's license and major credit card are needed, and most US motels require a credit card to make reservations. Please plan accordingly.

Note:  The Orgone Biophysical Research Laboratory and Greensprings Center are open only to registered seminar and workshop participants, and then only during the time of the announced events.  We unfortunately are not in a position to receive visitors or guests at other times, except for strictly professional reasons and then by advanced appointment only.

LODGING: Overnight Accommodations; Motels, Cabins and Camping

Up on the mountain, around 4000' elevation:

*  Green Springs Inn and Cabins, at 11470 Hwy. 66 (between the 17 and 18 mile markers) about one mile west of the OBRL Center. Lodging (541) 890-6435, Restaurant (541) 482-0614 info@greenspringsinn.com Weblinks: www.greenspringsinn.com and www.greenspringscabins.com   Quality, clean motel rooms and suites, some with jacuzzi baths, plus private cabins with kitchen & bath. Excellent restaurant with reasonable prices.  About one mile distance.  from OBRL. Located in the pine-cedar forest close to the Greensprings Summit and Pacific Crest Trail.

*  Pinehurst Inn, SORRY, NO LONGER IN BUSINESS , at 17250 Hwy. 66 (just past milepost 23), about 5 miles east of the OBRL Center. Weblink: www.thepinehurstinn.com   A reconstructed 1800s way-station for travelers on the Oregon Trail.  Big wood beams, fireplace, rather magnificent with a lot of history and antiques, but smallish rooms.  Excellent restaurant with reasonable prices.  Easy driving distance of around 5 miles. Located in the pine-cedar forest on the drier side of the summit.

*  New Frontier Ranch Cabin Rental (formerly Box R Ranch), 16799 Hwy. 66, about 4 miles east of the OBRL Center.  (541) 488-6715  Weblink: www.newfrontierranch.com An old working ranch with modern one and two bedroom cabins for rent, in a spectacular valley meadow/forest.  Fantastic setting with an old ranch house once used for western movies.  Isolated and pristine meadow and pine-cedar forest.  Horseback riding and hiking trails on site.

*  Hyatt Lake BLM Campground  (541) 482-2031  Weblink: https://www.blm.gov/or/resources/recreation/csnm/csnm-hyatt-campground.php A beautiful state-operated campground in the forest on the lake, for tents and small trailers.  About 5 miles from the OBRL Center.  Fees of about $12-$15 per night.  Reservations may now be required, check out their website for details. Toilet/shower facilities, close to the Hyatt Lake Resort (below).

*  Hyatt Lake Resort Cabins & Campground  (541) 482-3331 Weblink: http://hyattlake.com Email: hyattlakeresort@gmail.com  Cabin, RV and campground rentals with hook-ups, showers, laundromat and restaurant.  Boating and fishing available.  On southwest shore of Hyatt Lake (beautiful!), about 6 miles from the OBRL Center, off Hwy. 66 on Hyatt Lake Road. Campers Cove Restaurant is a short walk away.

*  Howard Prairie Lake Resort  (541) 773-3619  or (541) 774-8183 Website: http://jacksoncountyor.org/parks/Camping/Howard-Prairie-Resort Beautiful forested lake location with boating and fishing, camping sites, restaurant, spectacular scenery. Small cabins are available for rent. About 12 miles from the OBRL Center, north of Hyatt Lake, on the same route.

FOR LONGER VISITS, ONE WEEK OR MORE: We suggest: Ask for possible discounts on long-term room/cabin rental, possibly shared with other seminar participants (contact OBRL if you are interested and willing to share a room).

Around 2000' Elevation and within 20 miles from Center.

All of these places are close to downtown Ashland, Shakespeare Theatre, shops, etc., but about 18+ miles from the OBRL Center, so you could get by without a car if the OBRL event is held in Ashland city, but would definitely need a car for events at the OBRL Center.  All have good clean rooms and most have hot tubs, pool, sauna, etc. The ones noted near to the I-5 Rt.66 junction are on or very close to Rt.66, with about a 30-minute drive up the mountain to the Greensprings Center. The others take a bit longer for the drive. There also are two economical shared-facility hostels offering rooms, noted at the bottom of this list. We no longer maintain a list ourselves because so much of their information changes frequently, and new hotels or motels are listed every year or so.

* You can review a full list of Ashland hotels and motels from commercial websites such as: https://www.travelocity.com

* Bed & Breakfast, and Cottage Rentals in Ashland, call the Ashland Chamber of Commerce Visitor and Convention Bureau for an up-to-date listing (541) 482-3486, or the Ashland Bed & Breakfast Network at (800) 944-0329.

* Ashland Hostel: www.theashlandhostel.com - (541) 482-9217

* Ashland Commons: www.ashlandcommons.com - (541) 482-6753

Please make your reservations directly with the facilities of your choice.

Other Points of Interest within or close to Ashland:

* Oregon Shakespeare Festival (541) 482-4331, Ashland.
* Crater Lake National Park, recreation lodge (541) 594-2511.
* Rogue River National Forest, information (541) 482-3333.
* Rafting or Fishing Trips (Rogue/Klamath/Umpqua/Salmon Rivers)
 Adventure Center: (800) 444-2819
 Noah’s River Adventures: (800) 858-2811
 Raft the Rogue: (541) 878-3623
 River Adventures: (541) 779-3708
* Oregon Vortex House of Mystery (541) 855-1543
* Britt Outdoor Music Festivals in Historic Jacksonville (800) 882-7488

For More Information:  Ashland Chamber of Commerce Visitor and
Convention Bureau (541) 482-3486.  Call for a visitor's guide package.

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