Saharasia Table of Contents
2006 Revised Second Edition

SAHARASIA: The 4000 BCE Origins of Child Abuse, Sex-Repression, Warfare and Social Violence In the Deserts of the Old World,
by James DeMeo

Table of Contents:

Author's Preface to Second Revised Edition

Author's Preface to First Edition

Part I: Survey of New Territory / Basic Theory and Assumptions

1. Introduction and Overview

2. Wilhelm Reich's Discovery of Human Armoring
      * Freud's Early Work and Subsequent Betrayal of Truth
      * Reich's Sex-Political Work, and Break with Psychoanalysis
      * Clinical and Experimental Aspects of Sex-Economy
      * Discovery of the Muscular and Character Armor
      * Primary versus Secondary Drives, and the Social Facade
      * Sexual/Emotional Energy, and Function of the Orgasm
      * Reich on Infants and Children
      * Other Research Supporting Sex-Economy
      * Prenatal Influences
      * Birth Trauma in Modern Hospitals
      * Primate Studies
      * Sexual and Physical Abuse of Children
      * A. S. Neill & Summerhill School
      * Confirmation of Mass Psychology of Fascism
      * Summary of Sex-Economic Viewpoint

3. Basic Assumptions, Observations and Probable Mechanisms for the Genesis and Global Diffusion of Armored Patrism
      *Reich's Speculations on the Origins of Human Armoring
      *Cross-Cultural and Geographical Factors
A. Matrism: Unarmored High-Pleasure Low-Violence "Rainforest" Culture
B. Patrism: Armored, Low-Pleasure High-Violence "Desert" Culture
C. A Preliminary Cross-Cultural Comparison
D. Geographical Analysis of Cross-Cultural Data
      *Changes in Ancient Climate, Landscape and Archaeology
      *Physiological, Behavioral and Social Effects of Prolonged Drought and Famine
A. Somatic and Emotional Effects
B. Competition for Food and Water
C. Migration and Nomadic Adjustments
D. Direct Effects of the Desert Atmosphere
      *Chapter Summary

Part II: The Recent Historical Dimensions of Armored Patrism / Mapping the Environmental and Cross-Cultural Data

4. The Saharasian Desert Belt
      *Climatic Aspects
      *Biological Aspects
      *Cultural Aspects

5. The Global Geography of Social Institutions
      *Infant Cranial Deformation and Swaddling
      *Breastfeeding / Denial of the Breast
      *Male Genital Mutilations
      *Phallotomy and Eunuchism
      *Female Genital Mutilations
      *Unnecessary Hysterectomy and Mastectomy: Ritual Medical Castration and Sexual Mutilation of Girls and Women in Western Hospitals
      *Scarification of the Body
      *Female Premarital Sex Taboo
      *Segregation of Adolescent Boys
      *Incest and Incest Taboo
      *High Bride-Price Marriage
      *Marital Residence
      *Contraception and Abortion
      *The Couvade, and Similar Practices
      *Post-Partum Sexual Taboos
      *Cognitive Kin Groups
      *Inheritance Rules: Land and Movable Property
      *Ritual Widow Murder = Mother Murder
      *High God Religion and the Mother Goddess
      *Class Stratification
      *Caste Stratification
      *Hydraulic Society and "Oriental Despotism"

6. Contraceptive Plant Materials Used in Sex-Positive Cultures

7. Expressions of Saharasia in Contemporary Demography

Part III: The Ancient Origins and Geographical Diffusion of Patrism. Mapping the Archaeological and Historical Evidence

8. Environmental and Cultural Changes in Saharasia and its Borderlands
A. North Africa
B. Arabia
C. From the Levant to Mesopotamia
D. From Anatolia to the Indus River Valley
E. Central Asia
      *Soviet / Russian Central Asia
      *Chinese Central Asia
F. Summary and Synthesis

9. Patrism in Oceania and the New World
      *The New World
      *Patrist Influences after 1492 CE: The Arrival of Europeans

Part IV: Summary and Conclusions

10. Saharasia: Review and Discussion
      *Ancient Innate (Primary-Unarmored-Matrist) versus 6000-Year-Old Acquired (Secondary-Armored-Patrist) Behavior
      *A Few Predictions
      *Armored Patrism and Environmental Destruction
      *The Problem is Both Men and Women
      *A Way Out of the Trap

11. Saharasia Today (c.1980)

Appendix A: Correlation Table of Sex-Economic Factors
Appendix B: "Update on Saharasia: New Findings Since First Edition

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