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* NATURAL LOVE, and the UNNATURAL ATTACKS AGAINST IT, by Emanuel di Pasquale. When a man and woman are truly together, in the full sense of loving genital contact and deep happiness, nearly the whole world turns against them. People's fear, misery and hate often leaves them incapable of tolerating the Natural Love of others, which then elicits jealousy, spite, contempt and attack. Over the millennia, natural love has always been persecuted, hammered severely, and it continues to be so today. Professor and Poet Laureate Emanuel di Pasquale presents us with a marvelous new volume of his essays and poems on this question, of Natural Love, and the Unnatural Attacks Against It. He draws upon Melville's Billy Budd, from Blake's poems about youthful virgins, from the struggles of Hawthorne's Hester, with a beautiful child from a man not her husband, and from Lawrence's Lady Chatterley, trapped in marriage to a cruel and impotent man. di Pasquale also draws upon the clinical understandings of the late Wilhelm Reich, a primary advocate and scientific investigator of natural love, to remind us of what we are missing, have lost, and risk to continue losing. Emanuel di Pasquale has brought back to life these often forgotten authors and their important core writings and message, on the central role of love in sexuality. 94 pp.
$12.95 Softcover

* THE FUNCTION OF THE ORGASM, The Discovery of the Life Energy, Vol.1, by Wilhelm Reich. Follows Reich's initial work with Freud; the discovery of the energetic connection between the psyche and soma; the role of sexuality, especially in orgasm, in establishing emotional and physical health, and the discovery of the orgone, or life energy. Covers Reich's therapeutic method, as it evolved from the early character-analytic vegetotherapy, into orgone therapy. A milestone set of discoveries, nearly lost to the world due to the actions of angry psychoanalysts and psychiatrists, who were (and continue to be) champions of sex-repression and psychopathological "normalcy" as "health". 400 pp.
$29.95 Softcover

* CHILDREN OF THE FUTURE: On the Prevention of Sexual Pathology, by Wilhelm Reich. Foreword by William Steig. Details the importance of the social-family environment of the infant and child, and how disastrous is the exclusion of genitality to the young. Includes his 1932 work "The Sexual Rights of Youth", where Reich speaks to the essential nature of sexuality and the rights of youth to genital gratification. Other chapters detail the affects of parental attitudes towards infantile masturbation, the source of the human "no", special disturbances of the young -- all of which is substantiated by Reich's clinical observations, including case studies from the Orgonomic Infant Research Center. 223 pp.
$ 18.95 Softcover

* THE BIOELECTRICAL INVESTIGATION OF SEXUALITY AND ANXIETY, by Wilhelm Reich. Presents three of Reich's milestone papers on the subject, undertaken in Europe. "The Orgasm as an Electrophysiological Discharge", "Sexuality and Anxiety: The Basic Antithesis of Vegetative Life", and "The Bioelectrical Function of Sexuality and Anxiety". The papers follow one another in a logical sequence, clarifying aspects of human physiology which even today are presented in a most confused manner in textbooks, due to the constant down-playing and overlooking of the central role of sexual pleasure and the orgasm function. Basic information for understanding the increasing incidence of anxiety attacks, depression and sexual dysfunction, as seen in sex-negative social structures. 161 pp.
$14.95 Softcover

* THE SEXUAL REVOLUTION: Towards a Self-Regulating Character Structure, by Wilhelm Reich. First published in 1936, but immensely relevant in today's world, where 30-40 percent of American men and women suffer from severe sexual dysfunction. Reich believed we are living through a true revolution in all values regarding sexual life, especially those relating to infant and adolescent sexuality. Unfortunately, moralism and pornography dominate the human viewpoint. Reich introduces a fundamentally different view, of a natural sexuality, bioenergetically rooted in nature. Contains also a revealing study of the sexual revolution which occurred briefly in the Soviet Union immediately following their revolution in 1918. 288 pp.
$21.95 Softcover

* GENITALITY In the Theory and Therapy of Neurosis, by Wilhelm Reich. First published in 1927 and revised in 1944, presenting Reich's clinical findings on the significance of genitality in psychotherapeutic practice. Chapters on: Orgastic Potency, Neurotic Conflicts, Orgastic Disturbances, Sexual Stagnation (the energy source of neurosis), Genital Impotence, and on Aggression, Destruction and Sadism, and the Social Significance of Genital Impulses. A must-read item for psychotherapists and psychiatrists. 225 pp.
$ 19.95 Softcover


NOW SHIPPING THE REVISED 2006 SECOND EDITION, over 464 pages with new Preface and Appendix "Update on Saharasia".

Dr. DeMeo's Magnum Opus on the ancient historical origins of human armoring, social violence and war: the first geographical, cross-cultural study of human behavior around the world using Wilhelm Reich's sex-economic discoveries as a basic starting point, and presenting world maps of different social institutions. Source-regions and migratory diffusion patterns were traced, back in time, to pinpoint where and how the human tragedy began. A breakthrough in the scientific study of human psychology and anthropology, and must-reading for every parent, student, professor and clinical worker in the field of human health and behavior. Separate chapter sections on: function of the orgasm, birth trauma in modern hispitals, sexual and physical abuse of children, A.S. Neill's Summerhill School, the mass psychology of fascism, infant cranial deformation and swaddling, breastfeeding and denial of the breast, male and female genital mutilations, premarital sex taboos, vaginal blood taboos, arranged marriage systems, contraceptive plants used by native peoples, the incest taboo, post-partum sexual taboos, homosexuality, prostitution, inheritance rules, ritual widow murder (mother murder), the high god and goddess religions, class stratification, castes and slavery, and the effects of starvation trauma on human emotion and sexuality, with a broad overview of climate changes leading to drought and desert formation over more than 6000 years of human history. Over 464 pages with over 100 maps, photos, and illustrations, with full bibliography, citations and comprehensive index. Saharasia: A controversial "Marriage of Heresies" over 10 years in the making, will change forever your way of looking at the world, your home culture, and current events. The revolutionary discovery of a geographical, climate-linked basis to human behavior. The first global cross-cultural anthropological, archaeological and historical survey of human family and social institutions. If you want to get a better understanding of "WHY" there is so much conflict in world history, and terrorism coming from the Middle East specifically, this is the book you are looking for.
SAHARASIA: Softcover 2006 Revised Second Edition.

Price: Special Sale $12.95 through the end of October.
Normally $34.

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* HISTORY OF MODERN MORALS: By Max Hodann MD, a Central Participant in the European Weimar-Era Sexual Reform Movement. With a new Introduction by James DeMeo, PhD

From the Introduction:
European Emperors, Kings, Kaisers and Tsars, and their Churches, forbade contraception, women's equality and divorce. Baptismal Certificates and class barriers dictated who could legally marry, attend school or the university, advance socially, and who could not. World War I finally swept them from power, but their dictates frequently remained as law, in a turbulent era of struggle for freedom and democracy, versus resurgent fascism and slavery.
    Hodann's History contains a clear discussion of these historical developments within the sexual reform and women's rights movements of Weimar Germany and Europe generally, in the early decades of the 1900s. The parallel advance of scientific knowledge on human sexuality is also detailed. Unlike many contemporary works on these subjects, History of Modern Morals is authored by a physician who lived the struggle, was a leader in it, got arrested by the Nazis for it, and intimately worked with other professionals who also had personally suffered for their work in the same social-sexual reform movement. His writings are therefore filled with a strong passion and vitality, and with many personal observations, anecdotes, and clarifying information not found elsewhere.
    Hodann's History is also unique in that he frequently and positively discusses the work of his contemporary and associate, Wilhelm Reich. This is especially important given their life-positive emphasis upon love and emotion in sexuality, and their distinction between natural-healthy heterosexual genitality versus neurotic and unhealthy sexual expressions. In the modern era of "politically correct" moral equivalence, this essential distinction has been diminished or erased from public discussion.
    The new "Introduction" by DeMeo provides historical context for the Weimar years and Reich's relation to Hodann, as well as lesser-known aspects of the Marxist political parties which ultimately betrayed the larger SexPol and other social reform movements. 379 pp. Fully indexed.
$29.95 Perfectbound.

* THE SEXUAL LIFE OF SAVAGES, by Bronislaw Malinowski. A classic anthropological study of the daily life, childrearing, adolescent behavior (including children's democracies) and sexual life of the natives of the Trobriand Islands (c. 1900). A non-violent, sex-affirmative Melanesian people, the Trobriand people were genuinely social, happy, and emotionally healthy, in stark contrast to "civilized" groups. A direct refutation of Freud's theories on the universality of the Oedipus complex, childhood latency, and the necessity of sexual repression to maintain a stable and civil society. 506 pp.
$ 4.95 - PDF of original First Edition. After purchase we will send you the download link.

* THE MURIA AND THEIR GHOTUL, by Verrier Elwin. Anthropological study of the Muria peoples of central India: includes their daily life, sexual behavior, childrearing, adolescent behavior and describes their ghotul, the institution of sex-positive children's dormitories and democracies. A non-violent, sex-affirmative culture described by Elwin as the most social and psychologically healthy people he had ever seen. With many photos. 730 pp.
$ 4.95 PDF Download. After purchase we will send you the download link. Original hardbound available from Amazon ==>>>

* HERBAL CONTRACEPTION AND ABORTION IN SEX-POSITIVE CULTURES: Selected Reprints. Includes reprints of 16 different published and unpublished Scholarly Articles from old anthropology, ethnobotany and pharmacology journals on the subject, clearly demonstrating that so-called "primitive" peoples had known how to control their fertility long before Western science. Also includes information on other books and web sites giving explicit details on herbal abortion methods. This information once brought a death-sentence by burning! c.250pp.
$4.95 - Available as a text-searchable PDF for downloading. A download link will be emailed to you after purchase. Includes the following informative reprints:
* Attitudes of Four Peruvian Jungle Tribes Towards Plants Employed as Oral Contraceptives, Nicole Maxwell, unpublished monograph, 1970.
* "Contraceptive Plant Drugs", V. J. Brondegaard, Planta Medica 23(2):167-182, 1973.
* "Antifertility Agents of Plant Origin", J. R. Price, from A Symposium on Agents Affecting Fertility, C.R. Austin & J.R. Perry, Eds., Little, Brown & Co., 1965.
* "Alleged Antifertility Plants of India", R.C.D. Casey, Indian J. Med. Sci., 14:590-600, 1960.
* "Plant Materials Used by Primitive Peoples to Affect Fertility", H. deLaszlo & P.S. Henshaw, Science, 119:626-631, 7 May 1954.
* "Cherokee Belief and Practice with Regard to Childbirth", F.M. Olbrechts, Anthropos XXVI:17-19, 1931.
* Plants Used by the Indians of Mendocino County, California, by V.K. Chesnut, US Nat. Herbarium, VII(3), Government Printing Office, Washington, DC, 1902, pp.344 & 367.
* "Vegetable Antifertility Drugs of India", B.S. Malhi & V.P. Trivedi, Quar. J. Crude Drug Research, 12:1922-1928, 1972.
* "Plants as Oral Contraceptives in the Northwest Amazon", R.E. Schultes, Lloydia, 26:67-74, June 1963.
* "Some Native Herbal Remedies at Present in Use in Mashonaland", H.Wild & M. Gelfand, Cent. African J. of Med., 5(6):292-305, June 1959.
* "Physiological and Medical Observations Among the Indians of the Southwestern United States and Northern Mexico", A. Hrdlicka, Smithsonian Institution Bureau of Am. Ethnology, Bulletin 34, 1908, pp. 163-166.
* "Some Sex Beliefs and Practices in a Navaho Community", F.L. Bailey, Papers, Peabody Museum of Am. Archaeology and Ethnology, Harvard U., 40(2):23-27, 1950.
* "Potential Value of Plants as Sources of New Antifertility Agents I & II", N.R. Farnsworth, et al, J. Pharmaceutical Sci., 64(4):535-598, April 1975 and 64(5):717-754, May 1975.
* "Inhibition on Glucagon After In-Vitro Mixture with Lithospermum", W.R. Breneman & M. Carmack, Endocrinology, 62(5):627-636, May 1958.
* "Action of Lithospermum Ruderale on Ovulation in the Hen", F.J. Zeller, W.R. Breneman & M. Carmack, Poultry Science, 37(2):455-459, March 1958.
* Plants Suggested as Possible Oral Antifertility Agents, source unknown, pp.1-19.

* SEX IN HISTORY, by REAY TANNAHILL. A historical and world-wide survey of sexual attitudes, customs, and practices in all the world's major civilizations from earliest times to the present day. It is a history of sex, relationships between the sexes, and how sexuality has influenced the whole course of human development. Very scholarly, witty, readable and thought provoking with an update on the impact of AIDS hysteria on current sexuality. 490 pp.

* THE HIDDEN FUHRER: Debating the Enigma of Hitler's Sexuality, DVD, a flim by Fenton Bailey, Randy Barbato, and Gabriel Rotello. Of the thousands of books which have been written about Hitler and the Third Reich, only a handful have approached the subject of Hitler's possible homosexuality, and the very clear and overt homoerotic and pedophilic nature of his supportive SA and SS units. Wilhelm Reich wrote a bit about this in his Mass Psychology of Fascism and aside from being put on the Nazi death-lists for daring to do so, this also earned him the hatred of modern "gays" and the false label as a "homophobe". More recently Lothar Machtan undertook years of serious archival investigations of this unexplored aspect of Hitler's life, in the book The Hidden Hitler (see below). What Reich, Machtan and others have written about Hitler's homosexuality or the homoerotic nature of the Nazi movement is fact, however, and the materials contained in this DVD provide graphical detail in photos, movies and interviews, with clear and compelling evidence as to Herr Hitler's homosexuality. This includes his early days living in youth hostels, his youthful affairs with other German males who later wrote about it in their own biographies, the suicidal misery of women like Eva Braun who "loved der Fuehrer" but who remained fully sex-frustrated, and so on. While this is no blanket identification of homosexuals or homosexuality as intrinsicially fascist (no more or less than many heterosexuals), it certainly does open one's eyes to the macho-dominator type of leather-clad and pedophilic "gay" or bi-sexual, the "opportunistic sexual predator" (DeMeo's term) who targets softer male homosexuals, women and children as their victims, even if the adult victims might masochistically accept this role and protest being identified as such. Includes interviews with Machtan and his critics, with many outspoken denunciations of his findings by various homosexual scholars and advocates. If anything, the video is too-heavily weighed against Machtan's findings, with no interviews with his supporters. Nevertheless, his critics merely object to the implications of his findings, the "gay" movement understandably not wishing to claim Hitler as one of their own.
$29.95 DVD, 90 min. B&W and Color Documentary. Region 1 full-screen.

* THE HIDDEN HITLER, (book) by Lothar Machtan. Machtan's book created a storm of controversy both within the fields of "Hitler studies" and "gay studies", but his findings appear sound, well-researched, factually supported, and worthy of open consideration. One has to wonder why, out of 120,000 different books on Hitler and the Third Reich, that only a tiny number have dared to address parts of this question. Machtan focuses upon Hitler the man and does not discuss what Hitler did, even while arguing that one cannot begin to understand him, his entry into politics, and the early Nazi movement without a clear understanding of this aspect of his identity. The book documents the homosexual milieu in which the young Hitler lived and thrived from his early years in Vienna, through the beginnings of his political career in Munich, and during his years as the Fuehrer. Machtan documents a succession of homosexual and homosexually-inclined men among Hitler's most intimate friends and supporters, including August Kubizek, Rudolf Haeusler, Renhold Hanisch, Ernst Schmit, Ernst Roehm, Dietrich Eckart, Rudolf Hess, Emil Maurice, "Putzi" Hanfstaengl and Kurt Ludecke. Of these, Eckart and Roehm were pivotal to his entry into politics and Machtan unearths new documents attesting to Hitler's homosexuality during those early years. Recent books on the Nazi movement have argued that the Third Reich was a fundamentally sordid regime. Machtan provids powerful new evidence in support of this view. This side of hitler and his "Munich clique" as Goebbels put it, has never been so vividly evoked. A vivid portrait of the homoerotic nature of the early Nazi movement. 434 pp.
$14.95 Hardcover. On sale.

Also recommended, this free download by Dr. Reisman, on "The Pink Swastika", a summary article on the "macho" homosexual leadership of the Nazi Party. (PDF Download) For more documentation on this subject see "The Pink Swastika" book by Lively, below.

* KINSEY, SEX AND FRAUD: The Indoctrination of a People, by Judith Reisman & Edward Eichel, et al. Kinsey recruited homosexuals and peodphiles into his Institute for Sex Research at Indiana University, had children molested and raped by them, and used data from criminal populations for making generalized claims about the healthier American society which did not reflect such toxic conditions. So are the conclusions of Reisman, who demolishes Kinsey's edifice of "scientific study of sexuality" brick by brick. Her criticisms are cogent and rational, relying upon Kinsey's own data and other reliable source material. For daring to make these challenges, she has been vilified, notably due to her Christian background... but who else but Christian parents are today opposing the pedophile agendas in any meaningful manner? Eichel's contribution is to expose what he was forced to study while getting credentials from a sex-therapy counselling program at a "top" university -- the professors brought pedophiles into the classroom from the Netherlands, to boast about their seductions and rapes of children, which were "normalized" by the professors. Homoerotic concepts were promoted over natural heterosexuality, and Eichel was basically told to "shut up" when protesting against the pedophiles. With contributions by other physicians, the book reveals a terrible hatred of natural heterosexuality by Kinsey and his followers, something which has since spread even more widely into professional and academic circles. 242 pp.

* KINSEY, CRIMES AND CONSEQUENCES, by Judith Reisman. In 1948, the Institute for Sex Research at Indiana University was led by eugenicist Alfred C. Kinsey, whose sex research helped to launch the 1960s Sexual Revolution. Fifty years later new revelations confirm Reisman's 1981 expose of the scientific fraud and criminally-derived data contained in the publicly funded Kinsey Reports. Reisman revealed that Kinsey conducted human experiments in a soundproof laboratory built to his specifications, and that the sexual abuse of at least 317 infants and young boys was a "scientific" protocol for Kinsey's 1948 report. Reisman describes the ongoing consequences to the American people and the world based on Kinsey's deliberately skewed research. Kinsey died in 1956 but his Institute endures today. A companion book to the above title "Kinsey, Sex and Fraud" providing more of the stunningly repellent details. 342pp.

* THE PINK SWASTIKA: Homosexuality in the Nazi Party, by Scott Lively & Kevin Abrams. NOW BANNED ON AMAZON and other Left-Wing Bookstores. The authors tackle the politically-charged question of the homoerotic and homosexual nature of the Third Reich leadership. It is a serious scholarly work exposing a wealth of information on the following basic points: 1) While Hitler's Mein Kampf degraded Jews, Marxists, Negroes, Chinese, Arabs, women, and Eastern Europeans, he had no negative remarks for homosexuality. Instead, Hitler chose actively homosexual men as influential party and youth leaders. 2) The top and centralmost Nazi personalities and groups (SA, SS) which constructed the Third Reich were predominantly macho-types of male homosexuals or bi-sexuals. 3) Rohm and the SA "brownshirt" leaders were all homosexuals, and were killed by Hitler (Night of the Long Knives) and Nazi laws were passed against homosexuality only after their own outrageous open street sex-orgy parties and pedophilia behavior was being roundly criticized in the German press, thereby threatening Hitler's support base among heterosexuals. Policies of concealment thereafter prevailed. 4) Beyond the suppression of the SA, these laws were rarely enforced, and then only when politically helpful to the Nazi cause. 5) Only a few thousand authentically homosexual men (and no lesbians) were condemned to the death-camps by the Nazis. These were nearly always either political enemies of the Third Reich against whom such charges were a convenient excuse to dispose of them, or passive-receptive homosexual "femmes" -- homosexual men of softer feminine qualities -- and whom the macho leather-clad homosexuals always viewed (along with women) with terrible contempt. 6) The attacks against the Sex-Research Institute of the openly-homosexual and flamboyant pedophile Magnus Hirschfeld, was made to seize and burn his extensive files on the homosexual movement and personalities in Wiemar Germany, which included details on the homosexual and pedophile conduct of top Nazi officials. 7) The swaggering macho muscular nature of the SS and SA units, their overt pedophilia, sadist-masochistic sexual predelictions, their sadistc cruelty against heterosexuals, women, and other cultures not sharing their pathology, is detailed. The authors also chastize modern homosexual activist groups, and homo-sympathetic historians, for widespread distortion of these facts, which are abused to create the false image of homosexuals as "victims" of the Third Reich, comparable to the genocidal attacks against Jews, Gypsies, or Slavs. Their role inside the Third Reich, as partial architects of the Final Solution and other reprehensible Nazi policies, is nearly always never mentioned. Out of this comes a brand of aggressive if not fascist "political correctness" which labels any criticism of organized homosexual or bi-sexual conduct -- even as outrageously pathological as in the "gay" bath-houses, or as seen in things like the Fulsom Street Festival in San Francisco, or the various "Gay Pride" parades, or as advocated by criminal groups like NAMBLA -- as "hate speech", or even "hate crimes". The book caused a furious reaction within the homosexual activist groups of the West, but no serious scholarly rebuttals. It becomes all the more important for modern times when one considers the widespread sexual pathology within Saharasian cultures, in the Muslim world, where pedophilia and macho-male homosexuality is predominant (though never defined as "homosexuality"), even while softer "femme" homosexuals (and women) can be legally murdered for their independent sexual expression. Some Criticism: The book's authors are admittedly writing from a Judeo-Christian perspective, and this colors some of their conclusions. They expose the Nazi efforts to construct a "neo-Pagan" religion based upon Germanic tribal folklore and the personality of Adolf Hitler, but there is no clarity about the Christian war and butchery against pre-Christian peoples, or the oftentimes more peaceful character of claimed "pagan" cultures. One also gets the false impression that there was little Christian heterosexual participation in the ascent to Nazi power or in the hatred of Jews, which certainly is not the case. Christian heterosexuals flocked to support Hitler, even if the Nazi leadership was mostly homosexual. Pro-Nazi sentiment and Jew-hatred was being preached, along with anti-heterosexual moralism (out of which comes a lot of disturbed sexual behavior), across Germany for generations before the Nazis appeared on the scene. The Kaiser's war-mongering and Jew-hatred also had similar Christian roots. One only has to review the findings in The Popes Against the Jews for documentation on that issue (see the History section), which Christian leaders today have regularly ignored. If one can say that only a few thousand homosexuals died in the death-camps, it is also equally true, that only a few thousand German Christian leaders dared to stand up to the Third Reich, against their larger war-making and "uebermench" agendas, often paying for it with their lives. Revised 4th Edition 2002, 387 pp.

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and on the Ending Genital Mutilations and AIDS Mythology books webpages.

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