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Attack Against James DeMeo
in a Greek Newspaper, and on
Subsequent Email/Internet Groups

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Attack Against James DeMeo in a Greek Newspaper,
and on Subsequent Email/Internet Groups

Most recently, a provocative attack against Dr, James DeMeo appeared in a Left-Wing Greek Newspaper. The article was then translated into English and circulated onto the Yahoo "Orgonomy Mailing List" and also on the "Orgone Star" distribution network -- both of which are email/internet discussion groups -- in further attempts to spread the attack. A friend informed Dr. DeMeo about the materials, and the following letters were composed in response. They are being made public, given the rather permanent nature of internet materials, to set the record straight.


8 Jun 2004

Dear -------------,

Thank you for informing me about the recent postings to the Yahoo "Orgonomy Mailing List" (OML). I know of the half-accurate article in the Greek paper Eleftherotypia (see below) which attempts to tarnish me, as well as the additional provocative distribution of the article by Mr. Dimitris Tsimperis, who added his own commentary but distorted and concealed the context entirely. Perhaps we can use this incident as an opportunity to expose some important issues?

These materials are the consequence of my having written an article critical of anti-American and anti-Israel extremism, and 9-11 "conspiracy" ideology ("Masters of Deception" see below), as well as my having posted articles to the OBRL-News-Bulletin which suggest the Israelis have the right to defend themselves against extermination from the collective might of the Islamic nations, and that the USA was correct to go after those who attacked our nation on 9-11, declaring war against us, and who stood as supporters of growing international terrorism. While those articles have elicited many well-reasoned and rational responses from various persons, with whom I sometimes had lengthy and productive discussions, I also received a series of hateful and enraged emails, including several dozen from Mr. Tsimperis. Initially, I exchanged emails with him, but ended communications after his emails degenerated into what I consider to be an anti-American and anti-Jewish fanaticism, complete with curses. In his email to the OLM, "exposing" me, he puts on his best "suit and tie" to show what a rational fellow he is, as he attempts to throw me into some dark pit. Here are some quotes from emails he previously sent to me, and why I ended all communications with him:

From Dimitris Tsimperis to J.DeMeo:

* "We, the Greeks don't like your moron and criminal President.... I am the first who would be glad to see some "madmen" to disappear from this planet. How about starting with Mr.Bush, Mr. Donald Rumsfeld and Mrs.Contoliza Rais?" (21-2-03)

* "Don't they cloak their agenda of controlling the land, the oil and the waters of Iraq for their political reasons by smashing down and murdering ordinary people by the millions under the claiming of "doing good" (i.e. disasarmament of Sadam?) (22-2-03)

* "please provide with a ... list with the crimes that all the USA's administrations have done to humanity since 1945." (22-2-03)

* "Is there a bigger Hitlerite today than George Bush Jr. and his gang? Is there another country that has murdered more than the fucking USA in the last 50 years(starting with Hirosima and Nagasaki?)" (31-3-03)

* "wait for more to be revealed little fascist!" (13-7-03)

* "And two fucking American helicopters down in a week. No bad. No bad at all. Be sure, much more will come." (6-11-03)

* "stop the bullshits about "democratic West " as opposed to "Islamic Law". All we have in the West is" pseudo-democracies"... (11-11-03)

* "You are right to say that we are living a Deja Vu. With the difference that the Palestinians are the today Jews of the Jews." (15-11-03)

* "So, when will you hung the Hitlerites of the Bush/Cheney junta that cheated in the elections of 2000 and now rule the USA (following the orders of their higher bosses) [The Jews?] and destroy, rape and loot the rest of the world little American?" (21-1-04)

* "Now, a terroristic attack during the Olympic games wouldn't be a consequence of the external policy of your 'big Democracy' and its "willing" allies? And the "massacred Greek people" wouldn't be paying exactly the cost of it as it happened with the"massacred Spanish people" and so many other peoples before? [in other words, America is responsible for all the terror attacks by the Islamists, and if the Olympic games are attacked, America will be responsible for that as well.] (25-3-04)

* "DeMeo you are a bastard of the worst kind!" (6-5-04)

These quotes speak for themselves, and one can only imagine what kind of misrepresentations he makes of Reich's orgonomy into Greece. But more to the point, what was the provocation which started these kinds of malicious attacks? What's the background of the Greek newspaper article?

It started when Ms. Frantseska Romanou, mentioned in the Greek newspaper article, forwarded to the newspaper one short and angry email I had sent to her, fulfilling the dictum of the poet William Blake, that "a truth that's told with bad intent, beats all the lies you can invent". Neither Tsimperis, Romanou nor the Greek newspaper mention the context. Ms. Romanou had earlier sent to me an unsolicited email containing photographs of dead Palestinian children -- later shown to be orchestrated fakes -- accompanied by words which blamed their deaths on Jews and Americans, as if they were deliberately murdered (instead of being unfortunate casualties of a 50-year Arab war of aggression, which has also claimed the lives of many Jewish children, who by contrast to any Palestinian children were deliberately murdered by terror bombers and shooters). The implication was, that anyone who supports Israel's right to defend itself against terror attacks, defending its right to exist, must be a hater and murderer of Palestinian children; the Palestinian leaders and parents, by extension, bore no responsibility whatsoever, for encouraging their children to go into shooting war-zones, acting as rock-throwing "human shields" for armed Jihadis, and also as suicide-homicide bombers. Later, upon careful examination of those photographs, it was apparent they were staged fakes. They consisted of images of claimed children's dead bodies lying amid the burned-out rubble of a pick-up truck. However, while the truck was twisted and burned beyond recognition, with the windshield blown out, paint and interior seats and plastic parts roasted away, tired burned up and so forth, the children were perfectly intact, without burned hair or clothing, and no blood anywhere. It was an obvious fake-job, the children having been told to climb into the wreckage and lie down as if in twisted death-agony. None of the faces were showing (the kids probably could not contain their laughter), except for a young girl who lay on the green grass nearby, looking as if she was napping. But on first glimpse, the pictures were shocking, and took me by surprise.

I reacted to her email and the unsolicited photos of claimed dead children much as anyone would to such unsolicited photos emerging on their computer screen, with a natural and quite healthy outrage about her nerve to do this, and also the incredible hypocrisy and "revisionist history" underlying the argument carried in her email. Rather than simply deleting the material and ignoring it, as I usually do, in that one case, my rational anger overshadowed my better judgement, and I dashed off a few angry sentences -- and so, wouldn't you know, while my well-composed and footnoted writings, several Press Releases about OBRL publications, etc., are totally ignored by the mainstream press for decades, but that one short angry email gets international circulation in one of Greece's largest newspapers! And then, over a bunch of obvious fake photographs! For those who know something about the emotional plague in "journalism", this is a pretty good example. For clarity's sake, here are some other emails I got from Greeks, immediately after the ''Eleftherotypia'' article appeared, which stimulated subsequent discussions:

From (name withheld#1)
Thanks for the interesting article about 80,000 Jewish community of Thessaloniki, exterminated by Nazis with help from Greek people. It was really sad to read the end of their history. You know what I know about Jews of Thessaloniki comes from people who don't really like them. I am alarmed when I listen to people -- mostly leftists, 'educated' - saying all the more that ''Hitler did one good thing: he exterminated the Jews''. http://www.jpost.com/servlet/Satellite?pagename=JPost/JPArticle/ShowFull&cid=1085023338891

From (name withheld#2)
It was a surprise for me too, to see that ''Eleftherotypia'' writes about you. Maybe, after all, your voice is stronger than i thought. Or maybe your enemies have strong connections with the press. ''Eleftherotypia'' has the first or second biggest circulation in Greece. It is considered ''progressive'' and is certainly leftist. All the communists i happen to know, read ''Eleftherotypia'' and ''Rizospastis'' a newspaper owned by the Greek Communist Party. This same newspaper -''Eleftherotypia''- is the one that the other day had a headline ''Bush-SS'' for the Abu Graib tortures, and in the 28th page, or something like that, [mentions] the slaughter of the Israeli mother and her four kids, with no relative headline on the article. About the ''Jew'' accusation: it is quite alarming that just the Jew label will place someone in the list of ''unwanted'' or criminals-supporter. The writter of the article knows for good that writing that you are a Jew gains a positive reaction from the readers for his comments. It is really sad. Your contribution in the spreading of the ''other'' news regarding politics, Iraq war and the palestinian-israel conflict to greeks is invaluable. Please keep doing so. I feel really obliged to you for the information i get from you.

The above email makes reference to a particularly nasty Palestinian terror-massacre, of a pregnant Jewish mother and her four daughters, age 4 to 11. Two Palestinian gunmen stopped their car on a rural road, and then with horrified witnesses looking on from a short distance, shot them dead at close range, one by one, putting a final bullet into the belly of the mother to kill the unborn child. Two days later, during the funeral for the woman and her children, Palestinian snipers opened fire with machine-guns, trying to kill even more civilians, and kept everyone pinned down for hours until the IDF was able to drive them away. It was those events, and my recent reading of a new book about a Palestinian woman who survived an "honor killing" attempt by her brothers -- she was doused with gasoline and set ablaze (see "Burned Alive: A Victim of the Law of Men" by Souad) -- which triggered my angry reaction to the Romanou photos of claimed dead Palestinian children, and the self-righteous accusatory notes which came with it. But... to continue with the Greek emails of recent days:

From (name withheld#3)
"First of all Mr. James DeMeo, Ph.D. are you from Israel? Are u Jew? " (sic)

From (name withheld#4)
"u fucking jew" (sic)

From (name withheld#5)

I am withholding the names of these individuals, firstly because I don't want my supporters in Greece to become the subject of personal attacks and abuse, and secondly because I don't care to help my enemies to organize and link up with each other. But I am grateful at least that the Greek paper gave the web-link for my "Masters of Deception" article (see below), which does present my views in a clear manner. I encourage people to read it themselves, and not rely upon second-hand accounts, at least one of which on the OML was totally off the mark.

It may also be of interest, I am neither Jewish nor Israeli, being an American of very mixed ethnicity, though if I was Jewish or Israeli I would proudly say so. I have been to Israel on several occasions, and find the people and culture there to be lively and vibrant, a healthy democracy composed of Jews, Arabs, Christians and Druze, by comparison to the totalitarian repressive conditions I also observed in various parts of the Arab-Islamic world (especially as regarding sex-economic factors, such as the rights of youth to a sexual life, women's status and family law, etc.) Israel always was a light-year beyond even the most "progressive" of Islamic nations, such as Jordan or Turkey -- where "honor killings" are still frequent, and the status of women very low -- in the exact opposite direction of the "Sex-Pol" reforms Reich was advocating in Germany prior to Hitler. So it is something natural that the Palestinian society gravitates towards the same kind of Jew-hatred of the Nazi period. The attempt to label me as Jewish within a social climate of extreme prejudice against Jews, is clearly an effort to suggest, that if you are Jewish, then you must be a liar or untrustworthy person -- these are exactly the kinds of offensive ideas which were widespread in Europe during the Hitler years, and they remain widespread today within the Muslim world, as well as among Holocaust-deniers and other "progressive" Jew-haters. It hardly seems necessary to bring up this issue on e-mail groups devoted to Wilhelm Reich -- but perhaps people do have to be reminded: Reich was of Jewish ancestry, and Reich studied with the Jewish Freud, and many of the orgonomists and scientists who have kept Reich's work alive over the decades are of Jewish ancestry as well. Anti-Jewish sentiment among "Reichians" is thereby doubly repellent, given the incredible discoveries which the "Jew" Reich brought into the world. If orgonomy ever became "Judenrein" it would cease to exist.

Shall we forget what Reich wrote in "Mass Psychology of Fascism", which exposed the roots of this kind of scapegoating -- of Jews and now Americans also -- in people's own armoring and pent-up emotional rage? Do we ignore his relevant observations that the Red-Fascists were just as sick and deadly as the Black-Fascists? (The "Black Book of Communism" by Courteois, et al, proves Red Fascism is factually much deadlier, having claimed 100 million victims during the 20th Century!) My research demonstrates Islamic Fascism to be an older historical variant of human armoring and totalitarian ideology, more purely "Saharasian" in its nature, and out of which the other two "modern" Left- and Right-wing expressions have emerged. My analysis on these issues has upset many persons from the radical Left politic, and the pro-Muslim terrorism-apologism "blame the USA" or "blame Israel" ("blame the Jew") camps. Sometimes, a factual analysis of an issue supports the conclusions of the liberals, while at other times, the conservatives. Neither side of the political split has a monopoly on truth or fact, and the clearest and strongest representations of truth and fact are sometimes found overwhelmingly on one side; it is not always the case, that the truth stands in between the two extremes, as a CFP. As Reich noted, the healthy character stands "on the side of life and truth" without reference to where they will land on the political spectrum. The "political character" always sits on one side only, interpreting things via political ideology irrespective of the facts -- which is why purely "political" solutions are of limited value.

It would be appreciated if second-hand accounts of "what DeMeo said" or "what DeMeo believes" were treated as rumor. One can rely more directly upon what I have written at the OBRL website and in my publications, and those certainly are fair game for anyone's open critique. Newspaper accounts regarding Reich and orgonomy, or anyone engaged in this line of controversial work, should always be treated with a healthy dose of skepticism, given the big problem of the emotional plague in journalism.

I appreciate being kept informed about this matter. Please forward this full email to the OML news group, in reply to the recent materials from Greece. Permission to post is granted only in full; please, no partial or edited posting.

Kind regards,

James DeMeo, Ph.D.
Director, Orgone Biophysical Research Lab
Ashland, Oregon, USA

"Masters of Deception: Noam Chomsky, Michael Moore and the 9-11 Conspiracy Industry", by James DeMeo

OBRL-News-Bulletin (not a "discussion group")

"Saharasia: The 4000 BCE Origins of Child-Abuse, Sex-Repression, Warfare and Social Violence, In the Deserts of the Old World", by James DeMeo

"Faces and Masks" by Christos Michailidis


13 June 2004

Dear Dr. -------,

If the newspaper journalist Michailidis has written something positive about my work, I am unaware of it, and would like to obtain a specific citation as to when this happened. And if what he wrote about my work was true and factual, then I'd certainly thank him (if anyone has his email, please provide it!). But I must disagree with the assertion that, in the case of his "Faces and Masks" article, that I was treated "with great fairness and respect". In fact, reporter Michailidis appears to have written his article only after some third-party alerted him to my "Masters of Deception" article, and after receiving a private email of mine as presented to him by Ms. Romanou. Certainly what he wrote about the "MoD" article itself was mild. But his other comments -- the suggestion that I was a bad guy who did not care about dead children, for expressing upset feelings with Ms. Romanou in a private email, and that I was "a Jew" -- were both unfriendly and unprofessional. Firstly, even in Greece it is probably customary for newspapers to obtain permissions from the author before reprinting private email correspondence -- for him to have used that email without checking with me took the risk that the entire thing might have been a fabrication, and at minimum showed an absence of concern about my side of the story. Secondly, he never contacted me to inquire why I wrote such an angry email to Ms. Romanou -- as mentioned in my prior email to the OML, the context was very important given her provocation, and my anger about it was rational. Third-party assertions are always treated as "hearsay". Third, the only possible motivation I can imagine for his asserting that I was "a Jew" in the article was to inflame existing anti-Jewish prejudices within the readership of his newspaper, as a method to try and undermine my credibility (ie, that "Jews cannot be trusted"). Assuming Mr. Moussouliotis is correct, that journalist Michailidis has a "deep sense of humanity" then for this particular article he lad a clear lapse of judgement. And my last email letter which went to the OML was no "attack" against him, but rather my defense against being attacked, repeatedly, by Mr. Tsimperis and quite a few others who also invoked their own bad words against Jews, as well as against the unfriendly things said about me in the newspaper article.

One can certainly debate whether or not this incident was an expression of "emotional plague in journalism". I referred to the general absence of interest in my writings, letters to the editor and Press Releases over many years by popular journalists, only to have my private email suddenly appear without permission or investigation in a oveseas national newspaper. Certainly if journalist Michailidis wrote some favorable things about my Saharasia, then it remains doubly curious that he would not try to contact me before accepting what he heard from Romanou without critical consideration. What kind of evasion and scheming was going on, behind the curtain, to organize this newspaper article? What poison about me was poured into journalist Michailidis' ears, which might have blocked him from contacting me, to double-check things and get my side before going to press? How did he learn about my "Masters Of Deception" article in the first place, as it is only posted to my internet site, and is hardly known outside of the subscribers to my OBRL-News? Clearly, someone informed him to "take a look" at the article. And who told him I was "a Jew", and why would he consider this to be either factual or relevant? Important questions, but on another level, this really is a tempest in a teapot, not worthy of spending additional time (and so, barring some additional new revelations, this will be my last letter on the subject).

Assuming the translation of the article from the Greek newspaper was accurate, then nobody in Greece was misled about Reich and orgonomy -- unless one wishes to presume that Reich and orgonomy are the intellectual property of those whom I criticize in my "MoD" article -- the radical Leftists, neo-Nazis, Islamo-fascists and 9-11 anti-American conspiracy advocates -- and therefore that my critical "MoD" article might "mislead" people away from them. Certainly, I hope it does cause people to reconsider their alliances with those groups! But more to the point, it was not Reich who was tarnished in the Greek newspaper article, only me.

Best wishes,

James DeMeo
Director, Orgone Biophysical Research Lab
Ashland, Oregon, USA


11 July 2004

New Information on the Greek Newspaper Eleftherotypia

Some weeks ago, Dr. James DeMeo wrote an Open Letter which was posted to OBRL-News-Bulletin, in response to antisemitic hate mail received at OBRL, and a subsequent attack against him in a left-wing Greek newspaper, Eleftherotypia. One Greek letter-writer, who had previously sent engraged hate-mail to OBRL, posted the Eleftherotypia article to at least two international orgonomy mailing lists, one in the USA and another in Germany. Another Greek letter-writer, posting to at least one international orgonomy mailing list, described Eleftherotypia as a rational and reliable source of information, further attempting to make Dr. DeMeo appear like a bad person who was misrepresenting Reich, and who was therefore properly criticized by a responsible Greek reporter. These false contentions have already been fully exposed and rebutted by Dr. DeMeo. (See "Greek Newspaper Article - Clarification" http://www.orgonelab.org/GreekNewspaper.htm)

Since then, the following new information has emerged, suggesting this entire affair may have been orchestrated by a group of "Reichian" racist antisemites (an oxymoron to be sure), who are at the very least engaged in an "emotional conspiracy" to somehow make Wilhelm Reich suitable for integration into a radical-left neo-fascist ideology.

The Simon Wisenthal Foundation (SWF), named after the intrepid Nazi-hunter of the 20th Century, recently published a report on Twenty-Five Months of Antisemitic Invective in Greece, documenting an ongoing problem which describes Greece as the "greatest net producer of antisemitism today in Europe". Of significance, the SWF report repeatedly identifies, with a long list of specific examples, this very same left-wing newspaper, Eleftherotypia (the second largest one in Greece), as a major distributor of Jew-hatred. Eleftherotypia is shown to print accusatory racist libels against Jews and Israelis on a fairly regular basis, in printed stories, political cartoons and letters to the editor, many of which are reminiscent of Der Stuermer during the Hitler years. These include political cartoons showing Israeli and American political leaders with hooked noses, looking like monkeys and dressed up as Nazis, while shooting Arab civilians. They also published a favorable book review of the "Protocols of the Elders of Zion" which was described as "historically accurate", and some of the "letters" openly suggest -- sometimes obliquely, othertimes directly -- of Hitler being justified in the Holocaust. Eleftherotypia has additionally attracted criticism from other international human rights groups monitoring racism in the media, such as the Helsinki Greek Monitor Project, leading to attention by the Athens Public Prosecutor regarding violations of Greece's laws against racial incitement. And Eleftherotypia is not alone in these activities. The situation appears bad enough that the SWF issued a travel advisory for Jewish people visiting Greece.

For those have an interest to dig into the background issues, the following web links provide documentation.
http://www.wiesenthal.com/ec.cfm?m=18929L25636420s (see page 4)

It seems clear enough, the attack against Dr. DeMeo -- who has posted articles to OBRL News Bulletin critical of Islamic fascism and terrorism, and the Palestinian "culture of death", and others supportive of the rights of Israelis to security and self-defense -- was only a small example of a much larger problem.

Orgone Biophysical Research Lab
Ashland, Oregon, USA

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