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    With the growth of the WiFi connections, microwave ovens, cell phones and towers, toxic CFL and LED light bulbs, have come numerous complaints and even epidemiological studies indicating the low-level microwave radio-frequency (RF) radiations emitted by these devices are harmful to human health. Low level microwave radio frequenices (RF) are given off not only by various "wireless" internet, computer, and cell phone communication systems, but also by repeater stations placed on the roofs of apartment buildings (to eliminate "dark zones"), as well as from larger cellular telephone and microwave communications towers. The new classes of light bulbs, such as compact fluorescent CFLs and even LED bulbs, give off tremendous RF energies which, if scatted throughout your home, will subject you to a tremendous exposure. Obtaining good measurements of the radiations from these various devices and antennas has always posed a problem for those wanting to have exacting information on their exposure levels.

    EM2 Multi-Purpose Broadband Electromagnetic Elecrosmog
    ELF Microwave RF Meter, 50-HZ to 10-GHZ and higher!

    Price $149.


    Here are two YouTube videos showing the handy and economical EM2 RF meter in action.

    Measuring Household Electromagnetic Radiation

    The Hot Zone

    The new EM2 Multi-Purpose Electromagnetic Meter by Heliognosis-Canada helps to identify high exposures from ELF (extremely low frequency) Microwave and RF (radio frequency) sources. It is a highly sensitive, simple to use and economical meter, designed to measure both analog and digital electromagnetic signals across a very broad range. It will detect electromagnetic fields ranging from as low as 50 HZ (Hertz or cycles per second) up through and beyond 10-GHZ (giga-Hertz) for microwave ovens, Wi-Fi, radio broadcasting and cell phone communications, with a simple one-switch meter-dial display of field strength or intensity.

    The EM2 will detect Electromagnetic Buzz and Electrosmog From:

    * WIFI, cell and mobile phones
    * radio and television broadcast towers
    * TV and computer displays, computer electronics
    * microwave ovens and electric stoves
    * electromagnetic noise from computers & displays
    * "high-efficiency" toxic-curly CFL mercury fluorescent bulbs and long tubes
    * other power transformers and electronic gadgets
    * electrical power company "smart meters"

    The EM2 meter can detect signal intensities as low as 0.005 uW/cm2 (micro-watts per square centimeter), up through 40 mW/cm2 (milli-watts). It's accuracy is +/- 10% from 50-HZ through 10-GHZ. The EM2 can also detect signals at higher frequenices above 10-GHZ, all the way up to 18-GHZ, though declining to about half-sensitivity at that high end of the range.

    The sensitive EM2 circuit detects the electric field component of the electromagnetic wave and converts it into a visually diplayed signal. Operation is simple - extend the antenna and power on the unit. After activating the power switch, the EM2 will begin displaying the measured electromagnetic field strength. Hold the unit in front of you while approaching potential sources of electromagnetic radiation.The readings will increase as you get closer to the source. Metal objects and buildings will block the radiation. You can use this property to help locate powerful sources located at a distance. If you pass in front of a building and the readings drop, it is likely that the source is behind the building. Take the meter around your home and neighborhood to survey local sources, held in the hand or placed on the dashboard of your car.

    As an added feature, the EM2 can also detect powerline fields from either 60-cycle North American or 50-cycle European systems, but only the electrical field component -- it is primarily designed as an ELF and Microwave/RF meter, and will hence typically read lower for powerline fields as compared to most EMF meters detecting magnetic fields (such at the Trifield meter, which provides a readout in milligauss).

    EM2 Specifications:

    * Frequency response: 50-HZ to 18-GHZ - reduced sensitivity above 10-GHZ declining to ~50% at 18-GHZ
    * Sensitivity range: 0.005uW/cm2 to 40mW/cm2
    * Accuracy: +/- 10% 50-HZ to 10-GHZ
    * Battery life: 9V Duracell, approx 50 hours

    Warranty: All our meters are warranted against defects of materials and workmanship, excluding abuse or misuse or breakage of parts by the purchaser, for a period of one year from the date of purchase. We will either repair or replace the meter with one of equal quality. Click here for our full Warranty and Returns Policy.

    CLICK HERE for our special informative webpage on:
    How Do You Know What Exposure Levels Are Safe?

    LEGAL DISCLAIMER There is considerable scientific controversy regarding the issue of low-level electromagnetism as from power lines, computers, fluorescent lights, cell phones, Wi-Fi, microwave ovens, cell phone and radio broadcasting towers. The federal government standards are set in accordance with opinions offered by select groups of mainstream scientists with whom the government consults, along with representatives of industry. There also is, however, a considerable minority scientific viewpoint, backed by good evidence, in opposition to those standards. Many ordinary people can also feel and react to levels of EM radiation which are considered "too low to be of concern" by the mainstream opinion. The information you will get from Natural Energy Works represents this minority viewpoint, which we believe is the more accurate one. However, it is your responsibility to make informed decisions and to evaluate both sides of the issue before taking concrete steps about your particular circumstances, such as buying or selling a house, or staying in or moving out of an apartment. The instruments we offer, made by many different reputable manufacturers, can help you to determine your exposure to low level radiations, but we cannot advise anyone on what to do in the case of a given exposure level. Neither Natural Energy Works nor the manufacturers of our products are responsible for any claims arising from use, misuse or loss-of-use of our devices and products, nor in the event of malfunction or delays in shipping. Our Warranty is limited solely to replacement and repair of any meters or devices which may malfunction, within the limitations given on our "Warranty and Returns" webpage (see the link on the left side).

    No State Sales Tax on your Purchases, Ever! Save from 3% to 10%!

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