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Continued Attacks Against, and Theft of James DeMeo's Research

as Appearing on John Trettin's Websites

(Originally, Special Note on the Video Documentary: "Rain in the Desert")

by James DeMeo, Ph.D.

Director, Orgone Biophysical Research Lab
Ashland, Oregon, USA

Drafted September 2002
Revised in 2004 and 2005

"What Mr. John Trettin does is no different than a cheating student who steals test answers or research data from one of his fellows, or someone who pads their resume by adding in false accomplishments, or who plagiarizes chapters from another writer's book, putting his name to what he knows is not his own. But it is worse, because he not only steals away bits of my work in Arizona, and now also inflates his role in the old Waldheilung Group which I led, but he simultaneously publicly attacks me and nearly everyone else in the field of experimental orgonomy, and engages in character assassination. On top of it all, he now joins with Joel Carlinsky, of all people, who has been attacking and smearing a long list of workers in the field of orgonomy, over many years. It is unethical, and totally stunning that his 'Reichian' and Buddhist friends go along with it, even help him do it, haven't the courage to stand up to him, and apparently don't dare to tell him how wrong this is, how much damage he does not only to himself, and to others, but primarily to the name and research legacy of Wilhelm Reich. His actions also help to discredit Buddhism, suggesting once again, in spite of all the high-sounding rhetoric, that Buddhist Lamas are wholly self-absorbed beings who care nothing about facts and truth, but only for the accumulation of power." -- James DeMeo, February 2005.

NOTE: For an excellent overview of Dr. DeMeo's research with the Reich cloudbuster, and for background information to the following article, the reader is encouraged to review the following Research Summary.

The OROP Arizona cloudbusting experiments of 1989, discussed on a prior web page, constituted the first systematic evaluation of the desert-greening capabilities of Wilhelm Reich's method of Cosmic Orgone Engineering, or cloudbusting, to have taken place since Reich's original work in the early 1950s. As such, it is perhaps understandable that various emotional plague reactions have developed and swirled around my successful experiments, much as occurred during Reich's own time. Documentation on my Arizona experiments was presented to the National Oceanographic and Atmospheric Administration in 1990, which firstly acknowledged receiving it, but then later "lost" the materials. I later determined they had deliberately purged their files of the offending documentation, removing everything substantial and factual on cloudbusting which I had given to them (including documentation from my earlier validating research at the University of Kansas), apparently so they could issue public denials about the existence of published positive evidence on cloudbusting to any Congressional representatives or government agencies who might ask them about the matter. A pestilent character in the USA who had been making malicious attacks against me in various round-letters and in published smear articles, later put his name on a photocopy of my Arizona project documentation, and circulated it to various people trying to get money for "his" cloudbusting work. I was invited to present the details on my Arizona research to officials within a major US water-resource agency, only to later discover they were only interested to pry practical operational details from me, as they had already planned to undertake secret experiments on their own, without open consultation. In the process, they created a dramatic and destructive downpour in the Imperial Valley region -- thankfully, this scared the life out of the responsible parties, and they abandoned further "experiments". These and other public and private emotional reactions followed my Arizona work and subsequent cloudbusting projects in the USA, Europe, Israel and Africa, which, with each passing year, provided increasingly solid documentation validating Reich's original discoveries. At some point in time, the details of these events now contained in my files, will be published in full. What follows below, however, is a critical discussion of one on-going pestilent reaction which followed in the wake of these experiments. In this unique case, a former friend and associate who was peripherally involved with the early experiments in Arizona gradually withdrew from contact, expressing emotional rage where it had no rational place, stealing away parts of my work which were then publicly misrepresented as his own, and finally engaging in a series hideously distorted personal attacks. It was a saddening experience, to see once cooperative friends withdraw -- but emotional withdrawal is not the issue, so much as the urge to throw stones at, and to steal from the person whom one withdraws from, and later to stand on a soap-box and misportray the stolen material as the productive work of the thief. I would have been content to simply ignore Mr. John Trettin of Germany, had he simply gone his own way, and likewise left me in peace -- unfortunately, he decided early on to launch a series of severe provocations and attacks, which over time grew to such proportions I could no longer ignore them.

Here, then, are the facts.

Background History to the Attacks

As early as 1986, I circulated a Proposal among senior researchers in the field of orgone biophysics, soliciting their feedback and fundraising ideas for a multi-year desert-greening project in the region near Tucson, Arizona. It was to be a systematic replication of Reich's 1950s Tucson experiments as outlined in his book Contact With Space. I proposed to relocate my home and laboratory to that region, operate my cloudbusting equipment over several years, use top-quality data-recording and photographic equipment to replicate and document this important experiment of Reich, in a manner which would satisfy the contemporary standards of the scientific community. Unable to find suitable funding, by late 1988, I had instead relocated to the San Francisco Bay area, but with a concrete plan to make five separate expeditions into the Arizona region, undertaking the cloudbusting work on pre-announced dates, with a subsequent data-analysis. I had also recently completed my first Arizona cloudbusting operation in late Summer of 1988, ending a severe drought (See: Journal of Orgonomy 23(1):97-125, 1989). From this prior experience, the "OROP Arizona 1989" experiments emerged in concrete form. A small grant was obtained for bare-bones expenses for the revised five-operations project from Mr. Lou Hochberg (through the American College of Orgonomy), and I began preparations for the forthcoming work.

Late in 1988, I was contacted by Mr. Jürgen Fischer (who had no role in the malicious activities under discussion here), who represented a team composed of himself , Mr. John Trettin and Ms. Beate Freihold. They expressed an admiration for my work, and as part of their planned trip through the USA in 1989, wanted to interview me for their Orgonomic Video Archive. I consented to an interview, and in the conversations with Fischer (and in subsequent letters) the German video team learned about my forthcoming desert-greening cloudbusting experiment in the Arizona deserts. The German team expressed a great interest in this forthcoming project, and enthusiastically volunteered to come along on the project, and to make a video documentation and help out -- they were able to make this generous offer in large measure because they had previously been given a donation of several hundred thousand Deutsche-marks by a German Reich-enthusiast, to finance their trip to the USA, and to purchase video equipment for the development of their video-archive. After getting to know more about them, the work they were doing in Germany building orgone accumulators, and meeting them during a January 1989 lecture trip to Berlin, I consented to allow the German team to come along and make a video documentary of my working project. It was agreed this would be done at no costs to myself or my institute, the Orgone Biophysical Research Lab (OBRL), for the sole purpose of assisting my research effort, which was aimed at experimental testing, verification and application of Wilhelm Reich's atmospheric discoveries to the very large problems of drought and desert spreading. The written letters between ourselves spelled out these facts, and additionally stated that the produced video documentary would not be made public given the sensitive nature of the subject material; it would only be given to key persons in government, universities, research institutions and private foundations, to help facilitate funding for longer-term projects. As an aside, I also made several introductions for them with persons in the USA, helping to secure their interviews, such as with Mr. Robert Morris, a close personal friend and co-worker. Following upon these early agreements and meetings, the German team arrived in California in early May of 1989, stayed at my home, and then departed with me to make the documentary of the early cloudbuster field operations in Arizona. The point is emphasized, that the German film crew had no role whatsoever in the planning or implementation of the "OROP Arizona" project, other than helping on a few occasions, carrying out my instructions to set up and take down the equipment, and on one occasion to work the controls for a few minutes under my direct supervision.

After all five of the Arizona cloudbusting experiments were completed, I undertook an extensive meteorological data analysis, the results of which was quite positive for Reich, showing significant increases in rainfall over the entire region, correlated to the cloudbusting operations. My research paper on these experiments, with the data analysis, was published in a serial version within the Journal of Orgonomy (23(2): 271-272, November 1989, 24(1):111-124, May 1990, and 24(2):252-258, November 1990) and later in Pulse of the Planet (#3, Summer 1991, p.82-92). I also made public lecture presentations on the experiments to the Association for Arid Lands Studies (1990), the American College of Orgonomy (1990), the Association of American Geographers (1991), and the Society for Scientific Exploration (2001). The German film crew was publicly thanked on many occasions for their help and interest, as part of a much longer list of people who came along and assisted on the other four experiments. The primary operators for this entire project were myself, James DeMeo, who directed all operations, and my research assistant Ms. Theirrie Cook who participated on four of the five expeditions. Other persons with long-time serious interests in Reich's work, including physicians and scientists from the USA, Germany, Italy and Switzerland, came to visit and help with the work, as listed in my published articles on the experiments.

Within a year after my 1989 operations, a video documentary entitled "Rain in the Desert" was produced, with cooperative oversight from everyone involved, but with final approvals from myself. Authorship of the video documentary as given on the title pages and trailer, as well as copyright controls, were retained by myself, Dr. James DeMeo and the Orgone Biophysical Research Lab, given the fact that the subject matter was focused entirely upon my work methods, equipment and experiment. For several years thereafter, my relationship with the German video team remained good, and copies of the video were occasionally duplicated and delivered into the hands of various professionals and others whom, it was hoped, would open doors for desert-greening projects where a clear need existed. To give an indication on the good nature of my relations with the German film crew, they offered to transfer a complete duplicate copy of all their interview videotapes and archive to my OBRL institute in the USA, such that a copy would exist for future reference. For the reasons given below, however, this generous offer never came to pass.

Orgonomische Projekt Waldheilung

Around the same time as the German film-crew approached me for an interview, and made the videotaped documentary of my "OROP Arizona", I was approached quite independently by a small group of physicians and professors in Berlin to see what could be done using the Reich cloudbuster against their growing problem of air pollution. I was invited to Berlin to give lectures and have private meetings to discuss what practical steps could be taken. Germany was then suffering under immense atmospheric inversions which created numerous smog alarms and alerts every winter, causing widespread respiratory distress, economic damage due to the forced shutting of factories, and massive forest die-off across broad regions. As early as 1983, I had authored "A New Approach to the Acid Rain Problem", which proposed special cloudbusting methods for affecting atmospheric chemistry, to oppose the acid-rain problem. Some years later, one of my practical cloudbusting experiments in the USA yielded empirical evidence suggesting my proposed methods would work: "Reduction of Rainwater Acidity Following the End of the 1986 Drought: An Effect of Cloudbusting?" as published in Journal of Orgonomy (21(2):249-251, 1987). This work had apparently stimulated the interest of German professionals with an interest in Reich's methods, leading them to originally contact me. In 1989 I also made an extended trip across the hardest-hit regions of Germany, where forest-death and acid rains had taken a dramatic toll, being guided mostly by Dr. Stefan Müschenich, whom I knew previously for his research on human subjects with the orgone energy accumulator. I met with scientists in universities and private institutes who were undertaking research on the problem from classical perspectives. Based upon my knowledge of cloudbusting, of Reich's discoveries and of classical findings, I then put together a paper "Survey of German Forests" with recommendations to the German group, which agreed to implement them. Starting that same year, and over the next several years, I assumed the leadership role of the newly-formed "Orgonomische Projekt Waldheilung" (Orgonomic Forest-healing project), where cloudbusting activity in both Berlin and Western Germany was undertaken in efforts to overcome the air pollution crisis. The actual field operations usually happened when I was visiting and giving lectures but occasionally occurred when I was not in Germany, but nearly always under my supervision by long-distance consultations. Several persons in that group had focused interest in the cloudbuster, notably Prof. Bernd Senf, Dr. Siegfried Mahn, Dr. Stefan Müschenich, and the Fischer-Trettin-Freihold team, as well as a meteorology student from the Freie Universitat. However, all confessed to an absence of clear knowledge on how to proceed with such a project. In that context, I was invited to assume the leadership role, though I made it absolutely clear, my work effort was aimed at ending the atmospheric crisis, and should not be considered "cloudbusting lessons". Once the work got underway, things went smoothly, though often with some personality clashes between group members, among which Mr. Trettin often figured prominently. This is not the place to recount the history of that fascinating work-project, except to say that in spite of the personal difficulties, there was a dramatic reduction in smog alerts and alarms over Berlin in the years after the project was started. A short article on this project "Research Progress Report: Germany 1989-1990 Orgonomisches Projekt Waldheilung" appeared in Pulse of the Planet (#3:112-115, 1991), giving additional details, including parts of my "Survey of German Forests" mentioned above. Eventually, with the atmospheric situation significantly improved such that continued cloudbusting work became infrequent or unnecessary, the formal structure of the group dissolved, often amid dissention and personality clashes which in most cases could be traced back to tensions existing long before I ever came to Germany.

The development and demise of the "Waldheilung Group" is too complex a subject to be detailed here -- over the years some of its membership continued with the difficult Reichian work, while others ran away, and a few became plaguey. I have maintained close and ongoing work relations with several of the old members, and cordial, professional relations with most of the others -- however, I can say that the few paragraphs which have appeared on Mr. Trettin's web pages discussing the Waldheilung project are wholly self-serving with numerous very malicious misrepresentations and serious omissions. While he had the opportunity to play a leadership role in that project, and to build his own friendships and working alliances, in fact he could hardly get along with anyone else, and eventually came to attack virtually everyone involved, myself included.

The "Orgonomische Buddhismus" Factor

To back-track, I should mention that at the time of my first lecture trip to Berlin in 1989, the German film crew of Fischer-Trettin-Freihold lived in what appeared to be a Buddhistic commune. They were at the time circulating a pamphlet on "Orgonomische Buddhismus", the cover photo of which was Mr. Trettin inside an orgone accumulator. They informed me of their frustration that none of the other Reichians in the Berlin region were interested to join with them to form a larger communal-living organization. This, I was initially concerned about, given my knowledge about the sex-negative and misogynistic nature of organized Buddhism, and of "Reichian communes" as well, but everyone else in the Berlin Reich scene complimented them on their orgone accumulator factory, which supplied various patients and physicians in the Berlin region. They always built good orgone accumulators and provided a very important service in this regard -- that has never been at issue. And since nobody in the Berlin Reich scene felt threatened by this Buddhistic emphasis, I let the matter drop entirely. Later, through translations by Mr. Fischer, Mr. Trettin informed me he was one of Germany's only certified Tibetan High Lamas, and he showed me a certificate on his wall which documented this fact. As he explained, he had sat in silent meditation in his Muellerstrasse apartment for two years, being waited on hand-and-foot by Fischer and Freihold, as part of his training. When I confronted him about the antithetical nature of that kind of life-approach to what Reich discovered, and about Buddhism's sex-negative character, he acknowledged the issues, and stated his primary loyalties were to Reich, that he disagreed with the Buddhistic hierarchy and the anti-sexual, anti-female aspects. Mr. Trettin did not shave his head, wear colored robes, or remain celibate as did the other Buddhist monks and Lamas, and believed he could affect change into the Buddhistic system. He also stated, that high-up members of the Buddhist hierarchy were "fully aware" of Reich's discoveries, through his own efforts to educate them. Since their role in the overall project was acting as video-camera operators, and making accumulators for the Berlin Reich scene, I only raised my concerns about this forced marriage of Buddhistic mysticism with orgonomy to them in private conversations, directly to the Fischer-Trettin-Freihold team as something they should consider, feeling this was something for the German Reichians to sort out on their own. The Fischer-Trettin-Freihold video-team did excellent work documenting the field work and lectures in Berlin, participated more directly in the Waldheilung project, made excellent orgone accumulators, and were most friendly and helpful towards my own work. Nevertheless, in hindsight, it appears to me that my views and conversations with them about the sex-negative and misogynistic aspects of Buddhism, and my research findings on "Saharasia", are a significant part of the underlying factors which led to the later Trettin-Freihold attacks.

To underscore that I am not making anything up on this consideration, I quote here directly from the Trettin-Freihold "" website, which carries the following notice at the bottom of nearly every entry. The weblinks are reproduced from the original, and link to Trettin's own webpages:

German Original
Er ist beurkundeter Lama der tantrischen Kagyü-Tradition, deren Lehren über Mahamudra und Dzogchen den Methoden Wilhelm Reichs über den Energieentzug auf spiritueller Ebene entspricht. Trettin gründete das Dzogorg, das Reichs Orgonomie mit den Dzogchenlehren verbindet. Zur Pflege dieser Traditionen gibt es heute das Gyurme Gyamtso Ling Institut, dem Trettin vorsteht. Es ist ebenso beurkundet, wie Trettin's lamaistische Praxis selbst.

English Translation
He [Trettin] is a certified Lama of the Tantric Kagyü tradition whose teachings of the methods of Mahamudra and Dzogchen on the spiritual level are identical to those of Wilhelm Reich regarding the withdrawal [discharge?] of energy. Trettin founded the "Dzogorg" which connects Reich's orgonomy with the teachings of Dzogchen. To foster this tradition there is the Gyurme Gyamtso Ling Institute headed by Trettin. It is also certified, like Trettin's Lama-ist practice itself.

The implication of this statement is, that one can acquire by "spiritual practices", the same psychic health benefits which Reich's clinical research showed was possible only through a full orgastic discharge, which itself is dependent upon the giving up of mental controls over autonomic processes. I will forego further analysis of the deeply mystical nature of the above revelations, except to say that these details were completely hidden from myself and everyone else I knew, until late in 2004. At that time, they also began openly using the term "Karmapa" as pen-names for e-mail correspondence, a term identifying the leadership-caste of the Kagyüpa Tibetan Lama sect, which irrupted into violent internal conflicts in the early 1990s. Reading the standard dictionary definitions and usage for terms such as "Mahamudra", "Dzogchen", and "Karmapa" is not so revealing as what one learns by reading from the critics of Buddhism, as mentioned below. These terms refer to deeply sex-negative, controlling and emotion-suppressing "up-in-the-head" practices, which are entirely antithetical to the kind of spontaneous and "in the body" forms of living which Reich's work emphasizes. Certainly, Trettin and Freihold are free to believe whatever they wish, but their effort is far more than merely "personal belief", with the public construction of a new social movement which merges Reich's orgonomy with Buddhistic Tantric practices, as with the "Dzog-org" mention by Trettin ["DZOGchen ORGonomy"]. On this score, it is certainly legitimate to openly criticize what Trettin and Freihold are attempting, no less than if a Catholic priest tried to unite a distorted version of Reich's orgonomy with the sex-negative, anti-female teachings of the Vatican, holding Sunday services and a High Mass making references to the "holy orgone ghost", or making Reich into one of the Saints.

Trettin's love for Buddhism, and his hatred for Reich's orgonomy, is even more openly revealed in his various postings of Spring and Summer 2005. In particular, the Orgonstar #407 of 29. Mai 2005 ( has this to say (translated from German):

(...) Nepal is practically far ahead of the theoretical orgonomy. There is no self regulation in orgonomy, it reminds rather of Stalinism. Also in orgonomy there is no liberty of opinion and no free life, at all, only the dictatorship of frustration (sic!) and I would even say maliciousness. The Mahayana aspect of sympathy, which belongs to genitality, is missing in orgonomy. Orgonomists do not know love. ... The Buddhist social system of Kathmandu is the best that I ever saw. The reference to the own deepest nature of Buddha nature (sic!) is a deep self regulation, in the west unknown to a large extent - a psychological area the Westeners did not locate to a large extent yet. (...) However orgonomy only brought about a system without tolerance, one-sided knowledge and maliciousness, which will never conquer the hearts of people. (...)"

These are most incredible statements, which fully ignore the high levels of patriarchal authoritarianism and patristic-armored social institutions within Nepalese society, where women and ordinary people are in large measure subjugated by the King and the Lamas, where democratic institutions, freedom of the press and of speech have historically been opposed by those ruling castes. It is also an incredible statement given the way Mr. Trettin posts photos of Wilhelm Reich, Eva Reich, Walter Hoppe, and others who fully dedicated their lives to orgonomy, on the same webpages which condemn orgonomy in such hard and malicious words. Nobody familiar with orgonomy in the USA, who has ever had their life changed for the better through orgone therapy with one of the many competent and empathic orgone therapists who learned their craft through Reich's own trainees, will recognize what Trettin is criticizing.

I should also note: there are many Reich-followers who have an open attitude towards Buddhism and Eastern religions, or to Judeo-Christian ideas, and it is not my attempt here to "shake them" away from any such beliefs. Everyone who has studied Reich knows, the cosmic orgone energy can be organically sensed by the average individual as a flowing and moving energy in the body and out in nature as well, and oftentimes this is mystically perceived and described in god-like terms. People may feel "close to god", based upon such energetic perceptions, even without anthromorphizing their felt experiences. It certainly is not objectionable for a Buddhist Lama or Catholic priest, or anyone else to embrace Reich's findings, with person benefit and comprehension that major aspects of "god" which they hold dear to their hearts are at least partly confirmed in the discovery of the physical orgone energy. I know decent, honorable people who meditate and do Yoga exercises, and some of those openly embrace Reich's sex-economic findings, including a few who have become productive workers in the field of orgonomy. However, I can also say with confidence that virtually ALL of this latter group have completely broken away from the organized religious hierarchies which they formerly embraced. Mr. Trettin, by his own admissions, retains and proudly emphasizes his Buddhist Lama certifications and connections to the Buddhistic hierarchy. Buddhism appears not changed in the slightest by his embrace of orgonomy, but orgonomy has been dramatically revised to absorb his Buddhism. If he wishes to publicly build a new "social movement" based upon a mystical devolution of Reich's discoveries, where sex-economy is deeply compromised and orgone biophysics is subordinated into a pre-existing metaphysical doctrine and hierarchy which remains unaffected, then certainly he should anticipate some very sharp and equally public criticism. This is an entirely different matter from his constructing orgone accumulators and making bion or To-T experiments, which are an expression of healthy core work, or his "lifting" parts of my research onto his website without attribution while distorting my work, which is an expression of secondary-layer malice. The contradictions between all the various mystical doctrinaire hierarchies and orgonomy are substantial, and cannot be rationally ignored, unless one wishes to simply reject Reich's clinical findings. Reich has already discussed the issues in detail, on the neurotic foundations of religious hierarchies and how "mysticism leads to fascism, step-by-step" (in his Mass Psychology of Fascism). I have furthermore provided cross-cultural evidence which gives solid proof of the accuracy of Reich's clinical observations and sex-economic findings (in my Saharasia). Those who question the sex-negativity and female-subordinating nature of contemporary Buddhism would also do well to read "The Shadow of the Dalai Lama" or "Hitler-Buddha-Krishna" by Victor and Victoria Trimondi or "Travellers in Space" by June Campbell (also see the article "I was a Tantric Sex-Slave"). They also became the targets of considerable violent hatred by "peaceful" Buddhists, for daring to criticize. (Let us recall, the Imperial Japanese Army was ministered by a small army of both Shinto AND Buddhist priests, who inflamed the ordinary Japanese soldier to commit genocide and atrocities against those who would not acknowledge Hirohito, the Emperor of Japan, as a God. Tibet and Mongolia before the communists were also largely slave-states run by a violent Buddhistic Lama-mafia organized around the personality of the Dalai Lama -- not that the Communists were any better!) The respect for life which is shown by some Buddhists (and non-Buddhists) is not under question here -- only the hatred towards females and natural sexuality which Buddhism carries, as well as the emphasis upon extreme hierarchical fascist expressions, as seen in the "guru-devotee" slave system demanded of every serious student of organized Buddhism, and which has historically exploded with murderous ferocity quite regularity on the social scene. Buddhism, in this respect, shares the fate of all other hierarchal sex-negative organized religions, and the entire body of Reich's sex-economic discovery stands in opposition to it. [As of March 2005, Trettin created several new websites fully devoted to his merger of "Tantra-Orgonomy". One is titled "Orgon Tantra" ( and the other "Dzogorg" (, plus a special new internet "Tantra-Sexpol" e-group at Another new Trettin website is fully devoted to "Lama-John" These websites speak loudly about what Mr. Trettin stands for, and the educated person merely has to review them and judge for themself if this has anything to do with Wilhelm Reich's sex-economic and orgone-biophysical discoveries, or not.]

The Attacks Begin

In the early 1990s, Mr. Trettin basically discharged Mr. Fischer from his "Buddhist/Reichian" commune. Fischer had taken a wife, and produced a child, and it was my impression that this was a most unwelcome intrusion into the otherwise child-less Trettin-led communal group. As Mr. Fischer later informed me, he and his family had been thrown out of the group, and out of his apartment for which Mr. Trettin held the lease agreements, "penniless and in the middle of winter", forcing him to take refuge within a local Buddhist Temple, where he and his wife became the cooks. Even there, however, Fischer was later expelled for questioning the very low slave-wages they were paid, which insured total dependency upon the Buddhist monks for nearly everything. Later on, Mr. Fischer established his own orgone accumulator company, Fischer Orgon Technik, in competition with Trettin-Freihold. Mr. Trettin and Ms. Freihold reorganized their own efforts under the umbrella of the Institut fur Orgonforschung und Orgontechnik (IOO) and Orgon Institut Nuembrecht, though they continued to develop their video archive, and made video documentaries of my lectures and of the field operations conducted by the Waldheilung Group.

What I found most alarming, however, was the dramatically fast manner in which Mr. Fischer changed from being a "dear friend" into a "despised enemy". Over a span of a few months, there was a complete and total change in attitude on the part of Mr. Trettin and Ms. Freihold towards Mr. Fischer, who formerly had been their closest friend, co-worker and confidant. Trettin and Freihold subsequently were filled with poison about Mr. Fischer, but without any clear reasons being given. In Mr. Fischer's place, however, appeared just as suddenly Mr. Jürgen Wellhausen, who acted as translator for Mr. Trettin, and who appeared to have been "sent" by the German Buddhist hierarchy. Mr. Wellhausen was very proud of his highly practiced Buddhistic skills, being able to recite the Buddhistic chants with a professional precision. Wellhausen also reflected the irrational cult-like hatred towards Mr. Fischer seen in both Trettin and Freihold, even though they were not closely acquainted -- as if he had been ordered to "hate Mr. Fischer". Mr. Fischer's big sin, it would appear, was to have finally broken free of Buddhistic totalitarianism, perhaps under the influence of his wife and the needs of his new child. Fischer later informed me, that Mr. Trettin held a much greater, deeper and more central interest in and commitment to Buddhism than what he held for Reich's discoveries, and that nobody outside of Trettin's Buddhistic circles were allowed to see what was really going on "behind the curtain". I glimpsed behind that curtain on a few occasions, however, before I also became a "despised enemy" to Trettin, to see for example his wall covered with photos and drawings of literally hundreds of gurus and Lamas, eastern gods and goddesses, mandallas, meditation symbols and so forth, mixed in with various rock-and-roll stars (the latter representing something more healthy than the various gurus, I would say) and also a special orgone accumulator in which Mr. Trettin sat while meditating. Normally, none of this would be worthwhile to publicly recount or discuss -- it is simply too personal -- however, I mention these recollections here as a measure towards self-defense against Mr. Trettin's and Ms. Freihold's many years of sniper attacks and misrepresentations of myself and my work, as part of their larger psychology of personal misrepresentation. They misrepresent themselves as "Reichians" but without informing others of their much deeper engagement in organized Buddhistic religion, just as they also misrepresent me even as they steal my work. Clarity in one's work, like clarity in personal relationships, is central to everything Reich stood for. But more to the point, nobody has the right, or the realistic expectation, that they can re-formulate "Reich" into something unrecognizable, putting his work into a blender for forced homogenization with concepts he strongly criticized when alive, and escape without being openly criticized for doing so. This is not merely a "lifestyle" consideration, but a whole-cloth attempt to destroy the critical fabric of Reich's sex-economic discovery, and re-formulate it into something that becomes "acceptable" to mystical organized religion. Neither does anyone have the right to misrepresent themselves as being so deeply committed to Reich, while at the same time lending such open support to sex-negative religious cults. Mr. Trettin's commitment appears, first and foremost, to the cult of Tibetan Buddhism, of which he is certified High Lama, and by which he surrounds himself only with "believers" to that cult, even while superficially espousing Reichian and orgonomic tenets. Details to support this charge, with web links to Trettin's own webpages, has already been given above.

Shortly after Mr. Fischer became "persona non-grata" within the Trettin commune, all pretenses they had of cooperative work with me also ended, with the departure of Mr. Trettin and Ms. Freihold from Berlin to western Germany. Trettin broke relations with nearly all his former friends and associates in Berlin, and began a program of malicious attacks against them, along with misrepresentations of himself which have been stunning and unprecedented in the field of orgonomy. He made a short alliance with a few persons in the now-defunct "European Association for Orgonomy", during which time he spread malicious stories about myself into that organization -- I never learned what those accusations were, as nobody in that group had the courage to tell me to my face, even after I asked them about it directly. One correspondent wrote "Don't try to deny it!!!" but refused to inform me just what "it" was. (To this day, I still don't know.) Mr. Trettin eventually wrote a rage-filled 35-page incoherent round-letter which attacked virtually everyone in the field of orgonomy, including Dr. Eva Reich and all his former friends and associates. Incredibly, his letter was in reply to a 16-page angry round-letter written by one of his new "European Association" friends, also attacking the Berliner Reichians -- Trettin bitterly complained the 16-page letter had "not gone far enough"! His main complaint appeared to be, that nobody had recognized his genius, nor accepted him as a "leader" in orgonomy. He complained about my leadership role in the Waldheilung group, about my publication of new books on Reich through the Zweitausendeins Verlag, and about many other things. I was even chastised for having a dinner-table work-discussion with one of the Berliners whom he disliked. It was as if, nothing I did in Germany, or elsewhere, was worthwhile, and nothing I could do that was right. Overnight, I became a "bad guy" who should simply "go away". The fact that I had undertaken difficult work over several years, and helped rid Berlin of its air pollution problem, giving seminars and lectures on many aspects of both social and experimental orgonomy no longer mattered. The fact that I had taken a stand against several persons in the Berlin Reich scene who were attempting to reduce Reich's orgone energy into a "concept" -- circulating two scientifically-constructed "Open Critiques" -- did not matter either. Trettin was inconsolable. Prof. Bernd Senf, a prominent hard-worker in the Waldheilung group who also was mercilessly attacked, summarized the Trettin attack-letter most aptly by saying "the breast does not give enough milk." Nobody targeted in those letters bothered to respond to them, as virtually everyone who read them was stunned that anyone would be so foolish to sign their name to such a document. Every professional dealing with life-and-death issues will predictably have disagreements and personal disappointments, but these are best worked through in private, unless there are serious issues which require a more public airing. One then addresses issues, and avoids personal attacks and recriminations. Unfortunately, Mr. Trettin appeared to have nobody within his circle who was willing or able to advise him, to make his complaints privately, where constructive resolution might be possible.

Around this same time of the incredible round-letters, the Trettin-Freihold team began openly selling copies of my "Rain in the Desert" video documentary, contrary to all prior agreements. They also openly sold my Berlin lecture videotapes. Even while capitalizing upon my work, malicious snipes against me, written by Mr. Trettin, began to appear on the "Orgonomy Mailing List" news group, and on the PORE web site. I did make a few clarifying rebuttals to the more malicious slanders appearing in those internet forums, but for many additional years I chose to ignore the pestilent actions of the Trettin-Freihold team, hoping they might tire of attacking me, and cease on their own. They did not.

Unethical Stealing and Deception

Finally, I learned that the "Rain in the Desert" video was being publicly sold, but with my name and the OBRL Institute removed from mention in the header and tailer. Instead, the video now promoted Mr. John Trettin and his IOO, as if they were the ones who had organized and carried forward the OROP Arizona research project. Additionally, a running byline was superimposed within the video, with Mr. Trettin's name, Institute, address and telephone number added in, further misportraying himself as someone central to that project. I thereafter wrote a letter to Trettin-Freihold, insisted that they cease selling this video, as well as many other videotapes of my Berlin lectures, which they were also selling without permissions. A lawyer in Germany was contacted, and preparations for a copyright infringement lawsuit were in development.

Following this confrontation, the Trettin-Freihold team ceased public selling of the videotape, and from my side, the matter was dropped. However, in subsequent months, it was discovered that various photographs of my large cloudbuster "Icarus" were posted to their web site without proper identification, suggesting this was Mr. Trettin's apparatus. Worse, carefully selected video sequences from the "Rain in the Desert" Arizona project then began appearing at their web site which completely censored out all mention or images of myself, and even more completely misrepresented John Trettin and Beate Freihold, and their institute, as the originators and main workers of the Arizona project. Some of the video clips show my hands pointing to weather maps or graphs, but in such cases the audio portions have been deleted (at the time, I was discussing the weather patterns on those maps). In other cases, the video camera follows Mr. Trettin or Ms. Freihold walking along the path in the desert of Arizona, or next to the cloudbuster, only to cut away the instant I would otherwise come into view, as seen in the original video documentary. My blue Chevrolet Astrovan, and my cloudbuster Icarus are clearly seen in the various clips, but my face, body and name, and the name of the Orgone Biophysical Research Lab, have been totally erased from view.

LEFT: Cloudbuster Icarus, a large remotely-controlled apparatus constructed by James DeMeo in 1976, shown here at work on the banks of the Colorado River during his OROP Arizona 1989 project. RIGHT: Cloudbuster Icarus at work along the banks of the Colorado River, under broiling, DOR haze conditions. These photos are from the article "OROP ARIZONA 1989: A Cloudbusting Experiment To Bring Rains in the Desert Southwest", by James DeMeo, Ph.D. Photos and videos of this apparatus, and scenes from the Arizona project litter the Trettin websites, without reference to their source or context, and misrepresented as if Trettin was somehow involved in organizing or carrying the project forward. In fact, his role was limited to that of video camera-operator, and some minor tasks and errands requested of the video crew by Dr. DeMeo, and then for only the first of five separate field expeditions which took place in 1989.

For example:

This website presents a long list of the Orop Arizona video clips, extracted from the original "Rain in the Desert" production, along with a still photo of my cloudbusting equipment. It is all misrepresented as the work of Trettin-Freihold. Virtually every part of that video which shows them is carefully selected and publicly displayed, while every part that shows myself is edited out. No mention is made anywhere, of my central planning and directing role and work in the OROP Arizona project. Video clips of my equipment, videotaped at a site I selected well in advance from similar work in 1988, of my vehicle, and even of my home apartment and of my hands pointing to weather maps and charts, are all distorted and misportrayed as some fantasy-development of Trettin-Freihold. Likewise, additional video clips on "cloudbusting in Berlin" appearing at this web site are misrepresented as something exclusively from the Trettin-Freihold team. In fact, all those images are stolen from the Orgonomic Projekt Waldheilung, as mentioned above. The German video crew of Fischer-Freihold-Trettin made documentation of those experimental efforts in Germany, but as with the Arizona project, Mr. Trettin and Ms. Freihold misportray carefully-edited video clips from that working project as if it were their project, and none of the other centrally-involved participants are mentioned. It is true they were a part of the working group for Orgonomic Projekt Waldheilung, but none of the cloudbusters or operations shown in these video clips were the product of Mr. Trettin's or Ms. Freihold's work. One of the cloudbusters shown was constructed by a student at the Freie Universitat who brought his apparatus with him when he moved to Berlin, and the other was constructed by a Waldheilung Group member from Western Germany. This latter cloudbuster was constructed and operated in consultation with myself, for the initial years at least, and I willingly gave advice on many technical points. Not only were these other workers deleted from the various video clips of the Berlin experiments, but nearly all other working participants are deliberately censored and edited out, with only the Trettin-Freihold images remaining, as if the project were theirs alone. During the project, Trettin complained bitterly to me that the group contained too many persons who "only contributed money" (as if, that were irrelevant!), but this is no justification for obliterating their role, or the role of the other more directly-involved workers. The only apparent explanation for this distortion by Trettin and Freihold, is to fabricate a misrepresentation of themselves as the sole originators of those working projects, and as the holders of great experience and knowledge on the subject of cloudbusting. In fact, they boast of a "World Wide Cloudbustingproject (WWC)" on their web pages, but to my knowledge have never undertaken any kind of training or independent work on this serious subject.

This web page shows various photos of cloudbusting devices with everyone's face avoided or cut out except for Mr. Trettin, and again, mostly of apparatus he never personally used or built. The first photo cuts out the face of his former friend and associate Jürgen Fischer; who worked with him on that very early effort. The second photo again shows my cloudbuster Icarus in Blythe, California during the OROP Arizona project. The third cloudbuster is the one made by the above-mentioned university student, used during the Orgonomic Projekt Waldheilung. None of these devices are identified as such, and are thereby misrepresented as belonging to Trettin-Freihold.

At this website is another cloudbuster constructed and used by the now-defunct Waldheilung Group, misrepresented as Mr. Trettin's device.

This web site provides a still photo and videoclip showing Mr. Trettin walking next to my cloudbuster Icarus, and blue Astrovan, during the 1989 Orop Arizona project, as if he was someone important to that work. The video clip shows cloudbuster Icarus being remotely operated... but the operator, James DeMeo, is standing just off to the side of the video clip, and so is not seen anywhere, nor mentioned. On the same page is a scan of the Arizona horizon and atmosphere, comparing the observed clarity after my cloudbusting work, as compared with before the work. This was videotaped at the time when I was giving a presentation to the videocamera discussing the problems of desert atmospheres, and how the cloudbusting operations had been carried out to affect the beneficial changes -- that is why the video clip has no sound track, as my voice was deleted! The web site makes many deliberate distortions of history and fact, about Mr. Trettin's role in that work, and his overall efforts in the various cloudbusting projects mentioned above, and about the video "Rain in the Desert".
This webpage boasts of Mr. Trettin's work, but carries a large photograph of him standing next to my cloudbuster Icarus, during the first Arizona 1989 experiment. The photo-caption states: "John Trettin beim Cloudbusting in Kalifornien, Mai 1989" -- in fact, Mr. Trettin did NO cloudbusting whatsoever in California, other than a few minutes to turn the switches for the aiming motors under my direct instructions.
This webpage shows again Mr. Trettin with my cloudbuster Icarus during the Arizona experiment, in Blythe California. The photo caption also, once again, misrepresents Trettin as someone important to that project, stating "Cloudbusting in Blythe, Californien, USA". The text of this webpage makes even more malicious attacks against me and the highly successful 5-year desert-greening project I led in Eritrea, Africa, which stands as the most powerful corroboration ever undertaken of Reich's original atmospheric research findings. The attack-letters suggest "DeMeo abandoned the Eritreans" and says nothing about the outbreak of open war between Ethiopia and Eritrea in 1999, which was the reason why the project could not be continued.
This site again shows my equipment, including on Trettin's newest "" website, but the only mention of my name is derogatory, with vicious insults and attacks.

For comparisons, the reader is invited to review the above-identified Trettin websites against the original "OROP Arizona 1989" publication, which includes color photographs of the same apparatus at the same geographical location, for comparative documentation from my original research, at:

Orgone Accumulator Construction: Pseudo-Controversy

Of late, Mr. Trettin has also been attacking my friends and co-workers, in the context of claims that we acquired important information on orgone accumulator construction from him or "his" book Der Orgonakkumulator nach Wilhelm Reich (Jürgen F. Freihold -pseud. Verlag Konstanze Freihold, Edition Space, Berlin 1983). For example, he asserts I learned things from him for my Orgone Accumulator Handbook, and he makes vicious statements attacking Theirrie Cook, owner of the Orgonics accumulator fabrications firm, accusing her of stealing from him significant details on how to build orgone accumulators. For the record, Ms. Cook was making orgone blankets and accumulators since the 1970s, long before I met her; the Orgonics company was conceived and started by her in 1988 as a sole proprietorship and she has directed it ever since, making some of the highest-quality orgone devices available anywhere. Also, the first edition of my Orgone Accumulator Handbook (Natural Energy Works, Miami Florida 1986) was released several years before my first visit to Germany, before I ever met the Fischer-Trettin-Freihold team or even knew about their book. My German language skills are very poor, in any case. And while the second revised edition of my Handbook (Natural Energy Works, Ashland, Oregon 1989) came out after my first visit to Berlin, the same construction diagrams were used in both editions. The new materials learned from Germany, and which were added to that second edition, came from German physicians with whom I had lengthy discussions, in the nature of their clinical experiences and treatment outcomes using the orgone accumulator with their patients. Over the years Ms. Cook and I have both freely exchanged ideas on accumulators with all kinds of people, including with those in Germany. The photo on the back cover of the second edition of my Handbook was of a furniture-quality orgone accumulator made by Mr. Jürgen Fischer, on special order from a Berlin physician, for which he was thanked. What we did learn from the German accumulator factory was the use of special connector devices for assembling the accumulator panels. But this was no "secret" and was freely shared by them, and never mentioned in my Handbook as it was too difficult for most people to obtain.

To the above, I can add the following additional points obtained from a friend in Germany. The "Trettin" book was actually written by the only fluent English-speaker in his group, his then-friend Jürgen Fischer. A first edition of this book was published in 1982, but without any identifying publisher's information (Der Orgonakkumulator nach Wilhelm Reich by Jürgen Fischer, first edition, Berlin, May 1982, 97 pages). An expanded second edition was released a year later under the pseudonym of "Jürgen F. Freihold" (see citation above, 123 pages) -- Fischer actually gives a note of thanks to "John" (Trettin) on page 6 of the 1983 book, which drew heavily from Reich's original English-language work The Orgone Energy Accumulator, Its Scientific and Medical Use (Orgone Institute Press, Rangeley, Maine 1951). But the Fischer accumulator books were not even the first such publication in Germany. In 1976 Bernd Laska -- who constructed a full-sized accumulator with shooter-box as early as 1970 -- published detailed construction plans in the article "Der Orgon-Akkumulator", in his periodical Wilhelm-Reich-Blätter (Heft 4/76, p.53-59, Nuremberg 1976). In 1980 Kurt Nane Jürgensen also published a small booklet Der Orgon Akkumulator (Verlag Kurt Nane Jürgensen, Munich 1980) by Toni Lindermüller with very detailed step-by-step construction plans of the ORAC, including photos of each step, even of those "special connectors". Both Jürgensen and Lindermüller were patients of Dr. Walter Hoppe. While certainly well-written and worthwhile for educating the public, the book by Fischer cannot be used, as Mr. Trettin does, to lay claim to having broken the ground on orgone accumulator construction. The above citations clarify who actually did what within Germany, in that regard. And in the USA, there had been numerous publications even years earlier, starting with Reich, which gave explicit construction plans and suggestions, easily verified by reviewing the online Bibliography on Orgonomy, using a browser keyword search for "accumulator" or "akkumulator". In fact, the design for accumulators used in both the USA and Germany follow the original specifications and plans of Wilhelm Reich, with only small changes and additions, as made with new connectors and some new materials which were not available in Reich's time. Theirrie Cook and I had independently studied over many years the rich legacy of Wilhelm Reich's research, in his numerous English-language writings and those of his scientific associates living in America. We openly acknowledge our debt to Reich.

Presumably, the Trettin-Freihold team continues to make decent orgone accumulators for the German public, as does their former friend and co-worker, Jürgen Fischer. This is a worthwhile work contribution, but one is forced to wonder why even on this issue, Mr. Trettin has chosen to make a most incredible unprovoked public attack against other people.

Closing Points

On various webpages at the Trettin websites, the casual reader is misinformed that Mr. Trettin is the hard-worker with great experience and knowledge about cloudbusting and the atmosphere and orgone accumulators, who stands behind all those various working projects, but much of it appears as a fraud, propped up by using other people's work and ideas, copied and misrepresented as his own. Or, at minimum, other people's contributions to his current position are censored out. That he uses photos of my cloudbusting equipment, made during one of my critical projects, as a fund-raiser for his "World Wide Cloudbusting Project" and "Cloudbusting in Afrika" schemes is furthermore reprehensible, possibly a criminal act.

To any serious scientific person, presumably theirs will be a failed effort, as their cloudbusting videos rarely if ever show Mr. Trettin or Ms. Freihold doing any real work; they are shown only walking around, smiling and aping for the camera while rock music resonates in the background, as one might see in a rock-star video -- this stands in contrast to detailed discussions of weather patterns and orgonotic phenomena as given on the original "Rain in the Desert" video, and for which I selected Beethoven as occasional background music. I should clarify, as a former lead-guitarist and songwriter for a fairly successful USA rock band in the 1970s, I have no problem with rock music per se, but Trettin-Freihold included the rock music score only to cover-over my voice, as a measure to conceal the truth of the original documentary. And in fact, the Trettin-Freihold "revision" is a narcissistic posturing, as if "cloudbusting" was something one did on an otherwise boring Sunday afternoon, rather than the critically serious and sometimes dangerous work it truly is. Mr. Trettin later constructed his own cloudbuster, using designs nearly identical to those used for the one in Western Germany, which had been developed with my consultation. However, no video clips are found at any of the Trettin-Freihold web pages showing actual work undertaken with this new cloudbuster. As mentioned before, the entire business of their stealing other people's work is made all the worse, by the inclusion of Mr. Trettin's name, and the name, address and telephone of his "INSTITUT FÜR ORGONFORSCHUNG UND ORGONTECHNIK" as a running banner in every video clip, and by the misrepresented still-photos which more regularly appear now at his "orgonstar" website. We are also informed (by one of our friends within the "Lama-John" circle), that all of these selectively-edited video-clips will soon be organized by Mr. Trettin into a new video ("Was ist Cloudbusting? Theorie und Praxis, Vortrag mit Bildern und Videosequenzen"). If true, this will complete the misrepresentation.

We also have the strange and potentially dangerous situation of Mr. Trettin giving orgone therapy sessions to patients, and also training others to do so. During the years I knew him, he held no advanced degree of any sort, had no training in the health sciences, and no interests in giving other people therapy. Today, he announces himself as "Haus Dr.", and "orgone therapist", apparently based upon some therapy sessions he had with the late Dr. Hoppe, who is dead and so cannot inform us about what he might think of this situation. Or, he invokes some conversations he had with my now-deceased friend and former therapist, Mr. Robert Morris, who did in fact encourage many people to undertake "social therapy" in the prevention of armoring, as in preventing childhood genital mutilations in local hospitals, and promoting gentle childbirth and protecting adolescents from both Church moralists and pedophile pornographers. Over the roughly 30 years I knew Robert Morris, not once did I ever hear him encourage anyone to attempt being an orgone therapist without significant training and study. His own credentials were in Public Health from the University of Pittsburgh, and he worked for years in one of Pittsburg's major hospitals. In the early 1970s when I felt the interest to become an orgone therapist myself (this interest did not last), Morris encouraged me to go to medical school, even while we both had strong misgivings about medical school training. Mr. Trettin takes from these two wonderful but deceased gentlemen some strange license to justify his own actions, even as he feels the compulsion to call himself "Haus Dr." without apparently having completed any formal program of study in the health sciences. I point it out, as it is a pattern of confused public misrepresentations quite similar to his using photos from my research projects to elevate his status on the cloudbusting issue. This raises other questions: What about all the other research and photos/videos posted to the Trettin-Freihold websites, on the subjects of Reich's orgone accumulator, bions, Experiment 20, and so forth -- who did this work? Why, for example, do we not see the name of the laboratory workers or assistants who undertook all the bion experiments, which currently are the focus of material posted to the Trettin websites? Did Mr. Trettin and Ms. Freihold undertake all that work personally? Mr. Wellhausen's name appeared on one paper I saw some years ago, but is he the only one doing such research? Or are their other unnamed "devotees" to the Trettin Buddha-cult who do this work, but whose subordinated stature is now turned to support Mr. Trettin in yet another grand deception? (Postscript 2005: Following this criticism, some of Mr. Trettin's assistants have been named: Stefan Gruber, Regine Weller, Hajo Scheibe Kessler, Jurgen Wellhausen. These individuals also appear to help Mr. Trettin maintain his websites, and thereby are direct participants in his distortions and attacks against so many others in American orgonomy. Also revealed, a new internet "Wilhelm Reich University", whose "faculty" includes Mr. Trettin's comrades-in-smears, Joel Carlinsky, as well as a few others who have no hesitations to be associated with the modern-day version of Mildred Brady -- these are: Jamerling Ogg, Harold Treacy, Vigilius Haufniensis & Carlos Liendro.)

This pattern of distortion and open stealing of other people's hard work by Mr. Trettin, with uncritical approvals and assistance from Freihold (and others?), has been going on now for many years. On several different occasions I wrote to them, making private appeals to both reason and to copyright laws, asking them to stop. While they did stop the open selling of the original "Rain in the Desert" video, avoiding a lawsuit, the misrepresentation and fabrication of new video clips based upon my original OROP Arizona project materials has become even more outrageous. Nothing so far has worked to end their open stealing of my work, and the chronic public attacks. For these reasons and for the first time, I broke my silence on the matter, and made some of the pertinent details public on this webpage. The more serious matter, of an untrained angry individual using a large cloudbuster in central Germany, someone apparently so lacking in work experience and honesty that he must steal other people's work in order to fabricate a public image of competence, speaks to the more serious issue of operator character structure, something which should concern everyone living in Europe, irrespective of any disagreements they might have with myself on other matters (ie, see my article: So You Want to Build a Cloudbuster?).

It should also be noted, clearly and openly, that Mr. Jürgen Fischer, who originally contacted me in 1988 and who was a leading member of the original German video team, was not involved in any of the malicious activities which are detailed here -- Mr. Fischer separated from working contact with Trettin-Freihold years earlier, and played no role whatsoever in the problems detailed here, and in fact remains sympathetic to my position on the matter, in spite of some disagreements between us on other issues. He also has been carefully edited out of the various video clips, and also from Mr. Trettin's revisionist-history of the German Reich scene.

To close, I again emphasize that during the entire Orop Arizona 1989 project, the role of the German video team was solely restricted to making videotapes, and also to undertaking a few manual tasks such as lifting heavy equipment, and on occasion to help set-up and take-down various apparatus under my instruction. Their assistance during the operations in this regard was greatly appreciated, and publicly acknowledged repeatedly. However, they played no role whatsoever in the organization or implementation, or operational plans, for any aspect of the Arizona cloudbusting experiment, and all claims otherwise, openly stated or as implied in the Trettin-Freihold carefully-edited video clips and photographs, is a fraud.

I would have no objections whatsoever to people making a photo-album of their world travels, showing things they have done or projects they have participated in, no matter how peripherally, so long as there is an honest representation of what those projects were, with an honest presentation of the role of the various persons involved. One can also express honest disagreements with other workers, and still acknowledge their roles in various projects. Unfortunately, that is not what is happening in this case. In fact, since the time when I decided to make a public clarification and airing of these facts, the Trettin attacks have become even more frequent, even if absurd (see below).

This is a fight I did not start, and do not relish, but neither will I shrink away from it, now that it is clear Mr. Trettin means to fully destroy my good name and work, even as he steals my work. This note will remain on the OBRL web site, until such time that Mr. Trettin and Ms. Freihold remove the fraudulent video clips and photos from all of their various web pages and archives, and from any videotapes, books or other materials they are selling. And also until they cease with the stream of hateful attacks directed against myself and my friends and associates, who never did any harm to them, except to defend our own good names and work from their attacks. We would also like to hear from any readers of this web page who have additional facts and information, or corrections and clarifications, to add to what is given above.

Postscript, 2004 and on: Trettin Joins Forces with Joel Carlinsky

Mr. Trettin has established a new website "Orgon Star" ( and a new "Wilhelm Reich List" e-group at On many of the pages at this website I continue to be attacked with lies and distorted half-truths, while on other pages photos of my cloudbuster Icarus (at work during the OROP Arizona 1989 operations site) continue to appear, with Mr. Trettin standing alongside so as to give the false impression that, once again, he is the man who planned and executed the work. Neither my name, as builder of the cloudbuster and both planner and director of the field operations, nor the Orgone Biophysical Research Laboratory are mentioned on those particular webpages. His fraud on those pages is total, and endlessly repeated without even a tinge of embarrassment.

Since early 2005, however, Mr. Trettin finally, for the first time, revealed my name and even photos of me in connection to the OROP Arizona work, and the Waldheilung project. This revelation came, however, only after public disclosure of the facts on this webpage made it impossible for him to continue with the more outright denial of my existence and theft of my work. Unfortunately, this admission of my existence came in the context of even more vicious personal attacks, with more fabricated "revisionist history" on my work in Germany with the Waldheilung Group. So this is not some kind of turn towards honest admission of the facts. It is merely a continuance of the same old deception, with an even more pathological turn.

The Trettin websites and e-group also today re-posts every bad word directed against myself which can be found on internet, as from plaguey anti-Semitic communists in Greece who previously threw incredible hatred and poison in my direction. He posted an entire series of other items (see from the anti-orgonomy "skeptic" and twice-convicted felon Joel Carlinsky, who has been attacking and smearing nearly everyone in American orgonomy since the 1970s, including Dr. Reich. Both Trettin and Freihold issued "warm thanks" to Mr. Carlinsky following his writing the most incredibly vicious series of distorted half-truths and lies about Reich's American followers, suggesting their goal is not merely to drag me down, but to destroy Reich's authentic non-Buddhistic orgonomy in total.

Their methods are both simple-minded and malicious: They know I was invited by different overseas organizations to undertake drought-abatement and desert-greening research in the 1990s, oftentimes under the most terrible of conditions, when the landscape of entire regions was parched and burning up, with all of life suffering and dying. Nothing is mentioned about that, nor about the return of rains and life to those regions after my work, which always followed Reich's original methods and theory. Instead, Trettin and Carlinsky gather a list of severe weather events which happened in the 1990s -- from anywhere, it does not matter when or where -- and in comic-book manner, blame them all on "DeMeo's cloudbusting". Mr. Carlinsky was the first to use this malicious tactic, where he puts his finger on the world map where I had undertaken desert-greening work, which he knows about from my published studies. Any severe weather event which comes to his attention is then blamed on my cloudbusting work, no matter how distant or removed in time from that location. Or in an even more primitive manner, he gathers a list of news reports on severe weather disasters around the world, and simply places them under my name, as if one can automatically assume they were the product of my cloudbusting work. An agent provocateur with a long history of attacking Reich, orgonomy, the orgonomists, and especially anyone and everyone doing cloudbusting work, I will summarize a small bit of the evidence which reveals he is not what he claims to be. I shall quote from Mr. Carlinsky's own words, from several of his many hate-filled anti-Reich articles, and enraged unsolicited confession-letters he sent to me over the years, threatening violence and about which I was finally forced to contact the local police.

Let's start with this madhouse letter Carlinsky sent to me in 1990, one of several where he boasted of deliberately making deadly severe storms with the cloudbuster:

"On April 3, 1974 I conducted an operation which triggered an unprecidented (sic) rash of tornados across the mid-west, destroying the town of Xenia, Ohio and killing 330 people. I then sent Dr. Blasband an extortion note demanding $50,000 ransom to not do it again. He wrote a letter to NOAA warning them about my 'criminal intent' and an article in the Journal of Orgonomy which refered to me as 'dangerously mad'. Unfortunately, events in my personal life made it impossible to carry out the threat. In the 1970s I attempted to wipe out Boston with a downtown oranur reaction... In Australia I caused a storm which devastated Queensland's sugarcane harvest and sank several ships. I am quite proud of my record in orgonomy. You see, my goals really are different from yours." (Joel Carlinsky letter to James DeMeo, 19 Aug. 1990)

In a similar vein, around this same time Carlinsky sent me an unsolicited letter with a shocking front-page newspaper article from the Chicago Sun-Times (20 Aug. 1990), with the headline: "Winds of Fury: Joliet area tornadoes kill 20, injure 300". On an attached note, Carlinsky wrote: "Thought you'd like to know what I've been [doing] lately."

As I have stated, Carlinsky not only hates me, but also Wilhelm Reich, and all of orgonomy. He has worked very hard to smear, attack, lie about, and destroy orgonomy in the USA. His tactics are true disinformation, and he fools a lot of ignorant people. For example, here's a short quote from Carlinsky's article "Orgonomy in New Jersey", which appeared in the Fall 1990 issue of the New York Skeptic newsletter of the New York Area Skeptics (an affiliate of the notorious CSICOP organization). The article attacked the ACO, myself, Reich and orgonomy in total. Carlinsky wrote:

"In short, thousands of people are being victimized by orgonomists. Medical quackery and fraudulent rain-making machines are only part of it. I urge investigation and exposure to whatever degree possible. Contact me for more information."

And a longer one expressing the same sentiments:

"I have been soliciting letters on orgonomy from scientists to compile a definitive body of scientific opinion on the subject which could be adopted as official by the AAAS* and other such organizations. That way orgonomy could be permanently prevented from getting any funding or official support..." (Joel Carlinsky letter to James DeMeo, 24 February 1994) * AAAS, or American Association for the Advancement of Science, is publisher of Science magazine and the largest scientific organization in the world.

This particular hate-letter is significant, because only shortly beforehand, he had sent the AAAS an entire package of smear-articles attacking Reich's work, and attacking me, in efforts to torpedo a major scientific Symposia I had been carefully guiding through the AAAS bureaucracy. That Symposia, titled "Wilhelm Reich's Discoveries: A Scientific Re-Appraisal", would have brought together a dozen scientists from the USA and Europe to speak about their work corroborating and verifying Reich's findings, in front of an audience composed of some of the world's most foremost scientist, and under the AAAS imprimatur. The subject material was to cover orgone therapy, the cancer biopathy, the orgone accumulator, and the cloudbuster. It would have brought a tremendous opening of Reich's work into the scientific mainstream, and countered the years of distortions orgonomy had suffered at the hands of the organized emotional plague. But Carlinsky "smelled it out", and by working with an academic member of the San Diego Skeptics Society, who also was on the AAAS review committee, the entire Symposia was abruptly cancelled. Nobody with a genuine and positive interest in Reich's work would do such a thing -- but Carlinsky is, for his own insane private reasons, overflooded with hatred for Reich and orgonomy, and he want nothing less than its utter destruction.

Here's another of his crazy confessional-letters sent to me, where he fully loses his grip, and unmasks himself:

"...If you had been willing to work with me from the beginning, we might have done a lot of good together. Instead,...I was forced by your actions to turn against orgonomy and seek to destroy it. You created an enemy ... You also bring retribution upon those around you; your ardent championing of Peter Duesberg has led to my attacks on his work, which I would otherwise have ignored; innocent Reichian therapists may find their livelihoods suffering as a result of your forcing me to discredit orgonomy; and cancer patients will possibly die because you forced me to ridicule and discredit the accumulator. I assume you are not happy about all this, but you consistently refuse to take responsibility for the foreseeable consequences of your actions. Mildred Brady wrote only two articles about Reich; I won't slak off that easily. How much damage do you think I will ultimately be able to do to you and orgonomy if I keep it up? Will "Greensprings" enter the American vocabulary along with "Waco" and "Ruby Ridge"? Is that what you want? Does your identification with Reich make you seek martyrdom?... ORGONOMY DELENDA EST!" (Orgonomy must be destroyed!) (Joel Carlinsky letter to James DeMeo, Nov. 1996)

And below is a particularly revealing quote from the major anti-Reich "skeptic's" magazine Skeptical Inquirer, published by the CSICOP organization which includes people like Martin Gardner, whose anti-Reich smears figured in the 1950s campaign which resulted in the book-burning and Reich's death in prison. This small paragraph, total disinformation given by Carlinsky to an organized group which hates Reich's guts, was designed to connect Reich and Reichians to the bombing-destruction of the Federal Building in Oklahoma City, a terror-attack which claimed 168 lives and which remained until 9-11 the worst case of terrorism within the USA. The magazine in which it appears, Skeptical Inquirer has literally "danced on Reich's grave" repeatedly, and specializes in attacks against natural healing methods and unorthodox new ideas in the sciences. It is widely read and is found in most university libraries. Carlinsky has acted as informant and spy for this group over many years, feeding them information about Reich's followers, which is then used to fabricate malicious smear articles. Among the uneducated, or those who simply don't care, Carlinsky continues to misportray himself as some kind of "friend of Reich", or "friend of the environment."

"Reichean [sic] critic Joel Carlinsky notes that James Nichols, accused in 1995 (charges were later dropped) of storing and detonating bombs on his Decker, Michigan farm, kept a 'cloud buster' there. James Nichols reportedly discussed with an FBI informant in 1988 ways to 'level' the Federal Building in Oklahoma City, a crime for which his brother Terry Nichols now stands indicted. Wilhelm Reich, psychiatrist and biophysicist, and inventor of the cloudbuster, believed, as do his disciples now, that droughts are caused by dangerous levels of 'deadly orgone radiation' building up in the clouds, so the disciples build these implausible contraptions, which they point at the sky, trying to zap the drought away. Typically one or more of the Reicheans will claim credit whenever a drought ends, although none has yet owned up to being responsible for a destructive flood, the disciples of Reich keep each other in a perpetual state of froth, endlessly deploring the Food and Drug Administration's heavy-handed actions during the 1950s against Reich for his quack cancer cures, painting him as a latter-day Galileo, hounded and destroyed by fanatical inquisitors." Skeptical Inquirer, March 1996.

This, then, is the fellow with whom Mr. Trettin and Ms. Freihold have partnered, who is widely quoted and given free and open access on their internet sites and e-groups to spread his lies and filth around the world, and about whom they write such warm notes of personal appreciation! Trettin of course spices up Carlinsky's words with deceitful accusations of his own, while granting Carlinsky plenty of website space to distribute his missives. Carlinsky is probably laughing over the fact that Trettin and Freihold take his deceptions so seriously, and so he also recently accused me of making earthquakes with the cloudbuster, and of making severe storms in Europe from cloudbusting in California. He also claimed President Bush was a secret "Reichian", in efforts to claim American orgonomy was "right-wing" -- this was similar to an article he wrote in 1995 for the now-defunct sleazy pornography magazine EDIOS ("Orgone Therapy and Mind Control: Right-Wing Cult or CIA Front?"), and which carried a photo of someone (Carlinsky?) bending over with their pants down "mooning" the reader. Most of these same crazy accusations, and more, now appear on Mr. Trettin's own "Wilhelm Reich List" e-group and websites, alongside Trettin's own ridiculous materials on the "Anti Orgon Nazi Liga"! (I am waiting, to also be blamed for the recent Asian Tsunami!) The reader is again invited to review Mr. Carlinsky's long history of smears and attacks, not just against me but against ALL of orgonomy, against Wilhelm Reich in total, and his criminal history, at the articles posted here, here and here. I shall shortly have another internet webpage added here, which lists in chronological order, all of the various attacks, hate-mail round-letters, smear-articles and provocative destructive actions of Mr. Carlinsky, which is more than 20 times what has been given above. One wonders, is there nothing this man could do, that would lead Mr. Trettin and Ms. Freihold to break contact with him, and remove his toxic poison from their websites? Or perhaps, Trettin and Freihold have a shared goal with Carlinsky, of the total destruction and discreditation of Reich's discoveries? Is their hatred of me so intensively blind, that they cannot see the horrid damage being done to orgonomy in total by their shared actions?

Mr. Trettin has also authored several long articles with a completely distorted and self-serving "history" of orgonomy, overflowing with maliciousness and designed to elevate himself high, while pushing authentic workers down. It is additionally saturated with radical-left anti-American venom, with phrases sounding like they came directly out of a Communist Party propaganda manual. One of his "orgonstar" postings praises the German Green Party, while another praises the blood-soaked terrorist, Yasser Arafat, (see whose neo-Nazi and Stalinist sympathies are well documented. -- Also see: here. A friend in Germany provided the following synopsis of Trettin's "Orgon Star" website:

" far as I followed it Trettin has the following themes: Trettin, Trettin, Trettin. Trettin as the only remaining representative of the German student movement and alleged 'Sexpol' of the late 1960s/early 70s, Trettin as (almost) the only German Buddhist Lama, Trettin as the only representative of true orgonomy, Trettin as cloudbuster operator, who will save the world with "world wide cloudbusting" (and is asking for funds - using DeMeo's cloudbuster Icarus as his advertising icon), Trettin as the last representative of the original ideology of the Green Party, Trettin as a scientist, Trettin as the only orgone therapist in Germany, etc. - and DeMeo as the destroyer of the cloudbusting group in Berlin, DeMeo as an irrational man, DeMeo as an example of bad orgonomy. ..."

"It should be stressed that the "ORGONSTAR, Journal of the Wilhelm Reich Institute Europe - Editor Wilhelm Reich Orgone Institute Germany" is a grave embarrassment for German orgonomy and constantly draws contempt upon the name and work of Wilhelm Reich. For example, the totally crazy "Orgonstar" entry on the "Anti Orgon Nazi Liga", at several different websites:
It is like Monty Python making fun of orgonomy and Reich! The damage done is immense. For another example some time ago the on-line edition of Der Spiegel magazine published a smutty smear article about the orgone accumulator referring to Trettin and his webpages.,1518,306351,00.html
Trettin was actually pleased about this publicity and claims that since then 600 people visit his page daily. ..."

"Reading the Orgonstar is like the daily Monty Python show. I simply could not stop laughing until it hurt. My only real concern is for the reputation of *Wilhelm Reich*, his name, the symbol, and what it stands for. It becomes even more impossible to mention the name "Wilhelm Reich" to serious and educated people without getting responses of contempt and even disgust. What defamatory criminals like Trettin do is a constant "Murder of Reich". Also: Trettin tries to monopolize, "Trettinize" German orgonomy: the Berlin "Wilhelm Reich Gesellschaft" was promptly imitated by Trettin's "Wilhelm Reich Gesellschaft Deutschland" and "Wilhelm Reich Orgone Institute". Or, for example, a Berlin physician formed the webpage "" - only two weeks later Trettin had created "". Actually no-one is able to do anything without some kind of a "take-over" by Trettin. In the past this would have been only a nuisance, but nowadays, where editors, researchers, etc. search the net for their information, this is a real problem. For the last years, there is hardly any reasonable internet ".de" address left because Trettin has occupied almost every possible "orgon" or "wilhelmreich" word assembly. "

More recently, I am informed Mr. Trettin's websites have been posting a barrage of new attacks against me, against my work, and against other people, on almost a daily basis. For example:
and so on... Similar attacks, I am informed, are continuing also on the separate "Wilhelm Reich" e-list which he runs. And some of this same material is, amazingly, now also being permitted to appear on the "Orgonomy Mailing List" run by Mr. Jamerling Ogg of the PORE newsgroup, who participated in Carlinsky-inspired attacks against myself back in the 1990s. For a more complete accounting of the incredible history of Mr. Carlinsky's attacks against myself, and indeed, against virtually every other researcher in the field of American orgonomy, going back decades, to include his alliances with the same organized "skeptics" who destroyed Reich, and Carlinsky's own very nasty writings targeting Dr. Reich as well, the reader is once again directed to the materials posted here, here, and here.

Mr. Trettin and his cult of followers have stated they will soon translate new smear attacks against myself into English and other languages, posting them to their websites, and no doubt also spreading their lies through various international "orgonomy" email lists as he has done in the past. While I fortunately have the facts and truth on my side, which will win out in the end, I also expect the lies to rapidly outdistance the truth in the short-term.

Perhaps if Mr. Trettin stuck to merely doing his own work, reporting on his own work-efforts and leading others by example rather than by chronically trying to tear other people down, he might earn the respect of those from whom he so desperately seeks attention. Stealing from them, at the same time brick-bats are thrown, has nothing to do with science, honesty, or simply human decency and fair-play.

I simply do not have the time to correct every falsehood and so the serious reader should be content with the above documentation, and to read my published research papers and books for a better sense of who I am, and the serious nature of my work. Readers are requested, however, if they hear disparaging comments directed against myself from Mr. Trettin or his supporters on any other source, especially on international "orgonomy e-groups", to please treat such "information" as wholly unreliable rumor, and also to kindly inform me of the details. Where necessary or appropriate, clarifications will be provided for postings to those same e-groups. Send to the email address below. And thank you very much in advance for your assistance and support.

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