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  The 4000 BCE Origins of Child Abuse,  
  Sex-repression, Warfare and Social Violence,  
  In the Deserts of the Old World  

  Evidence for a Worldwide,  
  Climate-Linked Geographical Pattern  
  in Human Behavior  

James DeMeo, Ph.D.

Director, Orgone Biophysical Research Lab.

James DeMeo
Natural Scientist, Author and Discoverer of the
Saharasian Geographical Pattern


The contents of this part of the Saharasia website demands a basic understanding of the original Saharasia discovery, as presented on the main page which brought you here. If you have not read the full Saharasia book, or at least the Saharasia Summary Article, then please go back to the prior page and do so before proceeding.

What I intend to present here, is a newer body of evidence which documents the Saharasian Geographical Pattern in violent, patriarchal authoritarian human behavior, as it exists in the modern world, basically staring around c.1900 AD or CE, into the modern times of the 21st Century.

The materials to be presented will be broken down into several subject categories, and from there into sub-categories. For example:

1. Timeline of this Project (scroll down)

2. Timeline of History (scroll down)

3. Presence of the global Saharasian pattern within more recent nation-state data. (scroll down) Other subject categories may be added as this project develops. I remain uncertain of the final outcome, so the organization may vary according to the development of the work.

Presentation of this material onto a website will be a work in progress for some time to come. Probably a new book, or several, may come from it, but the organization of the material will remain on this website irregardless.

The project is just getting started, and will take several years to complete.

A Work In Progress!


Timeline of this Project

* The original premise for the Saharasia Since 1900 line of investigation came around the turn of the century, when I was presented with the criticism that "The Saharasia world maps are valid for prior centuries, but are not valid for the modern situation." At an intuitive level, I felt this was wrong, and so set about to review more recent data on infant care and treatmment, adolescent sexuality, adult marriage and sexual customs, male dominance, the existence of slavery, warfare and social violence. The line of investigation would encompass similar data as used in the original Saharasia study, but no longer be confined to ethnographic or anthropological data. It would involve data sets acquired by various institutions such as the United Nations, World Health Organization, and various NGOs (Non-Government Organizations) that dealt with those and similar subjects as I briefly give above.

The first development from this came in my presentation to a Conference on New Research in Orgonomy in Lancashire, UK, in August 2007. I presented a paper titled: "Update on Saharasia II: Reviewing Global Sex-Economic Conditions After c.1900", and Abstract of which can be found here:

Timeline of History

* The Saharasian Origins of Major 20th Century Wars - War as a superficial mass expression of pent-up undischarged emotional and sexual bioenergetic tension. Violence explodes predominantly from the Saharasian core or borderlands, outwards towards the periphery. The biological model of history, as from Wilhelm Reich: Core versus Periphery. Psychohistory from a bioenergetic perspective.

* The Cover-Up: Near universal revisionist history, to conceal the global patterns.
- Armenian Genocide by Turks, later denied.
- Marxist illusions take root.
- Array of forces, Democracies versus Central Powers, family rivalries versus geopolitics.
- German belligerence and scheming brings WW1. The Schleiffen Plan.
- German-Austrian-Turkish Empires ally against the Western democracies
- First Blood: from East to West in Europe. Belgium & Northern France destroyed. "The Hunn" brings memories of prior Saharasian invasions.
- Russian February-March revolution betrayed by Lenin's Bolshevik dictatorship, courtesy of the German Kaiser.
- Trotsky's "war communism" at work, massacres and betrayals
- Germany/Austria/Turkey exhausted, defeated, but in denial.
- Post-WW1 denial and cover up, "blame the Jews", "stab in the back", ignoring the immense destruction of NW Europe
- Exaggerations of the Versailles Treaty impacts
- Chinese Empire collapses, wars between Chaing and Mao. Japanese occupation of Manchuria, Korea.
- Breakup of the Ottoman Empire, a social cancer temporary remission
- British retreat, exhaustion and bankruptcy from WW1.
- The rise of Muslim warlords, princes, shieks, etc. Oil politics.
- Weimar belligerence concealed, secret alliances with Stalin: "The German-Stalin Pact before the Hitler-Stalin Pact".
- Alliance between Franco, Hitler, and Morrocan Muslim brigades
- Spainish Republicans betrayed by Stalin, possibly in collaboration with Hitler
- Alliances between Hitler and the Mufti of Jerusalem, towards extermination of Jewish populations, well before Wansee or Poland.
- Stalin re-arms Germany from secret munitions factories deep inside Russia.

Geographical World Maps
Presence of the global Saharasian pattern on World Maps from more recent nation-state data.

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