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    Pulse of the Planet, Issues 1 - 5

    Research Report and Journal of the
    Orgone Biophysical Research Laboratory
    Edited by James DeMeo

    Regular Features: Reviews of recent scholarly research verifying the sex-economic & orgone biophysical findings of Wilhelm Reich Cosmic Orgone Engineering: Informal overview of recent experimental cloudbusting research. Conference Reports: on recent seminars, workshops, and conferences devoted to orgonomic research. Environmental Notes, Sex-Economic Notes, Science Notes, Health/Medical Notes.

    Five issues have been published to date. Listed below, the most recent isues first.

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    Scroll Down for Other Titles by James DeMeo

    * Pulse of the Planet #5, 2002:

    Heretic's Notebook:
    Emotions, Protocells, Ether-Drift and Cosmic Life Energy:
    with New Research Supporting Wilhelm Reich

    Edited by James DeMeo, Ph.D.

    The fifth issue of the ongoing series, Pulse of the Planet, Heretics Notebook presents new research in the fields of biogenesis and experimental orgone biophysics, with insightful essays and research articles by 17 different authors on a truly amazing range of subjects: On natural childbirth, sexuality, archaeological evidence on early human violence, Reich's orgonomic functionalism, exposes on Reich's detractors, Giordano Bruno's work, protocells and bion-biogenesis research, a fresh look at Dayton Miller's ether-drift discoveries, emotional effects in REG (psychokinesis) experiments, new methods for detection of orgone energy, dowsing research, orgone energy effects in low-level radiation, cloudbusting experiments in Africa, plant growth stimulation in the orgone accumulator, several papers on the orgone energy motor with a discussion on the implications of "free energy", plus UFO research, book reviews, and much more, with many striking photos and illustrations. ISBN 0962185582
    Perfectbound, 272 pages Price: $23.95


    Click here for PDF of Book Covers, Table of Contents and Introduction Article.
    (Pulse #5 is available for resale at standard quantity trade discounts to booksellers and organizations.)

    Table of Contents:
    Infants, Children, Sociology, Archaeology:
    - "Orgonomic First Aid for Mothers and Infants", by Eva Reich
    - "Update on Saharasia: Ambiguities and Uncertainties about War Before Civilization", by James DeMeo
    - "Orgonomic Functionalism: A Lecture in Berlin", by Myron Sharaf
    - "CSICOP, Time Magazine, and Wilhelm Reich", by John Wilder
    - "Childbirth As A Sexual Process", by Matthew Appleton
    - "Giordano Bruno's Philosophy", by Carlo Albini
    - "Studies on the Origin of Life: The Preparation of Primordial Cell-Like Forms", by Bernard Grad
    - "Some Observations on Reich's Experiment 20", by Maxwell Snyder
    - "The Sanal Theory of Bong Han Kim: Bion-Like Processes in Acupuncture and Biology", by Dong Chul Kong and Hyun-Won Kim
    - "Bion-Biogenesis Research and Seminars at OBRL: Progress Report", by James DeMeo
    (Preview copy of this article available for free PDF download, with color images: English or Turkish
    Orgone Biophysics
    - "Dayton Miller's Ether-Drift Experiments: A Fresh Look", by James DeMeo
    - "The Experiments of Dayton Miller and the Theory of Relativity", by Maurice Allais
    - "Reconciling Miller's Ether-Drift with Reich's Dynamic Orgone", by James DeMeo
    - "The Implications of Current Consciousness Research on Orgonomic Theory", by Richard Blasband
    - "Orgonometry: A New Detector", by Courtney Baker
    - "Orgone Field Observations Using Dowsing Rods", by Nikolas Nikolaidis
    - "Orgone Accumulator Stimulation of Sprouting Mung Beans", by James DeMeo
    - "West-East Asymmetry and Diurnal Effect of Cosmic Radiation", by Dave Marett
    - "Confirmation of an Oranur Anomaly", by Victor Milian, et al
    Cosmic Orgone Engineering
    - "OROP Eritrea: A 5-Year Desert Greening Experiment in the East African Sahara-Sahel", by James DeMeo
    - "The Origin of the Tropical Easterlies: An Orgonomic Perspective", by James DeMeo
    - "The Orgone Energy Motor", by James DeMeo
    - "Examination of the Western Electric KS-9154 Motor", by Nicholas Reiter
    - "The Earth-Atmosphere Electrical Potential as a Source of Electromotive Power", by James DeMeo
    - "Renewable and "Free" Energy from Nature: Net-Energy Analysis", by James DeMeo
    - "Satellites or Silent Glowing Spacecraft? Are Some Assumed 'Satellites' Extraterrestrial?", by James DeMeo
    - "My UFO Observations", by James DeMeo
    - "Negative Finding on T. Constable's 'Bioforms'"
    - "Research Progress Reports: Water Research, Orgone Accumulator Temperature Differentials (To-T), Photographing the Orgone Energy, Archaeological-Historical Research:'Ice Age or Polar Axis Shift?'", by James DeMeo
    - Book Reviews: Saharasia, Wilhelm Reich & the Cold War, Left At East Gate
    - In Memoriam: The Passing of So Many: Robert Morris, Michael Rothenberg, Lou Hochberg, Myron Sharaf.

    * Pulse of the Planet #4, 1993:

    On Wilhelm Reich and Orgonomy:
    Edited by James DeMeo, Ph.D.

    With original articles by Wilhelm Reich, R. D. Laing, James DeMeo and others, on the subjects of bioelectricity, bion-biogenesis research, the jailing of Reich and burning of his books, cloudbusting in Israel, and more.
    Original softcover perfect-bound edition, 173 pages, Reduced Price: $14.95 (List Price is $20)


    Table of Contents:
    - "Translator's Preface" by Barbara Koopman
    - "The Bioelectrical Experiments of Wilhelm Reich: The Basic Antithesis of Vegetative Life Functions, The Orgasm as an Electrophysiological Discharge, and Experimental Investigation of the Electrical Function of Sexuality and Anxiety", by Wilhelm Reich, Translations from the original German by Barbara Koopman
    - "Wilhelm Reich in Denmark" with photographs, by Ellen Siersted
    - "The Jailing of a Great Scientist in the USA", by Lois Wyvell, with an "Eyewitness Account of Bookburning", by Dr. Victor Sobey
    - "Why is Reich Never Mentioned?", by R.D. Laing
    - "The Biophysical Discoveries of Wilhelm Reich", by James DeMeo
    - "Electron Microscope Photos of Bions from Iron Dust", by Stephen Shanahan
    - "Three Mile Island: The Language of Science Versus the People's Reality" (Part II), by Mitzuru Katagiri
    - "OROP Israel 1991: A Cloudbusting Experiment to Restore Winter Rains During Extended Drought", by James DeMeo
    - "HIV is Not the Cause of AIDS: Review of Current Research", by James DeMeo
    - "Anti-Constitutional Activities and Abuse of Police Power by the US Food and Drug Administration and Other Governmental Agencies", by James DeMeo
    - "Summerhill at 70 - A Personal Perspective", by Matthew Appleton
    - "The Beauty of Children: Through a Child's Eyes", by Deborah Carrino
    - "Research Reports and Observations: Orgonomic Project Waldheilung 1989 - 1993, OROP Namibia 1992-1993, Cloudbusting is Not 'Weather Modification', Healing Lakes with Life Energy?", by James DeMeo
    - "Weather Anomalies and Nuclear Testing" by James DeMeo and Stephen Nagy
    - "Modern Medical-Genetic Quackery/Modern Horrific Medicine", by James DeMeo
    - Department Notes: Educational Activities, Emotional Plague Report, Book Reviews, Orgonomic Research and Publications Review, Science Notes, Nuclear Notes, Environmental Notes, Economic Notes, Positive Signs, Sex-Economic Notes, Health and Biology Notes, Letters to the Editor, Reader Observations, Sources of Information.

    *Pulse of the Planet #3, 1991:
    Original Perfectbound Edition Sold Out! Available only as bound xerox, 144 pages, Price: $17.95


    Table of Contents:
    - "The Origins and Diffusion of Patrism in Saharasia, c.4000 BCE: Evidence for the Worldwide, Climate-Linked Geographical Pattern in Human Behavior", by James DeMeo
    - "Body Pleasure and the Origins of Violence", by James Prescott
    - "Three Mile Island: The Language of Science Versus the People's Reality"(Part I), by Mitzuru Katagiri
    - "Orgone Accumulator Therapy of Severely Diseased People", by Heiko Lassek
    - "Orgonotic Devices in the Treatment of Infectious Conditions", by Myron Brenner
    - "Personal Observations with the Orgone Accumulator", by James DeMeo
    - "The Ecology of Childhood, A View From Summerhill School", by Matthew Appleton
    - "Interview with James DeMeo", by Matthew Ryan
    - "OROP Arizona 1989: A Cloudbusting Experiment to Bring Rains in the Desert Southwest", by James DeMeo
    - "Thank You For This Honor", by Eva Reich
    - "Fifth International Orgonomic Conference, Nice, France, 1990" reviews by Matthew Appleton and Gulio Gelbiter
    - "The Voice of Wilhelm Reich, Conference at Orgonon, 1990", review by James Strick, M.S
    - "An Additional Perspective on the Conference at Orgonon", by Myron Sharaf
    - "Research Progress Report: Desert-Greening Program, CORE Operations in the Western USA, CORE Research and Field Operations Overseas: Greece 1990, Germany 1989-1990 Orgonomisches Projekt Waldheilung, Core Breakthrough in California Rains, March 1991, Cloudbuster Icarus", by James DeMeo
    - Department Notes: Conference Reports, Book Reviews, Emotional Plague Report, Science Notes, Sex-Economic Notes, Environmental Notes, Nuclear Hazards, Health Notes, Economic Notes, Positive Signs, Orgonomic Research and Publications Review, Calendar of Forthcoming Events, Letters to the Editor.

    *Pulse of the Planet #2, Fall 1989:
    Original Perfectbound Edition Sold Out! Available only as bound xerox, 96 pages, Price: $14.95


    Table of Contents:
    - "The Orgone Energy Continuum: Some Old and New Evidence", by James DeMeo
    - "Nuclear Bomb Tests and Earthquakes: Dangerous Patterns and Trends", by Gary Whiteford
    - "Psycho-Physiological Effects of the Reich Orgone Accumulator", by R. Gebauer, D. Psych., & S. Muschenich, D. Psych
    - "Wilhelm Reich, Discoverer of Acupuncture Energy?", by Prof. Dr. Bernd Senf
    - "Research Progress Report: The Desert-Drought Map", by James DeMeo
    - "Cosmic Orgone Engineering Report", by James DeMeo
    - "Orgonomic Observations: Pin Points in the Sky?", by James DeMeo
    - Department Reports on: Conference Reports, Environmental Notes, Science Notes, Health Notes, Sex-Economic Notes, Emotional Plague Notes, Climate Features and Unusual Phenomena, Planetary Clock, Orgonomic Research and Publications Review, Calendar of Events, Letters to the Editor.

    * Pulse of the Planet #1, Spring 1989:
    Original Perfectbound Edition Sold Out! Available only as bound xerox, 54 pages, Price: $11.95


    Table of Contents:
    - "Cloudbusting, A New Approach to Drought", by James DeMeo
    - "Recent Abnormal Phenomena on Earth and Atomic Power Tests", by Yoshio Kato
    - "Response to Martin Gardner's Attack on Reich and Orgone Research in the Skeptical Inquirer", by J. DeMeo, Ph.D
    - "Postscript on the Food and Drug Administration's Scientific Evidence Against Wilhelm Reich", by J. DeMeo
    - "Research Progress Report: Development of a Desert Research Facility", by James DeMeo
    - "Cosmic Orgone Engineering Report", by James DeMeo
    - "In Remembrance Jerome Eden", by Jonathan Coe
    - Department Reports on: Cimate Features and Unusual Phenomena, Atomic Bomb Tests and Earthquake Data, Solar-Geomagnetic Data, Environmental Notes, Sex-Economic Notes, Celestial Events Calendar, Planetary Clock, Science Notes, Announcements, Orgonomic Research Review, 1988 to Present, Calendar of Forthcoming Events, Letters to the Editor.

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