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Welcome to our Events-Announcement Page

This Page Last Update: 8 February 2019

Preliminary Announcements for Events in 2019

* Several one-day international Webinars and round-table discussions may be offered this year over Summer and Fall, for students of orgonomy. These would be on various topics, as well as for those studying in the universities or similarly engaged in serious research, and wanting consultation. Topics will be announced on this page, as well as via our e-mail list, which you can get your email on by responding to the pop-up menu or form-button above.

This would allow for orgonomic education on specific subjects, as well as open discussions and exchange of ideas with Dr. DeMeo on how best to navigate research projects on orgonomic subjects into the mainstream of science. Also for advice on specific points of research and methodology in orgonomic science.

This would take advantage of the new service offered by Zoom.us which is very easy to use for anyone with a computer having a microphone, videocam, and internet connection of sufficent speed. You can test your system here: http://www.zoom.us/test It is best to get a set of headphones with microphone and USB type connector directly to your computer, which are available today. Some laptops already have a microphone and camera built in.

If this would work for you, and if interested, send us a separate email marked "Webinar", to the address at the bottom of this page.

From James DeMeo: For various reasons I must cancel the following two seminar events. My own research and writing increasingly takes up my time, and it is costly and time-consuming to organize these events. I am open to invitations to give lectures and seminars, but they must be organized by other organizations or individuals. Contact me at the email below if you have such an interest to organize something.

* A one-day Weekend Seminar will be offered next March in Germany.
SO SORRY, THIS EVENT IS NOW CANCELLED. The exact date, location and subject are not yet fixed. The subject is not yet fixed, and Dr. DeMeo is interested to know what people might wish to have covered, such as his Saharasia discovery, Bion experiments, the Orgone Accumulator, Orgone Physics, Cloudbusting, his new Water Research, or Reich's (and DeMeo's) UFO observations and research on gravitation. This is a good opportunity for both newbies and serious students of orgonomy. If you are interested to possibly attend, send us a short email marked "Germany Seminar", along with your primary subject interests.

* A two-day Seminar will be offered early next Summer.
SO SORRY, THIS EVENT IS NOW CANCELLED. The seminar would be a two-day event, held at the OBRL facility near Ashland, Oregon, with various opportunities for open discussions on aspect of both social and experimental-physical orgonomy. The subject of the Seminar has not yet been fixed, nor has the date. Probably in late May or early June. To stay informed on this event, add your email to our mailing list (see above link), and check back on this OBRL Events Page for future updates.

Stay in touch for new and future events. Get on our mailing list.
In the meantime, you are encouraged to read Dr. DeMeo's published books, which are available from here:
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Please let others know about our events. Thanks for your help in spreading the word.

Also please consider making a tax-deductible donation to support OBRL's on-going research program and seminar/lecture costs, so we may continue with our scientific and educational efforts. We try to keep the costs of our seminars affordable, and rarely do the seminar fees fully cover the expenses. Our research program also requires constant expenditures, and has produced some of the best experimental evidence investigating, verifying, and expanding upon Dr. Reich's original discoveries -- and in a solidly natural scientific manner. Travel to scientific conferences, to engage other scientists with the new findings supporing Reich also require outside funding to continue. Please consider to make a direct donation to OBRL, which is an IRS-approved non-profit 501c3 foundation; donations are tax-deductible. Donations can be made either by written check or by credit card through our separate PayPal donation button. Select your own donation amount, or monthly recurring donation. You do not need a PayPal account, their system will accept most any credit card.

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Serious students wishing to learn more on the subject of Dr. Reich's discoveries, or Dr. DeMeo's work in the field of experimental orgone biophysics, or on the subject of his Saharasia findings, are encouraged to contact Dr. DeMeo for independent study or apprenticeship possibilities.

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