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Response to the So-Called "Skeptics"


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Response to the So-Called "Skeptics",
and Irrational Super-Critics of Orgone Research

"There is no innocence in their buffoonery;
they are the king's jesters."

All The King's Men

"A lie gets halfway around the world before the truth
has a chance to get its pants on."

Winston Churchill

IMPORTANT NOTE ABOUT WIKIPEDIA ENTRIES ON WILHELM REICH AND ORGONOMY: The Wikipedia website entries are popular, but can be altered by virtually any anonymous person who desires to scribble some unsubstantiated personal opinion, gossip or deliberate deceit into them, or to erase legitimate and accurate materials which they object to. Over the years, the Wikipedia entries on "Wilhelm Reich", "orgone energy", "orgonomy", "orgone accumulator", "cloudbusting", and so on, have had important factual materials erased, and substantial falsehood and even slander inserted by the professional "skeptic clubbers" and other "activists" with a personal grudge against Reich's findings. By doing so, they have fabricated their own false narrative of Reich as a "quack pornographer" who "went insane" late in life, and who has no scientific support for his orgone energy discoveries. Wikipedia thereby helps to publicly spread a fully malicious misrepresentation of Reich's life and work, while simultaneously censoring and deleting all the newer scientific evidence indicating the importance of his findings for psychology, biology, physics, cosmology and atmospheric science. Wikipedia entries on Reich should therefore not be consulted as accurate material, only as expressions of the open war against his findings which began in Europe in the 1930s, when Nazis and Communists maliciously assaulted him in newspapers, put him on death-lists and burned his books. This same malicious aggression to Get Reich continued in the USA after 1947 when a tidal wave of mainstream media slander began, leading to his death in prison, and the burning of his books. Today, people of similar upset emotional backgrounds aim to utterly destroy the legacy of his research, through continued slander and distortion. For more information, see here:

* "Wikipedia Slanders and Disinformation About Wilhelm Reich and Orgonomy", by James DeMeo.

"Emotional Plague Bibliography".

* New Book by James DeMeo: In Defense of Wilhelm Reich: Opposing the 80-Years' War of Mainstream Defamatory Slander Against One of the 20th Century's Most Brilliant Physicians and Natural Scientists, Natural Energy Works, Ashland 2013. Also available internationally at Amazon and other bookstores.

* "Critical Review of Christopher Turner's Adventures in the Orgasmatron. A Defense of Dr. Wilhelm Reich and his Orgonomic Science Against Renewed Sexual Slander and Defamation", Internet posting Dec. 2011:

* "Fighting Defamatory Slanders from UK Channel 4/Wag-TV "The Sex Researchers" Program. A Report from James DeMeo, PhD. Internet posting June 2012, here:
and here:

* Poisoning the Orgonomic Wellspring: Carlinsky and CSICOP -- Open Letter on Joel Carlinsky and the Organized "Skeptics" War Against American Orgonomy by James DeMeo

* Continued Attacks Against, and Theft of Dr. DeMeo's Research, as Appearing On the John Trettin Websites by James DeMeo

* Cautionary Note about "PORE" (Public Orgonomic Research Exchange) and Jamerling Ogg, Organizer.

* Response to Irrational Criticism and Public Attacks on the Internet as made by Paulo Correa, Alexandra Correa, and Malgosia Askanas., by James DeMeo. A Critique of the Correas' experiments, plus response to attacks posted to their internet site.

* Attack Against James DeMeo in a Greek Newspaper, and on Subsequent Email/Internet Groups

* Shredding Saharasia: A Response to Richard Morrock's "Review", in Journal of Psychohistory.

* Open Critique #1: Reply to Bernhard Harrer's Criticisms of Wilhelm Reich, by James DeMeo (in German Language). An expose of flaws in the experimental protocols and logic of a German university student.
Here is an English-language version of the same Open Critique.

* "Response to Martin Gardner's Attack on Orgone Research in Skeptical Inquirer", by James DeMeo, Ph.D.(from Pulse of the Planet #1). The above article was submitted to Skeptical Inquirier (SI) magazine following their publication of a smear attack against Wilhelm Reich, which also smeared Dr. DeMeo and other contemporary researchers in orgonomy. The editors of SI refused to publish the article, or even a much shorter letter of rebuttal. This refusal constituted a serious breach of scientific and journalistic ethics. SI magazine is, however, well-known for its unethical refusal to print rebuttals written by persons smeared and attacked in its pages. SI and the "skeptic clubs" constitute a modern-day version of the "jesters" of the decadent and corrupted courts of old Europe. In addition to the above article, the reader is directed to the following additional pertinent materials on CSICOP (publisher of SI magazine) and the so-called "skeptic groups".

* "Response by James DeMeo to Disinformation and Smears on the Internet: The 'Orgonomy Peddlers' Article" This "Response..." article was prepared after a very malicious and unfactual smear article by skeptic author Joel Carlinsky was circulated on the now-defunct "Orgonomy Mailing List" discussion group, with the endorsement and possible assistance of Mr. Jamerling Ogg of "PORE" and Mr. John-Michael Battaglia. The article was later posted and/or cross-linked, and highlighted (originally with very malicious additional commentary) at Mr. Ogg's Public Orgonomic Research Exchange web site, and later still on a special "OML" web site at GeoCities. (See the "Cautionary Note about PORE" below.) The Carlinsky smears also appear on the KeelyNet web site, as organized by Carlinsky-supporters Jerry Decker and Chuck Henderson. (At the bottom of this page, Carlinsky acknowledges his debt to Mr. Ogg, who in turn recommends KeelyNet on the PORE home page.) These actions by Mr's. Ogg, Battaglia, Decker and Henderson, constituted the first time in history that written smears by a certified CSICOP informer and anti-Reich, anti-orgonomy "skeptic" author have been given public exposure and helpful support by supposed "friends of Reich".

* "Response to Recent Articles by Joel Carlinsky and Richard Morrock in Skeptic Magazine", by James DeMeo, Ph.D.

* "Toxic Disinformation: Joel Carlinsky, CSICOP and Orgonomy", by Jim Martin and Kenn Thomas. An expose of Carlinsky and his helpers in the "Skeptic groups", and on the internet.

* A Special Note About Continuing Smears and Publicly-Distributed Disinformation Directed Against Orgone Research, and specifically against James DeMeo and the Orgone Biophysical Resarch Laboratory.

* Update (28 November 1996)... on more recent attacks and smears by the "skeptics" against Wilhelm Reich, and contemporary scientific workers in orgonomy.

* More Internet News Group Nonsense: A Rebuttal to Malicious Attacks Against Dayton Miller, Wilhelm Reich and Myself, as Posted to sci.physics.relativity and sci.physics, by James DeMeo, 31:03:02 This article appears at the web site of Carolyn Thompson.

"When the caravan is moving, dogs will bark."

Arab saying

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* The Orgone Biophysical Research Lab: James DeMeo's Research Website.

* The Saharasia web page.

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