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    Policy on Seminar Refunds

    A full refund will be given when requested earlier than two weeks prior to the event in question -- those paying by credit card may be charged an 8% processing fee in those cases where we incur non-refundable credit-card fees. No refunds starting two weeks prior to the event, except if, on our determination, the event fills up and the withdrawing person's seat is taken up by other registered participants.

    Here is a suggested Pre-Seminar Reading List (No exams will be given!):
    Titles available from most bookstores, or from Click Here.

    - by Wilhelm Reich:
         Selected Writings
         Function of the Orgasm
         The Cancer Biopathy
         Ether, God and Devil
         Cosmic Superimposition

    - by James DeMeo:
         The Orgone Accumulator Handbook, 3rd Revised Edition

    - YouTubes:
         Man's Right to Know

         Wilhelm Reich and the Orgone Energy

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