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* CLIMATES OF HUNGER: Mankind and the World's Changing Weather, by Reid Bryson and Thomas Murray. A 1970s classic work on the global problem of expanding deserts, drought, and climatic variability. Bryson's work in the deserts of the world are perhaps the closest classical natural scientific verification of Wilhelm Reich's earlier predictions and observations regarding the dynamic nature of weather and deserts in particular. What Reich called "dor" (dead life-energy) in the 1950s, the authors of this work discuss in terms of "desert dusts", with similar descriptive and ecologically-devastating qualities. 171 pp.
$ 27.95 Softcover - limited scuffed copies remaining

* UNSTOPPABLE GLOBAL WARMING: Every 1500 Years, by Fred Singer & Dennis Avery. Presents solid evidence on climate cycles lasting about 1500 years, changing global temperatures by small amounts, but sufficient to trigger both the Medieval Warm Period and Little Ice Age, which ended only around 1850. Both are climate professionals, arguing the role of Solar Cycles as the driving mechanism, debunking the concepts of human-emitted greenhouse gas emissions. Natural variations are presented as the major driving force for both ancient and modern climate changes. 200 pp.

* CURRENTS OF CHANGE: Impacts of El Nino and La Nina on Climate and Society, by Michael H. Glantz. Second Edition. Extreme climatic events such as droughts, hurricanes and floods are spawned worldwide by the periodic warming and cooling of the sea surface waters in the central and eastern equatorial Pacific Ocean. The best known of these phenomenon is called El Nino, but the equally serious consequences of its lesser-known counterpart, La Nina, are now being identified as a result of the 1998-2000 event. These interactions between oceans and atmosphere are studied by scientists around the world. This book covers the subjects with thorough summaries of the phenomenon as of 2001, before the ideas of CO2-driven greenhouse warming was given political wings, pushing all other phenomenon out of consideration. A must-read for those truly interested in global climate dynamics. Written for the educated layperson, but with significant detail for any natural scientist. 252 pp.
$ 29.95 Softcover (Retail of $59) One Used Copy remaining, with a bit of shelfwear scuffing, sold at discount. Ex-library book with the catalog numbers on the spine, but otherwise appears new and unread, without markings and the spine is tight.

* THE CHILLING STARS: A New Theory of Climate Change, by Henrik Svensmark & Nigel Calder. Outlines a controversial new theory for solar-moderated cosmic rays as the driving force for natural climate changes over the centuries. Shows how cosmic rays produce abundant cloud-condensation nuclei, and that variations in this abundance triggers variations in the major greenhouse gas, water vapor, which drives changes in Earth's cloud-cover and temperature. Presented in fascinating detail for both layperson and professional, with many historical anecedotes about how the discoverer Svensmark was attacked, blocked and ridiculed for his ideas.
$ 15.95 Softcover ** NO LONGER AVAILABLE FROM US. TRY AMAZON ===>>

* THE LITTLE ICE AGE: How Climate Made History 1300-1850, by Brian Fagan. While author Fagan seems to go out of his way to say his book is not a refutation of the predominant theory of human-forced global climate change, in fact everything presented in this small book does exactly that: It shows the results of global cooling to Europeans living near the Alps, where glaciers then came down much farther than today, crushing villages and promoting frosty conditions which delayed and destroyed crops, thereby creating famines. He also outlines how the onset of this cold epoch frustrated Viking efforts to colonize both Greenland and North America. After reading this, you will be thankful for global warming, in spite of how author Fagan tries to preserve his mainstream credentials by chronically saying "but this doesn't mean the modern warming isn't due to human activity", etc. 246 pp.
$ 16.95 Softcover ** NO LONGER AVAILABLE FROM US. TRY AMAZON ===>>

* THE LONG SUMMER: How Climate Changed Civilization, by Brian Fagan. Presents the story of how the human species and early civilizations arose after the last Ice Age, during a period of warmth -- the Long Summer. Author Fagan tracks the ebb and flow of human culture on different continents, as the glaciers retreated, forests grew, agricultural zones developed, and then were crashed down in fits of drought or resurgent cold conditions. While much of what he writes is not systematically-developed (as in author DeMeo's "Saharasia") it nevertheless fills in many details worthy of note. 284 pp.
$ 14.95 Softcover ** NO LONGER AVAILABLE FROM US. TRY AMAZON ===>>

* THE GARDENS OF THEIR DREAMS: Desertification and Culture in World History, by Brian Griffith. More confirmation of DeMeo's Saharasia findings, in this recent work which traces 7000 years of human history, showing the profound effects of desertification and drought upon emerging human societies. Cites many new sources and lines of evidence, combining ecological, social and religious histories. 368 pp.


* THE ELECTRIC SUN and PLANETARY ELECTRICAL SCARRING, DVD, Lectures by Don Scott and Wal Thornhill, from a Conference on "Our Violent Solar System" held in Portland Oregon, September 2000. 77 min. total, lectures by professional scientists with illustrations. In hardshell DVD case with color cover.
$14.95 DVD Region 1 in hardshell plastic case

* CATASTROPHISM: Asteroids, Comets and Other Dynamic Events in Earth history, by Richard Huggett. There has been a stunning re-emergence of the catastrophist paradigm in the biological and earth sciences. From killer asteroids to emergent viruses, it has become evident that the history of life on earth has been shaped - far more than previous orthodoxies would allow -- by extreme events and non-linear processes. The old "uniformitarian" dogma of steady-rate evolution has been decisively challenged by the research of contemporary neo-catastrophists like Stephen Jay Gould, David Raup, Stuart Ross Taylor, Ursula Marvin and Kenneth Hsu. Whether debating the origin of the moon or the current human impact on the biosphere, they urge us to recognize the radically event- or chance-driven structure of natural history. The author surveys the various theories of catastrophist and uniformitarian thought in a clear and accessible fashion. 262 pp.
$ 18.95 - Softcover **NO LONGER AVAILABLE FROM US. TRY AMAZON ===>>

* THE DEEP HOT BIOSPHERE: Myth of Fossil Fuels, by Thomas Gold. Suppose someone claimed that we are NOT running out of petroleum? Or that life on Earth began below the surface of our planet? Or that oil and gas are not "fossile fuels"? Or that if we find extraterrestrial life it is likely to be within, not on, other planets? You might expect to hear statements like these from an author of science fiction. But what if they came from a renowned physicist, an indisputably brilliant scientist who has been called "one of the world's most original minds"? In this book, author Gold sets forth truly controversial and astonishing theories about where oil and gas come from, and how they acquire their organic "signatures". The conclusions he reaches in this book are quite agreeable to the prior work of Wilhelm Reich on the bions, though Reich is not mentioned -- he sees petroleum as the product of deep-earth bio-activity, much like what is seen coming from the earth at deep-sea hydrothermal vents and in hot-springs, which yield up "archaea" (bions) from great depth. This certainly makes understandable the resistance his ideas have been met with, as acceptance of Gold will bring Reich more to the fore-front of open discussion on the "origin-of-life" question. Gold is a member of the National Academy of Sciences, with many other titles and honors, and not some "outsider", so he cannot be so easily ignored. Definitely worth the read, and will wipe away the pessimism regarding the current Islamic-stranglehold over the West, due to our addiction to imported petroleum. If Gold is correct, nearly at every location on earth should yield up petroleum if wells are drilled deep enough. 243 pp.

* GLACIAL LAKE MISSOULA: and its Humongous Floods, by David Alt. As geologist J. Harlen Bretz walked the dry scabland channels of eastern Washington in the 1920s, it dawned on him that he was viewing a landscape sculpted by water. Lots of water. A flood of catastrophic proportions. This book tells the gripping tale of a huge Ice Age lake that drained suddenly -- not just once but repeatedly -- and reshaped the landscape of the Northwest. The narrative follows the path of the floodwaters as they raged from western Montana across the Idaho Panhandle, then scoured through eastern Washington and down the Columbia Gorge to the Pacific Ocean. This is also the story of geologists grappling with scientific controversy -- of how personalities, pride, and prejudice sometimes supersede scientific evidence. 199 pp.
$ 14.95 Softcover

* PATH OF THE POLE, by Charles Hapgood. The author researched the polar regions, ancient maps and geological records to conclude the Earth's crust has slipped many times in the past, changing the position of the poles. Originally published in 1958, this book is the foundation for many later works on polar shifting, and merges into even greater controversy when viewed alongside the author's other book Maps of the Ancient Sea Kings (also available from Natural Energy Works). Path of the Pole provides a completely new way of looking at glacial evidence, as the product of sequential pole shifts rather than "Ice Ages" per se. 413pp.

* CATACLYSM: Compelling Evidence of a Cosmic Catastrophe in 9500 BC, by D.S. Allan & J.B. Delair. A multi-disciplinary scientific study examining evidence of a great global catastrophe that occurred only 11,500 years ago. Crustal shifting, tilting of the Earth's axis, mass extinctions, upthrusted mountain ranges, rising and shrinking land masses, gigantic volcanic eruptions and earthquakes and tidal waves all indicate a fateful confrontation with a destructive cosmic visitor must have occurred. Calls into question many geological theories. A scholarly work well cited and recommended for its thoroughness. 372 pp.

* CATASTROPHISM Archive CD-ROM: Man, Myth and Mayhem in Ancient History and the Sciences - CD-ROM for Windows or Macintosh. Contains a complete searchable library of the most important catastrophist publications over the past quarter century, including complete sets of the journals Aeon (1988-2000), Horus (1985-1987), Kronos (1975-1988), Pensee (1972-1974), SIS Internet Digest (1986-2000), SIS Review (1975-2000), SIS Workshop (1978-1995), Thoth (1997-2000) and The Velikovskian (1993-1994), plus the books The Dawn of Astronomy, Recollections of a Fallen Sky, The Works of Flavius Josephus (Antiquities of the Jews, War of the Jews), and numerous now-vanished website articles and other resources (from Science Frontiers 1977-1999, Society for Interdisciplinary Studies, and The Velikovskian). An essential library for newcomers to catastrophism, but equally valuable for long-time enthusiasts and advanced researchers. A treasure-trove of material related to "The Velikovsky Affair", and tons of articles presenting scientific anomalies information and research. This is the stuff you always wanted to read as a student, but which you had to hide from your professors! More important for a scholar than any equally-priced computer software program might be, this item will "reprogram" your world-view, erase all the "bad sectors" in your thinking process, clean up a lot of inefficient wasted space, and virus-proof your thinking against the raw metaphysical scientism posturing today as science.

* THE EXTINCTION OF THE MAMMOTH by Charles Ginenthal. This book is packed with information challenging the conventional theories of the ice age, the dating of the extinction, and dealing with the age of man in America. Did the mammoth live in Alaska and Siberia during the Ice Age? Pollen research emphatically denies this. Could the bones, tusks, and bodies of mammoths have been buried gradually and preserved in the tundra? Recent studies prove this could not have occurred. Did the poles of the Earth shift, and is there fundamental evidence to prove this? Yes! Plant geography presents solid support that the orientation of the poles was much less oblique when the mammoths roamed the Arctic. The Extinction of the Mammoth outlines and explains the historical evidence and views of science on these problems and many, many others. It explores the scientific research that has been gleaned over the past twenty-five years from numerous fields. It goes well beyond to expose the inept and contradictory data used to justify gradualism, and shows why it has failed to explain this extinction. As a related item, be sure to get Heretic's Notebook which presents a map of the geographical distribution of the Ice Age glacial boundary, with data on frozen mammoth and rhino remains plotted in. 303 pp.

* THE MANY FACES OF VENUS by Ev Cochrane. This book explores the role of the planet Venus in ancient myth and religion. It offers a comparative analysis of Venus-lore and myths, seeking out meaningful patterns which can be be reconstructed from the many seemingly contradictory and incongruous descriptions of the planet. The context of the book stems from the work of Immanuel Velikovksy, who postulated that Venus is the remnant of a major cometary body which came into the Solar System only in ancient-historical times, creating great cosmic catastrophes in the process. 217 pp.

* STEPHEN J. GOULD and IMMANUEL VELIKOVSKY: Essays in the Continuing Velikovsky Affair, by CHARLES GINENTHAL, et al. Documents the lies, deceptions, dirty tricks and unethical actions by Gould, Henry Bauer, Isaac Asimov, the AAAS, and others in their attempts to smear Velikovsky, and prematurely bury his work. A companion to the book Carl Sagan and Immanuel Velikovsky, and required reading if you believe Velikovsky's work was adequately refuted by his establishment critics. Full index, comprehensive bibliography. 800+ pp. ALSO SEE the similar work on Carl Sagan and Immanuel Velikovsky.

* IMMANUEL VELIKOVSKY: The Truth Behind the Torment, by Ruth Velikovsky. Starting in the 1960s, Immanuel Velikovsky wrote more than a dozen books which shook the Earth sciences and history to their core. He gathered a tremendous body of evidence indicating Earth and other planets of the Solar System had been subject to major astrophysical catastrophes, some within historical times. Many human myths, he argued, were the product of eye-witness recounting of amazing astronomical events in the sky, which people could hardly understand. These events triggered catastrophes on the Earth in the nature of massive earthquakes, tidal waves and hurricanes, all of which were ascribed to "godly actions". His first book "Worlds in Collision" described the Comet Venus, expelled from Jupiter, which then had near-pass collisions with Earth, the Moon and Mars. It was hotly attacked, and academics lost their jobs for daring to express sympathy for the ideas. His second book "Earth in Upheaval" recounted the evidence for these catastrophes in the "stones and bones" of archaeology and geology. Other books correcting what he viewed as errors in ancient historical chronology also were published, but today one can rarely find him cited anywhere, except in derision. In this book, his daughter recounts the epic struggles and conflicts, and how they affected her father and family. 176 pp.

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