Viktor Schauberger and Living Water Information

This page will be developed to present a variety of information on Viktor Schauberger, and the question of "living water" (sometimes called "activated" or "structured" water). Presently, we will only provide some links for purchase of his books, and to other sources of information.

Books by and about Viktor Schauberger.

Information on the Martin Wasserwirbler (Water Vortex Shower)

Click here to find the book by Giorgio Piccardi on "Structured Water", The Chemical Basis of Medical Climatology and similar information.

The Pythagoras Kepler System of Viktor and Walter Schauberger, Bad Ischl, Austria. (German and English)

Click here for more information on simple and inexpensive methods for water-structuring and activation: Magnetic water treatment and magnetic fuel treatment.

Here's a link to a US Department of Energy website which documents the effects of magnetic fields on water treatment.

Even the "skeptics" admit that magnetic water and fuel treatment works!
Click here for information.


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