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Masters of Deception:

Noam Chomsky, Michael Moore and the

9-11 Conspiracy Industry.*

by James DeMeo, Ph.D.

16 January 2004
(Also see the Postscript section at the bottom, updated periodically.)

* A few years after writing this article, I learned of the writings of Howard Zinn, a Red Fascist professor specializing in historical revisionism and communist apologetics. The damage done by Zinn to human freedom, fact and truth, in brainwashing an entire generation of university students, is probably greater than both Chomsky and Moore combined, due to abundant sales of his propaganda work A People's History of the United States. Should I have known of his work earlier, I would have included discussion of it in this article. However, others have aready given explicit critiques. See the Postscript citations and weblinks below.

The Austrian psychiatrist and 1930s anti-fascist author Wilhelm Reich once noted (I paraphrase) "The Big Lie gets lots of public attention and is carried forward as in a big parade, with many hungry listeners, while the truth must come limping behind on crutches, struggling to catch up, panting with its tongue hanging out." So it appears a similar situation has developed internationally, with respect to historical events during and after World War II, and most especially after the 9-11 terror attacks against the USA. While the reader may be accustomed to believing that Big Lies only originate within "the establishment" or "mainstream", history shows us many examples where little lies which begin far outside the mainstream, over time slowly grow and gain acceptance to become a new "Truth" which at least within a certain variable percentage of the population can hardly be questioned. Both Stalinism and Hitlerism in the 20th Century had such modest origins, eventually leading to the greatest social destructions and genocidal slaughters of recent history. So it seems the first years of the 21st Century offer us yet another set of tempting falsehoods, with large numbers of "hungry listeners". Several articles in mainstream newspapers have recently highlighted one facet of the matter, in the uncritical and eager acceptance of 9-11 conspiracy theories: "Anti-US books find an eager audience among German youth" (Christian Science Monitor, 10 Dec. 2003), "9/11 Conspiracy Theory Books Dominate Debate at Frankfurt Book Fair" (Deutsch Welt, 10 Oct. 2003), "Conspiracy Theories about Sept.11 get Hearings in Germany" (Wall Street Journal, 29 Sept. 2003).(1) While it would be an error to think the problem is only in Germany -- it is not -- the growing acceptance of this particular "non-mainstream" Big Lie is clearly more widespread in Europe and the Middle East than the USA.

For those who are unaware, the 9-11 conspiracy books mentioned in the articles claim, among other over-the-top ideas, that:
* Bush and the CIA, with help from Mossad, organized to destroy the World Trade Center (WTC) and Pentagon, either independent from Osama Bin Ladin (OBL) and the various Islamic hijackers, whose names were artificially inserted into the passenger lists, or by duping them into the action.
* Alternatively, the WTC Twin Towers were exploded by demolition charges from the inside, and that is how they crashed down to the ground. The airplanes, which may have been flown into the towers by "remote-control", having been "taken over" electronically by the CIA or some other nefarious government agency, were incidental events designed to cover up the internal explosions. It was done by the Jewish landlord to collect insurance money.
* No Jews were killed in the terrorist attacks, as Mossad radioed secret instructions to all of them, not to go to work that particular day.
* No jet crashed into the Pentagon, nor into the rural Shanksville, Pennsylvania farm field. A cruise missile or something similar hit the Pentagon, and the farm field.
* All of the above, or parts of them, are evidence of a wider plot by the Bush Family, working secretly with the Bin Ladins and other high-up wealthy Texas and Saudi oil barons and corporate elites, and/or with the Jews, to control the world.

While the casual observer might consider these charges with some amazement -- given that most are recycled plots from the Nazi era, and given all the eye-witness testimony and photographic evidence, and all the evidence which has since been made public by investigative journalists, government officials and in court records, plus the willing video- and audio-taped boasting confessional speeches of various al-Qaeda operatives, including OBL himself -- it is nevertheless a fact that the books presenting these ideas are best-sellers, translated into many languages with hundreds of thousands of copies being snapped up, in Europe at least, and with nearly a third of Germans under the age of 30 believing they are true. My own trips to Europe, and conversations with many individuals since 9-11 supports the charge that many people believe this material -- in fact, my own small e-newsletter and OBRL-News Blog occasionally receives hot and angry emails from readers who object to my posting out information which is critical of these theories, or which documents the very real conspiracy, of Osama Bin Ladin's al-Qaeda group actually organizing the hijackings with a deliberate aim towards mass-murder. Part of the problem, as I will discuss, is that the 9-11 conspiracy books do not stand alone in making such fantastic charges. In fact, they are what might be called the "icing on the cake" of a larger onslaught of historical revisionist accusations, circulating for many years since even before 9-11 and originating from within neo-fascist far-Left and Right-wing political groups, which attempt to tarnish the USA and Israel as engaged in a much larger and ongoing conspiracy of conquest and empire. For those who already have accepted the various outrageous accusations over some years, then the 9-11 conspiracy material is only an additional small step.

The above-cited newspaper articles rekindled personal observations made during a trip to Europe in September 2003. While in Berlin, I was casually window-shopping on Kurfuerstendamm, a magnificent tree-lined street with shops of every description, and wandered into the large Hugendubel bookstore, which is something like the large Barnes & Noble bookstores in the USA. There, I was immediately confronted with a display table at the front of the store, on which were piled perhaps 40 different books specializing on the subjects of America, Israel, 9-11 and terrorism. About 90% of them were anti-American and anti-Israel in tone, easily determined by the cover materials and descriptions, with many conspiracy-theory books filled with speculative assertions about international plots to control the world, about "Bush" or the USA attacking itself on 9-11. The books were deliberately located in the most prominent place out front, indicating a privileged significance and high sales. A few of the books were rational and well-constructed reports by historians or journalists who had done a lot of leg-work and homework, such as the very important work by Fouda and Fielding Masterminds of Terror which documented the voluntary and quite boastful confessions on al-Jazeera TV of the top two Al-Qaeda 9-11 plotters, Ramsi Binalshibh and Khalid Shaikh Mohammed, the latter of whom also had shadowy connections, along with Bin Ladin and other al-Qaeda figures such as Ramsi Yousef and Abdul Rahman Yasin, to the Iraqi-supported terror bombing of the World Trade Center in 1993. Abdul Rahman had actually fled to Iraq and received protection and support from Saddam Hussein after the 1993 bombing. The book detailing that evidence The War Against America: Saddam Hussein and the World Trade Center Attacks by Laurie Mylroie, was not to be found at Hugendubel, and truth be told it is hard to find in the USA as well. These and similar books provide an abundance of factual details and documentation on the very real conspiracy of al-Qaeda and related Islamic groups undertaking a long string of terrorist actions against both American and Israeli targets, over many decades, and getting big money, logistical support, recruits and considerable encouragement from behind the curtain from various terror-supporting states, to include Iraq, Iran, Pakistan, Saudi Arabia, and other wealthy Islamic sheikdoms awash in petro-dollars. Sometimes this support is not concealed at all, as one finds among the international system of Wahhabist Mosques, supported by the Saudi Royals, which spew forth hatred of everything Western and modern and non-Muslim on a daily basis, openly asserting that such influences and people should be wholly subjugated or wiped off the face of the Earth. This is a very real and quite dangerous conspiracy, which finds support also from the radical Left and Right wing extremists in both Europe and the USA. More frequently, such political support within the Western nations is expressed by spreading disinformation which tries (as usual) to "blame the victims" of 9-11 for their own deaths.

But this is not the "conspiracy theory" being disseminated by the various books I saw at Hugendubel , or read about in the above-mentioned newspaper reviews, the ones which claim Bush did it, or that no Jews were killed. One might argue those kinds of reports are so ridiculous from the prima facia evidence presented to our own eyes, for those who saw the airplanes crash into the Twin Towers and Pentagon, or who heard the many Jewish names being read aloud by their surviving relatives during televised memorial services on 9-11-2003. Also, most of these theories were being circulated on global internet within less than 24 hours after 9-11, before the smoke had even ceased to pour from those open-air crematoriums, by individuals who happily engaged in all kinds of wild speculations or claimed to have "inside knowledge". Certainly, no research of any kind had been undertaken by the various internet-accusers, but those emails happily bounced around the world for weeks and months, being refined and expanded until many of them later appeared in full-length books. Why should one need to bother wasting time to rebut them? The answer is, because so many people are attracted to them, creating real-world problems regarding credibility and international relations at many levels, not only between governments, but as I touch upon below, between ordinary people. Most of the 9-11 conspiracy books, I knew from my own readings and research, were derived from the various internet missives, composed mainly of cherry-picked "facts", or half-truths and undocumented claims used to support wholly speculative accusations against America and Israel, and which systematically excluded any contrary evidence or eye-witness observation which went against their prefabricated conclusions. Some also carried the stench of Jewish conspiracy theory. In fact, many of the front-table conspiracy books are propagated by authors who hold concealed or quite open sympathies for Stalinist communism and/or neo-Nazi Holocaust-denial, often with a considerable sympathy and apologism towards the Islamic radicals and terror bombers -- this is the background emotional-ideological foundation for the awful hatred directed against the USA and Israel, to "j'accuse" where the evidence is slim or non-existent, blaming the victims, and to willfully ignore where the evidence is abundant and solid.

Continuing my walk in Berlin, around the corner to Kantstrasse at the Zweitausendeins bookshop, known for many excellent and unusual books which often cannot be found from other publishers, a literal shrine had been created in the bookstore display window for a best-selling book (with DVD and fold-out poster) by Mathias Broeckers,(2) which accused the USA of undertaking the 9-11 attacks upon itself. A special "flow-chart" of the conspiracy was also on display, included with the book, showing a little smiley-faced President Bush cartoon at the top, fitted with a Hitler mustache and hair-cut. Bush is, according to Broeckers, the "true reincarnation of Hitler" -- not Saddam or the Iranian Mullahs, nor Kim Jung Il or the Chinese dictators of the Tienanmin Square massacres. From that statement alone one can gauge the intensity of emotional rage and contactlessness behind the widespread international social hysteria about "Bush" (put into quotation marks, because it really isn't about "Bush" at all). The Zweitausendeins internet web page featuring the Broeckers book also carries other books on similar themes, including a conspiracy book on Pearl Harbor, and a missive targeting the USA/Israel "oppression of Palestine" by Noam Chomsky, and so forth.(3) Items once marginal and which no serious historian would reference now are best-sellers, though one can search in vain for equal presentation and publicity of the rebuttals to such propaganda. They simply do not get published, or if so, don't sell as well.

In the 1990s and under the encouragement of myself and Prof. Bernd Senf of Berlin, Zweitausendeins had republished many out of print natural scientific works by Wilhelm Reich,(4) whose Mass Psychology of Fascism(5) documented the profound similarities between the extreme Left and extreme Right politic, both being against human freedom, love and life, and both only interested to obtain power, and willing to use any and all means necessary to get it. Reich was one of the authentic non-mainstream natural scientists whose work was hotly controversial and therefore attacked by nearly everyone. His work is heavy with well-researched and objectively demonstrated findings and solid supporting facts, from which no political extremist, left or right, nor any Islamic fanatic, could find anything to feel good about. Perhaps, for this reason, his books have never been "popular", and the evidence of his being attacked and suppressed is no "conspiracy theory". As R.D. Laing once noted, "He assaults our narcissism in almost unforgivable ways. Freud was cool. Reich is Uncool".(6) He forces us to look directly at unpleasant things about ourselves, and we do not like it. By 1932, Reich's anti-fascist writings had stirred such controversy and opposition that he was banished by the German Communist Party, thrown out of the International Psychoanalytical Association (which was trying to "get along" with the Nazis), and put onto a Nazi death list. Quite an accomplishment for one year. Zweitausendeins did an excellent job in making some of Reich's later natural-scientific works available in the German language for the first time. They also published one of my own books referencing Reich, Der Orgonakkumulator. Ein Handbuch(7) and another I co-edited with Prof. Senf, Nach Reich: Neue Forschungen zur Orgonomie.(8) For a time it seemed they might help break open the long public silence on Reich's important sociological and natural scientific findings, which after WW-II were maliciously attacked and publicly distorted by Stalinists in the USA, and actually "banned and burned" by the power-hungry US Food and Drug Administration. Zweitausendeins even considered to translate and publish my major work, Saharasia: The 4000 BCE Origins of Child-Abuse, Sex-Repression, Warfare and Social Violence, in the Deserts of the Old World(9) a global cross-cultural study of human behavior and social violence which identified the region of North Africa, Middle-East and Central Asia -- which roughly parallels the Islamic world -- to be the most socially repressive and violent cultural region on Earth. This analysis was undertaken in the 1970s and 1980s, but due to academic barriers it required an additional 10 years before it could be published. It fully vindicated Reich, laid down a natural scientific understanding about the "why" of hysterically violent Islamic reactions to Western social freedoms, but in so doing, offended nearly every major theorem of modern sociology, psychology and anthropology. My work also became unforgivably "uncool".

Interest in my Saharasia discovery had grown over the years, and I was invited to lecture in Europe on many occasions. After 9-11, all that began to change. During one lecture trip to Berlin in 2002, I was pelted with questions derived from the conspiracy theorists -- Didn't Eisenhower massacre a million German Prisoners-of-War? Wasn't it proven that FDR knew well in advance about Pearl Harbor? Didn't the USA provoke the Japanese, and Churchill provoke the Germans? Wasn't the USA now going fascist? Didn't Bush steal the last election? And wasn't 9-11 the result of a big American plot? No, I replied, with amazement that people had no embarrassment to ask such questions in public, without undertaking a lot of serious homework on the subjects, so as to really know. Especially in Germany. These kinds of statements, as well as others expressing fascination in old Nazi propaganda and apologetic defenses of the Islamic terrorists began to spring up in private conversations and correspondence, quite voluntarily and usually out-of-context from the subject under discussion, in a manner I found most alarming.

Later on, during my 2003 Europe trip, I presented my Saharasia discovery, emphasizing Reich's earlier discoveries, to the Congress on Matriarchal Studies in Luxemburg.(10) I expected some lively discussion and even pointed debate on the central issues. After my talk, I was instead verbally assaulted by several feminist scholars who ignored my discussions against female genital mutilations, arranged marriages and "honor killings" of women. Nor were they interested in hearing my arguments against the totalitarian Islamic dictatorships or the extreme patriarchal authoritarian family structures predominating within the Islamic world -- no, they were angry that my cross-cultural analysis and maps had demonstrated the Islamic world to be the major global region which harbored such things, that I had abandoned "multicultural understandings" and "value-free social science", and that my ideas were therefore "dangerous". Many speakers at the Congress held the view of America and/or Israel as the "World's Greatest Danger To Peace" (opinion polls from Europe have said as much), and of course most of the conspiracy theory suggested the Islamic radicals were really nothing more than "freedom fighters", certainly "desperate innocents" regarding terrorism, which the Jews and Americans had only been exaggerating about... and in any case, wasn't Israeli and American foreign policy responsible for the terror attacks? So what in the world was I doing, showing maps and cross-cultural evidence suggesting otherwise? After my lecture, the Minister of Women's Affairs for Luxemburg, who had been in attendance, apologized to me with much embarrassment for the rude treatment I had received, saying she had never before seen such an outburst of hatred towards a speaker. I reassured her, I was accustomed to controversy, and knew also that others attending the Congress, including the organizer who had invited me to speak, were no strangers to such controversy. Controversy can be constructive, productive, forcing everyone to engage the facts and burn away the weak points in their arguments and theories. But controversy which only stimulates personal attacks which avoid and evade discussion of the issues is something altogether different. Given the intensity of the attacks, for the remainder of the Congress, I made sure (in the spirit of the American pioneer Wild Bill Hickok) to "keep my back to the wall".

Near the coffee bar, one large German fellow from the audience approached me, literally shaking with rage as he informed me that the "World Behavior Map" I had shown during my lecture was validating "Bushes Achse des Boesen " -- the Axis of Evil. Somewhat astounded at this remark, I had to admit there was something to it. I told him my maps had been prepared in the 1980s, from data collected by the anthropologists going back to around 1900. This was well before Bush or 9-11, I informed him, but I had to agree, it was no accident that the most socially violent cultures which were identified in my maps were also the fountain-heads of international terrorism. I asked, "what about Saddam Hussein and the millions he has killed? Don't you think he really was an evil character? Or the ethnic genocide and miserable treatment of women by the Talibans? What about the concentration-starvation death camps in North Korea, filled with political dissenters?" My suggestions that the modern terrorists and terror-supporting states were predominantly Islamo-fascist or totalitarian communist regimes brought only the most dismissive denials, and the even more incredulous accusation that I must be "a CIA agent, come to spread confusion". Thankfully, I had more supporters than detractors in the discussions. Too many in attendance had their own horror stories to tell about life in the Islamic or communist utopia. In any case, the reader will get the picture, of how those who would claim the identification of "progressives" or "intelligencia" sometimes leave behind their capacities for critical thinking.

That same week, Der Spiegel magazine published a major expose on the worst of the 9-11 conspiracy books, focusing upon the popular books by Broeckers, Gerhard Wisnewski, Andreas von Buelow, and Thierry Meyssan,(11) detailing the falsifications, fabrications, half-truths and lies-of-omission (the worst kind, as Orwell noted), as well as the whole-cloth fairy-tales. For awhile, it seemed the European intellectual scene would be completely over-flooded by the conspiracy materials, without any counter-critique whatsoever, when Der Spiegel waded into the quagmire with the article "Panoply of the Absurd",(12) revealing quite magnificently the most obvious distortions and fabrications, and in so doing, considerably drained the swamp. However, Der Spiegel did not touch two of the larger and probably more radically "serious" but willfully deceptive critics of the USA, Michael Moore and Noam Chomsky, whose influence and book sales have soared in inverse proportion to their factual content. Fans of these two fiction-writers certainly will protest to hear them described as having abandoned factual emphasis, so I shall give a few of the essentials, with web links for access to the full load of devastating, though "struggling to catch-up" truth. Like the 9-11 conspiracy-theory books, these two authors appear to have a much larger audience in Europe than in America.

Noam Chomsky is best known for his missives against the USA and Israel, who are misportrayed as the cause of all the world's problems.(13) In this, he echoes the Islamo-fascists who rail against the "Great Satan" and "Little Satan", an idee fixe so intellectually nailed to the floor that he successfully avoids any mention of the genocidal butchery and crimes committed by the "Saharasian" Soviet Union, Red China and the multiple branches of the COMINTERN (100 million dead from that nasty bunch)(14) -- except perhaps to either blame their crimes on the USA and Israel, or deny that they occurred at all. But most people reading Chomsky won't know about his friendly relations with the Holocaust deniers and neo-Nazis, except perhaps in France where those relationships have been more widely exposed. Chomsky wrote a glowing endorsement-foreword to a 1980 French-language autobiography by Robert Faurisson, who is best known for his many writings which claim the Holocaust never happened and the Nazi gas chambers did not exist.(15) In 1984 Chomsky gave the publishing rights to one of his books to a French neo-Nazi publisher, rescuing it from bankruptcy,(16) and he co-authored another book with a radical terrorist apologist, Edward Said, published in 1983 by a notorious neo-Nazi publishing house in the USA.(17) His books and audiotapes are openly sold and/or indexed on neo-Nazi websites, along with the writings of Adolf Hitler and nearly every historical revisionist and Holocaust denier imaginable, with no apparent embarrasment or objections by Chomsky.(18) And as late as 1986 he allowed one of his articles to appear in the Journal of Historical Review, mouthpiece for the antisemitic neo-Nazi Institute for Historical Review, which gives favorable attention to most all his other writings.(19) There is more.

Until most recently I had no idea about the extent of Chomsky's activities in this direction, as in the USA and probably in most of Europe as well, he successfully passes himself off as a "radical anti-capitalist" and "rational social critic" from the political Left. Full documentation on this matter is presented in the well-researched book by Werner Cohn, Partners in Hate: Noam Chomsky and the Holocaust Deniers.(20) The book also is posted on-line by the author, who is a Professor Emeritus of Sociology at the University of British Columbia. Deborah Lipstadt, a powerful anti-fascist scholar who had done battle with the neo-Nazis on many occasions, also addresses the sordid Chomsky-Faurisson matter,(21) and most any book factually discussing modern antisemitism and Holocaust denial will include discussion of Chomsky. His die-hard supporters, however, either claim Chomsky's actions are a "defense of free-speech rights for Holocaust-deniers" (certainly it is much more than that), or they don't want to know about it at all. His distortions both in supporting the Holocaust deniers, and then trying to misrepresent his support as merely "defending free speech" is part of a larger pattern of misrepresentations which permeate his entire body of writings. Internet provides a veritable index-list of specific rebuttals to Chomsky's claims and writings, correcting his multiple distortions of historical and recent events. Other resources which go into much critical detail on Chomsky's distortions and lies of omission, include the work edited by Peter Collier and David Horowitz, The Anti-Chomsky Reader (published in late 2004), and the essay The Top 100 Chomsky Lies compiled by Paul Bogdanor, which is available online.(22, 23)

Having read some of Chomsky's materials years earlier, with a critical eye for their accuracy (they were, without my knowing it, carefully expunged of any reference to his European flirtations with the neo-Nazis), and having been deeply disappointed at nearly every page, I can give my own personal endorsement for all the above-listed illuminating critiques -- indirectly they also stand as a harsh critique of all the various revisionist-history and conspiracy books which rely so heavily upon Chomsky, or which repeat identical themes. Before immersing myself in this material, I noted at many places where Chomsky's divergence from genuine scholarship was profound -- denying the Cambodian killing fields** and blaming the USA and Israel for all the world's problems was bad enough -- but I could not then quite put my finger on the deeper emotional constellation from which it sprang. My background is actually the natural sciences, and prior to 9-11-2001, my only research into modern social analysis was the product of my earlier Saharasian discovery,(9) which primarily dealt with history and ethnography up to about 1900 AD. However, the spectre of the airplanes crashing into the twin towers provided a powerful impetus to throw myself into investigation of this new territory, which increasingly has demonstrated a deep emotional alliance between left-wing and liberal political groups and the Islamic radicals. With much distress, I also discovered a few of my friends and contacts in Europe really believed Chomsky to be an authentic researcher, overflowing with "facts". I also found my own quantitative work on the origins of violence question being increasingly attacked by advocates of Chomsky's and similar revisionist ideas. So I could not really escape an open dealing with the matter, even if I chose to avoid it (I don't). The revelation of Chomsky's tango with the Holocaust-deniers, in addition to his overt Stalinism and apologism for Islamic extremism, finally clarified the situation. The new social movement he represents has confirmed precisely Reich's dictum about the functional identity of the extreme Left and Right, but also exposes a deeper-lying "common functioning principle" of Islamic-Saharasian totalitarianism, the connections between which I have most recently demonstrated both historically and geographically. (24)

The above revelations, and a good examination of the specific critical materials cited, should provide the ultimate discreditation of Chomsky's writings for anyone with genuinely liberal sentiments (ie, concerns about genocide, justice, human rights, freedom, honesty, genuine scholarship, defeating totalitarianism, etc.). If it was possible to do so by email and internet, I'd wish to post a skull and crossbones sign on his publications, and similar works of historical revisionism, in the spirit of Santayana's Law, that "Those who cannot remember the past are condemned to repeat it". With my own eyes, I have seen people take a deep drink from the revisionist's poisoned well, only to rise up having been wholly blinded to the authentic history of the 20th Century, and begin throwing hate at Americans, "the Jews" and Western democracy in general, a new form of generalized "scapegoating" among those who enjoy all the benefits the West can offer, while simultaneously openly supporting some of the most blood-soaked dictators and totalitarian fanatics one could imagine. The strange phenomenon of Western intellectuals, movie-stars and antiwar activists, throwing hate at Bush, imperfect leader of the free world, and then jetting over to give a big friendly hug to mass-murderers like Saddam Hussein or Kim Jung Il also can be traced back to similar poisoned wells, which legitimize bringing to the surface all the buried anger and rage people carry in their guts, and transform the character no less than wearing of the mythical "Ring" of Tolkien. They would have us believe, the world would be a better place if only the West, the USA and Israel in particular, had not existed. Chomsky's widespread network of imitators and supporters, who uncritically parrot his distortions (25) don't seem bothered by his helpful support for the crass Jew-hatred and historical revisionism of the Holocaust deniers, nor about the fakery discovered in his citations by Coen, Horowitz, and others (22, 23)... but full details are now OUT, never again to be put back under the cloak. The main point here is, that his writings have been a major impetus for nearly all the hate-America, hate-Israel, hate-the-West publications of the last years following 9-11, when the Bush people were shocked out of their isolationist stupor and actually started to do something to hold the international Islamic terror brigades responsible for their murderous actions.

And then there is Michael Moore -- his lampooning of corporate America was, at least, an entertaining contribution to the social debate, but now he's moved on to more serious subject matter. Since making his millions by skewering capitalism, he's also plunged into the conspiracy swamp and is preparing a new disinformation film Fahrenheit 911, financed with $3 million from Disney/Miramax, that will blame Bush and the CIA (and Mossad?) for the 9-11 terror attacks.(26) Moore has shown himself to be expert in the use of "lies of omission" -- as well as of commission -- which most people won't know about unless they consult his critics. His film Bowling for Columbine stimulated small "town meetings" across the USA, mostly by folks of liberal sentiments who were so outraged by what he showed them, they felt they had to "do something to save America". However, many other Americans only became outraged at Moore himself, especially once the full extent of his lies and distortions were revealed. How many will have noticed, his splicing of the images of Charlton Heston, figurehead for the National Rifle Association, from at least two different speeches at two different times, misrepresenting them as happening only immediately after the Columbine tragedy? I didn't spot the deception, but now that others have made me aware of it, I can see it, easily, as Heston wears two different suits and ties in the two different speeches made at two different locations on two different dates -- Moore undertook a carefully crafted lie, designed to make Heston appear as presenting a strongly-worded defense of gun-rights immediately after Columbine, as if he were a cruel-hearted bastard who did not care one bit about children being shot dead in public schools. In fact, Michael Moore was the real Bastard, using the deaths of those kids to advance his own political agendas, and that is only one example of his methods. The devil is in the details, which in this case one can find most clearly gathered and discussed at the "mooreexposed.com" web site of David T. Hardy,(27) a Tucson lawyer with genuine working-class roots and a respect for facts, who has devoted considerable time and energy to revealing the quite elaborated deceptions in Moore's books and films:

On mooreexposed.com, Hardy gives a damning critique of the Bowling for Columbine movie:

"Moore altered history, misled his viewers, and edited the footage and audio in such a way as to reverse the meaning. In one case, he took a speech of a person he desired to target; the problem was that the speech was in fact conciliatory and mild. So he spliced in footage from another speech, cut out paragraphs, and spliced the beginning of one sentence to the ending of another. In another, when he wanted to criticize a political advertisement, but it wasn't as pointed as he wanted, he spliced together two different political ads, then added titling which was in neither."

The precise details of Moore's lying in Bowling, Stupid White Men, Downsize This and Dude, Where's My Country? are presented by Hardy as well. He has a marvelous spoof essay on the "shadowy connections between Moore and the Bin Ladens", using the same over-reaching illogic as employed by Moore and others against Bush.(28) And he is not alone in gathering together documentation on Moore's quite deliberate distortions. Again, with some digging, an internet search brought forth a list of websites exposing Michael Moore's deceptions.(29)

If you like Moore's works, and think he really is a good guy who wants to expose hidden facts and truth to mostly-ignorant Americans, you owe it to yourself to review these on-line materials. I'll add my own observation, made at the Hugendubel bookstore in Berlin. The cover of Moore's book Downsize This in the American edition shows him respectfully tipping his hat to the reader. The German edition, published in 2003, shows him menacingly holding forth several sticks of dynamite, in the manner of a terrorist. Compare the books being sold on Amazon.com versus Amazon.de (30) The differences between the covers for his Bowling for Columbine DVDs are even more alarming: The American edition shows Moore respectfully "tipping his hat" once again, or holding up a globe, while the German edition shows a cartoon figure of a child playing with toys and waving an American flag, but with a bullet-hole in the forehead and blood dripping down.(31)

Most certainly he knows such contemptuous photos suggesting his emotional partnership with terrorism and the "hate America" (and Americans) crowd would be a shock to even his most admiring American fans (or maybe not!). Before digging into this matter, I had no idea of the depth of his distortions, or that Moore was going in the direction of conspiracies currently popular in Cairo, Ramallah and Damascus. The article from the Christian Science Monitor cited in the first paragraph of this article, by a reporter who asked a lot of questions during his own trip to Germany, suggests people who attend Moore's lectures, like those who read Chomsky's missives, come away with an increased hatred for America and Americans. Have Americans now become the new international scapegoats, in addition to the Jews?

One wonders if Chomsky's or Moore's critiques of American life had included a defense of that same American life, imperfect as it is, against wanton murder by Islamic terrorists (whose motivation is to grab power and destroy democracy and freedom everywhere), would they get so many people clamoring for their books and DVDs? Their writings and films both reflect and stimulate an awful emotional rage which is perhaps the mechanism by which they gain the attention of already-angry people over more accurate and reasoned voices. Bush, as father figure, becomes an emotional garbage-can or target against which all the emotional turmoil and bad feeling of the angry masses can be thrown, after which everyone feels better and has a good laugh. But, haven't we seen this before, and don't we know where it ultimately leads? It is a "feel-good" exercise, but one which so muddies the waters, that legitimate criticisms of Bush administration policies -- such as his abysmal energy policies (hardly different from Clinton's, it should be noted) -- are drowned out and lose affect. And what is genuinely honest, freedom-supporting and antifascist within the Bush policies, which have liberated the peoples of Afghanistan and Iraq from genocidal tyrants and finally confronted global Islamofascism, this is shamefully ignored and thrown into the mud by the Chomsky-Moore-9/11-conspiracy crowd. This deceptive method of "international social critique" has already emboldened the enemies of freedom and cost many innocent lives, but we can take hope in the realization that most people, when exposed to the facts, quickly understand that a deception has occurred, and begin looking elsewhere for more solid answers.

A week after the Luxemburg Congress, standing in front of the Zweitausendeins bookstore in Berlin, I remembered how they finally decided not to translate and publish my "Saharasia", with all the rich documentation and scientific methods for tracking down global violence to its regional sources of greatest intensity. Instead, they moved in the direction of the hate-America conspiracy authors. Looking at the Broecker's 9-11 conspiracy materials in the front display window, with all but a flashing neon sign to gain the attention of passers-by, and with the little Hitler/Bush icon in plain view, my face must have revealed quite a shock, as the clerk came over, made eye contact and sheepishly shrugged his shoulders and grinned. A bit guilty, perhaps?

* James DeMeo, Ph.D. is author of Saharasia: The 4000 BCE Origins of Child-Abuse, Sex-Repression, Warfare and Social Violence, in the Deserts of the Old World (Natural Energy, Ashland, Oregon 1998). He also is Director of the non-profit Orgone Biophysical Research Lab, in Ashland, Oregon.

** Regarding Chomsky's denial and obfuscation about the Cambodian communist genocide, see the following (a browser search for the term "Cambodia" may be necessary on some, which are comprehensive articles or listings):
-- Noam Chomsky on Cambodia: http://www.paulbogdanor.com/chomsky/wma.html
-- Chomsky-Lacouture Controversy: http://jim.com/canon.htm#ch3
-- Chomsky lies: http://www.jim.com/chomsdis.htm
-- The Chomsky Hoax (with links to multiple articles on the subject): http://www.paulbogdanor.com/chomskyhoax.html
-- Chomsky and the Khmer Rouge: http://frontpagemag.com/2010/02/11/chomsky-and-the-khmer-rouge-the-observer/
-- Also see The Anti-Chomsky Reader by Collier & Horowitz, cited below in the "Postscript" section, which has a chapter section "Chomsky and Pol Pot's Cambodia" starting on page 15.

And here's an important summary of Iraq's very real involvement in international terrorism, including 911, as well as in the production of massive WMD stockpiles, nearly all of which has been deliberately ignored and obfuscated by left-leaning mainstream media.

No Lies About Iraq: http://sfcmac.wordpress.com/2008/06/17/no-lies-about-iraq

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Chomsky's Rage-Filled Condemnations of the USA, blaming the victims of Islamic terror for their own deaths, just After 9-11

Chomsky's videotaped speeches happily sold on internet by the White Aryan Resistance (a top neo-Nazi group in the USA), alongside other deeply racist, anti-Semitic materials, such as "The Eternal Jew", "Birth of a Nation", speeches by Hitler, Hess, etc. What is in Chomsky's speeches and world-view that would appeal to these people?!

New book: The Anti-Chomsky Reader Edited by Peter Collier and David Horowitz
A set of essays that analyze Noam Chomsky's intellectual career and the evolution of his anti-Americanism. The essays in this provocative book focus on subjects such as Chomsky's bizarre involvement with Holocaust revisionism, his apologies for Khmer Rouge tyrant Pol Pot, and his claim that America's policies in Latin America in the 1980s were comparable to Nazism.

New Book: Michael Moore Is a Big, Fat, Stupid White Man, by David Hardy and Jason Clarke

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