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* COVID-19:
A Pandemic of Ignorance, Fear,
Hysteria and "Official Truth" Lies

An independent scientific review fails to confirm the central claims of the
CDC, WHO, NIH, FDA, alarmist media and political tyrants.
by James DeMeo, PhD
90 pages, 6.5 x 9.5 format with numerous graphs, tables and photos, fully referenced.

Price: $14.95

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Price for a batch of 10 Copies: $90.00

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Facts Vs. Error
Truth Vs. Censorship

Natural scientist James DeMeo reviewed the CDC, WHO and medical arguments and data about the claimed USA Covid-19 pandemic, finding numerous serious problems in basic scientific methods and claimed causality:

* Covid-19 deaths are 81% confined to elderly people over 65 nearing end-of-life, each of whom has an average of 4 pre-existing deadly comorbidities.

* Excess Mortality due to claimed Covid-19 disease, without preexisting deadly comorbidities, is only around 5000 to 18,000 deaths for all of 2020.

* Many of the elderly with those comorbidities were transferred out of hospitals into nursing homes, where other elderly with already weak immune systems succumbed to similar comorbidities, worsened by inhuman lockdown-masking-isolation policies.

* PCR and antigen testing methods are wildly inaccurate, not specific to any corona virus, and cross-react with other DNA/RNA fragments from prior exposures.

* "PCR Confirmed Cases" do not predict who will succumb to Covid-19 sickness or death. Most "positive" people are asymptomatic, non-infectious and never get sick.

* Symptoms of Covid-19 are nearly indistinguishable from seasonal influenza or pneumonia, and they all have a seasonally variable incidence, with far more cases and deaths in wintertime than in summer. This undermines the viral pandemic theory.

* Lockdowns, forced masking and anti-social distancing have protected nobody, and have instead dramatically increased human despair, misery, illness and deaths. The economic ruin and emotional anxiety from such inhuman, prison-like isolation of the elderly have killed most of the people claimed as due to "Covid-19".

* Hospitals and doctors were paid extra sums by government health agencies to lie and reclassify the many comorbidity deaths as "Covid-19", to jack up the numbers. People died of their deadly pre-existing diseases and conditions, not Covid-19.

* Ending of lockdowns, forced masking and isolation have not led to an increase in cases or deaths, just the opposite. The "New Normal" is iatrogenic murder.

* Many ignorant or compromised physicians, mainstream media stars and internet billionaires have colluded with the worst of power-drunk government bureaucrats and pharmaceutical profiteers, to censor and criminalize scientific dissent. They systematically ignore the deadly consequences of totalitarian lockdowns, and scare the public into obedience to a growing Medical Police State. The unnecessary experimental mRNA vaccines have already killed more Americans than all post-1990 vaccination programs combined! They also push for Nazi-like "vaccine passports" and other inhuman segregationist policies.

* All the above points are well-documented and fully referenced.

Click here for PDF Preview of Book Covers, Table of Contents and selected graphs.

For USA Customers: When ordering from us, your copy can also be signed and inscribed by Dr. DeMeo at no additional charge. (Note that signed books are non-returnable.) If you would like an author-signed copy, or a gift-inscription such as "To Joe Smith", leave that message in the comment section during check-out.


by James DeMeo, PhD
Over 400 pages with 100+ photos and illustrations, references, index and two appendices.

Price: $29.95

International: Shipping NOT included, a special shipping quote will be sent to international buyers after your order is made.

The Cosmic Ether Changes Everything!

The historical ether-drift experiments of Michelson-Morley, Dayton Miller and others yielded positive results for an ether wind and light-speed variations of 5 to 18 kilometers per second. Academic bias and erasure has misrepresented these facts for over 120 years, to the point that few dare question today. Scientist James DeMeo reviews the original documents and archives, exposing the facts which demolish nearly all of the post-ether astrophysical theories, including Einstein's relativity, the "big bang", "black holes" and quantum magic. Cosmic ether exists and moves in a creative gravitational spiral vortex, as the long-sought prime mover and life-energy. A must-read item for the professional scientist, educated layperson and student, in ordinary language with minimal maths.
      Part I, Cosmic Ether as Theory and Experimentally Confirmed Fact, includes 8 different chapters which firstly introduces the concept of ether, then details the late 18th and 19th Century experimenters who made its detection by increasingly sophisticated instruments. The interferometer experiments of Dayton Miller are introduced, exposing facts by direct quotations from their publications in mainstream science journals, of multiple positive detections of the ether. In most every case, from the early to the more recent ether-drift experiments, the cosmic axis of Earth's motion in space, in right ascension and declination were in close agreement with the Sun's motion through the galaxy, towards the star Vega. These experiments provide evidence violating a major starting assumption for Einstein's theory of relativity, showing that light speed is variable, depending upon direction in the cosmos.
      Part II, The Empire Strikes Back: Erasure, Mystification and Falsification of History, covers the rise of Albert Einstein's theory of relativity, and how he and his supporters managed to obscure and ignore the positive outcomes of the various ether-drift experiments. It also details the unethical "hatchet-job" against Dayton Miller's ether research, years after his death, by Einstein sycophant Robert Shankland, whose paper is still cited today as "definitive proof against Miller's ether-drift findings". That, it most certainly was not! Einstein's originally friendly, but later dismissive treatment of Miller is detailed, including his statements in private letters wherein he expressed deep concern that, if Miller's work was correct, then his theory of relativity would "collapse like a house of cards".
      Part III, Into New Territory: Additional Evidence for a Material, Motional and Dynamic Ether, Dr. DeMeo overview findings from different disciplines, for a biologically-active and water-reactive cosmic life-energy. These findings are very agreeable to those of the ether-drift scientists, who postulated a material entrained ether. Direct evidence for the cosmic ether and ether-wind, by other names, are shown to have cosmic motions nearly identical to the older ether-drift findings: the interstellar wind, dark matter wind, cosmic ray wind, neutrino wind, and so forth. Seventeen different cosmological factors with nearly identical cosmic azimuth directions are identified in this study, integrating the older ether-drift findings with modern astronomy! The serious implications for modern astrophysical theory are detailed, even while empirical astronomy and space science engineering remain unchallenged. All the post-ether astrophysical theories are shown to be mired in mysticism and unproven assumptions.
      The Dynamic Ether of Cosmic Space provides over 100 photos and graphical illustrations, with full references, an index, glossary and two Appendices. It is developed for the educated layperson and student, but most scientific professionals will find it eye-opening and refreshing.

A dynamic cosmic energy in space changes everything, indeed!

Click here for PDF Preview of Book Covers, Selected Chapter Pages, Table of Contents and Index.

For USA Customers: When ordering from us, your copy can also be signed and inscribed by Dr. DeMeo at no additional charge. (Note that signed books are non-returnable.) If you would like an author-signed copy, or a gift-inscription such as "To Joe Smith", leave that message in the comment section during check-out.


THE UPDATED SECOND EDITION, over 464 pages with new Preface and Appendix "Update on Saharasia".

SAHARASIA: Updated Second Edition. Softcover.

Price: $34. ==>> $19.95 ** NOW ON SPECIAL SALE, FOR USA CUSTOMERS ONLY** (Apologies to our international friends, but international printing, distributor and shipping costs makes it impossible to extend this USA-only offer. For International use the full-price purchase link below.)

Dr. DeMeo's Magnum Opus on the ancient historical origins of human armoring, social violence and war: the first geographical, cross-cultural study of human behavior around the world using Wilhelm Reich's sex-economic discoveries as a basic starting point, and presenting world maps of different social institutions. Source-regions and migratory diffusion patterns were traced, back in time, to pinpoint where and how the human tragedy began. A breakthrough in the scientific study of human psychology and anthropology, and must-reading for every parent, student, professor and clinical worker in the field of human health and behavior. Separate chapter sections on: function of the orgasm, birth trauma in modern hispitals, sexual and physical abuse of children, A.S. Neill's Summerhill School, the mass psychology of fascism, infant cranial deformation and swaddling, breastfeeding and denial of the breast, male and female genital mutilations, premarital sex taboos, vaginal blood taboos, arranged marriage systems, contraceptive plants used by native peoples, the incest taboo, post-partum sexual taboos, homosexuality, prostitution, inheritance rules, ritual widow murder (mother murder), the high god and goddess religions, class stratification, castes and slavery, and the effects of starvation trauma on human emotion and sexuality, with a broad overview of climate changes leading to drought and desert formation over more than 6000 years of human history.
      The study was subjected to rigorous peer-review and involved a quadruple-blind control procedure in the evaluations of the cross-cultural data and map-making procedures. It was, and still is, the very largest study on human behavior globally which has ever been undertaken, presenting the first-ever maps of human behavior and social institutions world-wide. It demonstrated the Islamic "Saharasian" world was the region of the most extreme violence on the planet, and tracked the origins of those behaviors to the major climate transformation of c.4000 BCE, when Saharasia changed from a relatively well-watered grassland-savannah, into hard desert conditions. An early period of peaceful human social conditions was also documented globally for the pre-4000 BCE period, before this massive climate shift. The work also quite accidentally came to provide support for pre-Columbian contact theory, showing how Old World social violence was transplanted into the New World during the post-4000 BCE period of early navigating King-Empires, well before the voyages of Columbus.
Over 464 pages with over 100 maps, photos, and illustrations, with full bibliography, citations and comprehensive index.

Saharasia: A controversial "Marriage of Heresies" over 10 years in the making, will change forever your way of looking at the world, your home culture, and current events. The revolutionary discovery of a geographical, climate-linked basis to human behavior. The first global cross-cultural anthropological, archaeological and historical survey of human family and social institutions. If you want to get a better understanding of "WHY" there is so much conflict in world history, and terrorism coming from the Middle East specifically, this is the book you are looking for.

(normally $34):

$34 plus shipping
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Click here for PDF of Book Covers, Table of Contents and Index.

When ordering for a USA delivery address, your copy can also be signed and inscribed by Dr. DeMeo at no additional charge. (Note that signed books are non-returnable.) If you would like an author-signed copy, or a gift-inscription such as "To Joe Smith", leave that message in the comment section during check-out.

See the Saharasia Resource Page for more information, including Book Reviews and a free download Summary Article in multiple languages.

* SAHARASIA (GREEK): The Origins of Human Violence, Abridged Greek Summary of the Saharasia discovery and book, around 100 pages by James DeMeo, PhD
Click here to see a PDF Preview of this book.

Price: $14.95

* SAHARASIA (Italian): Le Origini della Violenza Umana, Abridged Italian Summary of the Saharasia discovery and book, around 100 pages by James DeMeo, PhD.
Price: $14.95

Here's a short introductory YouTube clip you should enjoy.

* THE ORGONE ACCUMULATOR HANDBOOK: Wilhelm Reich's Life Energy Discoveries and Healing Tools for the 21st Century, with Construction Plans. by James DeMeo, Ph.D., with a foreword by Eva Reich, M.D.
      In the 1940s, the physician and natural scientist Dr. Wilhelm Reich claimed discovery of a new form of energy which charged up living organisms and also existed in the open atmosphere and in high vacuum. Reich's laboratory and clinical findings indicated this new energy, which he called the orgone, could be photographed and measured, and had powerful life-positive biological effects. Reich trained other scientists and physicians in his findings, and together they set about applying the inexpensive orgone treatment methods - using a device called the orgone energy accumulator - against various illness, including cancer, with remarkably good results. His published findings shocked the scientific world of his day, however, ultimately leading to numerous smear articles in the popular press, and trumped-up charges by a power-drunk Food and Drug Administration. The FDA & "investigation" lead to a court trial of much greater significance than the better-known "Scopes Monkey Trial". Ignoring Reich's evidence and declaring "the orgone energy does not exist", US Courts ordered all books on the orgone subject to be literally banned and burned. Reich was thrown into prison, where he died. His work was nearly forgotten except by a small group of supporters.
      In this book, former university professor Dr. James DeMeo examines Reich's evidence and reports on his own observations and laboratory experiments, which have repeatedly confirmed the reality of the orgone phenomenon. Dr. DeMeo also recounts the observations and experiments of others, particularly physicians working in private European clinics where open use of Reich's controversial orgone energy accumulator proceeds today. This Handbook gives a warning about low-level atomic and electromagnetic radiations, as from nuclear power plants, power-line fields and cell-phones, along with advice on measurement and protection against such toxic energy. The book also gives a discussion on the subject of healing waters from natural hot springs, a form of energy medicine which once was widely used in North America before the rise of the authoritarian MD-hospital system and the powerful federal bureaucracy of the FDA. Dr. DeMeo also gives detailed construction plans for people to build their own orgone energy blankets and accumulators, which are inexpensive and simple to construct, though requiring specific direction as to their materials and environments. This is the Third Revised and Expanded 2010 Edition of the Orgone Accumulator Handbook, nearly 100 pages larger than prior editions and carrying a Foreword by Dr. Eva Reich (the daughter of Dr. Wilhelm Reich), along with many photos, diagrams and charts. It retains all the original construction plans, updated to address new issues about the best materials for orgone accumulator and blanket construction. An Appendix document is also included, detailing the similarities of Reich's orgone energy to the cosmic ether and "dark matter" of modern physics. This new edition also includes a section providing New Evidence on the Persecution of Reich, along with a bibliography, index and many weblinks for added information. It has many new photos and materials extracted from Dr. DeMeo's publications verifying the reality of the orgone energy, and is a must-have for all those interested in the issue of life-energy, subtle-energy or energy-medicine research. This is an excellent introduction to a major scientific discovery, organized for the educated layperson but with sufficient detail and citations to stimulate the curiosity of the open-minded physician and scientist.

Price: $26.95 - Paperbound

International shipping charges NOT included, a special shipping quote will be sent to international buyers after your order is made.

For USA orders, your copy can also be signed and inscribed by Dr. DeMeo at no additional charge. If you would like an author-signed copy, or a gift-inscription such as "To Joe Smith", leave that message in the comment section during check-out. Note that signed books are non-returnable.

Click here for PDF of Book Covers, Table of Contents and Index.

Translations of the 3rd Revised and Updated Edition.

The following non-English language editions of the Handbook are available directly from Natural Energy Works, but may also available from other international internet book sellers and street-side stores. Please check with your favorite bookstore. However, be certain you are getting the 3rd Revised and Updated post-2010 Edition of around 250-290 pages, and not the older 1989 or 2001 editions, which are only about 189 pages! For Europe and overseas, try one of the Amazon international websites (listed at the top of this webpage) for possible savings on shipping. We can also fill international orders directly at lower shipping charges using our printer-distributor in the UK or Australia.

International shipping charges NOT included, a special shipping quote will be sent to international buyers after your order is made.

Click on the Book covers to see larger images, and book descriptions.

* DEUTSCHE NEUAUSGABE: DAS ORGONAKKUMULATOR-HANDBUCH: Wilhelm Reichs Entdeckung der Lebensenergie. Rüstzeug für das 21. Jahrhundert zur Selbstheilung und allgemeinen Verbesserung der Lebensqualität, Mit vielen Bauanleitungen.
Die dritte überarbeitete und erweiterte englische Auflage von 2010 in deutscher Neuübersetzung, mit vielen Aktualisierungen und einer Fülle an weiterem Informationsmaterial gegenüber der alten deutschen Ausgabe von 1994, einschließlich zusätzlichen Kapiteln über lebendes Wasser und den kosmischen Äther. Versand sowohl in den USA als auch international. ~270 Seiten
Price: $27.95 + shipping Paperbound - Für eine Vergrößerung der Inhaltsbeschreibung auf der Rückseite des Buches bitte hier klicken.

* LINGUA ITALIANA, 3a edizione riveduta e aggiornamento, ~270 pagine:
IL MANUALE DELL'ACCUMULATORE ORGONICO: Le scoperte e gli strumenti terapeutici di Wilhelm Reich per il XXI secolo basati sull'energia vitale, con gli schemi di costruzione. Terza edizione riveduta e ampliata con nuove sezioni sull'Acqua Vitale e l'Etere Cosmico dello Spazio. Con molti riferimenti web per informazioni aggiuntive.
Clicca qui per una descrizione del libro.
Price: $26.95 + shipping Paperbound

* ESPAÑA, tercera edición revisada y actualizada, ~270 paginas:
MANUAL DEL ACUMULADOR DE ORGON: La Energia Vital de Wilhelm Reich. Descubrimientos y Herramientas de Curacion para el Siglo XXI, con Planos para su Construccion. Tercera Edicion Revisada y Aumentada, con Nuevas Secciones sobre el Agua Viva y el Eter Cosmico del Espacio. Con Muchos Enlaces Web para Informacion Adicional.
Price: $26.95 + shipping - Paperbound - Haga clic aquí para obtener la descripción del libro.

* GREEK Language, 3rd Revised and Updated Edition, ~270 pages:
ΕΓΧΕΙΡΙΔΙΟ ΣΥΣΣΩΡΕΥΤΗ ΟΡΓΟΝΗΣ. Οι Ανακαλύψεις και τα Θεραπευτικά Εργαλεία του Βίλχελμ Ράιχ σχετικά με την Ζωική Ενέργεια για τον 21ο Αιώνα μαζί με Οδηγίες Κατασκευής. Δρ. Τζέιμς ΝτεΜέο Πρόλογος απ;ό την Ιατρό, Εύα Ράιχ
Price: $26.95 + shipping Paperbound

* オルゴンアキュミュレーター八ントブック - Orgone Accumulator Handbook, JAPANESE Language, Abridged, 1st Edition, 52 pages:


Price: $19.95 + shipping Paperbound
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For delivery to USA, Canada, Australia, purchase direct from us:

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Shipping Charges in Europe will range from $6 for Economy without insurance, to around $18 for Premium with insurance and tracking. It is very possible that your favorite on-line or street-side bookstore in Europe can offer these translations at lower or no shipping charges.

The older 1989, 1999 or 2001 editions of the Orgone Accumulator Handbook are also available translated in other languages. Order from below, or try the various International Amazon websites as indicated at the top of this webpage.

* French Language: Manuel de l'accumulateur d'orgone. l'energie d'orgone de Wilhelm Reich2001.
Editions Sully, BP 171, 56005 Vannes Cedex, France
Email to: editions.sully@wanadoo.fr

* Polish Language: Podrecznik Akumulatora Orgonu, 2010 edition
INTEKpolska Sp.J G. W. Wacura, 33-300 Nowy Sacz, ul.Rokitnianczykow 17a
Poland. http://maycom.pl/orgon, orgon@maycom.pl

* Portuguese Language: O Manual do Acumulador de Orgonio, 1996
Imago Editora, Rua Santos Rodrigues, 210-A, Estacio
20250-430 Rio de Jainero, Brazil.
(021)293-1092 -- If you cannot get copies from Imago, we have a limited supply of
the Portuguese edition available -- contact us by email about it.

BLUE-GLOWING ASTRONAUT PHOTO ENLARGEMENTS We also offer enlargements of the two best photos of blue-glowing astronauts walking on the Moon, from the original NASA archives. These are full color and suitable for framing. A most unusual gift to educate about the existence of life-energy. Click here for more details.

Where Can Orgone Blankets , Full-Size Orgone Energy Accumulators,
and Accumulator-Building Materials Be Purchased?

Select for more information.

In Defense of Wilhelm Reich:
Opposing the 80-Year's War of Mainstream Defamatory Slander Against
One of the 20th Century's Most Brilliant Physicians and Natural Scientists

by James DeMeo, PhD

From the Introduction: Dr. Wilhelm Reich is the man whom nearly everyone loves to hate. No other figure in 20th Century science and medicine could be named who has been so badly maligned in popular media, scientific and medical circles, nor so shabbily mistreated by power-drunk federal agencies and arrogant judges.
      Publicly denounced and slandered in both Europe and America by Nazis, Communists and psychoanalysts, placed on both Hitler's and Stalin's death lists but narrowly escaping to the USA, subjected to new public slanders and attacks by American journalists and psychiatrists who deliberately lied and provoked an "investigation" by the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA), imprisoned by American courts which ignored his legal writs and pleas about prosecutorial and FDA fraud, denied appeals all the way up to the US Supreme Court, which rubber-stamped the FDA's demands for the banning and burning of his scientific books and research journals, and finally dying alone in prison -- who was this man, Wilhelm Reich, and why today, some 50 years after his death, does he continue to stir up such emotional antipathy? It is a literal 80-Years' War of continuing misrepresentation, slander and defamation.
      Who were and are Reich's attackers? And what stands behind their obsession to utterly rid the world of him, and of his work? What are the facts regarding Reich's social-sexual theories and his experimental work on the orgone energy, or life-energy? Author and Natural Scientist James DeMeo takes on the book-burners, exposing with clarity and documentation their many slanderous fabrications, half-truths and lies of omission. In so doing, he also summarizes the lesser-known facts about Reich's important clinical and life-energetic experimental findings, now verified by scientists and physicians worldwide, and holding great promise for the future. 269 pages.
Price: $26.95 - Perfectbound

Heretic's Notebook:
Emotions, Protocells, Ether-Drift and Cosmic Life Energy:
with New Research Supporting Wilhelm Reich

Edited by James DeMeo, PhD

The fifth issue of the ongoing series, Pulse of the Planet, Heretics Notebook presents new research in the fields of biogenesis and experimental orgone biophysics, with insightful essays and research articles by 17 different authors on a truly amazing range of subjects: On natural childbirth, sexuality, archaeological evidence on early human violence, Reich's orgonomic functionalism, exposes on Reich's detractors, Giordano Bruno's work, protocells and bion-biogenesis research, a fresh look at Dayton Miller's ether-drift discoveries, emotional effects in REG (psychokinesis) experiments, new methods for detection of orgone energy, dowsing research, orgone energy effects in low-level radiation, cloudbusting experiments in Africa, plant growth stimulation in the orgone accumulator, several papers on the orgone energy motor with a discussion on the implications of "free energy", plus UFO research, book reviews, and much more, with many striking photos and illustrations. ISBN 0962185582, 272 pages.
Price: $23.95 - Perfectbound

Click here for PDF of Book Covers, Table of Contents and Introduction Article.

Marx Engels Lenin Trotsky: Genocide Quotes.
Hidden History of Communism's Founding Tyrants,
in their Own Words.

By James DeMeo, PhD

Stalin and Mao were butchers, Marxists usually admit...
"But Stalin and Mao betrayed the original Communism of Marx and Engels!"
"Lenin freed the Russian People and if Trotsky had won the power struggle with Stalin, things would have gone differently!"

So say the Marxists. But a dispassionate examination of the writings of Communism's founding tyrants, things they wrote in lesser-known books, articles, letters, documents, briefs and telegrams, indicates this benign view simply isn't true.
Comrades Marx & Engels advocated war, slavery, racism, ethnic hatreds & genocide. They mocked justice, freedom, democracy & equality, and had only contempt for the poor, workers, farmers & moderates.
Comrades Lenin & Trotsky put Marx & Engels into practice, instituting a reign of terror, assassinations, slavery, mass-murder & genocide. They promised democracy but usurped it & imprisoned or murdered dissenters, opponents & "counter-revolutionaries." They seized food from starving farmers, executed surrendered & wounded soldiers, along with random prostitutes, alcoholics, factory workers, tradesmen, peasants, villagers & ethnic groups, with massive deportations of men, women and children to the Siberian Gulag -- a prison system begun by Lenin, not Stalin. In this exacting review by historical scientist James DeMeo, PhD, the Hidden History of Communism's Founding Tyrants is exposed, in their Own Words. Marx Engels Lenin Trotsky: Genocide Quotes is a must-read book for every thoughtful student and adult, about the false "peace-justice" agendas of the Marxist movements which once again threaten the world's democracies. 70 pages. Illustrated, Maps.
$19.95 Paperbound

On Wilhelm Reich and Orgonomy:
Edited by James DeMeo, PhD

With original articles by James DeMeo, R. D. Laing, Lois Wyvell, Ellen Siersted and others, on the subjects of bioelectricity, bion-biogenesis research, the jailing of Reich and burning of his books, cloudbusting in Israel, and more.
Original softcover perfect-bound edition, 173 pages,
Price: $23.95

Click here and scroll down for the Table of Contents.

* PRELIMINARY ANALYSIS OF CHANGES IN KANSAS WEATHER COINCIDENTAL TO EXPERIMENTAL OPERATIONS WITH A REICH CLOUDBUSTER, by James DeMeo. This is a work of historical significance, an experimental study reproducing parts of the late Dr. Wilhelm Reich's controversial atmospheric research, specifically the technique of Cosmic Orgone Engineering ("cloudbusting"). This study took place in the late 1970s at the University of Kansas, Geography-Meteorology Department, as part of the author's graduate-level research, showing changes in cloud cover and rainfall across the state of Kansas as the apparatus was operated. Reich's original findings had been dismissed as "impossible" by the scientific community of his day, stirring up such outrage that his writings were literally "banned and burned" by Federal bureaucrats, who also threw Reich into prison on fabricated charges, where he died in 1957. This particular study was the first university-level investigation into the most extreme of Reich's claims - of an atmospheric energy which could be affected by his cloudbuster invention to bring rains over widespread areas, even during droughts or in deserts. The study was peer-reviewed by senior climatologists and meteorologists in the Department, and verified Reich's claims. This republication of that original study also includes a major separate work as an Appendix, "Evidence for the Existence of a Principle of Atmospheric Continuity", which makes the argument for a renewed examination of the old cosmic-ether of space, as a parallel concept to Reich's orgone energy discovery. It also reviews similar inexplicable long-distance energetic phenomenon in the natural world which require a similar mechanism, such as solar-terrestrial phenomenon. 183 pages.
$ 99.00 Hardcover NEW PUBLISHED EDITION.
Note: The above title is not a "how to do" book, and does not contain construction plans or instructions on use. For a discussion on that subject, see the article
"So You Want to Build A Cloudbuster".

Sexualokonomie, Die Entdeckung der Orgonenergie.

Edited by James DeMeo and Bernd Senf, Zweitausendeins, Frankfurt, 1997.
For our German-speakers, this book is an excellent overview and introduction to the findings and articles of scientists and clinicians who have followed Reich's work in the decades after his death. Contains contributions by Matthew Appleton, Bruno Bizzi, Richard Blasband, David Boadella, Myron Brenner, Alan Cantwell, Pilar Castro, James DeMeo, Dirk Doring, Carles Frigola, Dorothea Fuckert, Manfred Fuckert, Michael Gierlinger, Bernard Grad, Nathan Greenspan, Morton Herskowitz, Volker Knapp-Diederichs, Barbara Koopman, Heiko Lassek, Eugenio Marrer, Stefan Muschenich, A.S. Neill, Bernd Nitzschke, Monika Palm, James Prescott, Marc Rackelmann, Ola Raknes, Eva Reich, Hanspeter Seiler, Bernd Senf, Stephen Shanahan, Myron Sharaf, Maxwell Snyder, Neil Snyder, and Ernani Trotta. With many color photos and illustrations, 898 pages, hardcover.
Original Hardcover German Language Edition: OUT OF PRINT
PDF Version (75 MB) for Internet Download: $ 4.95
A PDF download link will be emailed to you after purchase.

The above item is also available from Amazon.com by using the click-box at right. For Europe and overseas, try one of the Amazon international websites (listed at the top of this webpage). Hard copies also may still be available in Europe from various book-sellers.


This item now expanded and, while incomplete, posted for public access, without charge, on the OBRL web site.

* SO, YOU WANT TO BUILD A CLOUDBUSTER? A Rational Approach to the Problem of a Growing Interest in Cloudbusting, by James DeMeo. A Personal View, 1987, revised 2002. Now posted to Internet and available without charge:

* ORGONE ENERGY MOTOR, Reference & Data Package, by James DeMeo. A brief review of what is known about this device, with quotes from those who observed it in operation, and specifications not previously available. 11 pp.
Note: This item is no longer available separately -- it is contained in Pulse of the Planet #5: Heretic's Notebook along with several other articles on the orgone motor question.

* A Guide to the Inderdisciplinary Works of James DeMeo, Ph.D., Publications and Lectures
An annotated bibliography with resource links.

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