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We have found the following weblinks very useful in our research, and keeping aware of what's happening around the world.
Perhaps they will be of value to you as well.

For links to web sites addressing the subject of Wilhelm Reich's Discoveries
see the separate "Orgonomy Resources" section.


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New Experimental Life-Energy Meter
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Research Summary: Saharasia and the Origins of Violence

Research Summary: Drought-Abatement and Desert-Greening


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Heretic's Notebook: Emotions, Protocells, Ether-Drift and Cosmic Life-Energy

OROP Arizona: 1989 Cloudbusting Desert-Greening Experiment

OROP Israel: 1991 Cloudbusting Desert-Greening Experiment

Dayton Miller's Discovery of the Ether-Drift

Herbal Contraception and Abortion

AIDS Criticism Resource Guide

Auroras at the Tree-Tops?!

Schauberger's Living Water

Nuclear Power Atomic Bombs and Droughts

So You Want To Build a Cloudbuster?

"Chemtrails" Critical Discussions

Response to "Skeptics" and Irrational Critics

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Thousands of Deadly Islamic Terror Attacks Since 9/11


Childbirth, Infants, Children & Education (other than Orgonomy):
Primal Health Research - Michel Odent
Birthworks - Michel Odent
Intact America
Jews Against Circumcision
Jewish Circumcision Resources
Int. Coalition for Genital Integrity
Circumcision does not halt "AIDS"
Pre- & Perinatal Psychology
Summerhill School
Nat. Vaccine Information Center
Citizen's for Midwifery
Kaayla Daniel: Dangers of Soy Foods & Infant Formula
Benefits of Raw Milk: Weston Price Foundation
Time-Life "Rock-A-Bye Baby" Video
Prescott: "Body Pleasure & Origins of Violence"
Herbal Contraception and Emmenagogues
(Also see the similar information posted to OBRL.)

Health & Healing (other than Orgonomy):
"Infectious HIV" / AIDS Criticism Virus Myth Website
Cholesterol Myths
Max Gerson Institute
Richard Schulze: Herbal Detox Natural Healing website
Tim Bolen Report & Newsletter, on FDA and Health
Diana Schwarzbein's Health Website
Kaayla Daniel: Dangers of Soy
Center for the Study of Psychiatry & Psychology
Peter Breggin's Psychiatry-Criticism Site

Human Sexuality Issues
Exposing the Pedophile-Porno Agenda:

The Pink Swastika
Judith Reisman's Website
The Kinsey Syndrome
Child Homosexual Abuse Produces Homosexuality?
Pedophiles: Homosexual Vs. Heterosexual - I, and ...II
Homosexual Activism, Censorship & Pedophilia: I, ...II, ...III, ...IV, ...V, ...VI, and ...VII
Not so "Gay", I, ...II, ...III, ...IV, ...V, ...VI, and ...VII.
"Normalizing" Sex-Pathology I and ...II
Elton John/George Michael Pedophile Skit: I and ...II
Exposing the Church-Moralist Agenda:
Sex-Offender Registries Gone Berserk
"Romeo & Juliet" Defense Bucks Sex-Offender Trend
Families For Fairness - decriminalizing adolescent sexuality

On CSCIOP and the Organized "Skeptics":
"CSICOP and the Skeptics: An Overview, by George P. Hansen"
"Response to Martin Gardner, in Skeptical Inquirer", by James DeMeo"
Skeptical Investigations: A Guide to the Skeptics
"Zen... and the Art of Debunkery", by Daniel Drasen
Chriopractic Quackwatchers
Consumers Against (Mainstream) Health Fraud
Quackpot Watch -- Watching the "Quack Watchers"
"Poisoning the Orgonomic Wellspring: Carlinsky and CSICOP"

Items Relevant to the Saharasia Discovery:
Islamic Jihad and Dhimmitude
Center for Corruption Research
Population Reference Bureau
Freedom House
Domestic Violence Index
Anti-Slavery Society

Middle-East, Islamofascism, Jew-Hatred, Contemporary Issues:
The Religion of Peace - Terror Monitoring
Tiny minority of Islamic extremists, or tiny minority of Islamic moderates?
Atlas Shrugs Blog: Pamela Geller
JihadWatch: Robert Spencer
Gatestone Institute: Terrorism Reports
Frontpage Magazine: David Horowitz, et al.
Steve Emerson's Counterterrorism Blog
Honest Reporting
Committee for Accuracy in Middle East Reporting
Michelle Malkin
Bat Ye'or's Website: Eurabia
Muslim Brotherhood Daily Report
MEMRI: Middle East Media Research Institute
MEMRI Arab TV Monitoring Project
The Israel Project
Saddam Hussein's Support for World Terrorism
Iraq's Mass Graves: Saddam's Victims
Terrorism Awareness: Islamic "Mein Kampf"
Free Muslims Against Terrorism
Daily Alert: Israel & Middle East
Intelligence & Terrorism Information Center
Iran Press News: News of Iran from Iranian dissidents
Homa Darabi Foundation
Faith Freedom International: Ex-Muslims for freedom of conscience
International Committee Against Stoning & Sharia punishments
Walid Shoebat: An ex-Muslim dissident
Nonie Darwish: Another courageous Arab writer
Institute for the Secularisation of Islamic Society: Ibn Waraq
Bridget Gabriel: American Congress for Truth
Saudi Institute: Saudi dissidents report on the Kingdom
Secular Sudan: promoting democracy and freedom
The American Islamic Forum for Democracy
Islamic Reformation: Dr. T Hamid
Muslim Refusenik: Irshad Manjii
Arabs For Israel
Middle East Info Org
Concept Wizard: Online Docus of Middle East History
Infidel Bloggers Alliance

News Sources: Mainstream, Lesser-Known and International Blogs


USA: Fox News
USA: Frontpage Magazine
USA: World Net Daily
USA: Michelle Malkin
USA: Power Line
USA: Pajamas Media
USA: Washington Times
USA: The Weekly Standard
USA: National Review Magazine
USA: GeoPoliticalReview
USA: Commentary Magazine
USA: Atlas Shrugs Blog
EUROPE: Transatlantic Intelligencer
EUROPE: EU Referendum
EUROPE: The Gates of Vienna
EUROPE: The Jawa Report
CANADA: Peak Talk
UNITED KINGDOM: Exposing Islamic Jihad in Britain and Europe
NORWAY: The Fjordman
FINLAND: Tundra Tabloid
SWEDEN: Liberate Sweden
DENMARK: Viking Observer
NETHERLANDS: Geert Wilders
BELGIUM: Brussels Journal
FRANCE: No Pasaran!
FRANCE: Le Monde Watch
GERMANY: Politically Incorrect
SPAIN: Barcepundit
VENEZUELA: News & Views
BRAZIL: Swimming Against the Red Tide
ISRAEL: Jerusalem Post
ISRAEL: Think-Israel
ISRAEL: Internet Haggana
ISRAEL: Israpundit
IRAQ: The Model
IRAN: Kamagir (The Archer)
SAUDI ARABIA: The Religious Policeman
EGYPT: Rantings of a Sand Monkey (satirical name)
KOREA: Korean Liberator
GLOBAL: JihadWatch
GLOBAL: The Religion of Peace
Global: Reason TV
Global: Qube-TV: Materials Censored from YouTube
Global: Hot Air: Daily Video Vents



US Naval Observatory Master Clocks:
Universal Time (GMT)
Pacific Time (PST/PDT)
Compute Local Sidereal Time

Natural Science - Innovation, Critical Issues, Anomalies, Repression:
CO2 Science - Medieval Warm Period Data Base
Still Waiting for Greenhouse
Friends of Science: Climate Science
The Climate Police
Global Warming Facts I and ...II
Take the Global Warming Test
31,000+ Scientists Oppose CO2 Theory
Alternative Cosmology Group
Aether Theories
Halton Arp's Catalog of Peculiar Galaxies
Natural Philosophy Alliance
Borge & Nodland - Electromagnetic Anisotropy
Cycles in the Universe
Wagner Research Laboratory
Pleomorphism Conferences, 1999 & 2000
Society for Scientific Exploration
Princeton Engineering Anomalies Research - REG
Center for Frontier Science
Epigraphic Society
Institute for New Energy
Alternative Science
ISSSEEM: Int. Soc. Subtle Energy & Energy Medicine
CIFA/ICEF: Piccardi Group Research
Genographic Project: Human Migration -- Renewable & Free Energy Resources

Weather, Climatology, Vegetation, Oceans, Earthquakes, Aurorae, Astronomy:
OBRL's Research Resources - Global:

Global Live Weather Images & Maps
EUMETSAT Satellite Images
Aviation Global Satellite Images
SFSU Weather Satellite Server
Global Dust/Haze Aerosol Loop
Global IR Animation
U. Wisc. Space Center Imagery
Climate Prediction Center
NOAA STAR Homepage
NOAA STAR Global Vegetation Health Indices
NOAA STAR Weather & Water Products
NOAA STAR Ecosystems Products
Cryosphere Today - Polar Ice Conditions
Global Sea Surface Temperature and SST animation
Global SST Anomaly and SST Anomaly animation
Hadley Climate Research Unit, UK
Goddard Inst. for Space Studies
World 7-day Earthquake Map
USA & Additional:
USA Geostationary Satellite Server
USA Storm Prediction Center
USA Weather Channel
USA Radar Loops
Unisys N. Am. Weather Satellite Images
NOAA W. USA Satellite Images
USA Climate Mapping
National Climate Data Center
National Weather Service
Earthweek Planetary Diary
Relief-Web Global Catastrophes
World Weather Watch
Space Weather / Solar Activity and N3KL Solar Data
Solar Terrestrial Activity Report
Hubble Telescope Info.
Photo Gallery of Astronomical Objects
Current Lunar Phase, Auroral Oval, and SOHO Solar Image

De-Bunking 9-11 Conspiracy Theory & Modern Historical Falsification:
Debunking 911 Conspiracy Theories Homepage - Excellent!
Popular Mechanics Magazine, March 2005, "9/11: Debunking The Myths"
This item also available as a book, from our on-line bookstore.
"Panoply of the Absurd" Der Spiegel (English)
"Panoply of the Absurd" Der Spiegel (German)
Evidence That A Boeing 757 Really Did Impact the Pentagon on 9/11
Photos Of Flt 77 Wreckage
Feds Challenge 9-11 Conspiracies
NIST's Investigation of the 9-11 WTC Disaster
Eyewitnesses to Pentagon Jet Crash (no, it was not a cruise missile)
More Eyewitnesses to Pentagon Jet Crash
Judicial Watch info on Pentagon Jet Crash
Article by Eyewitness
An entire list of debunking websites
More debunking
Al-Qaeda Leader Ramzi Binalshibh Admits/Boasts of 9-11
Al-Qaeda's Zawahri Admits/Boasts of 9-11, Calls for More Attacks
Flight 93 Hijacker's "Suicide-Martyrdom" Videotape
The US Government's 9-11 Commission Report
An incomplete document, but containing plenty of information.
The US Government's Debunking Website
NIST Debunking Website
OBL's and Al-Qaeda's Boasting Confessionals About 9-11
Terrorist Party Video: OBL meets with 9-11 Planners & Hijackers
Another Terrorist Party: Muhammed Atta, Binalshibh, OBL, Etc.
Implosion World's Analysis of the Collapse of WTC Buildings (PDF)
Did A Plane Hit the Pentagon - Debunking Meyessan
The "4000 Jews Knew and Stayed at Home" Rumor
Jew-Hatred an Integral Aspect of Most 9-11 Conspiracy Theories
Leader of "Scholars for 9/11 Truth" is a Muslim who "Blames Israel"
Exposing Several Major 9-11 Conspiracy Authors
Masters of Deception, by DeMeo
Books & DVDs on Islamic Terrorism, 9-11, the Middle-East,
& Authentic 20th Century History
(Since many 9-11 Conspiracy Theory
"Experts" are also closeted America-haters and Jew-haters, pushing
Islamist, Stalinist, and/or neo-Nazi agendas.)

Natural Science - Mainstream Orthodoxy:
Science Magazine
Nature Magazine
National Geographic Society
American Meteorological Society
National Weather Association

Social & Political, USA & Europe:
Eye On The UN
Fully Informed Jury Association
"Wikipedia" is an Untrustworty Source
NGO Monitor
Center for Union Facts
Dissecting Leftism
Greenie Watch
Marx and Friends in their Own Words
The People's Cube: Spoof-Critique of Communism

Critiques of Buddhist Mysticism:
Victor and Victoria Trimondi: "The Shadow of the Dalai Lama"
June Campbell "Travellers in Space" ("I Was a Tantric Sex-Slave")
Peter Nasselstein "The Mass Psychology of Buddhism"

Hitler Was a Socialist, by R.J. Rummell
Hitler Was a Socialist, by John J. Ray
Hitler Was a Leftist (another version by John J. Ray)
Hitler Was Not Elected? (At least, not by a majority directly to the top position.)
Myth: Hitler Was a Leftist, by Steve Kanga

Criticism: "Anthroposophy and Ecofascism", by Peter Staudenmaier
Shows the cover of the May 1930 "Demeter" Biodynamic Agriculture
publication, with a photo of Adolf Hitler.
Rebuttal: "Humanism and Polemical Populism", by Peter Normann Waage
Criticism: "Anthrosophy and Its Defenders, Part 1", by Peter Staudenmaier
and Peter Zengers Continued in Part 2
Rebuttal: "New Myths About Rudolf Steiner", by Peter Normann Waage
Criticism: "The Janus Face of Anthroposophy", by Peter Zegers and Peter Staudenmaier
"Ecofascism and the Modernization of Fascism in the German Ultra-right", by Janet Biehl
"Fascist Ecology: The "Green Wing" of the Nazi Party and
its Historical Antecedents
" by Peter Staudenmaier
"Anthroposophy, A Nazi Cult?" by Peter Nasselstein
Exposing the darker side of Waldorf schools
Racism in Steiner Schoolbooks I and ...II

The Original Jyllands Posten Danish Cartoons"
...also posted here
Islam Comic Book: Muhammed's "Believe It, Or Else!"
What Would Muhammed Do? In case you are confused...

Additional Articles and Materials:

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