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The following items are up for sale.
See purchasing details below for each item.

Guilford Spectrometer, Full Set of Encyclopedias, Computer Chips, Faucet Reducers,  Old Magazines


See various brand new books and meters as sold through our on-line catalog:

We are also selling the same items below through ebay,

though sometimes at a higher price. 

We will honor the lower price if you purchase directly from us.






General Reference work produced by Grolliers

30 INDIVIDUAL VOLUMES, at 7.5" x 10.25" each

With bold American Eagle symbol on covers.  





Bindings are tight, pages unmarked except for library marks on spine (shown) and on interior of hardcovers. 

Price: FREE, No Charge  Local Pick-up only.

A popular dictionary of arts, sciences, literature, history, politics and biography, brought down to the present time; including a copious collection of original articles in American biography.  

Reference information to a time before internet or game-boys.  Many of us grew up with Encyclopedia Americana at home, and spent hours browsing through its pages, rich with text and photos, laying the groundwork for later advanced study in the universities.  Many of the entries remain constant from year to year, with updates and revisions only periodically.  So much of the information in these volumes on history and biography remains as current and accurate as anything published today. 


This set was retired from the local university library and sat in our non-smoking home bookshelves as in the photo, for several years.  Today we need the shelf space, so are offering them up to anyone who might give a good home with children to use them.  For the parent who wants a thinking child, or for the homeschool child or group, this is what you want for basic foundations.  


Sets of this encyclopedia go for double or more what I am asking.


The company stopped making printed versions of this encyclopedia in 2008, and the trend is for every encyclopedia company to go to internet-access versions.  So if you are raising a kid on an internet-restricted diet, this can help.


Local Pick-Up Only, from our location in south-west Oregon, near Ashland.  

Contact me before purchase with your address including zip code and I'll give an exact shipping quotation.  


Photos shown are typical of all volumes, in good shape. 

:Surplus Images:EncyclopediaB.jpg:Surplus Images:EncyclopediaC.jpg:Surplus Images:EncyclopediaA.jpg


Here is the listing on ebay:












Black Plastic Irrigation Hose

13 sections each about 20' length, 1" diameter.

Removed from our well in 2001 when the well motor and casing was replaced.

In good condition, excellent for recycled use as irrigation hose or whatever. Free to anyone who will pick it up.



Also, some double-pane slider windows, plastic frames, glass is all OK, just need some clean-up.

Approx.  40" wide x 83" Tall



To inquire or purchase any of the above items, contact OBRL

via info (at) orgonelab (dot) org.


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