s Martin Wasserwirbler (Water Vortex Shower)

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Martin Wasserwirbler
(Water Whirler Shower Vortex)

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    The Original Martin Wasserwirbler (Water Whirler Shower Vortex)

    Additional Links on the subject of Living Water are listed below, including for books by Viktor Schauberger, Giorgio Piccardi, Masaru Emoto, Johann Grander, Callum Coats, &ct.

    Water is one of the basic elements of life on Earth. Only where water is found, does life exist; where it is missing, desert and death dominate. That is why our water sources, wells, rivers, lakes, and the groundwater, are indispensible for existence. Seventy percent of the Earth's surface is covered with water. Humans and other animals consist of 70% and the botanical world contains even 90% water.

    When judging water quality, it is not only important to make sure there are sufficient biologically important minerals, the water's energetic state should also be considered.

    Most people think we have solved the problem of providing healthy drinking water for everyone. However, we force the water through chemical cleaning processes with toxic chemicals like chlorine added to it. When then press the water through pumps and pipes of iron, concrete or plastic without considering the consequences for the quality of water. Viktor Schauberger, who spent his lifetime studying the inherent properties of water, called the result of such treatment dead water.

    Schauberger observed the whirling motion of water in streams and rivers which meander and flow in a natural way, factors which are responsible for its bouyancy and self-cleaning abilities. He also recognized the importance of the vortex movement for the life-energetic properties of water.

    Since it is not possible to make natural living spring water available to everybody, the German engineer Wilhelm Martin, in an effort to improve the quality and life energy charge of tap water, developed a small device based on Schauberger's findings that can be attached to the tap or shower. By going through this "Wirbler" (Wirbel is the German word for vortex), the water is directed into a spinning vortex and thus regains the original spiral movement we can observe in natural creeks and rivers. According to Schauberger, only whirling vortex water can be living water.

    NOTE: The Wasserwirbler is a water energizing device, not a water-purification device.

    Martin-Wasserwirbler / Water Whirler for attachment to water tap, faucet or shower head:
    $ 229.00 Imported
    (Without adapter or handle) NOW AVAILABLE, BACK IN STOCK! LOWER PRICES -- ORDER NOW.


    Martin-Wasserwirbler / Water Whirler with handshower handle, for connection to a flexible shower hose:
    $ 249.00
    (No adapter or shower hose supplied, but are available at larger hardware stores)



    Screw the Original Martin-Wasserwirbler onto your tap or shower, but only use a wrench to tighten, at the bolt fitting fixed to the top of the device. Do not attempt to tighten (or loosen) by turning on the Martin-Wasserwirbler itself, as the attached fitting may break off and void the warranty. Don't forget to insert the rubber washer! Do not attempt to open the Original Martin-Wasserwirbler! Opening it will result in mechanical damage which is not covered by the manufacturer's warranty or by Natural Energy Works.


    The Martin-Wasserwirbler easily attaches to a faucet, using connectors available at larger hardware or plumbing stores. Since each faucet or tap is different, we cannot provide fittings. The Wasserwirbler without handshower handle requires a 55/64" #27 male thread.

    The Martin-Wasserwirbler with Shower-Handle also fits to standard flexible shower hoses. With an adapter from your local hardware or plumbing store, or as available directly from us (see below) it can also be attached to a garden hose for watering your plants.

    About Adapters: Be aware, in many cases you will have to find a suitable fitting or adapter to connect the Wirbler to your water supply pipe. Unfortunately, there are so many different faucets and water-supply systems on the market, we cannot hope to sell adapters for all of them. But suitable adapters will be available from larger hardware and plumbing stores, though in the odd case this may require using two separate adapters joined together. We sell a single adapter (55/64" #27 male thread to 3/4" female garden hose) for attaching the Wasserwirbler to your garden hose, for use in your garden, but it can also be used inside your home, for situations where you cannot find a proper fitting to go directly from your water-supply pipe into the Wirbler. You can purchase this specific adapter from us, or probably find it at your local hardware or plumbing supply stores. Look for: Brass Craft Faucet Aerator #0017, 55/64" - 27 Male Thread X 3/4" Female Hose Thread, or something similar by a different company.

    Garden Hose Adapter for Wirbler: $5.00


    Photo at left is a special glass-transparent wasserwirbler (not available for purchase) showing the vortex of water inside. Photo at right shows wirbler with water vortex pointed upwards, as one might install it in a fountain.

    Click here for more information on laboratory and field testing of the Martin Wasserwirbler.

    Click here for a good selection of books on the subject of Viktor Schauberger and Living Water.

    Click here to find the book by Giorgio Piccardi on "Structured Water", The Chemical Basis of Medical Climatology and similar information.

    Click here for information on Viktor Schauberger and the larger topic of Living Water. And

    Click here to review the Viktor Schauberger DVD: Comprehend and Copy Nature.

    WARRANTY: All our meters and devices are warranted by the manufacturer against defects of materials and workmanship, excluding abuse or misuse or breakage of parts by the purchaser, for a period of one year from the date of purchase. We will either repair or replace defective meters or devices with one of equal quality. See the link on the left side for our full Warranty and Returns Policy. Please note: the Original Martin-Wasserwirbler revitalizes the water, it is NOT a water purification device.

    For our German-Speaking customers:
    In Deutschland gibt es den Martin-Wasserwirbler bei:

    No State Sales Tax on your Purchases, Ever! Save from 3% to 10%!

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