Update on Recent Skeptic Attacks Against Orgonomy

For the Record
by James DeMeo, Ph.D.

28 Nov. 1996

Originally circulated privately,
now approved for posting at the OBRL web site.


(( For those unfamiliar with the background of the following materials, kindly review articles posted at the OBRL web site posted under the heading "Response to the Skeptic Groups". Orgonomy remains a controversial science, nearly 40 years after Reich's death, and the same constellation of institutions and characters continue to hound and attack those who follow in Reich's track. http://www.orgonelab.org/skeptics.htm ))

In an unsolicited letter from several weeks ago, Mr. Joel Carlinsky confessed to me that he was helping various "skeptic group" members, behind the scenes, towards the preparation of different published anti-Reich materials, as described in points #1, #2, and #3 below. This basic information was posted out to our e-mailing list (and on the Orgonomy Mailing List) some time ago, but I did not previously reveal that it was Carlinsky who provided me with the photocopies of the pertinent pages from those publications, and the confessional letter describing his own behind-the-scenes role. He was quite proud of this "accomplishment" and boasted about it.

This week, I got another confessional threat-letter from him, in which he states:

"...If you had been willing to work with me from the beginning, we might have done a lot of good together. Instead,...I was forced by your actions to turn against orgonomy and seek to destroy it. You created an enemy ... You also bring retribution upon those around you; your ardent championing of Peter Duesberg has led to my attacks on his work, which I would otherwise have ignored; innocent Reichian therapists may find their livlihoods suffering as a result of your forcing me to discredit orgonomy; and cancer patients will posibly die because you forced me to ridicule and discredit the accumulator. I assume you are not happy about all this, but you consistantly refuse to take responsibility for the forseeable consequences of your actions. Mildred Brady wrote only two articles about Reich; I won't slak off that easily. How much damage do you think I will unltimate be able to do to you and orgonomy if I keep it up? Will "Greensprings" enter the American vocabulary along with "Waco" and "Ruby Ridge"? Is that what you want? Does your identification with Reich make you seek martyrdom?... ORGONOMY DELENDA EST!" (author's emphasis)

My "actions", to which he refers, are: Following his many disturbing "solicitations" over the years, I have simply but consistently refused to "work with" Mr. Carlinsky (especially after learning of his burglary of the Reich Museum, his cooperation with the skeptics groups, and his exposing of Jerry and Desire Eden to radioactive materials). His threats and repetitive widely-distributed smear-letters preceeded, by many years, my first written articles defending my name and work, and Reich's name and work, from ongoing destructive attacks.

Carlinsky's recent letters to me follow his attempts, since Summer 1996, to disrupt several scholarly conferences: The Reichian body-oriented psychotherapy conference in Boston, our OBRL Greensprings 96 summer seminar on "Today's Children", the NOCIRC 4th International Conference on the Sexual Mutilation of Children, and conference sponsored by a pro-Velikovsky group in Portland, Oregon.

As I've said before, Carlinsky has similar goals to, and is working closely with CSICOP and the skeptics, and is out to destroy Reich's work and orgonomy in total. Among the skeptics, he offers up his own anti-Reich, anti-orgonomy articles for publication, or supplies snooped-out information by which the skeptic's main authors can make their anti-Reich attacks even more polished and destructive (ie, the "Skeptical Inquirer" smears by Martin Gardner and Henry Bauer). Among the Reichian groups, Carlinsky *disinforms* to fragment and sow dissention, as with the fabricated smears against my work in his "Orgonomy Peddlers" article. Incredibly, this same poisonous disinformation smear article is today wilfully and prominently displayed at Mr. Jammerling Ogg's PORE website, portrayed as "serious material" alongside text from Wilhelm Reich's books and other materials taken from the Wilhelm Reich Museum. Surely, this constitutes a "first" for Carlinsky, whose anti-orgonomy articles previously had only been published in the "skeptic" journals and newsletters, and in the totally-sleazy pornographic magazine "Edios".

James DeMeo, Ph.D.

*When the Caravan is moving, dogs will bark*
(Arab saying)


Note: For more information on Mr. Carllinsky's relentless smears and attacks directed against the work of Wilhelm Reich, and against James DeMeo, see the articles here and here.

29 October 1996

Subject: Continuing Distortion and Smears of Wilhelm Reich's Discoveries

Orgone Biophysical Research Lab

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Forwarded News Item


Several new books and articles recently came to our attention which smear and distort the research and discoveries of Wilhelm Reich. For historical purposes, we wish to keep a record of these items, and request that xeroxes or summaries of any similar recent items be forwarded to OBRL. The war against Reich's discoveries continues, with CSICOP (Committee for the Scientific Investigation of Claims of the Paranormal) taking a lead position, from where they exert influences over many academic publications and scholarly scientific societies. Note that CSICOP, and their various academic affiliates, also have been leaders in the documented and ongoing unethical attacks against other scientific pioneers, such as Jacques Benveniste, Peter Duesberg, Halton Arp, and Immanuel Velikovsky. The professional "super-critics" who attack and censor Reich and his contemporary followers are the same ones who attack and censor Benveniste, Duesberg, Arp, Velikovsky, etc.

Item #1: "The Dictionary of Metaphysical Healthcare: Alternative Medicine, Paranormal Healing, and Related Methods" by Jack Raso, edited by Manfred Kroger, Foreword by Saul Green. Prometheus Books (Publishing house informally affiliated with CSICOP) The book contains uncomplimentary and distorted entries on "Orgone Therapy", "Reich Blood Test", "Reichian Breathwork" and "Reichian Therapy" using descriptive terms such as "allegedly", "purportedly", "supposedly", and "pseudodiagnosis" as a put-down in the typical CSICOP fashion. The author, Raso, is a Board Member of the National Council Against Health Fraud, which is widely known for its attacks against all forms of natural healing, including nutritional approaches, homeopathy, and therapeutic touch. He also was a recent speaker at a CSICOP annual meeting.

Item #2: "Mind Games: Are We Obsessed With Therapy", by Robert Baker, Prometheus Books. Mini-chapter appears, titled: "Orgonomy: Wilhelm Reich and the Legacy of Freud and Jung". Presents a few accurate paragraphs on Reich's early work, but quickly degenerates into typical CSICOP smears and nastiness, describing Reich's American period of research as being "so bizarre as to defy belief". Inaccurately describes the "orgone box", "cure for everything", "Cloud Buster", "weird discoveries... brought derision and hoots of laughter", "Reich was deranged", "paranoid", etc. The chapter ends with a quote from a prior anti-orgonomy smear article by Joel Carlinsky, who is described as "one of orgonomy's most persistent and effective critics"; the quote further distorts Reich's therapeutic discoveries, and gives a malicious description of the American College of Orgonomy.

Item #3: "Sexpols, Orgone Energy, Cloud Busters, and Bions: Remembered, but Not Relevant" (Book Review of "Beyond Psychology") Skeptical Inquirer, September/October 1995. Bauer is Dean of Arts and Sciences at Virginia Polytech University, and a Senior Fellow and Book Review Editor of the Society for Scientific Exploration. In this article, Bauer quotes much from Reich's personal diary, but understands little or nothing, and is entirely unsympathetic to the personal situation Reich was facing at the time: a controversial Jew on the run from Nazis in Germany and Denmark. Bauer makes various out-of-context quotes from Reich's personal diary to attack Reich personally, and also to attack Reich's scientific discoveries. Bauer announces: "This book provides copious support for those who would debunk Reich's scientific pretentions..." as if picking apart Reich's personal life -- or any scientist's personal life -- was a valid method to evaluate their laboratory experimental findings! Bauer's distortion is more than casual, however, given that he previously had sent to him, in his role as Book Review editor of the Journal of Scientific Exploration, a lot of documentary materials and bibliographic citations of published studies which confirmed many of Reich's scientific discoveries. Bauer deliberately ignored all the materials placed into his hands and, by publishing in Skeptical Inquirer, insured no rebuttal would ever be published in that magazine. A more lengthy review of Bauer's "article", with review of subsequent personal correspondence -- and a discussion of Bauer's similar unfair and unethical tactics used against the work of Immanuel Velikovsky -- will appear in a forthcoming edition of Pulse of the Planet, the research journal of the Orgone Biophysical Research Laboratory.

Copyright (C) 1996, All Rights Reserved by James DeMeo

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