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Note: For more information on Mr. Carllinsky's relentless smears and attacks directed against the work of Wilhelm Reich, and against James DeMeo, see the articles here and here.


by James DeMeo, Ph.D.
Director of Research
Orgone Biophysical Research Laboratory
Greensprings, PO Box 1148, Ashland, Oregon 97520 USA

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Copyright 1996, All Rights Reserved by James DeMeo


Recently, an unpublished article was circulated in the USA and Europe, firstly by postal mails, and later on the global computer Internet, titled "Orgonomy Peddlers, Cloudbusting, and the Environment", written by Mr. Joel Carlinsky. The article purported to "expose facts" about the field research of myself and several other workers in orgonomy, coming to very negative and harsh conclusions. This "Response..." will:

I. Address the specific charges and assertions the author made in the "Orgonomy Peddlers..." article, and establish what the facts actually are.

II. Briefly recount the author's own history of destructive attacks against Reich and various workers in orgonomy.

III. Discuss and expose what Reich called the emotional plague mechanisms apparent in his conduct, and in the conduct of those who acted as "helpers" in the wider distribution of the smear materials.

I. Falsehoods in the "Orgonomy Peddlers..." Article

The article starts by taking points of warning from Reich's own writings and then amplifies upon Reich's concerns about the misuse and distortion of his work. The author writes: "Reich... spoke of harm done to the cause of freedom by irresponsible Freedom Peddlers, and warned about the possibility that his own work would be similarly usurped by Orgonomy Peddlers who would use it in harmful ways." He then complains that contemporary supporters of Reich's work are apparently ignoring this warning, and he compresses a string of derogatory terms to describe those who are "reckless and irresponsible", "incompetent", "misguided", "harmful", etc., causing "serious ecological damage" in their alleged "efforts to prove Reich right". He clarifies: the article is "not directed at Reich and his theories, but only at the actions of certain present-day Reichians...". This clarification is important, because in the past this same author has in fact made similar criticisms and attacks against Wilhelm Reich's work - and all of orgonomy - this is well documented in Part II below. The "Orgonomy Peddlers..." article will, the author informs us, be directed only against some of Reich's followers, "in the name of Reich".

The author of "Orgonomy Peddlers..." then presents a series of accusations against "Dr. James DeMeo and his associates" who have an "obsessive compulsion to convert unbelievers", to "prove Reich right", that we are "doing a great deal of harm to the environment and to innocent members of the public as well as hurting the long-term prospects for serious investigation of Reich's discoveries by ill-conceived cloudbursting operations conducted without proper ecological knowledge or concern for the environment". Following that statement, he asserts we have created "devastation to ecosystems and [caused] the deaths of numerous people due to storms, floods and freezing weather". Etc.

No evidence is initially presented for these highly-compacted and serious accusations, but he attempts to build a case in the following pages. He also asserts we have some kind of driven "need to gather statistics". While there is factually no given evidence for any such "need", surely in the course of my work, some good statistical data have been gathered which provide strong support for Reich's discoveries, that the accumulator and cloudbuster actually function as Reich reported. Is this somehow damaging? The author reveals a concern here, that Reich's work might actually be supported through scholarly, scientific methods.

DeMeo's 1989 Experiments in Arizona:

The author of "Orgonomy Peddlers..." criticizes my 1989 experiments in Arizona, undertaken as an attempt to confirm the desert-greening capabilities of the cloudbuster. He misrepresents many facts about my work, and Reich's work prior work in Arizona. He falsely asserts we started the work in March, but in fact the work started in May, a fact clearly stated in all published accounts of that work.("Orop Arizona 1989" Special Report, Orgone Biophysical Research Lab, 1991; p.10. Experiments also reported in "Journal of Orgonomy", 23(2):271-272 Nov. 1989; 24(1):111-124 May 1990, and 24(2):252-258 Nov. 1990; and "Pulse of the Planet", 3:82-92 Summer 1991) It is asserted our work created out-of-season rains, and that this created severe ecological damages. Let's look at those claims more closely.

What about the ecological effects of unseasonal rains in drylands? Is this really a problem? As a generality, the answer is no. It is a well-known fact of climatology that as the total yearly quantity of rainfall declines, with shorter "rainy seasons", rainfall variability increases. This means, the drier the environment, the more difficult it is to predict when rains will fall. In the driest of environments, such as in the Sahara, Namib, Gobi and Atacama deserts, years will pass without any rains, decades in some cases. Then suddenly, and without any firm seasonal characteristic, a lot of rain will fall in a few days. This gives rise to sheet-flooding across open desert areas, collection of runoff in arroyos, wadis and depressions, water erosion of upslope landforms, followed by pooling and groundwater recharge. Life in such areas is very well adapted to long periods of drought, punctuated by heavy and saturating, unpredictable rains. Burrowing animals which have adapted to those environments survive by not making their nests directly in the path where water erosion is most likely to occur, and it is a misrepresentation to claim that heavy rains in desert regions will have any major disruptive or destructive effect upon native plants and animals.

When such desert rains occur, local plants blossom with tremendous displays of flowering and fruiting, and from this comes a burst of insect and animal life as well. In a few isolated spots constituting a tiny percentage of surface area, water erosion may indeed flood a few burrows and erode away some plants. But generally, generous rainfall, even torrential rainfall, is a real blessing to dryland areas. One only has to go to a desert region a few weeks after a good saturating rainfall to see the benefits to native, desert life. The pooling of water in drylands from heavy rains and runoff is what in fact feeds the waterholes, oases and groundwater, upon which desert flora and fauna are dependent. But what does this lesson in bio-climatology have to do with our work in Arizona, or the wild charges in "Orgonomy Peddlers..."' that my work created big damages? Let's look again.

As given in all the published accounts describing the 1989 Arizona experiments, our operating cloudbuster was sited in a deep desert-basin region between Blythe, California and Yuma, Arizona, on the Colorado River. This area gets the lowest yearly rainfall of almost any place in the USA, except for nearby Death Valley. Rainfall at that particular spot is infrequent, even during the "rainy season". More typically, natural rains fall on the surrounding mountain areas, and not on the dry and parched valley floor. During the planning stages for my Arizona work, an intensive and detailed review was made of all published papers by Reich regarding his 1954-55 experiments. My 1989 work was therefore undertaken with a full appreciation of the methodology and discoveries worked out by Reich, as reported in his own journals and in "Contact With Space" (CWS) (W. Reich: "Contact with Space", Core Pilot Press, New York, 1957), and so it was possible to build upon his prior findings. While Reich required weeks and months of work to isolate some of the causal mechanisms standing as a barrier to rains in the desert Southwest, I had his writings available to point the way. Our operation site was selected with Reich's writings in CWS in mind. Based upon his writings, and my prior work with the cloudbuster, I did not anticipate any big rain across the desert areas, but only a statistical increase in rains following the natural patterns for the given seasons.

For example: Following our first operation, in May of 1989, I wrote: "Crisp, cool, sparkling conditions persisted over the Arizona/New Mexico region for weeks, bringing widespread rains in the surrounding mountains." ("Orop AZ, Special Report", ibid, p.11) From our operations site we saw the incredible changes in the atmosphere, the widespread clearing of dor conditions and so forth, but little or no rain fell on the lower-elevations of the hyper-arid desert basin. The same was true in the later June 1989 operation, when a storm "dropped abundant precipitation on the southern Sierra Nevada Mountains" ("Orop AZ, Special Report", ibid, p.13). The above two cloudbusting operations, of May and June 1989, occurred during the time when rains would by nature be anticipated only in the high mountains surrounding the dryland basins of the Southwest, and that natural pattern was in fact what occurred, amplified somewhat by the cloudbusting. There was no "unnatural" quality to it.

During the July, August and September operations, however, the natural summertime "monsoon" season of the desert Southwest was occurring, and at those times, the valley floors also received good rainfall after our operations. Those rains also followed the natural patterns. The charge that our team worked to produce rains in opposition to the natural pattern is groundless.

The author of "Orgonomy Peddlers..." also accuses us of creating a 5x increase in rains "for the area", but does not clarify. He gets the basic information from our own published Report ("Orop AZ, Special Report", ibid, p. 15), but misrepresents it. That 5x increase was in fact isolated to a very small territory, of around 100 miles diameter, in the area near Blythe and Yuma, and reflected rainfall conditions between June-August 1989, a three-month period. As this region rarely gets rain, it is an example of the previously-mentioned condition, of high rainfall variability. Natural rains in the area, when they do occur, often produce similar 2x, 3x, or 5x the average, given the fact that it rains so infrequently. Most years, the area receives well below 50% or even 25% of normal. The 5x increase we witnessed was a very isolated and temporary rainfall increase which the author misrepresents as being something much more dramatic and widespread. And where was the ecological damage claimed in "Orgonomy Peddlers..."? The author asserts there was damage, but provides no evidence whatsoever, and in fact contradicts what is commonly known by climatologists and biologists studying drylands.

I was there, studied the landscape and atmosphere, and gathered the data. There was no ecological damage. The 1989 Arizona experiments are written up, documented and published for anybody to see, with charts, maps and rainfall data.

Reich's 1954-1955 Experiments in Arizona:

Here, the author of "Orgonomy Peddlers..." further misrepresents my work and Reich's work. He informs us that Reich spent 5 months in the desert southwest, surveying the desert daily. Then, by way of a false contrast, he portrays me as a "weekend scientist", who drives into the desert once a week, and pays no attention to pre-existing natural conditions and cycles, saying that I am not a good observer of the landscape and atmosphere, etc. What are the facts?

Prior to undertaking any cloudbusting work in the arid southwest, I spent at least three summers engaged in extended, months-long field work in the area, studying the flora, fauna, climate, landforms, history and social conditions of the region, and was assistant instructor of a University of Kansas Field Geography course in the region one summer. Part of my doctoral research was undertaken in the Sonoran/Chihuahuan/Mojave drylands, close to Reich's Tucson base of operations. In 1987 and 1988, I explored the area again, looking for a place to work and live, but later decided to move to California. In 1988, a preliminary cloudbusting expedition was undertaken, which appears to have been successful in ending the historically-extreme Midwestern Drought, an expedition which proved many of my own prior hypotheses about the transport of dor from the Pacific Ocean into the desert Southwest, and from there, into the Midwest.(J. DeMeo: "CORE Report #20: Breaking the Drought Barriers in the SW and NW USA", J. Orgonomy, 23(1):97-125; "Orop AZ, Special Report", ibid., p.17) While living in California, I again undertook explorations of the same dryland areas discussed by Reich. Regarding the 1989 Arizona experiments, extensive planning for each expedition was required, and this included a full review of satellite images and climatological reports, something Reich did not have available for his work. In fact my field work in the drylands, prior to undertaking the actual cloudbusting work, was far more extensive than what Reich had undertaken prior to his work. The portrayal of me and the research team as being incompetent "weekend visitors" is false.

The author of "Orgonomy Peddlers..." also makes big misrepresentations of Reich's findings, as given in CWS. He asserts: "Reich succeeded in obtaining a lush growth of grass without a drop of rain having fallen. That's Right! Reich, according to his own report, did not create rain in the desert and did not want to! In fact, he explicitly says that rain would have made it impossible to obtain the increase in plant growth he did obtain, since it would have drown the developing vegetation. Reich's goal, in which he was successful only after 5 months of patient daily labor, was not to make rain..." Quite a sweeping statement, but is it true? What did Reich really do in Arizona in 1954-55, and write in CWS?

Reich moved to Tucson in late 1954, and his first cloudbusting operations were undertaken in late October and early November. Within a week or two, according to his report in CWS (p.158-159), he does in fact report grasses growing in nearby regions, "without a drop of rain". However, this was only in the first week or two of his work. Reich did not state, so flatly, that he "did not want" rain to fall, or that rain was undesirable. He only stated that a slow increase in atmospheric moisture was best. On this, I have no disagreement. What about the rest of the time that Reich worked in Arizona? In CWS, there are in fact numerous reports of good rains, even heavy rains being reported by Reich after his cloudbusting work, and in most cases he was enthusiastic about it. Some examples:

CWS, p.167: "...it was raining at 13:30 hrs. in western Arizona. Showers were expected in Tucson during the coming night. It rained heavy all over the west coast, strongest in the southern parts..."

CWS, p.204-205: Chapter titled: "January Oranur Rains", "January 1955 was the month during which it rained repeated and abundantly in the southwestern USA, due to our operations. ... The Oranur rain on the 3rd, 6th, and 7th of January was rich and gently continued all through the night. There were deep water puddles in the streets. The soil was well soaked. There was snow on Mt. Catalina. There were floods in Mexicali. Two thousand families had lived in ever-dry river beds and now had to be evacuated."

I purposefully include this note by Reich, about the floods in Mexicali, to de-mystify him as some kind of "perfect, god-like" cloudbuster operator. He was human, unable to foresee every possible consequence, and in this instance, in spite of only gentle rains, there was some flooding in areas where people should never have been allowed to build. This kind of flooding is predictable for drylands whenever rains occur, and is not just the consequence of "cloudbusting". No city planner should ever allow people to live or build homes in such low-lying topography, but in fact, people do so, often in spite of the best advice from hydrologists. It is one of the factual, difficult dilemmas faced by every cloudbuster operator, and is one of the main reasons why Reich, myself, and others always have the goal that rains should be produced in as gentle a manner as possible. Reich also discusses "rich rains" and "good rains" in other places in CWS (for example, p.226-228, 246-247, 250). Unfortunately, neither Reich's position, nor my position, is accurately or fairly represented in "Orgonomy Peddlers...".

The author also substitutes the term "developing vegetation" for Reich's more specific and quite different ideas about "proto-vegetation" (similar to bions). Reich's ideas on proto-vegetation are controversial, linked with his findings on pre-atomic chemistry and to my knowledge not yet substantiated by other researchers; but it was only this new phenomena which he believe would be washed away and destroyed if rains came down too quickly. For example:

CWS, p.183: "Dec. 10th was a beautiful DOR-free morning. It had rained the night before in the southern Tucson region for two hours with 0.33 inches of gentle Oranur rain. I was worried the rain may have drowned the proto-vegetation. Rain, good for already germinating vegetation, meant death by drowning to Orene. Moisture at a distance was the necessary condition for the primal, proto-vegetation."

The Language and Methods of Cloudbusting:

The author of "Orgonomy Peddlers..." claims that I use the "rain-making", "weather-modification" language of the cloudseeders. In my 1979 University of Kansas Thesis on the cloudbuster, which was presented to a group of very orthodox natural scientists, I did use the phrase "modify the weather" on several occasions, but that was 17 years ago. Since that date, in numerous articles on the question, I have completely abandoned such terminology. Years ago I first openly and publicly encouraged others in this work to stop using such terms:

"The atmosphere does not suffer from a 'lack of cloudbusting', but rather from too much interference by humans for self-serving purposes. Reich articulated this concern in the context of atmospheric self-regulation, and everyone following his precepts uses the cloudbuster only in times of real drought emergency, and not as something to 'supplement' the weather on an on-going basis. I am always suspicious of people who speak about cloudbusting with great excitement, as if they were speaking of a carnival ride." (J. DeMeo, Letter to the Editor, Acres, USA, July 1990, p.40-41)

"Over the years there has been a tendency for cloudbusting to be called 'orgonomic weather modification', and other terms which imply that the primary function of cloudbusting is to change the weather in a specified manner, to make the weather do this, or do that. The Editor of Pulse (DeMeo) wishes to suggest this terminology be henceforth dropped completely from the lexicon of orgonomy. Reich's impetus in the development of the cloudbuster was not to 'modify' or 'make' anything - rather, it was to restore the lost property of atmospheric pulsation. Cloudbusting is a technique to remove obstacles in the way of natural atmospheric functioning, to restore the lost principle of atmospheric self-regulation. The context is similar to the goal of Reich's therapy, to help the individual function in a more free, self-regulated manner. When armor or atmospheric stagnation sets in, one might attempt to assist or help nature to function as it would normally, had not the armor or atmospheric stagnation developed." (J. DeMeo, "Cloudbusting is Not 'Weather Modification'", Pulse of the Planet #4, 1993, p.116).

From the above, it should be clear that the words and concepts attributed to me in "Orgonomy Peddlers..." are false. The author portrays me as having deviated from the central tenets and functional emphasis of Reich - atmospheric self-regulation and the expressive language of the living - by using my own words and emphasis.

The author then borrows an analogy made by Reich in CWS (p.213), about how the cloudbuster should be used, the difference between a dictator and a guide, that the cloudbuster must not be used in a "dictatorial" forced manner. Reich's point is true as can be. But there is no truth whatsoever to the attribution made that my work represents a deviation from this important principle. My institute, the Orgone Biophysical Research Lab, does not have, for example, anything which would qualify as "promotional material", and he attributes several phrases to me which clearly require a context for interpretation. For example, "greening the world's deserts", or "turning barren deserts into lush pastures". I do not recall where, if ever, making these comments, but even if I did, there is no truth whatsoever to the next assertion in the article. Building upon those phrases, the author launches into an essay on the problems of cattle grazing and land-degradation from overgrazing, as if I were being paid by the Cattlemen's Association, or otherwise desiring to turn all desert lands into pastures for cattle. This is patently absurd. Even if this were possible by cloudbusting, I would be against it. At best, it does appear possible to halt the spreading of the world's deserts, and thereby to restore some ecological balance to a situation which has been degrading for some 6,000 years.(J. DeMeo: "The Origins and Diffusion of Patrism in Saharasia, c.4000 BCE: Evidence for a Worldwide, Climate-Linked Geographical Pattern in Human Behavior", World Futures, 30:247-271, 1991; also in Pulse of the Planet 3:3-16, 1991.) But even this is not certain, and I have always emphasized the need for the preservation of forests and grasslands, the halting of atomic energy and nuclear bomb tests, the control of air-pollution, and the control of overpopulation of humans and cattle herding as the only real way to halt the spreading of deserts. Cloudbusting is only a temporary help, not a "miracle cure" for the world's ills. Our journal, Pulse of the Planet, and my other published articles on the subject repeatedly maintain an emphasis upon these points.

DeMeo's 1992-1993 Experiments in Namibia, Africa:

The author of "Orgonomy Peddlers..." asserts there is a drought in Namibia every 3-4 years, and that there is an important biogeological dust transport from southern Africa to the adjacent oceans and Brazil. In these assertions there is partial truth, and partial exaggeration.

However, both assertions are completely irrelevant to the Namibia cloudbusting experiments. Namibia encompasses two major desert areas, the western parts of the Kalahari Desert, and the Namib Desert, which one might view as the dry core of southern Africa. The Namib is one of the driest places on the planet, and during our cloudbusting work there, we never desired or attempted to bring rains to the Namib. Dust transport from the Namib, whatever its true nature, surely was not significantly affected by the rains which followed our work. Namibia continues to have a well-pronounced dry season, which is quite dusty.

At the time when our expeditions were first organized, the entire nation of Namibia had suffered from a 10-year drought, with diminished rainfalls over a vast area. According to local farmers, only 20 or 30 years previously, areas of the Namib which were completely barren and hardpan had previously been covered in knee-high prairie grass. Our team visited a number of abandoned farms, lying on the fringes of the Namib. It was not the product of overgrazing, but rather, a measured decline in rainfall, which appears to have started at the time when one of the world's largest open-pit uranium mines was developed at the edge of the Namib Desert. That desert was in a dramatic state of over-expansion, with oranur conditions predominating, and it was drying up the surrounding countryside.

For the three or four years prior to our work, the drought had become more acute, affecting southern Africa with severe drought, and famine was inevitable within months. Millions of lives were at risk. Wildlife was already dying. We visited the Etosha Wildlife Refuge in northern Namibia, and did not see a single living elephant during the several days we were there, the populations of all wildlife having been reduced to very low levels from drought and lack of vegetation, and lack of drinking water (most of the smaller streams and water-holes were completely dried up). It was an ecological catastrophe happening before our eyes. It was very fortunate our research team was there at that critical moment. Our efforts, which required many months of preparations and field work under difficult conditions, appear to have ended that drought, through careful application of the original principles and findings of Reich.

This author would denigrate our work in Namibia, about which only a few details have been published (J. DeMeo: "Orop Namibia 1992-1993", Pulse of the Planet 4:115, 1993) with some blatantly false and malicious claims: "DeMeo has caused irreparable harm to the global environment. He simply doesn't know - or doesn't care - anything about ecology". What a heartbreak, that the world might learn about our important work in Africa in this distorted manner!

Cloudbusting in California

Here, it was asserted that the CORE Network "extended the rainy season by a month one year and 6 weeks another year". I do not recall ever making such a comment. Even if it were true, rainy seasons in California do not start or stop like clockwork, and frequently begin or end weeks off the average. There also is significant difference in the average length of the rainy season for the northern part of the state, versus the southern part. The author of "Orgonomy Peddlers..." makes this accusation as a prelude to another undocumented claim, that cloudbusting work was responsible for the deaths of "a significant percentage of baby birds" in the area around Pt. Reyes. Again, this is so vague and undocumented it cannot be responded to.

DeMeo's 1991-1992 Cloudbusting in Israel

The author of "Orgonomy Peddlers..." asserts he has documentation showing "numerous deaths in the region as a result of catastrophic weather" caused by a field expedition I led to Israel in 1991-1992. How does he reach such an alarming conclusion? There are no details. Let's review the facts of this particular field work.

Nearly every natural weather change and strong storm claims some lives, due to speeding cars on slick roads, or in those cases where rains are heavy, people gambling with their lives by wading or driving through swollen streams or rivers, swimming or surfing in heavy ocean swells and such. Property and lives are also occasionally lost when city planners and developers build homes or roads in dry river beds or depressions, which in drylands can often fill with water. In the USA and Europe, there are now increases in surface runoff and flooding associated with urban sprawl, river and stream channelization, deforestation and related siltation of drainage basins, such that a given quantity of rains will produce higher river levels than in years past, when there were fewer people, more trees, and more natural riverine landscapes. In mountain areas, deforestation and increases in unhealthy trees, with decayed root structures, has led to an increase in avalanches from lower slopes in areas where formerly they were infrequent.

By contrast, drought and famine take a much greater toll. Forests dry up and burn, farmlands wither away, animal herds are decimated, economies collapse, and in regions of marginal subsistence living, famine can kill millions, or drive entire nations to war over water resources (as has been the case on many occasions in North Africa and the Middle East). Catastrophic forest fires can also be triggered by drought, and wildlife is decimated well before humans will starve, as humans dominate water and food supplies.

It therefore poses a real dilemma, of when cloudbusting should be done, and not done. If you do something, some people might be harmed. If you do nothing - especially where a drought situation turns from mild to severe - a major catastrophe might well occur, decimating all life, ecological stability, and economic well-being. It is proper and right that these questions are raised, but not through the misrepresentations given in the "Orgonomy Peddlers..." article.

For the record, I have been privileged to participate in three working groups of dedicated workers, one in Germany, one in Greece, and one in the USA (J. Orgonomy, 26(2):237-247, 1992; Pulse of the Planet 3:111-115, 1991 & 4:114, 1993), with a mix of professionals and non-professionals holding expertise in medical, therapeutic, environmental, and atmospheric science, and years or decades of experience in orgonomy. These issues, of when and how to undertake cloudbusting operations, are foremost on the minds of everyone involved, and sometimes are the subject of very pointed discussions. Whatever problems may remain in the matter of cloudbusting, the portrayal of this work as proceeding without the input and oversight of workers with different fields of expertise, is patently false.

The work undertaken in Israel was followed by strong storms, and exceeded rainfall records in many places. (J. DeMeo: "Orop Israel 1991-1992, Special Report", Orgone Biophysical Research Lab, 1992; also in J. Orgonomy, 26(2):248-265, 1992; Pulse of the Planet 4:92-98, 1993) The results were in fact dramatic and beyond that which was anticipated. But it is clear that other factors were involved in the excessively high rainfall quantities which were observed at different times. Firstly, our work was undertaken over a 10-day period in late November 1991, at the start of the normal rainy period, after which nothing more was done to encourage rains. The goal was to remove the dor-barrier, on the assumption that natural rains would then resume as the season got started. This is, in fact, what happened. However, we did not fully anticipate that the Israeli government would be engaging in intensive, non-stop cloudseeding efforts from both aircraft and dozens of ground-based cloudseeding generators, during nearly every storm-cycle which occurred during their rainy season. Public outcry finally put an end to the cloudseeding, after which the quantities of rainfall dramatically declined to near normal levels. ("Orop Israel, Special Report", ibid, p.49-52)

The work in Israel was undertaken at the height of a three-year drought, when reservoirs were at record-low levels across the eastern Mediterranean. Recall that 1991 was before the peace talks between Arafat and Rabin, and before the Jordanians had made peace with Israel. There was much war-talk in the newspapers about who owned how much of the remaining water supplies of the Jordan and Littani Rivers. We were asked to go to Israel, and try the cloudbuster, to see if a social catastrophe could be avoided. It required working at the edge of the Negev Desert, during a parching drought under already-dry conditions, at a time when social tensions were high. It was difficult and deadly serious business.

The work was successful, thankfully, and natural rainfall was restored to the entire region for that rainy season, and the years which followed have not seen a return to drought conditions. It was pleasing to note that subsequent analysis of traffic accidents for Israel revealed a decline during the rainy period, given that drivers slowed down for the more difficult rainy and wet driving conditions. Under the more typical dorish dry conditions, both Israeli and Arab drivers are crazy and aggressive, speeding down roads and highways, and so the highway death toll was higher during the dry period before cloudbusting operations. Similarly, the agricultural productivity for the entire region surged upward in the months after the rains, given the washing away of years of accumulated soil salts and groundwater recharge. There were reports of old withered orchards on the desert fringes, abandoned years ago due to lack of water, suddenly sprouting leaves, blossoms and plump fruit.

Peace talks have since developed between the region's adversaries, something which I cannot imagine would have been possible had not the water-resource issue been resolved by an end to the drought conditions. The protocols and results of that work were published years ago in summary articles in the Journal of Orgonomy and Pulse of the Planet, with a longer and more detailed Special Report available from OBRL, the latter of which openly discussed problems which occurred due to excessive rains in some areas. (citations given above) Nothing was hidden. The documents have been available for years to anybody with the interest to investigate the subject. The author of "Orgonomy Peddlers..." has not made a rational evaluation of this particular work; his portrayal is unsubstantiated and irresponsible.

Field Work of Nagy and Schleining in the Pacific Northwest

"Orgonomy Peddlers..." also attacks the work of Dr. Stephen Nagy and Mr. John Schleining, for cloudbusting work they undertook in Oregon. As was the case with desert ecology, the article also makes a distorted portrayal of the issue of fire-suppression in the Pacific Northwest. There are several factors which have been decimating trees in the Northwest. The first is overcutting of trees for commercial lumbering (deforestation). Two other major reasons are drought-related: insect damage and forest fires.

With good rains and soil moisture, trees produce an abundance of sap. This sap-abundance allows the trees to push out and destroy burrowing insects, which during drought years can imbed themselves under the bark and eventually kill entire stands of trees. With more dead and dying trees, and dry understory, the danger of forest fires is amplified. Forest fires were particularly acute in the Northwest forests over the last decade, amplified by arson. Lightning strikes are a primary method for ignition of forest fires, and lightning is amplified when storms push inland from the Pacific Ocean under drought conditions. When this happens, there is little rain and much lightning, as the storms cannot easily break through the dorish haze-layer which characterizes drought. As stormclouds ride up and over the dor-layer, the orgone in them is highly irritated, and reacts in an "angry" manner, with large static potentials building up as the energy is pushed towards stasis. The "Orgonomy Peddlers..." article criticizes Nagy and Schleining for having done something helpful, to slow down or stop forest fires, and describes their work as "blatant disruption". This is an inaccurate and false portrayal.

There is an important issue about the long-term consequences of fire suppression, which can lead to a build-up of combustible materials in the lower story of the forest, and from there to forest fires of a catastrophic dimension. The reader may recall the 1989 fire at Yellowstone Park which turned catastrophic when the National Park Service applied the ideas of "natural burning" in as blind and dogmatic a manner as they previously did regarding "fire suppression". In the Pacific Northwest, a number of those catastrophic fires had occurred over the last decade, and this is precisely why Schleining and Nagy were prompted to do something constructive and helpful about the situation.

As to the article's accusation that they worked outside of the normal rainy season, there is nothing I know of which suggests forests suffer when occasional unseasonal rains occur, and the Pacific Northwest has rains in many areas which continue throughout the summer, though with a diminished frequency and quantity. I cannot comment about this allegation without a citation to the actual article, such that the facts and context can be reviewed. Another error in the article: Nagy and Schleining did not ever work together as a team, but rather in different areas on different operations. In his criticism on this issue of forests, the article makes even more gargantuan leaps of logic, that the suppression of lightning and increases in rains following cloudbusting is somehow going to affect the nitrogen balance in the atmosphere and soils. The evidence is clear that the forests were suffering from overcutting, insect damage, insufficient water and forest fires, and not from any imagined "insufficient nitrogen". The section concludes with a final malicious misrepresentation: "...this application of the cloudbuster, far from benefiting the environment, amounts to mere vandalism of Oregon's forests".

Ecology and Government Control

The "Orgonomy Peddlers..." article is ended with several pages emphasizing needed oversight of cloudbusting by some kind of outside authority. He mentions the National Environmental Policy Act and the use of Environmental Impact Statements, the Endangered Species Act, and Wilderness Act, etc. These laws are all important, and have a rational place in society. Whether or not they are applicable to the question of cosmic orgone engineering is open to debate. There are many important issues here. But are these laws discussed in a rational way?

The author writes "The authorities, of course, make no effort to enforce such laws in the case of cloudbusting because they regard it as ineffective. It is extremely hypocritical to take advantage of their disbelief to violate laws with impunity while simultaneously denouncing them for their refusal to believe in the cloudbuster's effectiveness." These loaded sentences contain several false assertions, and hide a bit of the author's history. First, neither I nor any of my associates have never made any blanket condemnation of "authority". I, we, openly criticize and hold responsible specific persons and/or organizations for the specific things they do. Like the FDA for burning Reich's books, and the Skeptics groups for publishing smear articles against Reich. I do in fact believe that there are authorities, even authorities in government, and have only minor criticisms of the government organizations dealing with environmental issues, none of which has anything to do with cloudbusting. Secondly, neither I nor my associates "violate laws with impunity". This accusation is based upon nothing of fact.

The hidden "author history" I refer to, is the fact that that author of this article, Mr. Joel Carlinsky, has for many years been writing articles portraying Reich as a madman, and cloudbusting as "fraudulent rainmaking" (again, documentation given below). He has repeatedly attacked the scientific basis of Reich's work, including cloudbusting and my own corroborating work as well, often in letters and documents sent to various governmental authorities, feeding whatever pre-existing suspicions and prejudices they had about Reich and orgonomy. If cloudbusting and other aspects of Reich's work (ie, the accumulator) are considered madness by government bureaucrats, you can thank Mr. Carlinsky and friends for helping to create such a social atmosphere. My own efforts have always been in the opposite direction, to bring Reich's work out into the open, in a legal and legitimate way, for open use and discussion and application by both professionals and ordinary people. For the record, for many years I kept the NOAA Atmospheric Programs Office informed of all cloudbusting operations, until the time came when I discovered they were ignoring and discarding the documentation I had been sending to them, and additionally spreading disinformation about my work to third parties.

Is the Author's Behavior Relevant?

The author of "Orgonomy Peddlers..." closes his article with a preemptive attempt to evade the significance of, and responsibility for his own past writings and conduct: "In the past, Dr. DeMeo and his friends have responded to criticisms by name-calling and personal attacks on the alleged motivations, affiliations, character, psychiatric condition, lifestyle, criminal history, and previous publications of the critic, all of which are totally irrelevant." Totally irrelevant, indeed! They are very much relevant, insofar as they demonstrate an ongoing pattern of behavior. This pattern has continued right up into the present, without any hint of change. Let's take a look at what the author has been doing and writing. His past behavior is consistent with his current actions.

II. History of Joel Carlinsky's Attacks and Smears

For around 20 years Mr. Carlinsky has written numerous articles, flyers, and letters focused upon the subject of orgonomy, but none of them constitute substantive work or research on the subject. His writes things which attack and distort Reich's life and work, and the science of orgonomy, and also acts as informer to "skeptics groups" and other organizations which have similarly attacked orgonomy. (Ie., CSICOP: Committee for the Scientific Investigation of Claims of the Paranormal; publisher of "Skeptical Inquirer" magazine and central organizing "skeptics" group, with a long history of attacking Reich and orgonomy) He is successful also in portraying himself as a "friend of Reich", a position which he abuses solely for the purpose of attacking those few research scientists who are doing substantive work in orgonomy and replicating Reich's controversial findings. In either role, the common functioning principle of his conduct is to attack the substantive basis of research verifying and supporting Reich's findings: depending upon the audience, he shifts from attacking Reich, to attacking only Reich's contemporary followers. Below is presented a very abbreviated sample from a longer 12-page listing, of some of his activities. Observe the oscillation between "Carlinsky the skeptic" and "Carlinsky the Reichian", and the constant turning of fact, truth, and events upside-down:

* April 1981: Carlinsky convicted for burglary of the Wilhelm Reich Museum. ("WR Museum Newsletter", Fall 1980)

* May 1988: Carlinsky assists Alice Earl to write an article for Peer Advocate Newsletter, a psychiatric-reform group: "Who or What, Pray Tell, is the So-Called 'College' of Orgonomy!?", which criticizes the American College of Orgonomy (ACO), and portrays all of orgonomy as madness. "crackpot doctors living in their make-believe world of DOR-busters (DOR = Deadly Orgonomic Radiation) and other psychiatric fantasies."

* Summer 1988: Carlinsky assists Martin Gardner with his article in Skeptical Inquirer (Vol.13, p.26-30, 1988) "Reich the Rainmaker: The Orgone Obsession", which portrays all of Reich's work and orgonomy as fraud, medical quackery and madness, with a specific focus upon myself and the ACO. Gardner identifies Carlinsky as "someone" who sent him articles, and Carlinsky later admitted to me that he helped Gardner. Around that same time, an Iowa skeptics group printed a derogatory article "Professor at UNI Supports Orgone Energy for Drought Relief". (ISRAP Newsletter, Vol.2, No.3, Summer 1988, p.1-2.) I was then teaching at University of Northern Iowa.

* Sept. 1989: Article in "Animals' Agenda" magazine (p.20-21) discusses the arrest of Earth First! founder Dave Foreman, on charges of conspiracy to damage power lines serving an Arizona nuclear power plant. The article reported a $2 million FBI disinformation campaign aimed at Earth First!, with inflammatory letters, etc., and the identification of two possible FBI agents provocateur, one of whom was "Joel Karlinski"(sic). The article reported: "Karlinski approached at least two Animals' Agenda readers at [an Earth First!] seminar, trying to recruit people to help him 'take out every nuclear power reactor on the east coast' in a plot strikingly similar to the one revealed in Arizona. Karlinski also solicited interest in other illegal activities that could have injured people, and was rebuked by... Foreman. Some time later, Karlinski told Earth First! newspaper editor John Davis that he was...duped. He has not been heard from since."

* 14 May 1990: Carlinsky writes an unsolicited letter to me, saying he has reported me to IRS, postal inspectors, FAA, environmental groups, and other organizations for "your clumsy, incompetent, irresponsible misuse of the cloudbuster for your egotistical megalomaniacal self-agrandizing obcession (sic) of vindicating Reich... " etc. "You must be stopped." Many similar letters follow over the years.

* Fall 1990, "New York Skeptic", newsletter of the New York Area Skeptics (CSICOP affiliate), publishes Carlinsky's article "Orgonomy in New Jersey". The article attacks the ACO, me, Reich and orgonomy: "In short, thousands of people are being victimized by orgonomists. Medical quackery and fraudulent rain-making machines are only part of it. I urge investigation and exposure to whatever degree possible. Contact me for more information."

* 19 Aug. 1990: Carlinsky writes an unsolicited confessional letter to me, stating: "On April 3, 1974 I conducted an operation which triggered an unprecidented (sic) rash of tornados across the mid-west, destroying the town of Xenia, Ohio and killing 330 people. I then sent Dr. Blasband an extortion note demanding $50,000 ransom to not do it again. He wrote a letter to NOAA warning them about my 'criminal intent' and an article in the Journal of Orgonomy which refered to me as 'dangerously mad'. Unfortunately, events in my personal life made it impossible to carry out the threat. In the 1970s I attempted to wipe out Boston with a downtown oranur reaction... In Australia I caused a storm which devastated Queensland's sugarcane harvest and sank several ships. I am quite proud of my record in orgonomy. You see, my goals really are different from yours."

* 30 Aug. 1990: Carlinsky writes a short note to James DeMeo: "Thought you'd like to know what I've been you (sic) to lately." Enclosed with the note is a shocking front-page newspaper article from the Chicago Sun-Times (20 Aug. 1990): "Winds of Fury: Joliet area tornadoes kill 20, injure 300".

* 23 March 1991, Carlinsky plagiarized part of my OROP Arizona report and claimed it as his own work, for his own "Blue Sky" cloudbusting company, adding his own fund-raising cover letter. He writes to me: "Thank you very much for your help in establishing my credibility." One person subsequently wrote to me: "he [Carlinsky] sent me a prospectus for his company... which outlines his theories and business plans... I do not understand why you could not work together when there is so much to be done in this critically important area?"

* May 1991: Carlinsky provided materials on cloudbusting to T. J. Henderson, head of Atmospherics Incorporated (one of the world's largest cloudseeding companies) and former editor of the Journal of Weather Modification (published by the Weather Modification Association). Henderson presented a paper on "The Orgone Question" to a closed executive session at the Annual Conference of the Weather Modification Association, in Fresno, California. Based upon Carlinsky's materials, Henderson charged "DeMeo is not qualified with respect to scientific issues", but backed down when I openly confronted him and the Association officers about the matter. California was then spending millions to fund cloudseeders, whose business had increased during the prolonged drought.

* Dec. 1991: Carlinsky fabricates a fake book cover and mails it around: "The Emperor's New Clothes: The College of Orgonomy and the Cult of Wilhelm Reich, by Joel Carlinsky and Richard Morrock, Prometheus Press." Prometheus Books (a real company affiliated with the CSICOP organization) later denies any such forthcoming publication, but an article by Richard Morrock does shortly appear thereafter attacking Reich, orgonomy, and the ACO specifically, in the Skeptical Inquirer. Interestingly, I then receive an unsolicited letter from CSICOP, the parent organization for Skeptical Inquirer, denying any association with Joel Carlinsky, or responsibility for any of his activities.

* Early 1994: Carlinsky sends smear letters attacking and distorting my work to the American Association for the Advancement of Science (AAAS), at the same time I am organizing a major Symposia on "Wilhelm Reich's Discoveries: A Scientific Re-Appraisal", which will bring together a dozen scientists to speak about their work corroborating Reich. The smear letters are then abused by an academic member of the San Diego Skeptics Society, who is also on the AAAS review committee. Pre-existing prejudices against Reich are amplified into a major controversy. The Symposia is cancelled.

* Summer 1994: Joel Carlinsky and Richard Morrock write articles for "Skeptic" magazine (Vol.2, No.3, 1994). Carlinsky's article, titled "Epigones of Orgonomy: The Incredible History of Wilhelm Reich and his Followers" (p.90-92), subjects orgone energy, orgone therapy, the cloudbuster and orgonomy to sarcastic ridicule. His article made widespread misrepresentations of people's work, and attacked the ACO, CORE Network, Flatland Books, German orgonomy groups, and portrayed Reich as paranoid. Morrock's article,"Pseudo-Psychotherapy: UFOs, Cloudbusters, Conspiracies and Paranoia in Wilhelm Reich's Psychotherapy".(p.93-95), also sarcastically attacked the very basis of Reich's sex-economic and orgone biophysics.

* Mid-1995: Carlinsky assists the author of a book attacking natural healing methods, by a major publisher, with disinformation about Reich's biophysical work. The book carries a derogatory entry: "Reich blood test: Pseudodiagnostic component of orgonomic medicine, the brainchild of...Reich." The entry misinforms the reader that medical orgonomists apply orgone-charged water to patients, and use the orgone field meter and vacor tube for "pseudodiagnosis." Carlinsky writes to me, with a copy of the book entry, saying: "Jim, several authors in the medical field are now aware of me as a consultant on orgonomy... I thought you would like to see this sample... Hopefully it will be read by the F.D.A."

* Mid-late 1995: Carlinsky posts an announcement on the Global Internet: "Cloudbuster for Sale"

* Late 1995: Carlinsky publishes an article in a pornographic magazine, "EDIOS: The primary forum of sexual-expression. Everyone has the right to be heard!" The article is titled "Orgone Therapy and Mind Control: Right-Wing Cult or CIA Front?" It portrays Reich as genius, but all his modern advocates and followers are cultists or CIA agents. Aside from the craziness of the article itself, it associates Reich's name and work with sleazy pornography.

* Jan. 1996: Carlinsky writes another article "(Or)gone but not forgotten: The legacy of Wilhelm Reich lives on in his modern followers". This article, which appears to have been published in a skeptics newsletter (Carlinsky sent me an unsolicited xerox which did not reproduce the source), speaks about "Wilhelm Reich's dubious legacy". It also attacks me for my cloudbusting work, and describes my institute as a "New Age Cult", with me as an orgonomic "Rajneesh" lording over a collection of Reich devotees.

* Jan. 1996: Carlinsky circulates "Orgonomy Peddlers, Cloudbusting and the Environment" in the postal mails, and with help from others, has it posted on the global Internet.

Throughout this period, well in addition to the above events and activities, Carlinsky continued to send unsolicited libelous hate-mail, some containing serious threats, to me, members of my family, my friends, my work associates, universities where I taught and to editors who published my articles. Nobody took the materials seriously, for they were so obviously transparent as hate-mail, but I was forced to contact the police on several occasions, to insure the safety of my home. Here is a characteristic ranting quote from one letter sent to a professional member of the OBRL Advisory Board: "Due to DeMeo's persistent attacks on wildlife and natural ecosystems with the Reich Cloudbuster I must regard any person or group that associates with him or provides him a platform as an enemy of earth to be dealt with accordingly... !"

The above points and quotes surely must speak for themselves. My file of unsolicited Carlinsky materials is now about a foot thick, filled with more material than I can easily summarize.

III. The Emotional Plague, and Those Who Assist It

Mechanism of the Emotional Plague

This entire incident is a good example of what Reich called the emotional plague, whereby the truth is turned upside-down and the most destructive elements of neurotic behavior are embraced by at least a few eagerly susceptible people. The emotional plague character, or pestilent character, lives for the willful deception of the truth, but masquerades their activities as "sympathetic criticism", "revelation" of scandal, "anti-authoritarianism", "free speech", etc. Their real intent, however, is to misrepresent and destroy that which is more alive and freely-moving than themselves. The pestilent character can only succeed in this mission when others help to spread the poison, or when others quietly sit back and say or do nothing in the face of plague behavior. Some of the plague's major weapons against life are gossip and innuendo, usually of a sexual nature, but not always so. But they must select an emotionally-charged issue to be successful. The pestilent character knows that it takes a little bit of truth to catch the interest of the gossip-hungry listener, to which is added some scandal or "dangerous revelation" whereupon anxiety and suspicion are created in the listener about some third party. When done in a group setting, the pestilent character can easily mobilize the latent anger of the group, and direct it towards the third party, who is blamed for all kinds of things. Usually, this third party is some innocent victim whose only crime is to have inadvertently provoked the immobilized structure of the pestilent character.

A person can be an actual functioning plague character who is almost completely blocked genitally. Their energy level is quite high, but due to the blocking are thwarted in their efforts to engage in fulfilling and productive work. More commonly, an individual can be more emotionally mobile, but nevertheless susceptible to temporary infections or flare-ups of plague behavior. It is basically a matter of emotional health, not a term of derision, and should be viewed similar to having the flu or other epidemic disease. One can be temporarily infected, and get over it. Or one can be more deeply infected, constantly infecting others with poisonous ways of emotional living. Generally, plague characters surround themselves with others who are more mobile, capable of actually doing some kind of work, but who are effectively recruited in their work to the goals and directions of the central plague character. There are many social expressions of organized emotional plague, the largest of which are found in organized religion and political movements. But expressions can also appear in much smaller group settings. That is what has in fact occurred in the present instance.

Here are a few additional points about the emotional plague, originally described by Reich.

1) The stated motivations for the actions of the plague are never the real motivations. Usually, the real motivation is 180-degrees opposite to what is stated.

2) No lie is too big for the plague, and the big lie is most effective when concealed under a layer of half-truths.

3) The plague attacks that which give it the most excitement. Like the Grand Inquisitors of the Medieval Church, celibate anti-sex priests all, who tortured and butchered millions of women throughout Europe. Or the contemporary preacher, who thumps the bible with outrage at the thought of young people sleeping together.

4) The plague wants to kill and destroy that which it cannot possibly have for itself, or that which it desires to be, but cannot.

How does the plague accomplish its task? Usually by introducing itself into already-established working situations, and then by introducing slander and gossip which creates turmoil and division. The pestilent character firstly does what is necessary to remove the more functional and independent individuals within its circle of influence. Later, they work their way into positions of power and political authority over the work of others, from where they have an advantage point for an even greater and more widespread destructive influence.

Let's quote Reich, whose descriptions of the plague are so germane to this instance one would think he had written these paragraphs with forethought of this particular situation:

"The pestilent character... uses underhanded slander and defamation in his fight against life and truth. He finds for his well-hidden actions a perfect setting, all ready to be misused and distorted. He does not have to build any new organization to achieve his ends. All he needs to do is to use the existing channels for his underhanded poisoning of public affairs.

"...the pestilent character enters the public scene as the representative of irrationalism, slander, underhandedness, character assassination, gossip and all other actions which are summarily called Emotional Plague. We know already that the emotional plague has nothing constructive to offer, serves no purpose, and that it satisfies no basic human needs, except those of the emotionally sick. Unfortunately, due to the prevailing biopathic structure of man in general, the emotional plague reigns over the public scene and has succeeded, in its organized form, in bringing human society to the brink of the abyss. ...

"The first thing to note is the way the pestilent character interlopes himself and integrates his irrational activity with the rational set-up: It is what the pioneer, the public at large, and the social administrator have in common with the pestilent character. ...

"The pestilent character is usually a very active, mobile emotional structure; his mobility, however, is short-circuited, as it were, in such a manner that all splendid ideas and good intentions somehow evaporate before they can concentrate enough to produce lasting results. This is a serious work disturbance which gains importance through the fact that the pestilent character most likely will turn out to be an "abortive genius". ...

"If, now, such a character joins a peaceful, hard-working group of people, ... his inner frustrations will sooner or later drive him to do underhanded mischief. ...

"A little slander, well placed, excellently formulated, will, without great effort, kill many an important truth right away in its infancy or it will deprive it of social effectiveness if it had the strength to mature under such social pathology. The public will not act or render any help to the truth. It will remain "sitting" silently and watch helplessly or even gloatingly any crucifixion of innocent souls. ...

"How could such ridiculous nuisance get into this world, in the first place, and how could it, undisturbed, devastate human organizations of work and peace for ages?

"However tough such problems may be to solve, we cannot ever expect to even start solving them unless we free ourselves from the nuisance interference with serious human work exerted by the pestilent character. It is necessary to first achieve a certain amount of safety in doing the job of finding answers to questions of living life."

(W. Reich:"Truth Versus Modju", Orgone Energy Bulletin, 4:162-170, July 1952; also see section on "Emotional Plague" in: W. Reich: Selected Writings, Farrar, Straus & Giroux, 1973, p.467-513; W. Reich, Character Analysis, Farrar, Straus & Giroux, 1961, p.504-539. W. Reich, The Murder of Christ, Farrar, Straus & Giroux, 1971.)

"Freedom of speech and press are usually and unconsciously being misinterpreted in the sense that irrationalism should have the same freedom of expression as rationalism, and that the lie should have the same freedom of speech as the truth. This misconception of freedom has led the European world [of c.1940] into the disaster because the present human character structure is more afraid of the truth than of the lie, and more inclined to irrational than to rational reactions. If real peace and democracy should have a chance of growth, I believe, a thorough distinction between rational and irrational, truthful and deceitful human action and expression should be made, and that freedom of speech should not be granted to fascist lie and irrationalism, wherever and by whomever it is expressed." (W. Reich, letter to R. Baldwin of the American Civil Liberties Union, 26 July 1948, from "Red Thread of a Conspiracy")

To paraphrase Reich: Why does the Big Lie have so many supporters and hungry listeners, carried forward as in a big parade, while the Truth must come limping behind, on crutches, panting with it tongue out!

The Present Situation on the Global Internet

Some weeks ago, I received a long posting (e-mail letter) from Mr. Jamerling Ogg informing me that he had received an article in the mails from Carlinsky on "Orgonomy Peddlers...", and that he had decided to post the article on his Internet Web Page, which is known as the Public Orgonomic Research Exchange (PORE). That action would have made Carlinsky's article readily available around the world, as if posted on a bulletin board which could be read from any computer terminal connected to the Internet, on a permanent basis, allowing it to be repeatedly copied and spread. Mr. Ogg sent me a copy of the article, along with his own attached "editorial" wherein he actually repeated and amplified many of Carlinsky's more serious accusations, but without any supporting evidence. I was totally shocked by this, as Ogg already had been given documentation about Carlinsky's personal history. Unfortunately, Ogg did not appear concerned about the misrepresentations in the article, or how the Internet posting would affect me personally, or the effects it might have upon my work. Ogg acknowledged that Carlinsky was a self-confessed liar, that he had not himself read most of my own writings on these subjects, that many of the points in the "Orgonomy Peddlers..." article were false, but he announced to me, incredibly, that he would post it on his web site anyway.

I strongly objected, did not want to spend time writing a detailed rebuttal, and quite legitimately warned him, to protect myself and work from blatant libel and character assassination. When several friends came to my defense, he finally reconsidered and backed down. By that time, however, so much good will and openness had been given to Mr. Carlinsky, that a third party posted his materials on the Orgonomy Mailing List (OML), a computer-linked global Internet discussion group, and probably have since been circulated through the global Internet even more widely. Afterward, a few others on the OML began to make extended positive commentary about Carlinsky's assertions and charges, amplifying them irresponsibly, adding in other malicious opinions, and so forth. It was an awful spectacle, what Reich called an "emotional chain-reaction". Only then did I write this necessary rebuttal.

[Since around 1997, a new web page has appeared at Geocities, wherein all the Carlinsky smears and the most venemous of the attack letters posted on the OML, are gathered together in a special selection -- the source codes, keywords list and formatting for this page are identical to what formerly existed on a special "anti-DeMeo" page at PORE, so Mr. Ogg appears to be responsible, hiding his role. See the Note of Caution About "PORE" for more details. The "Orgonomy Peddlers..." article also was posted at the KeelyNet web site, with an enthusiastic endorsement by organizers Chuck Henderson and Jerry Decker, who also were fully informed about Carlinsky's past attacks against orgonomy and the followers of Reich. Mr. Carlinsky openly endorses PORE at the bottom of this posted version, in apparent thanks for the assistance offered to him by Mr. Ogg.]


I will not waste further time responding to any additional smears, nor in any "talky-talk" chit-chat about this material now circulating through the Internet. If the reader has not the time and energy to devote to finding and reading thoroughly all the pertinent publications on this issue, publications which are absolutely essential for the formation of an opinion, then I surely do not have the time for the impossible task of "educating" the uneducable.

A new web site is now developed for my Institute, the Orgone Biophysical Research Laboratory, which will present a lot of information for those who are unfamiliar with my work and publications. In the meantime, any reader wanting to obtain copies of my writings and publications can get a listing of the pertinent literature by sending their mailing address. Materials will then be sent by postal mails. Most of my experimental desert-greening operations have been written up in published protocols, and these are available for purchase and objective review. Our research journal, "Pulse of the Planet" (four issues since 1989), contains some of the most exciting new material and information verifying, supporting and extending Reich's discoveries. My book "The Orgone Accumulator Handbook" has become more widely read and translated into different languages, with other new books devoted to Reich and orgonomy (confirming and supporting his findings) recently taken up by major publishers. Our new Research and Educational Center in Ashland, Oregon will present this year four new public Seminars on the subject of Reich's work, with guest lectures by professionals with decades of dedication and experience in orgonomy. All these publications and public events are available for any serious person to review and attend (though provocateurs will not be tolerated!). It is very pleasing to see this work develop and expand, without major publicity and no propaganda whatsoever. Interest in Reich's work is slowly but steadily growing, like the slow steady growth of an Oak tree. Now, this is the real reason why there are so many malicious attacks against Reich's work, and my work.

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