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Where Can You Purchase
Orgone Energy Blankets, Orgone Energy Accumulators,
and Accumulator Construction Plans and Materials?

Note: The Orgone Biophysical Research Lab makes no medical or health claims for the experimental orgone devices described below. This information is provided as a public service only. If you have a health problem or illness you are treating, consult your health-care professional.

Various case-studies and human clinical trials of the orgone energy accumulator are given in Wilhelm Reich's original research journals (see the Wilhelm Reich Museum Bookstore, below). A review of this history, with newer findings made by physicians in Germany, is found in James DeMeo's Orgone Accumulator Handbook, now available in several languages (see Natural Energy Works, below).

There are currently only a few sources we know about for orgone devices in the USA, given below. Sources for orgone accumulators outside the USA are best identified by contacting different Reich groups abroad. It is possible for a person on one continent to purchase orgone accumulators from another -- such as from Europe to North America -- but shipping costs in some cases may equal or exceed the item being purchased, so in general it is advisable to purchase the larger and heavier orgone devices from companies within your own region or home country. If such a company does not exist, then plans and raw materials can be obtained by mail, and given to a local carpenter for customized construction. Sometimes you can also find accumulator-building companies advertising in the classified sections of various holistic health publications. The USA contact sources (listed alphabetically) are:

* Natural Energy Works: NEW has an extensive on-line shopping cart with a special selection of books on orgone energy subjects, plus quality steel wool reels, carded sheep's wool, wool batting and felts, as needed for making your own orgone blankets and accumulators. Also available from NEW is The Orgone Accumulator Handbook: Construction Plans, Experimental Use and Protection Against Toxic Energy. The book is an excellent resource guide and updates Reich's findings on construction materials and environmental-energetic considerations. For more specific information on orgone accumulators, go to: The Orgone Accumulator Handbook, and: Orgone Accumulators, Natural Raw Materials and Energy Boosters

* Orgonics' Life Energy Products: Orgonics is currently the top-most recommended fabrications facility for authentic orgone energy accumulators and blankets. They make excellent, high-quality 3-ply and 5-ply human-sized orgone accumulators, complete with chest-board and a charger-shooter box (suitable for garden work or experiments) which doubles as a seat, and wheels for easy moving. Orgonics also makes orgone seed-chargers, blankets, vests, and very well-made orgone energy blankets, etc. Without question, this is the best source for orgone accumulators in the USA, made with excellent craftsmanship from the best-possible materials. Review their online website for more information. Or email to: Orgonics(at) <

* Wilhelm Reich Museum Bookstore Carries Reich's out-of-print books and research journals, and also a set of the original accumulator construction plans he distributed in the 1950s. A good complement to the Orgone Accumulator Handbook (see above). The Reich Museum does not sell any orgone accumulating devices. Email to: wreich(at)

Information on other sources for well-made and legitimate orgone devices is welcomed and we will try to be as open and fair as is humanly possible. However, out of respect for Reich's difficult and important work, we will not post information on "orgone devices" of a questionable, exaggerated, and/or unproven nature.

As Reich's objective discovery of the orgone energy becomes better known, more and more people are announcing "orgone gadgets" of an unproven or possibly even fraudulent nature, so caution -- and a thorough reading of Reich's original publications for guidance -- is advised. See for example the discussion on this problem in the "Orgone Nonsense" article. One should always be open-minded to new possibilities, allowing the innovator every possibility to test and prove their ideas, but this does not mean a mindless acceptance of every claim which is made in the marketplace. The innovator has no "basic right" to make broad and sweeping claims without providing some basic level of proof, nor can they realistically expect to avoid open critique of their ideas or products if they bring them into the marketplace without sufficient testing and evidence. Reich was in fact a conservative research scientist, whose discoveries were made in large measure due to his own self-critical faculties, and to his constant seeking of objective, natural-scientific evidence for previously subjective phenomenon.

This page will be updated from time to time, as new information is received. Your feedback and suggestions are appreciated.

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