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Herbal Fertility Control



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Herbal Fertility Control: Contraception and Abortion

An Ancient but Practical Approach for Women

Who Want to Take Charge of Their Reproduction and Fertility, and

Make Every Child a Wanted, Loved, and Planned-For Child!


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    There is a growing movement of self-determined women, to regain ancient knowledge about botanical herbs once widely used for the control of pregnancy. This knowledge was once widespread, perhaps even global in nature, but was largely wiped out in Western society during the "burning times", when the Christian church began a war against midwives and female healers, murdering millions of people who at that time "lived outside of the Church". While the power of the Christian Church has been dramatically reduced in the Western democratic nations over the centuries, the war against midwives was picked up and continued by the Western medical establishment, which today holds a power and authority position roughly equal to the old priesthood.
    Outside of the Western democracies, the situation is even worse, especially within the Islamic, Hindu, and Buddhist nations, where women's status is generally low, often at nearly slave-like conditions. And in communist nations, women's reproductive capacities are generally state-controlled. Women's power for self-determination at many levels may not exist in such nations, where an unplanned pregnancy can be a life-threatening disaster. This is especially so for unmarried females, where it may provoke the outrage of dead-hearted dominant males (or equally fanatical and life-hating females) who consider a younger woman's sexual organs and female virginity to be a "badge of family honor". But it is exactly in those places where herbal methods for fertility control may be most suitable, as dominant males generally ignore women's health issues. A woman who carries about "medicinal herbs" for "women's problems" is likely to be ignored, confusing such herbs as "kitchen spices". In medicinal botanical textbooks, the same herbs may also be identified to assist in labor, or to help with irregular menses or other women's health issues, so their usage is not confined merely to fertility control. Under such circumstances, especially in nations where women's status is very low, or where contraception and abortive methods may be expensive or legally forbidden, the herbal-plant methods are most suitable.

    Here, we wish to alert all women, and their concerned male partners, about old methods for ending pregnancy in the early stages, mainly for restoring the onset of menstruation where it might be delayed, by use of simple herbal preparations.  The materials presented here should be viewed as a guide, a first-step into an ancient body of knowledge, and not as the sole information on how to proceed in the case of an unwanted pregnancy.

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