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Growing Nonsense About Wilhelm Reich and Orgone Energy on Global Internet.*

* Also see the fully-referenced version of this article, "Orgone Flapdoodle", in a new book by James DeMeo: In Defense of Wilhelm Reich: Opposing the 80-Years' War of Mainstream Defamatory Slander Against One of the 20th Century's Most Brilliant Physicians and Natural Scientists, Natural Energy Works, Ashland 2013. Available at Amazon and other on-line bookstores, also also from here.

The current craze about "orgonite", "orgonium", "orgone generators", "orgone zappers", "chembusters" and similar distortions has done a tremendous damage to the research legacy of the late Dr. Wilhelm Reich, who discovered a new cosmic force in nature and called it the orgone energy. The abuse of fact in this crazed and very public distorion of Reich is comparable to someone who would abuse nutritional or herbal remedies, by claiming if you mixed those substances up with purple and pink glitter, and stuck a yin-yang or hex-symbol or mandala on your forehead when ingesting them, they would then "align the cosmic forces to bring you money, wealth, happiness, sex, power, love!", etc. Nutritional supplements and herbal remedies, when carefully used according to the scientific and empirical evidence worked out by generations of physicians and healers, can work a very powerful influence on human physiology, to cure many diseases or keep you well and strong. Reich's original orgone accumulator, in this comparative example, is an equally if not more powerful therapeutic agent for improving the immune system, and reducing symptoms of a variety of diseases, including cancer. It is, all by itself, a very serious scientific and medical breakthrough discovery and powerful therapeutic tool, and there's nothing mystical about it.
            By contrast, the "orgonite" and "generator" gadgets are feeble imitators. Maybe if one has absolutely zero knowledge or prior experience on the subject, the very weak orgone radiation from the metallic components of an orgonite-generator gadget might introduce someone to the subjective aspects of the radiation, and give them some limited subjective sensations or even unusual biological reactions. But the whole context of Reich's discovery then gets mystified and distorted way beyond rationality. For example, one can feel the life-energy radiation even more strongly as it radiates off a plain old plastic bag filled with steel wool pads, as found in any hardware store. Allow such a bag of steel wool to gently rest on your open palms and the radiant field is nearly always present and sensible. The orgone life-energy is everywhere, and interacts with all kinds of materials, but only Reich's original orgone accumulator or orgone blanket with their layered construction makes optimal use of this discovery.
            The undocumented nonsense spread by the "orgone lump" junk promoters drags Reich's findings into a mystical swamp. Worst of all are the "chembuster" people, claiming to "end chemtrails" (jet contrails, composed of humidity and some air pollution) using Reich's words and terms in abusive and inaccurate ways. The orgonite-generator-chemtrail gadgeteers make fantastic claims, complete with references to mystical "shadow worlds" and "dark forces", speaking about "shape shifting reptillians" who are "repulsed by chembusters" or by "Holy Hand Grenade" pyramids made from "orgonite". Or they claim that serious health problems from exposure to cell phone and tower radiation, or "smart meters" is going to be "neutralized" by putting some orgonite lumps in your back yard. This is madhouse folly creating an overall public denigration and ridicule of Reich's work among more serious-minded people, maligning his important and objectively demonstrated findings. If you are serious, please consult Reich's original writings on the subject of the orgone energy and accumulator.

- James DeMeo, PhD,
author or editor of Saharasia, The Orgone Accumulator Handbook, Heretic's Notebook, On Wilhelm Reich and Orgonomy, Nach Reich: Neue Forschungen zur Orgonomie, and various other experimental studies on similar subjects.

How the distortions of "orgonite", "orgonium", "orgone generators", "orgone zappers", "orgone pyramids", "holy hand grenades", "chembusters", and other concoctions from the internet madhouse work to destroy Wilhelm Reich's research legacy, and reveal a profound hatred for the man and his works.

Over the last decade there has been a slow and steady growth of misinformation and distortion about Wilhelm Reich's work, found on the websites of people promoting things such as the "Montauk Project" or "Trance Channeling" the dead Reich from the grave, to milder mixtures of his ideas with mystical religious ideas. Perhaps the most bizarre and widespread distortions are found in the promotional materials for people selling products such as "chembusters", "holy hand grenades", "orgonite", "orgone generators", "orgone converters", "orgone zappers", "orgone pyramids" and a host of similar things. Notably, they all claim (without evidence) to have made great "advancements", going "beyond Reich", in a manner which makes a mockery of Reich's original solid and authentic natural-scientific findings.

There are "orgone crystal power accumulators" (bearing no resemblance whatsoever to Reich's original orgone accumulator), "orgone pendants" and "pendant-beamers" (again, no connections to Reich), "orgone manifestors", "orgone chalice transmuters", "tachyon orgone Reiki massage throw blankets", "biophoton orgone resonators", "therapeutic orgone wealth prosperity and money pillows", "orgone generators [for] love and sex" or for "weight loss" or "...career, business and prosperity", and "radionics rife orgone tesla HHG zappers", and even "orgone-powered ouija spirit boards" all sold with Reich's name and terms stuck to them like so much glitter sprinkled on glue. "Money! Wealth! Power! Sex!" some of them shamelessly proclaim. Virtually nothing in their materials or construction resembles Wilhelm Reich's original or authentic descriptions of orgone energy-accumulating structures, even though they boldly lie about it.

Whatever claims these people make to scientific evidence must rely upon research conducted by Reich or the professional scientists who have undertaken controlled experiments with the "plain" orgone accumulator in laboratories, and for which positive results have been obtained, including in universities under double-blind conditions -- see the on-line Bibliography on Orgonomy. Or, in a few cases where honest people have been duped, they simply do not know how Reich's discovery anticipates everything will carry an innate charge of orgone energy, with a weak radiant field. However, you can get a stronger charge and radiant field from any ordinary plastic bag of steel wool from the hardware store -- and the charge of the original and properly-constructed Reich orgone blankets and accumulators is greater still. For those who stumble upon Reich's discoveries by way of "orgonite" claims, it may really seem like authentic hot-shot thing, but it is a mere shadow of the original, and often a shadow fabricated by the gadgeteers' hand-puppets. People embracing the orgonite craze will remain trapped in ignorance until such time as stumbling over Reich's original publications and break free from the cult of misinformation.

In short, the internet "orgone gadget" sellers they have no defendable scientific evidence for any of their "additions" to the "old fashioned Reich", whom they claim to have advanced "far beyond". Their gadgets may seem more colorful and artistic than the plain old-fashioned orgone blanket, but in terms of function, they are lagging a light-year behind.

But it gets worse.

Upon digging deeper, on the "orgonite" websites and e-groups one often allusions to demons in other dimensions, to large government conspiracies such as "chemtrails", and from there to "shape-shifting reptilian space aliens" who have "substituted themselves into military and key government and UN positions", "taking over the bodies of aircraft pilots and ground crews, and well-known politicians", with the goal to poison their own countrymen and families with toxic chemicals secretly sprayed from the air. They make other references to "ascended masters" and such, and many are factually refugees from religious cults. The devices are promoted for "self defense" against the same demons and space-aliens. The "HHG" term means, for example, "Holy Hand Grenade", and supposedly acts like a regular hand-grenade bomb in some nether-worldly dimension inhabited by demons -- putting one of these on your desk is said to drive away the demons." Some advocates of this madness are refugees from the old mystic Saint Germain "I AM" cult, out of Mt. Shasta, while others more generally espouse "magik" terms which even a dedicated alchemist would be embarrassed to associate with. Reich's name, and his term "orgone", "cloudbuster" and similar terms as developed with specific meanings and used in authentic natural-scientific research are included in their on-line discussions and products they sell, sometimes quite openly to "Obtain Money! Power! Sex! and Magik!", as if there were some direct and honest relationship to Reich, which there most certainly is not.

Taken together, the individuals promoting these distortions drag Reich's good name and work down into a dirty mystical swamp, and little recognizable remains of his authentic research findings, on orgone energy or otherwise. For those struggling to get a clear picture of Reich's findings, these efforts have the result of dramatically muddying of the waters. It is a toss-up to know which is more damaging to Reich's name and work -- the outrageous falsifiers of the CSICOP "professional skeptic" variety, who engage in deliberate distortions as a means to ridicule the man and his work (see for example my article here: http://www.orgonelab.org/gardner.htm), or the "madhouse" internet distorters, whose embrace of Reich provides an equally hideous misportrayal. The situation got so bad that I recently wrote a new book on the problem: In Defense of Wilhelm Reich: Opposing the 80-Years' War of Mainstream Defamatory Slander Against One of the 20th Century's Most Brilliant Physicians and Natural Scientists, Natural Energy Works, Ashland 2013. Also available at Amazon and other bookstores.

A simple internet or eBay search on the terms "Wilhelm Reich" or "orgone" will turn up quite a few of these distortions, usually at the "top listings". Also they regularly appear on internet "adwords" advertisements hawking their stuff. A Google search of "orgone" turns up a half-million webpages, with perhaps only 1 out of 100, or 1%, providing authentic information. Ebay in particular is littered with products abusing the term "orgone", and which have no relationship whatsoever to Reich's discoveries. In a recent survey I made at the time of this writing, eBay was selling 236 items with "orgone" in the title (or 375 in the title and descriptions) -- out of this number a total of Three (3), around 1%, used the word with accuracy, roughly paralleling the situation on the larger internet search engines.

As a help, the OBRL website includes a special Resource Guide which provides the names and weblinks of most authentic Reich/Orgonomy institutes and organizations, and the very few manufacturers of authentic orgone energy accumulators. Certainly there may be some others we have missed who are not included, but it is a reasonably comprehensive and useful guide for the beginner to consult: http://www.orgonelab.org/resources.htm

James DeMeo, Ph.D.
Director, OBRL
April 2007 (revised August 2010)


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