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Bibliography on Orgonomy

A Complete Chronological Listing of Published Books
and Research Articles, with searchable keywords.

Part I: c.1920 through 1957, Research Covering Wilhelm Reich's Lifetime

Part II: 1958 to 1999: Research After Reich

Part III: 2000 to Present: Research After Reich (Continued)

Additional Information and Resources:

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background, structure and organization of this Bibliography on Orgonomy.

University Dissertations and Theses, on the Subject of Reich and Orgonomy

Short List of Major Books by Wilhelm Reich, M.D., in the English Language

Short List of Major Publications by Various Authors, on the Subject of Reich and Orgonomy

Wilhelm Reich Legal Documents & Court Records

Emotional Plague Bibliography
A Record of Various Deliberated Misrepresentations, Distortions, Attacks and Smears
Directed Against Wilhelm Reich and His Supporters in the Science of Orgonomy Since the 1930s,
With a List of published articles giving rebuttal and analysis of the same.

Peter Nasselstein's separate Bibliography on Orgonomy, another excellent resource.

Publications and Lectures by James DeMeo, Ph.D., Director of OBRL
(From 1973 to the Present) Annotated with resource links.

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