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On the Problem of
Growing Irrationalism and Mis-Application
of Reich's Atmospheric Discoveries
A Personal View

by James DeMeo, Ph.D.
Orgone Biophysical Research Laboratory
Greensprings Center
PO Box 1148, Ashland, Oregon 97520 USA
Email: info(at)orgonelab.org
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Firstly Written in 1989, Updated Periodically
Last update in July 2010.
Copyright (c) All Rights Reserved by James DeMeo

"Love, Work, and Knowledge are the Wellsprings of our Life.
They Should Also Govern It"
- Wilhelm Reich

Here's a short introductory YouTube clip you should enjoy.

About the Author

James DeMeo has undertaken experimental reviews and verification studies of the works of the late Dr. Wilhelm Reich, starting in the early 1970s, to include field applications of the techniques and devices for cloudbusting. He undertook the first systematic research investigating the cloudbuster within a mainstream academic institution, the University of Kansas at Lawrence, producing a published university thesis with positive conclusions. Since that time, he has led cloudbusting expeditions for drought abatement in various parts of the United States, with overseas desert-greening operations in Israel, Namibia and Eritrea, Africa, with numerous published articles on the subject, indicating widespread beneficial rains as an outcome. DeMeo formerly was a professor of geography and atmospheric-environmental science subjects at Illinois State University and the University of Miami. He currently is Director of the Orgone Biophysical Research Lab in Ashland, Oregon, and is a senior working member of the USA Core Network, a group of scientists, physicians and naturalists engaged over many decades in socially-responsible applications of the cloudbusting technology against drought and atmospheric stagnation. Links to more info are provided at the end of this article.


The following paper is a personal view about how the growing interest in the techniques of cloudbusting, or Cosmic Orgone Engineering (CORE), might best be channeled and developed for the long term benefit of life on Earth, and a frequently suffering but chaotically dangerous humanity. The purpose of this paper is to stimulate discussion among those currently engaged in honest and serious research with the cloudbuster, as well as to sound a warning regarding those who are just learning about this new discovery, or who are already abusing it, mixing it with all kinds of false claims and mysticism. I assume the reader is generally familiar with the works of Wilhelm Reich, to include both his sex-economic and orgone biophysical findings. Both are necessary to understand the functions of the life-energy. If the reader is not familiar with both areas of research, and is contemplating, or has already undertaken use of a cloudbuster-type instrument, then this discussion is particularly pertinent to them.

Let's firstly give an overview of the issues and some of the problems involved.

Over the last decade or two, Reich's findings on the existence of a powerful atmospheric energy continuum, which underlies most weather phenomena, have been verified and strengthened. Reich's invention, the cloudbuster, has been used to break many droughts, and on occasion, to even bring rains to deserts. We know the cloudbuster has a powerful influence, and this has been proven out in any number of systematically-undertaken experiments. When properly used, it can trigger the genesis of large isolated storms, or even entire frontal systems, which can quench parched lands and change a stagnant atmosphere back to its more natural sparkling character. The technique has the general capability of affecting jet stream movements and steering large storms; even hurricanes may be diverted. Cloud cover can be increased to generate widespread rains, and possibly reduced to dry up rains during times of flooding. Fogs can be lifted or created. In skilled hands, the instrument has a variety of effects which can benefit a region, primarily in restoring natural cycles of rainfall to areas of drought or desert. There is evidence cloudbuster-produced rains have a more basic pH, thereby reducing the acidity of rainfall, or it can be used for smog-reduction more generally. However, there is a dark side to all of this, in the potential mis-application and distortion of Reich's findings.

There currently are two major methods by which Reich's works are being distorted today, and both fall under the category of what Reich called the Emotional Plague of Mankind, or more simply the Emotional Plague (EP). One is exemplified by the more rigid, protective aspects of the human character, which often casts a suspicious eye towards anything new. This approach kills new findings by attacking them with outright lies, and then repressing them, or simply stomping them to bits, using censorship or Police State tactics. People suffering from this first type of disorder tend to be attracted into high government positions, or into top influential spots in public media or scientific organizations, where they can do a lot of damage to anyone who innocently comes through their doors offering some new idea or invention which can benefit humankind. This is like the leftist New Republic magazine which attacked Reich with smears, which then provoked similar EP characters as in the US Food and Drug Administration, which used the Big Lie and legal "dirty-tricks" to persuade unsuspecting courts and policeman to "get Reich" and smash him down.

The other method for tearing down a new, disturbing discovery is more devious and hidden, less direct and straightforward, and therefore much more difficult to deal with. This method pretends to be a friend of the new discovery, but is actually secretly at work to kill it. This is done by diluting the discovery with peripheral issues, or injecting it with "friendly lies", until it is devoid of any power or strength. Parallel to this, the new finding has its core elements cut away, particularly those of a more socially-challenging nature. Proponents of this latter method often pretend to be friendly towards Reich's works, even though they have ripped the guts out of it. These pretenders also engage in attacks against anyone who does not accept their watered-down or pirated and distorted version as the truth, especially against those who dare to criticize them. Publicly, they may actually spread wild exaggerations, half-truths, or blatant distortions, which are designed, consciously or otherwise, to invoke rational skepticism among professionals and officials who might actually be able to open doors and apply the new discoveries in a rational manner. Instead, the mystic exaggerators attract groups of uncritical salvation-seeking followers, even as new and more extremely wild and unsupportable claims are made. Reich's work then becomes inappropriately associated with totally crazy things, such as the "chemtrail" claims, or the David Icke fairy-tale novels about "shape-shifting space aliens". It gets all mixed up with huge government conspiracy theory and other things which go well beyond the rational concerns about air pollution or even the rational examination of ufo phenomenon. And this, of course, obstructs progress in manner that is almost as efficient as censorship, as wherever a serious scientific inquiry about Reich's work is made in a professional organization, they have already heard about the "crazy Reich" a long time earlier, and nobody wants to hear anything more about it. In this paper, I will explore some of these social trends as they relate to Reich's atmospheric research. But first, let's discuss the issue of just what are the problems when people take up the cloudbusting method without sufficient background knowledge or training, even if their motivations are rational and heart-felt.

Rational Versus Irrational Use of a Cloudbuster

Cloudbusting must never become a tool for "weather modification" per se, for forcing or "fine tuning" the weather to do this or that. This concept of "modification" is as foreign to cloudbusting as "rape" is to a loving sexuality. The cloudbuster is simply a help to nature, an assist, only to be used at the right time and place, when the natural process of atmospheric pulsation is blocked, and stagnation sets in. It is only used to remove the "obstacle in the way" of natural functioning, to restore the natural, self-regulatory functions of atmospheric pulsation. The ultimate repository of the cloudbuster will be, perhaps a thousand years from now, in a display within some grand museum, after the crises of population, pollution, and atmospheric stagnation have been overcome, and world's deserts have been made green, or at least stabilized and pushed back to their present core regions.

To accomplish this goal, rational cloudbusting efforts, and centers where orgonomic education takes place, must discriminate among candidates for cloudbusting, avoiding at all costs the pitfalls of political or dogmatic positions. It is important to recognize that at least part of the increased interest in cloudbusting is derived from a recognition of very real environmental problems, such as droughts or heat-waves, massive forest fires and desert-expansion. Many people are attracted to Reich and cloudbusting solely due to a rational, honest feeling and desire to do something helpful and constructive. Each individual I have had approach me for information regarding cloudbusting has presented a unique set of circumstances which could only be evaluated on an individual basis. These sources of interest can be either rational or irrational. Some examples of a rational interest in cloudbusting might include:

* A health professional who notes the negative influences of certain stagnated weather conditions upon the health and behavior of his family, friends, neighbors and town.

* A farmer or agricultural scientist who notes the devastation of drought upon the landscape.

* Any contactful individual who is personally distressed by recurring episodes of atmospheric stagnation and air pollution, or drought and wildfires.

* An atmospheric scientist or other researcher who wishes to better understand the dynamics of the atmospheric ocean, or the phenomenon of drought and heat-wave.

Obviously, not all of the above persons should go out and build or use a cloudbuster, but the sources of their interest are rational. They may simply be unaware of the potential effects and range of influence of the instrument, or be ignorant of the personal health-hazards involved. Hence, these individuals are encouraged to engage in as much preliminary work as is possible while another person with more experience and training undertakes to remedy the atmospheric problem in their area. Specific proposals for training of cloudbuster operators are given below.

Now, let's talk a bit more about the irrational use of the cloudbuster. Examples of this are all too common today. In the United States, we have people who build cloudbusters, develop their own "theory" on how it functions, throw away Reich's scientifically-developed findings (but perhaps, keeping his name and terms attached to their ideas, for "credibility") and in general make a nuisance of themselves. Most of these people are harmless, but others do damage by creating drought, or making a drought even worse, or generating or amplifying very severe storms. A few examples include:

1) Persons who, without ever doing any substantive preliminary reading, experimentation, or other work in orgone biophysics, build a cloudbuster and begin using it, in secret, avoiding contact with other researchers. This aspect of secretiveness and hiding is a dead give-away for irrational motives.

2) Persons with glaring characterological armoring who consistently refuse to undertake therapy, to include contactless, narcissistic and exhibitionistic characters, mystics wanting to "make contact with god", to "drive away evil demons", or impotent characters wanting to prove their potency, etc.

3) Persons who use, advocate, or imply the benefits of drugs: pill- heads, pot-heads, psychedelic users, and alcoholics.

4) Persons who wish to learn the technique solely for personal economic gain, to "make a million...".

5) Persons who wish to "save the world" through loud grandstanding techniques, calling great attention to themselves, or using Reich's discoveries and the details of his unfortunate death and the book burning (promoted primarily by left-wing "do-good" fanatics) as a club to pound the heads of "evil capitalism", or emphasizing the "need" to loudly expose the "government conspiracy", the "dor-menace", "ufo menace", "chemtrail menace", or whatever menace. Sometimes these people have worked singlehandedly, while others have organized larger groups of equally ignorant, frightened and/or aggressive-sadistic people to start building and using cloudbuster-type devices en masse, without much knowledge or capacity to receive even the slightest constructive criticism.

6) Persons who, without a shred of evidence, claim to have "advanced beyond Reich" in their understanding of how Nature and the cloudbuster works. This includes all those people who attempt, solely by empty declarations and wishful leaps, to merge Reich's findings into the mystical, unproven theories of Rudolph Steiner, or into the fascistic antisexual cult of "Saint Germaine", or who, without any evidence or factual discussion, proclaim the cloudbuster to be a "particle sink", "electromagnetic projector", a "chemtrail buster", "proton beamer" or whatever.

Anyone exhibiting the above characteristics is a poor candidate for training or working with the cloudbuster. There are, unfortunately, a number of cases where such individuals have built cloudbusters to the greater or lesser detriment of themselves and their surrounding communities.

Here are some more specific examples, which prompted me to write this article, the first version of which appeared in 1986.

7) A young fellow in Canada built and erected a large cloudbuster. He later left town, leaving the apparatus operating, haphazardly pointing to the sky. Several months went by without rains. The cloudbuster was later discovered by accident, by other persons who knew about the dangers and dismantled it. Rains resumed shortly thereafter.

8) A man in California built a cloudbuster and went about making demonstrations, claiming the powers of god.

9) Another man in California undertook operations with a modified cloudbuster, which he called a "chemical ether generator", to bring rains during the dry season. He rejected Reich's theory on the orgone energy, and the role of atmospheric stagnation and dor in blocking rains. Through improper operational techniques, he built up a large orgone-energy potential in an area characterized by stagnant, desert conditions. This predictably triggered a strong electrical storm, and six people were struck by lightning. Nonetheless, he was still very pleased with the results of the operation. He did the same thing a few years later, bringing a major coastal storm to Southern California, which did a lot of damage and killed a few people. This same man earlier wrote a book largely focused upon the cloudbuster, in which he claimed that all the problems of the world were the doings of "evil beings" in other dimensions, and alluded to the use of LSD.

10) A young man in Ireland built a cloudbuster and operated it while in a "trance state". Major devastating coastal storm occurred; boats were sunk and people were killed. The man later circulated a "newsletter", in which he bragged about his role in it all, and urged people to build cloudbusters and point them at nuclear power plants.

11) A skeptical classical scientist, reading only one or two articles, constructed a cloudbuster in his backyard. He aimed the unit at the sky but did not observe any instant effects. He left the instrument operating for several days, and let it run while he was out of town for a week. Persisting, heavy rains developed thereafter, bringing a flood, for which he denied responsibility. He later "souped up" the cloudbuster by adding high frequency electricity to it, but still failed to note any instant miracles. He finally lost interest, proclaiming the cloudbuster to be ineffective.

12) A mystic who communicated with spirits erected a cloudbuster and claimed great benefit to his local area. Climate charts subsequently indicated the onset of drought conditions in his area. He later published an article in which Reich's theory was abandoned in favor of Steiner's "four ethers".

13) A man in the northeast USA concocted various schemes to make money and attract national attention through cloudbusting. Responsible workers refused to have anything to do with him. He became very impatient and angry, and burglarized two orgone research facilities, stealing documents and other items. After being caught and sentenced to jail, he reported several orgone therapists to the Food and Drug Administration, saying they used the orgone accumulator on their patients. FDA officials began visiting and harassing various orgone therapists in the Northeast. Later, he secretly helped a long-time enemy of Reich, Martin Gardner, to write a horrible magazine article, which branded Reich a lunatic.

14) Another man meditated into a near trance condition while using some kind of "cloudbuster", dutifully reporting his "feelings" and observations to government officials, who dismissed him and everyone else working with the cloudbuster as a crackpot.

15) Another mystic in the southeastern USA, skeptical about the cloudbuster, built one and generated a huge thunderstorm with a funnel cloud. In a panic, he destroyed the instrument. After his death, his wife began selling ineffective "cloudbusters" to desperate farmers, for thousands of dollars.

16) A man wrote a book with a chapter devoted to Reich and cloudbusting. In it, he claimed Reich was wrong about the orgone, that the cloudbuster really was a "particle sink", that it taps a "chemical ether", and works on the basis of one's "consciousness". His book stimulated a lot of people to go out and build cloudbusters, without any attempt to study the question seriously. His book also claimed, without any credible evidence or proof, that you could run a car off of orgone energy by attaching an orgone accumulator to the air intake of the carberator. Dozens of people tried this and, predictably, when it did not work, they began to question "Reich's work".

17) A farmer in Maryland, during a major drought affecting the entire Northeast USA, writes to me: "I am part of a group which has built 60 cloudbusters in the region. I have build four cloudbusters on my land, and I've left them running for several months, but so far the rain has not come. Can you please inform me what I might be doing wrong?" When informed to take them down, as he is overcharging the atmosphere and making the drought worse, his only reply is silence.

18) A mystic from the Saint Germaine cult began making "chembusters" because he thought the blue orgone energy of Reich was the same as the mystic "violet ray" of his cult. He claimed the jet contrails were poison chemicals sprayed into the atmosphere by space aliens, who had taken over the bodies of the airplane pilots and ground crews. Predictably, many "new age" and "spiritual" magazines and internet sites which had never shown one ounce of interest in Wilhelm Reich's original discovery of the life-energy, began to post out his claims. Reich's work then became associated with with "shape-shifting space reptiles", from this man's fantasy. He gave workshops and sold his devices to people for several hundred dollars each. The problem was, the device was an inexact form of the authentic cloudbuster, and he also advised people -- against all prior recommendations from Reich and others -- to set up the device permanently, 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. This "overworking" as Reich and others have noted, works to create a semi-permanent atmospheric expansion which triggers drought conditions. Of course, this expanded atmospheric condition reduced or eliminated the formation of jet contrails, but it also killed off all other clouds, as would be necessary for rains. His devices thereby were optimally constructed and used to create drought. Networks of his devices were subsequently set up in the Pacific Northwest, in Australia, in Namibia, and in Europe, triggering massive drought in every case. In one case, where huge wildfires were created along with the drought, I wrote to him, asking him to please shut down his network of devices, even if only as an experiment to see if it might end the drought conditions. His response was one of utter contempt and denial. The drought and wildfires persisted for additional months until being extinguised by winter rains.

19) When Hurricane Katrina approached the coastal areas of the Gulf of Mexico, several persons on uneducated "cloudbuster-chemtrail-orgonite" e-groups began discussing how to "repulse the hurricane" with their devices. Whatever they did, it was not beneficial, and may have stimulated its amplification and arrival on shore with added fury.

20) Two hobby-science businessmen in Seattle, Washington, constructed a large cloudbuster, and used it to bring cool air into their local region during a time of larger West Coast drought and heat-wave. Working mechanically over many days, without addressing the core reasons for the drought conditions, they amplified a large high-pressure system just off the coast in the Pacific Ocean, which rotated the cool air moving west-to-east into their region. But the southern half of the high-pressure rotation brought hot desert air from the region of Arizona westward into Southern California, where it fed hot and dry Santa Ana desert winds. Several wildfires were triggered which created a blast-furnace effect in the narrow valleys between the open desert plateau and the populated regions of coastal Southern California. This could be seen on weather-maps, the cool westerly ocean breezes in Seattle creating a spinning effect which rotated southwards and then fed the strong easterly winds which fanned the Southern California wildfires. Several thousand homes burned to the ground in the first days. The two businessmen had no idea what they had done, however. When warned about the problem, even while disbelieving, they shut down operations in Seattle. The dry winds almost immediately ceased in Southern California. Refusing contact and discussion, they re-started operations a few days later, and the same thing happened, again! With Southern California in flames, more telephone calls went out to the businessmen, one of whom refused further communications, and the other of whom was off having a vacation at a ski resort. Finally contacted and convinced to again shut down operations, the hot dry winds far to the south once again quickly subsided. In spite of this prima facia evidence of a connection between their operations and the wildfires at great distance, they voiced denial and petty outrage against those who had warned them of the problem. The businessmen were "well connected" and "friends" with a group of Reich therapists on the East Coast (none of whom were experts in weather science or cloudbusting), who rallied to their support. Those who issued the warnings were then treated with contempt and subjected to malicious rumor-mongering. Neither businessman ever apologized for their angry denials to those who warned them about their flawed operations, and today still deny they did anything wrong.

21) A computer engineer in Germany with family roots in Algeria set up a cloudbuster project in the Algerian Sahara, where operations proceeded around the clock, over weeks and months of time, in spite of being warned this was a dangerous mechanistic technique. Knowing little about Reich's work, he refused any kind of deeper study of orgonomic science, of classical weather science, and had ignored warnings that he was playing dangerous games. At one point, while he boasted of having brought some rains to his dry region, the nearby areas of Tropical Africa exploded with highly unusual massive rainstorms and flooding that displaced hundreds of thousands of villagers, killing many hundreds. The dry air over his region also had not been "neutralized", as he claimed. Due to mechanistic operational techniques, his work had merely pushed the dry Sahara air mass off to the Northeast, where it contaminated the Eastern Mediterranean, bringing drought and massive wildfires to Greece. Tens of thousands of Greeks had to run for their lives, and additional hundreds were burned alive in the fast-moving fires. When I learned of these disasters, at the time when they were at their worst, I immediately contacted the central persons responsible for the Algerian project and informed them about these bad weather reactions. I discovered they weren't even in Algeria, but were sitting safely in Berlin, telephoning instructions on where to point and use the cloudbuster to an ignorant Arab field-hand, which is a highly dangerous method of operations. They were fully ignorant of the two weather disasters on-going at the time, in Greece and Tropical Africa. I demanded they halt all operations, as there were clear indications the disasters were connected to their operations. Following my strong warnings, they temporarily halted the operations, and this was quickly followed by a subsiding of the disastrous long-distance effects. Still in denial about what they had done, they subsequently demanded exacting documentation, which I provided, after which they continued to deny there were any problems. They continued with the Algerian project, this time with great secrecy, even erasing details from their website which showed they were working at the time of the disasters. I also learned he had been fraudulently misrepresenting a "desert-greening" effect at his otherwise barren Algerian location, showing all kinds of lush vegetation and crops next to the cloudbuster, as if he had brought copious rains. However, his videos and descriptions merely concealed the deep well and pumped well-water irrigation system which was responsible for that greening. Later, I learned they were trying to promote cloudbusting methods and devices to an Islamic group in Egypt which was fully unprepared to use it in any responsible manner. (Reich used to caution that his discoveries would one day be "sold like dish-soap" by those who held his larger work in contempt.) They also promoted it to Islamic terror-supporting nations, and today there are reports that Iran is developing the cloudbuster into a war-weapon. Today, this same Algerian sells a compact "cloubuster gadget" for thousands of Euros, but erasing mention of Wilhelm Reich as the inventor, and mystifying everything. Once again, I became a "bad person" for pointing out the dangers, and the fraud.

22) A young man in Italy who had only recently learned about Reich's work and discoveries was rationally distressed by terrible air pollution, and obtained from internet a set of half-way cloudbuster plans and fully wrong instructions on the methods. He then immediately and quite irrationally started to work. He had come across my warnings on internet about the dangers -- this article in fact -- but ignored it in favor of the "action-ism" attitude of those who egged him on to "just do it" without further study. His actions with the cloudbuster triggered a massive storm system in the Mediterranean Sea which hit land and created massive flooding in his local region, killing ten people. He then contacted me with much misery and remorse, confessing what he had done.

23) A group of hydrologists and meteorologists from a major Western water agency invited me to lecture to their group about my work. I had submitted a proposal to them for a rational plan to bring increased rains across the Colorado River basin area, and thereby relieve the chronic water shortages and droughts. It appeared, they were interested to sponsor my project. Instead, when I arrived, the professionals acted coldly, and hardly spoke. During my presentation, they took notes furiously, asking many specific questions about "how to build a cloudbuster", which they could not accurately discern from the photographs in my presentation. I told them, I would not discuss those details. Afterwards, they somewhat stiffly thanked me for the lecture and I flew home, not to hear anything from them again. A few weeks later, however, I heard a radio new broadcast announcing a "freak thunderstorm wipes out Imperial Valley date orchards". Thousands of date-palm trees, which take a very long time to grow, had been blown down and killed by a massive unforecast thunderstorm which "appeared out of nowhere". This suggested to me, an errant cloudbusting operation. A week later, I got an unsolicited telephone call from one of their younger members, a professional who still had some honestly and who felt remorse about how I had been brushed aside, and how their group had proceeded to build their own apparatus and "do it themself", without any serious background or knowledge. I was informed, they were professionals with PhDs in hydrology and atmospheric science, who also had all the "top" university connections. I had a PhD also, but had severed my old university connections, and was in any case widely known as an "academic heretic" with "trouble-making ideas". So they felt license to treat me with contempt. Their attitude was, apparently, "this is so simple, we don't need any advice from this DeMeo guy". So they tried to pick my brains for whatever they could discover, without intention to support my well-constructed proposal. They wanted to use the cloudbusting technology without reference to the atmospheric orgone energy, to steal away Reich's inventions without regard to the long line of research which led to them, and which in fact logically explains their functioning. Reich used to say "they want my roses, but not my thorns". In this case, the academics rejected Reich's theory and precautions, and created a small disaster. Afterwards, having been frightened to their core at the appearance of such a massive and damaging thunderstorm, they abandoned the effort, also being afraid they might be sued by the farmers who lost their orchards.

And so on...

There also are major issues raised about when and for what exact reasons a cloudbuster project is undertaken, the question of it's necessity. Ending a severe drought or heat-wave, or working against wildfires are certainly good reasons, assuming one knows what they are doing. Working in ignorance of the basic fundamentals of orgone biophysics can actually worsen a drought, or inflame a wildfire, so in-depth study and training is a must. Beyond that, a serious issue has arisen in recent years on the subject of desert-greening, which constitutes a potentially risky form of climate modification, and about which the current knowledge from both orgone biophysics and classical environmental and climate science warns us against. I have personally used this term, "desert-greening", to describe my own past operations in the regions of the American Southwest, Israel, Namibia and Eritrea. However, in retrospect, none of those operations proceeded towards long-term climate-change goals. All were prompted by existing exceptionally dry conditions even for those marginal drylands. Once a rainy episode was initiated, our work ended. And we used operational procedures which led to a neutralization or transmutation of the stagnant atmospheric dor conditions into rainy conditions, rather than to merely "shove away" the stagnant air mass into someone else's back yard. It is therefore important to keep in mind that any kind of long-term desert-greening project runs the risk of long-distance and possibly long-term negative effects. A desert land might benefit from such a greening, but it becomes a disaster if accomplished only by displacing the dry desert air mass off to plague some other world region, placing an adjacent moist region under severe long-term drought. Several catastrophes along these lines have already been witnessed, from haphazard operations undertaken by inadequately trained individuals in Seattle (point #20, above) who merely wanted to cool down their vicinity and had not the wisdom to look how their operations were affecting other regions, or by fully trained persons in Algeria (point #21, above), in efforts towards greening the core region of the Sahara, but again being contactless about long-distance effects. This makes no more sense than trying to warm up the polar regions so one might grow bananas, or make the warm rainy tropics drier and cooler. Evidence from ancient climates suggests, a wetter Sahara is found only when Europe and North America are under ice-box conditions, given how the polar jet streams move far to the south during the Sahara rainy periods. Could "greening the Sahara" bring about this same result today?

This list on irrational activities can be closed with the following fully insane example which is related to the above points #18 amd #19: There are today many individuals who have made "cloudbusters" (sometimes called "chembusters" - click for more info) which are of a slightly different design from those of Reich, solely for the claimed purpose of "eliminating chemtrails". They believe the US government, or some conspiracy of government with evil space aliens, are deliberately spraying toxic chemicals into populated areas, and this is the reason for people's ill health. While the issue of toxic chemicals from jet aircraft exhaust, possible cloudseeding experiments, and air pollution in general is certainly an important subject requiring critical analysis, the accusations made by some in these groups go well beyond such a simple interpretation, and border into blatantly paranoid and psychotic territory: Accusations are made that "shape-shifting reptilian aliens" from outer space, and "evil entities" from other-worldly dimensions, have "taken control" over highly-placed persons in the government and military, and that they are now working, in conspiracy with the United Nations, to poison the citizens of the world. Some of the impulse in this direction comes from followers of the Saint Germaine cult, who mix up their mystic belief in a "violet ray" with Reich's blue orgone energy. One could ignore these people, except for the fact that its leadership has convinced them to construct these cloudbuster-chembuster type devices, for the claimed purpose of "repulsing evil entities", or "dissipating chemtrails" -- in the latter case, the aim is to dissipate the contrails of jet aircraft. Perhaps a hundred or more of the "chemtrail-busters" are already constructed, mostly in the USA but with a growing number in overseas locations. According to Reich's findings, however, the presence of well-formed jet contrails is a general indicator of a healthy cloud-forming atmosphere. The advocates of the "chemtrail" theory, however, "know better" than poor old stupid Reich and his followers; they consider jet contrails to be "bad", or evidence of concealed space-aliens and demons, or treasonous government and military people trying to poison the countryside. Consequently, the "chemtrail-busters" are set up and pointed into the atmosphere on a permanent basis, around the clock, month after month, year after year. The advocates of this madness claim, with much enthusiasm on special "cloudbuster" and "chembuster" email groups, how the clouds dissipate over their property, and sometimes how larger thunderstorm complexes were "deflected" or dissipated. Consequently, it appears the modified "chembusters" do have some kind of atmospheric effects. Since very few of them are farmers or foresters, whose primary consideration is the health of the natural landscape, one has no assurance that they would stop what they are doing if a drought began to develop. Indeed, many of the "chembuster" enthusiasts seem happy when the sky is clear and dry, but sad and worried when clouds appear.

For these and other reasons, international regulation and oversight of cloudbusting activity will eventually become necessary. Reich wrote about this also, including his fear that his discoveries would be abused. He was wrong on one account, however. The abuse has not taken place by "government officials" or "conspiring academics" so much as by the self-righteous anti-establishment and self-proclaimed "spiritual" types of the "alternatives" scene.

We currently have no clear certainty about what the long-term atmospheric effects will be from all of this, but assuredly it will not be a good thing, and will only add to broader atmospheric chaos. The "chemtrail-buster" network began in the Pacific Northwest USA in late 2000, for example, which is roughly correlated with the onset of a larger drought pattern across this same region, spreading eventually to the entire Western USA. Massive forest fires of historical magnitude subsequently appeared in Western States, as the normal rainfall cycles were disturbed. The atmospheric reaction to so many "chembuster" devices seems to be primarily a massive expansion of nearby desert regions into wetter regions, with around two years of heat-waves, drought and forest-fires! After the two years (our current estimate), the atmosphere finally self-adjusts and is no longer irritated by the chronic stimulus of the "chembusters". In 2003, the "chembuster" fad spread to Europe, which similarly had massive heat-waves, drought and forest fires, with around 3000 people dying in France alone from the horrible heat. Similar conditions might be projected to develop in Europe once again in 2004, with a lowered Wintertime precipitation as well. The atmospheric reaction in Europe was worse than in the USA, as the "chembusters" actually were expanding and attracting the Sahara Desert northward. The leaders of these cultish "chembuster" groups -- who also sell "Holy Hand Grenades", "orgonite", "orgone generators" and similar trinkets and gadgets, including devices to exorcize demons from inside the home -- none of which have any connections to Reich, but they will abuse his name and terms anyhow. They were informed of the dangers on many occasions, but dismissed them with arrogant contempt. (One primary person leading this "chembuster" movement basically told this writer to "fuck off" when the problem was pointed out to him, and he threw out of his his internet group anyone who dared to openly raise such questions.) Here, once again, we see the real-world effects of a deeply mystical self-proclaimed "expert" who has never studied Reich, never attempted Reich's basic experimental proofs, never apprenticed with any knowledgeable person so as to know what he was doing, never had a any orgone therapy to remove his own biophysical armoring... but who makes huge claims and assertions about "saving the world", and in the process helps to wreak horrible disaster around the planet. The "chembuster" groups are, in fact, the most dangerous of the mystical distorters of Reich's work today, given their great potentials to create massive droughts and heat-waves through deliberate mis-representation and mis-application of Reich's discoveries. As of 2005, the chembuster fad had invaded Australia, which began experiencing increasing drought, of historical proportions by 2007. If the two-year rule holds, nature will begin compensating naturally by 2008 -- but after what gigantic damages and loss of life will have occurred!

As a general rule, enormous hatred is provoked from these individuals when responsible cloudbuster operators try to speak with them and get them to stop or change what they are doing. Experience shows, luckily, that these irrational individuals eventually run from the work and, assuming they do have the sustained energy to actually build and use a cloudbuster, will eventually make themselves sick, and run from the work. Any program of cooperative work and learning exchange is impossibly irritating to such individuals, and one usually spots them right off. Their history is one of secrecy, behind-the-scenes maneuvering, public grandstanding and politicking, alliance with the enemies of orgonomy, and slander of rational work efforts.

The Problem of Operator Character Structure

Cloudbusting requires more of the people who engage in it than the mere "desire" to "get involved", or to "make rain", or the mere mechanical ability to assemble a few pipes and wave them about in the air. For safe and effective operations to occur, the operator must firstly have a high degree of personal health, and secondly to know exactly what they are doing, and why. They must have a good working knowledge of the cloudbusting techniques and methods which have been worked out over the last 35 years. They must be educated in basic climatology and atmospheric dynamics. Additionally, and most importantly, the cloudbuster operator must not possess any significant degree of biophysical, emotional armoring. They must be emotionally fluid, with a capacity for full bioenergetic contact with the natural environment. They must possess the capability of perceptively understanding the unspoken language of the living, which is energetically expressed in the atmosphere and landscape. This is important both for the outcomes of cloudbusting operations, that they not produce erratic or damaging weather reactions, but also because biophysical armoring places the cloudbuster operator at great risk for their health.

It must always be kept in mind that the cloudbuster is a tool by which the atmosphere is restored to a state of self-regulated functioning. It is not a "weather modification" apparatus, like cloudseeding, where the atmosphere is forced to do this or that, or is "pushed about" to do something it normally would not do. Anyone wishing to work with a cloudbuster must therefore have an intuitive, gut-level grasp of the concept of atmospheric self-regulation. For this, they must themselves be self-regulated people, free from significant biophysical emotional armoring. They must, as much as is possible, be what Reich called unarmored, genital characters, that is, individuals who have maintained, or regained through therapy, the capacity for making full contact with their deeper emotions, and who are orgastically potent as defined by Reich. They must not be openly or secretly cruel, sadistic, or domineering towards the opposite sex, nor be timid or fearful. This question of how the individual relates to the opposite sex is, aside from other characterological considerations, a give-away as to their deeper emotional self, and a clear predictor of the attitude and behavior towards the natural environment. Men who are sadists with women, for example, being cruel or rapine in attitude, will not be able to suddenly "change gears" and become contactful and gentle men, filled with a love of nature in the next moment. And the same is true for the guy who only sees dollar-signs in his eyeballs when thinking about the cloudbuster, which would also be a disaster for the atmosphere and environment. Likewise, if the operator is stoned on pot, or drunk on alcohol, they could no more undertake an effective operation than a similar drunkard or stoned-head could fly a multi-engine jetliner. It is an art and science that requires people who are serious of mind and character, who generally eschew the "big noise" of modern neurotic society, who are more comfortable with open living nature than in a sport's bar, and who don't frequent either brothels or sex-repressive churches.

Reich's initial point of departure from conventional modes of thinking was, as he put it, the discovery of "the bioenergetic function of excitability and motility of living substance". Through this discovery, he eventually clarified the relationship between psyche and soma, which are underlain by the deeper common functioning principle of the biological orgone energy, or life energy. As this energy flows or pulses through the body, it gives rise to a spectrum of psychic, emotional, and somatic, organic phenomena. The first volume of Reich's monumental work Discovery of the Orgone was subtitled Function of the Orgasm, as the orgasm was identified to have an important discharge function, the capacity for which was always present in emotionally healthy, non-neurotic people, but always absent in people with neuroses, or any other form of mild or severe mental illness. Disturbances in orgastic functioning, and pathological attitudes toward the opposite sex, underlay every neurotic, self-destructive, or sadistic component in behavior. Indeed, Reich came to view the love life of his patients as a primary indicator of emotional and mental health. He wrote extensively on the sexual psychopathology among power-hungry politicians and dictators, and among the masses of people who chased after them, doing their dirty work, casting off their social responsibilities for the comfortable yoke of despotism. Emotional health and sexual health were inseparable, and formed the basis of clear, unimpeded bioenergetic contact between the individual and the larger natural environment.

Just as Reich found that the unimpeded flow of life energy in the body was essential to psychic and somatic health, he also discovered, some years later, that a similar unimpeded flow of life energy in the atmosphere was necessary for maintenance of atmospheric pulsation and rainfall. Indeed, the properties and movements of the mass-free orgone energy in the atmosphere gave rise to similar life-like behaviors in the animal world, where the same energy pulsated inside an organisms's skin and organs. This life-like quality in the natural environment has actually been seen and felt by many of the more gentle, non-violent peoples of the world, and their very naturalistic religions were based upon such direct perceptions; among these non-violent peoples, the creative, spirit forces charged and animated the natural world, and were not "beyond the senses". But the capacity to feel, and make deeper contact with these forces, which Reich experimentally objectified as a specific life energy, named the orgone energy, has largely been lost among the authoritarian, sex-negative, war-making peoples of the "civilized" world. They simply cannot see it, or feel it, and therefore have greatly mystified perceptions of nature, to include the basic biological and sexual nature of their own selves and children. They may have an inkling or residue of feeling of this larger force at work within the cosmos. But because of a lack of direct perception, they project a human face upon it, claim that it is "non-physical" in nature, that it exists only in another dimension, in some far-removed "heaven" or "nirvana", and look to "spiritual experts" and "gurus" for assistance in restoring the lost contact. Or, they project their own inner demons into the outer world, claiming the beneficial life-force is filled with "evil entities", which are, in fact, only a misperception of their own bottled-up angry emotions. The majority of politicians, businessmen, scientists, priests, and yes, "spiritual experts" and "gurus" also, have lost this perceptive connection with nature, and so are more ready, willing, and able to participate in the wholesale destruction of natural pusling life-energy in the child, and in the natural world and atmosphere also. They do little more than lead a compliant and fearful humanity from one social disaster to another. Even so, many contemporary people have retained a bioenergetic perception of their connectedness with the natural world, and are very uncomfortable with the destructive nature of industry, Church, and State.

Unlike so many other scientific discoveries, which have been perverted into weapons to destroy or thwart life, Reich gives us a criteria for evaluating the character structure of those who wish to involve themselves in life-positive works. How can we best recognize the individual who is emotionally capable of restoring the flow of life energy in the atmosphere? The criteria are fairly simple, in principle at least. If a person can fully express their emotions, has a deep and full respiration and relaxed physical posture, does not possess tendencies of sadism and violent aggression, but is neither timid nor lacking in healthy, aggressive seeking-out for fulfillment of their needs, if they are gentle with children, capable of a warm and loving relationship with the opposite sex, and spontaneously respectful of nature and wild creatures, then that individual is a reasonable candidate for training in the authentic methods of cloudbusting. For if their bioenergy can flow and pulse freely, if they are emotionally fluid and contactful, they will possess the gut level feeling necessary to use the cloudbuster in a perceptive and effective manner.

On the other hand, it is not possible for a person who has devoted their entire life to the sequestration of emotion, to the negation of sexuality, through either antisexual celibacy or emotion-killing pornography, to maintain the kind of feeling necessary for being a good cloudbuster operator. Persons addicted to drugs or alcohol, or who hold fast to extreme religious or political viewpoints (ie, Nazism, Communism, Islamism) are likewise not candidates for this work. It does not matter if the individual is "highly respected" in the community, or if they are a successful farmer, rancher, or businessman, or if they have a Ph.D. or M.D. degree, or if they are a member of the National Academy of Sciences, or whatever. Nor does it matter if they are certified critics of mainstream scientism, outraged because Reich was thrown into prison, and are well-known "free energy" advocates. Desire alone is insufficient. Just as good vision and reflexes are necessary for being a good aircraft pilot, or good muscles and slim figure a necessity for a ballet dancer or ice-skating champion, a mobile and emotionally fluid bioenergy system, as Reich defined it, is a necessary prerequisite for engaging in cloudbusting. Nothing given above should be distorted to presume formal academic degrees or high social standing are intrinsically a barrier to this work. In fact, study of classical weather science is a definite prerequisite for this work. By themselves, however, they are simply not enough.

This emphasis upon maintaining a lively, self-regulated character structure, and a deeper emotional contactfulness, is the most important foundational consideration for a cloudbuster operator. With it, they can learn techniques and classical knowledege of weather science. But all the classical weather science in the world, and even fully intellectual study of Reich's findings, won't grant to people the deeper bioenergetic capacities which are necessary. The cloudbuster operator must be capable of organically feeling the various bioenergetic phenomena at work in the atmosphere. They must be capable of discriminating between states of atmospheric expansion or contraction, high or low charge, and stagnation or agitation. They likewise must be able to see the phenomenon of atmospheric sparkle and lustre, and the pulsing orgone units. The expressive "language of the living" is manifested in cloud forms, sky, atmosphere, and landscape, and is vital to understanding the functions of weather. Most importantly, they must also be capable of recognizing any traces of emotional plague or pestiness within themselves, any tendencies towards contactlessness or contraction or overcharge or dor-saturation of their organism, and learn to withdraw from the work at those times their own structure gets in the way, or when they are at risk for health deterioration.

These considerations of emotional contactfullness and health are most important, for the cloudbuster operator works with a tool capable of affecting broad regions of the atmosphere, for better or worse. Also, the operator can receive an overcharge, or dor contamination in their body which can bring on life-threatening sickness, or exacerbate latent or chronic aspects of existing characterological armoring. While therapy certainly reduces these tendencies, it is not an absolute guarantee either. Cosmic orgone engineering with a cloudbuster places one in a highly charged environment which can stimulate energy-overcharge and emotional flare-ups. For these and other reasons, cloudbusting must be carried out in a perceptively clear and emotionally clean manner, with cooperative oversight by other skilled workers in a spirit of scientific open critique and cooperation.

The Question of Operational Theory

Let us firstly acknowledge there are many things we do not know about Nature and the Universe, and about the orgone energy and cloudbusting as well. We are more like the Wright Brothers with the first models of the airplane. Of what could be know about jet engines and supersonic aircraft design, or about the Jumbo-Jet?! Even so, the basic designs and principles of the Wright Brothers remains valid and is incorporated into even the wings of the most advanced fighter-jets and commercial transport aircraft. The basic aerodynamic principles also remain basically the same, even if nearly all else has dramatically changed. There also always is a rational interest to explore new theoretical approaches which might be more clarifying, and offer something new. However, this does not mean throwing overboard what is already well-known and established, nor does it give anyone license to claim, without evidence, that by "revealed truth" they "know", without having done any serious work at all, so much more than what has already been established by the hard and patient work of others. Reich was clear about not only the properties of the orgone energy itself, but also about the kinds of materials which interacted with orgone in a good way, and those which reacted in a toxic manner (ie., copper or aluminum are not healthy). His discussions on the life-energetic properties and behavior of the atmosphere, its relationship to cloud formations and weather, on the cloudbuster's operational mechanism, and on self-regulatory and pulsatory orgone energy functions, the orgone energy streams in the atmosphere, etc., are known to everyone who has any kind of beneficial success with the apparatus. The more serious and dedicated persons surely have very large questions about the orgone energy itself, how it relates to the larger cosmic questions of life, about love, and human feeling of unity with the cosmos. The relationship of orgone energy to the cosmological ether of space, and to bioelectricity, or the "dark matter" claimed by astronomers, for example, are points of lively discussion among those who know and respect the authentic Wilhelm Reich. Reich also discussed these issues, and had many serious open questions. But they were specific questions on specific issues, and never stood as any kind of standing point for the aggressive dismissal of everything else that was known and established.

A few individuals who have undertaken cloudbusting in an irrational, untrained, and ill-prepared manner, are most emphatic in their desire to substitute their own theory for Reich's regarding the cloudbuster's functioning. For years they may have been working with electromagnetic energy, radionics machinery, or various other "subtle energy" phenomena, often with minimal effectiveness in demonstrating any kind of influence upon natural processes. Or they are students of oriental or metaphysical/religious philosophies which accept the existence of some form of "life energy", but not anything which governs our character structure and sexuality in the manner described by Reich (ie, they are often antisexual celibates, following the life-negative dictations of one or another guru, and consider life-energy to be something separate from, and subordinated to an other-worldly "spirituality".)

Then they build an orgone accumulator, or a cloudbusting instrument, and observe some kind of powerful biological or atmospheric response, which is greater than anything they have previously experienced. But this causes much confusion, because it casts doubt upon their own relatively ineffectual theories and philosophies, to which they strongly adhere for emotional reasons. Consequently, in such cases, Reich's theoretical discussions must be thrown out the window. Reich's inventions may then more easily be captured into their mysticism with a "reinterpretation" which discards the more socially-difficult aspects. Or, to preserve their dedicated interest in quantum mechanics or "twelve-dimensional reality" (Etc.) orgone energy is discarded in favor of abstract mathematics and invisible particles. In either case, Reich's ideas are confusedly picked at, diced up, and made into a casserole with other bits and pieces of every other kind of imaginable speculation! What indigestion!

The question of theory is therefore more important than most people recognize. Consider the following analogy: One man designs and builds a large suspension bridge according to the experimentally tested strengths of steel and concrete. Another man designs and builds a suspension bridge using a design and materials suggested to him in a drug hallucination, or from numerological interpretations of a Bible passage. Now, if I gave you the keys to a 20 ton truck, which bridge would you want to drive over? Which bridge would you want a school bus carrying your children to drive over? There is no question that you would not want to take a risk with the bridge built through "divine revelation". This is what the science of engineering is all about, and we have a natural respect for good engineering, with necessary laws and regulations to make sure bridges are build according to experimentally determined Natural Law, and not according to one or another person's conjured-up speculations. Now, a person could speculate about a new bridge design which was truly revolutionary, but then we would want to see it tested first, before being put into use. The same is true with aircraft design. Nobody wants to fly in a jet that has not been properly tested or which had expired maintenance. Even so, we still get bridges and jets with both design and construction flaws. But these can be recognized as such and, when uncovered, quickly corrected. Let's now take the example of cloudbusting.

A lot of people are concerned about drought, particularly farmers. But many are distressed by Reich's writings on sexual matters, and on matters regarding character structure. Reich holds up a mirror which exposes their personal misery and shameful behavior, and they don't like this one bit. They may also be hostile to people with advanced degrees, or towards German-speakers, or Jews (Reich was all these). Or they have been using radionics machines, or have been reading Steiner, and are used to speaking in very vague terms, about "vibration energy", the "ethers", and so on. To the unstudied person, Reich's "orgone" may appear likewise vague, but it is not really. It is a very specific term attached to a class of phenomena which have been empirically, or experimentally derived. It is a ubiquitous energy, filling all space, pulsatile (expanding and contracting), water-attracting, self-attracting, absorbed by non-metals, and reflected by metals. It is the medium though which electromagnetic waves are transmitted, but is not the wave itself. It can be excited by EM waves, however. It can absorb electromagnetic energy, and attenuate it. These are very specific details, for which specific experimental proofs have been developed. But, no matter. Those who wish to be rid of Reich's theory usually first dismiss the energetic aspects of sexuality and character, followed by difficult, but necessary concepts such as oranur (over-excited, agitated orgone) and dor (stagnant, or dead orgone). Or, "dor" is mystified, as they don't understand it. They take Reich's terms and use them confusedly, without clarity or knowledge of what they actually mean. The cloudbuster becomes a "particle sink" or "chembuster", and the orgone, one of the "ethers". Or "Dor" is confused with "demons". By doing this, a cloudbuster operator no longer needs to be a contactful and perceptive individual, capable of gut-level sensation of the atmospheric energy. Indeed, the atmospheric energy, by virtue of intellectual slight-of-hand, is made vague and intangible, beyond the senses. Oranur and dor therefore don't matter anymore, and Reich's findings about the energy streams in the upper atmosphere, well, who cares! So out into the fields they march, beating a drum, and waving cloudbuster tubes about in a phallic manner, making "grand connection with the cosmos"! And all the while, they bad-mouth those who at great personal sacrifice and risk, preserved and extended Reich's works over many decades! I previously outlined a number of examples of the results of this kind of irrational approach.

Like the bridge built upon questionable designs, the improperly performed cloudbusting operation yields either no result, or an atmospheric disaster! In many cases, these people state "my operations brought good rain here, when all around it was dry". Aside from the fact that they don't corroborate their observations with weather data, they are ignorant of the fact that an improperly used cloudbuster can stimulate widespread expansion and aridity, with a small localized center of slightly more humid conditions near, and only near, the working cloudbuster. In short, while they may have created the slight increase in moisture at the one place, they likely stimulated an intensification of more widespread drought conditions across the surrounding countryside! In the worst cases, the cloudbuster location may show some small persisting clouds overhead, but not much more, while the rest of the region totally dries out! But they will continue with this failed approach, on the basis of false hope conjured up by those few isolated clouds. This latter danger appears particularly acute where cloudbusters are used continually, for long periods without a break.

Often, out of sheer frustration with a drought, and from lack of immediately apparent atmospheric reactions to the cloudbuster, the errant operator will continue working the instrument, day after day after day, without a break, attempting to squeeze a drop or two of moisture from what appears to be a stubborn, unrelenting atmosphere. In this case, the operator wants to "make" the overcharged atmosphere contract and rain, but the continual operations only add to the excitation and overcharge. They may actually successfully convert a hazy dorish atmosphere into something which is clear blue and more transparent. However, the natural process is where clouds build and rains clean out the atmosphere, after which the bluish transparency is achieved. In those cases, by errant use they have by-passed the needed process of clouds and rain, and gone directly from hazy-dor to oranur-blue conditions. Oh, they will feel proud and omnipotent, about "what they have done", but the drought continues, on and on.

Now, there are techniques which can be successfully used in such a situation, which might turn things around. The first "technique" is that everyone using a cloudbuster in such a persisting drought condition -- and who obviously is not having any success -- must fully shut down all their devices. Sometimes, that measure alone will bring on a restoration of clouds and at least temporary rains. But what happens when you ask these people to try a different approach, to examine more closely what they are doing? From experience, I know. You get an outburst of self-righteous anger! "How dare you question our motives or techniques!" "We are saving the planet from drought," they say, when the facts, derived from the weather maps and climatology of the region, speak otherwise. Or worse, they say: "Our work has driven away the demons", or chemtrails, or shape-shifters... One cannot speak with pot-smokers or LSD consumers about such matters, and by hallucinations, they are living their worst nightmares.

Another example of the danger of improper operational technique, derived from a contemptuous dismissal of Reich's orgone theory, shows itself when individuals attempt cloudbusting in droughty or desert regions, which are charged with dorish, immobile, stagnant energy. One fellow designed a "better" cloudbuster by eliminating certain essentials from Reich's design. Using only the known principle of atmospheric excitation, which he falsely claimed as his own discovery, he went about creating large energy potentials in the dry areas of Southern California. So, in the midst of all that stagnation, large storm potentials appeared, and, predictably, the storms behaved furiously, much in the manner of a wild elephant caught in a trap, or a chained bull being hit stuck with knives. The storms raged, and many people were hurt or killed. The man claimed to be working with a superior theory, but in reality was working with a patently wrong, mystical theory. His theory of atmospheric functioning, like the bridge built upon faulty principles, did not help him to work properly. Just the opposite, in fact. There is, in my view, no excuse for this kind of arrogant, dangerous behavior.

As a society we do not allow untrained individuals to jump into the pilot seat of a large passenger-jet aircraft, nor hand over the controls of an oil tanker or aircraft carrier to just anybody who "wants" to do it. We require training, education, and specific physical characteristics necessary for safely doing the job. Today, there are places where one can go to obtain the necessary counseling, therapy, education, and training in cloudbusting. There also is a small network of trained individuals who share data and engage in critical review of each other's work: The CORE Network. Everyone doing good, rational, and effective work with the cloudbuster places great emphasis on emotional contact and training. Just as a pilot must have good eyesight, a good cloudbuster operator must be emotionally fluid, and this means, for most people, orgone therapy. So today we observe, without exception, that the decent, rational people interested in cloudbusting undertake this therapy, educate themselves, and apprentice in a careful, step-by-step manner, which requires commitment and years of dedicated work. If the real motivations for cloudbusting are clean and honest, with a desire to be genuinely helpful, the therapy will only reinforce those feelings, and make the individual feel more alive and perceptive. If not, the therapy will clarify one's limitations, or the lack of necessity for doing the weather work, or even unmask other hidden motivations. Unfortunately, the worst of the irresponsible cloudbuster operators run from therapy, and from contact with anyone who urges them to undertake it, as a means of hiding their sadism and hatred of nature, or with a running-away from deeper feelings of sadness or anger, and to preserve their facade.

Such individuals who undertake cloudbusting thereby become a danger to themselves and to the larger community in which they live, and must firmly be referred to the therapist's couch as an absolute prerequisite for any transfer of information or knowledge to take place. And if they persist in "cloudbusting", and continue to bring severe damaging effects upon the surrounding communities, they must be isolated from all support and association with rational efforts, and be pointed out to the appropriate legal authorities. The challenge here is for rational efforts to develop a system of documentation and evaluation that will provide proof of the cloudbuster's influence, and of the biophysical character of the orgone energy, in a form that can be understood by any open-minded scientist.

Orgonomy must break with the "tradition" of armored science, wherein so many potentially good discoveries are turned into weapons for the further destruction of life and nature. In this regard, the larger scientific community cannot be blamed, for they do not yet take Reich's energetic theories seriously. The major damage being done with the cloudbuster today is from the various contactless mystics and secret nature-haters of the "alternatives" crowd, those who, without a shred of evidence, claim great "benefits" from their atmospheric meddling. We presently do not know if this situation will diminish, or intensify when the larger community of classical scientists rediscover Reich's works. It is a major problem of human characterology, which can be overcome only by strongly resisting and countering any attempts to remove cloudbusting from the general body of orgonomic theory, out of which it developed. Indeed, every individual I have met who has done decent and helpful work with a cloudbuster has previously undertaken to clean up their own character structure as a necessary first-step. The men and women who will do this work, both now and in the future, must be an exceptional lot, responsible, contactful people, capable of deep emotional expression, love relationships, and also capable of grappling with important concepts and demanding work responsibilities. They must have a stick-to-it attitude based upon love, work, and knowledge, and do their very best to be well educated on important environmental and scientific issues. They must not shrink from either receiving, or giving rational constructive criticism.

Negative Biophysical Effects on Cloudbuster Operators

There are other reasons to insist upon good training and therapy for cloudbuster operators. The biophysical effects of the cloudbuster upon the operator's own organism can potentially be mildly sickening (headaches, nausea, sinus problems, etc.) or even life-threatening. This real danger has often been dismissed by various armored persons who were incapable of feeling the movement of the life energy within their own body, and who could not feel or see it move in the atmosphere. As a result, many people have been made sick. However, accidents can also occur even when the cloudbuster operator is skilled, and precautions are taken. For the reasons given here, cloudbuster operators must learn about the mechanisms governing atmospheric charge, and also techniques for dissipating an overcharge within their own organism, and for protecting themselves. For example:

1) Several of Reich's assistants were immobilized and greatly sickened by the field effects surrounding his laboratory during the oranur experiment. Later on, similar reactions occurred in the surroundings of operating cloudbusters, particularly during desert and drought operations.

2) A man using a cloudbuster in a California desert touched the pipes with his bare hands. He was paralyzed on one side of his body, and never completely recovered.

3) A cloudbuster operator developed a walnut-sized tumor one day after handling a cloudbuster during a drought. The tumor was eventually eliminated through orgonomic first-aid, involving therapy, use of the accumulator, dor-buster, and detoxification techniques.

4) A medical doctor in Germany used a medical dor-buster on his patients for many years. The apparatus resembles a minature cloudbuster, and functions similarly. He developed a paralysis in the arm he used to work the apparatus, which later spread to his shoulder and the side of his face, after which he died.

5) A man who used a manually operated cloudbuster for many years in droughty situations became quite ill, in spite of many precautions. He eventually developed scleroderma and cancer, which killed him.

6) A man with a history of high blood pressure and a stroke had another debilitating stroke a few days after working as an informal helper on a cloudbuster operation, where his exposure was limited to no more than 15 minutes per day over three days. All the usual precautions had been taken.

7) Other cloudbuster operators have been made very ill from standing too close to the instrument. The biological effects of overcharge, and of what Reich called dor-sickness, have included high fever, muscle cramps, nausea, and diarrhea. Severe skin rashes, hives, and "flu" symptoms have also been observed. Reich noted, the effects of the toxic field around the cloudbuster tends to hit a person at their weakest spot, causing old health problems to flare-up.

Recommended Cloudbuster Operator Education and Training

The above facts speak loudly for ambitious and top-notch education and training for all cloudbuster operators. The responsibility for the rational development of cosmic orgone engineering now largely rests upon the shoulders of those who have continued to work with and research the technique in an open way, publishing the results of their experimental research. Individuals involved in irrational efforts also bear the responsibility for their actions, which, because of narcissistic bragging and loose talk, eventually do come to the light of day. An informal procedure is presently in place whereby individuals harboring irrational motivations are strictly excluded from the work, irrespective of their academic degrees, political standing, or economic power. An informal procedure also is presently in place to assist those rational, responsible individuals whose character and work, and the environmental conditions in which they live, dictate a need to know more about cloudbusting. It is anticipated that these informal procedures will become more formalized in the future, in a work-democratic manner, when the needs of the work require it. Presently there are around a dozen or so well-trained, senior cloudbusting operators, and their apprentices, who work on these questions in an open, responsible, and cooperative manner.

The following outline covers the kind of preliminary work which all candidates for cloudbusting should undertake. The ideas presented here are proposed for the younger student and would necessarily be tailored where a person's prior work and experience is firmly established. For more information on any of these points, or for specific information on courses and workshops, and the names of qualified orgone therapists, contact the Orgone Biophysical Research Laboratory, at the address given below.

I. Character-Analytic Reichian Orgone Therapy for Emotional Fluidity: with a skilled and qualified therapist. Every skilled cloudbuster operator has at least some background in a personal program of emotion-release therapy. This is necessary to bring the candidate into contact with any buried feelings or hidden characterological tendencies; fears about taking responsibility, chronic anxiety which inhibits the capacity to feel the energy, or the narcissist's attitude to "save the world", or "make a million dollars" with cloudbusting are counter-productive traits, for example. While this form of therapy is no absolute guarantee of emotional health, and there are some people who are already in reasonably good shape biophysically, it is the best method known to address and soften or eliminate biophysical, characterological armoring, deepen the respiration, and make the individual more alive and contactful.

II. Formal Orgonomic Coursework:

A. In-depth reading of Reich's works, his books and the several journals he published, from start to finish, and related published works by those who have confirmed his findings in one or another aspect. B. Lab Seminars and Workshops: on the bions, cancer biopathy, and general orgone biophysics, as offered by researchers and institutes who maintain a focus upon the authentic Wilhelm Reich.
C. University Courses: on the "Life and Work of Wilhelm Reich", where offered.
D. Tour of the Wilhelm Reich Museum: to get a feel for the man and his times.
E. Attending of larger Conferences devoted to Reich's discoveries.

III. Traditional Education:
Undergraduate and/or graduate-level studies in the traditional sciences, apart from any study of orgonomy. The major topic of study would be of the student's choosing, but should include coursework in Climatology, Meteorology, Earth Science, Physical Geography, Biology, Environmental Science, Ecology, Chemistry, Astronomy, and Physics. Exceptional scholarship of an interdisciplinary nature is strongly encouraged, but orthodox, classical views must be supplemented with the findings of various dissenting scientists as cataloged in the various books offered at the OBRL On-Line Bookstore. Knowledge of classical findings on atmospheric circulation, temperature, humidity, barometric pressure, cloud dynamics, atmospheric electricity, and so forth would be absolutely essential. Courses on the methods and history of science are also encouraged.

IV. Independent Research in Orgonomy:

1. Students (of whatever age) should develop their own small laboratory, or gain access to one. Student should develop a working relationship or correspondence with other orgonomic researchers familiar with the experiments they are undertaking, for critical review, feedback, and response to questions.
2. Students would have to develop a familiarity with the following devices and areas of orgonomic research:
- millivoltmeter.
- bion observations.
- naked eye and orgonoscope observations of atmospheric orgone energy.
- the orgone energy field meter; high-frequency coils.
- the orgone energy accumulator; start with small seed-chargers, and, environmental conditions permitting, progress to building larger multiple layer chargers, and human-sized units. Engage in a good part of the biological and physical experimental proofs.
- the electroscope.
- observations of dor and oranur.
- the medical dor-buster.

V. Cosmic Orgone Engineering:

A. Students would engage in a systematic study and review of all the literature on cloudbusting, and the procedures used in all past cloudbusting operations, to understand the various situations which confronted operators in the past, and the solutions which were applied.
B. Under supervision, students might engage in small, short term experiments with single lengths of pipe, or a small array of short hollow tubes in the local atmosphere, much in the manner of a dor-buster.
C. Student Apprenticeship.
1. As assistant to a principal operator with greater experience.
2. As co-operator to other principal operators as the atmospheric need and occasion may arise.
D. Operator candidates would later engage in independent cloudbusting work, either in conjunction with established principal operators in a given region, or more independently in new areas.
E. Operator candidates would also evaluate the results of all major prior operations undertaken by others. Evaluations would emphasize the reasons for particular operational techniques employed, and the energetic basis of the original atmospheric problem.
F. Operator candidates would develop ongoing communication with other cloudbuster operators in more distant regions, so that each person has a general idea of research under way in different areas. More specific notification would be given when major operations were undertaken.

Every phase of the prior work outlined above would help to prepare the individual for the next step in their work, eventually leading to actual experiments with the cloudbuster. For example, experiments with the bions, or orgone energy vesicles, yields evidence of energetic charge and movement at the micro-level, and bioenergetic phenomena that are correlated with the weather. Certain bionous forms, such as ameba and vorticella, often behave in a pulsatory, expansive-contractive, energetic manner, similar to what can be seen in a much slower form, with individual thunderstorms and larger weather systems. The observational similarities between a microscopical ameba and a macroscopic thunderstorm are quite striking, for one example. Likewise, cloudbusting candidates must also undertake extended work with the orgone accumulator, to gain an organic feel for concentrated life energy, and an understanding of atmospheric pulsation, as seen in its thermal, electroscopical, and other properties. They must learn about what the concentrated energy in the accumulator can do to living creatures by running biological experiments, to see for themselves, and to obtain a gut level feeling for the energy as a real, physical phenomenon.

The cloudbusting candidate must also learn about contamination of the life energy through secondary energies, such as friction, electromagnetism, and nuclear energy. Observations should be made of highly excited orgone, or oranur conditions, and stagnant dead orgone, or dor conditions, by taking short trips to the desert, or to regions close to nuclear power facilities. Oranur and dor conditions may occur in the immediate vicinity of an operating cloudbuster, and these conditions are significant for both the safety and outcome of the operations, as well as for the operator's health. The cloudbusting candidate must also eventually work with the medical dor-buster, which is a small, laboratory-sized "cloudbuster", to develop a feel for this apparatus, and gain a working knowledge of its practical applications. This apparatus is also necessary for orgonomic first-aid, which may be needed during cloudbusting operations to keep one's own organism alive and moving, particularly in the face of stagnant, dorish conditions.

The merely curious individual would likely be satisfied by the understandings gained from this preliminary work, and leave it at that, assuming any atmospheric problems in their area are relieved. However, the preliminary work may heighten their interest and accentuate the need to deal with an unresolved atmospheric problem, particularly when therapy melts the armor, and makes them more sensitive. If the preliminary work has been responsibly undertaken, if the individual gains an appreciation, functional grasp, and feeling for the atmospheric orgone energy, and if they have displayed the seriousness and responsibility of character vital to such work, then a move into the active learning and apprenticeship during actual cloudbusting operations might be justified. Such individuals must, of course, display a-priori a willingness to learn and work cooperatively with other researchers in the field of orgone biophysics, particularly those already working with a cloudbuster in a given region.

For the younger individual, this preliminary work might be performed simultaneous to a traditional university education in the classical sciences. It is a worthwhile goal to possess the traditional degree certificates by which scientific work is generally evaluated in this era. Orgonomic education, however, should maintain an emphasis of self- regulated independent study. For the older individual, a program of independent study might substitute for formal university education. Indeed, many naturalists and artists have maintained a greater feeling for, and contact with life and nature than the typical university professor or graduate, and possession of this feeling for life is more important for successful cloudbusting operations than any university degree. There is also the problem inherent in obtaining a university education, in that -- depending upon the specific degree program and institution -- it runs the risk to emotionally dry one up, push one towards an increasingly intellectual approach to life and nature, and thereby increase one's emotional armoring. This is particularly so where the student must hide their functional interests in the life energy, due to hostile prejudice on the part of professors. For those who choose the university approach, the need for therapy may become all the more acute.

There is no educational program in "cloudbusting" per se, as we do not wish to attract persons who otherwise would not have been drawn to the work, eg., those incapable of proceeding in a committed, responsible, cooperative and self-regulated manner. Nor do we offer a program of "cloudbuster education" which is set apart from general orgonomic research. It is desired to attract the cooperative interest of workers whose work has prompted their interest in cloudbusting. A step-by-step approach is necessary, handled at each student's own pace, to gradually introduce them to the atmospheric work -- first as student, then assistant, and later as co-worker. It is expected that many students will not continue with the atmospheric work, but will become fascinated with the energetic basis of the emotions, with orgone therapy, with the bions, cancer research, the accumulator, or the orgone motor, all the various fantastic discoveries of the genius, Wilhelm Reich. Hence, the educational program outlined here is a mixture of classical climate or weather science, plus a focused study of general orgonomy, of which the atmospheric work is but a subset.

If You Can't Do Cloudbusting Yourself, What Can You Do?

The Orgone Biophysical Research Laboratory (OBRL), in cooperation other responsible individuals and organizations, has become a vehicle for the Drought Abatement Outreach Program which I developed in the 1980s. Together with different volunteer associates, we have undertaken field expeditions in the USA and overseas, bringing trained and skilled cloudbuster operators and the necessary equipment, to areas suffering from drought. A Desert Greening Program was also developed, successfully demonstrating (in Israel, Namibia and Eritrea) that harsh dry areas within large semi-arid deserts, or those at the borders of the most severe deserts (ie, the Sahara), can also be greened, with a halt to their prior rates of degradation and spreading. A Research Summary was developed describing this work. Other articles on past cloudbusting operations also have been internet-posted and are linked to the above Research Summary. If you require assistance with such an atmospheric problem, you can directly contact Dr. James DeMeo and OBRL for details. There are financial costs involved, but on occasion, resources may already be available for dealing with your situation, and only help with logistics and information will be required.

Alternatively, if you are just learning about orgonomy, and still have a fascination with Reich's atmospheric discoveries, then get on track with the recommendations given above. Learn who the responsible workers are in orgonomy, and make contact with them; obtain and follow their advice regarding your own individual situation. Get in touch with qualified therapists in your area or elsewhere, and attend the various workshops and seminars focused upon orgonomy at OBRL; most importantly, read the works of Reich on both social and biophysical issues. Aside from Reich's books, his articles on orgone-biophysical topics are found in three different journals: International Journal of Sex-Economy and Orgone Research, Orgone Energy Bulletin, and CORE (Cosmic Orgone Engineering). Since Reich's death, other journals have continued to publish more recent research. Pulse of the Planet, the research report of this Laboratory, carries many articles on orgone biophysics and cloudbusting. Likewise, back issues of the Journal of Orgonomy and Annals of the Institute for Orgonomic Science also carry pertinent research articles and new findings. A good reading of all this material is necessary for the dedicated student who really wants to know the facts, and wants to make a difference in the world. Others may take the "easy way" and "quick path", which leads nowhere fast. From myself, you will get advice for the best path towards the most meaningful understandings and discovery.

Aside from all of this, it is important to remember, the atmosphere does not suffer from a "lack of cloudbusting". It suffers from chronic abuse, from releases of toxic chemicals and pollutants, though contamination of streams and groundwater, through toxic dumping, deforestation, and from radioactive contamination, and sometimes from having too many stupid or malicious people waving cloudbuster pipes in the sky, not having a clue about anything. Part of the decision-making process about cloudbusting is knowing when it is NOT a good idea to operate, even if you have all the skills, knowledge and equipment at hand. I suggest, in all cases, to start with self-education by reading the authentic writings of Reich. Follow the recommendations in the above lists. The issues should self-clarify for you in short order. For those who feel ready to take a long-term and serious approach, we are interested to hear from you.

Postscript on the Problem of Cloudbusting in Totalitarian Societies

Here, I should also note since even well before the terror attacks of 9/11, most everyone involved in responsible work with the cloudbuster has refused to take this new knowledge into any Islamic or Communist nation. The concerns are multi-faceted: 1) The high levels of emotional armoring and social violence characteristic of totalitarian societies makes it nearly impossible for any contactful perception or appreciation of the life-energy, nor accurate implementation of the new knowledge. 2) Helping out totalitarian nations with a severe atmospheric problem energizes their people and raises their economic situation, and thereby reinforces all of their aggressive and conquest-oriented tendencies, putting the more democratic and free social-reform elements within its borders at risk, and also increasing its war-making potentials against neighboring societies. "Desert Greening" may benefit the landscape, but it does not change human character structure for the better. 3) The absence of civil law and protections of individual human rights puts the cloudbuster operator at risk in the event some weather damages might occur, which could then create outrage among the leadership. If the "glorious leader" demanded this or that be done, and you refuse, or if you make too much rain and it floods out a poorly-designed housing project built down in a dry lake-bottom, or washes out a road which was not constructed with proper drainage, one could be thrown into prison, and disappear, without legal recourse. The same is true if they put up a lot of money, and you don't produce as much rain as they want, or if it does not fall exactly where they want, you could be held hostage. And finally, 4) There is a high probability that the new methods would be converted into weather-war-weapons for conquest and destruction of neighboring non-totalitarian societies. Working in modern Red China, for example, by definition means you must have permissions from and connections with both the Communist Party and Red Army. Working in modern Russia means navigating a network of old KGB and former Communist Party bosses, who as in the case of China, have parasitically inserted themselves into every major business and industry.

Some extremely lucrative offers have in the past been dangled in front of my nose by Islamic states of the Sahara and Persian Gulf, for example, but I could not in good conscience bring myself to help them, given the persistence, by government approval, of such toxic social institutions as whips-and-chains slavery of black Africans and foreign women, the sexual slavery of their own native women, their hardly-concealed support of terrorism against the Western democracies, and an intensive Jew-hatred with open war-making over decades against the chronically scapegoated, lied-about and irrationally-hated Israelis. To bring Reich's cloudbusting technology into a totalitarian Islamic or Communist society -- or one which suffers from any similar severe character disorders and socially violent tendencies -- it is the moral equivalent to helping out the Nazi Empire, or the Imperial Japanese Empire, or the Soviet or Red Chinese Empires with their drought problems, at the very time when they are filling mass-graves with victims, having a boot-heel on the necks of hundreds of millions of people, and building up war-weaponry for additional international trouble-making.

This entire problem of safeguarding the cloudbusting technology for the betterment of the world condition, and to prevent its abuse, is related to the problems of human character structure, which I have already written about in great detail, in my book Saharasia. A good scientist could rationally wish these international complications and issues did not exist, but in fact they do, and we must deal with the world as it is, and not as we wish it might be. Dangerous illusions about the moral equivalence of all human societies and nations must be dispelled. The 21st Century is shaping up to be just as bloody as the 20th, which only reinforces the need for a taking of personal responsibility by those who are keepers of the new knowledge.

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