5-6 August, Summer 2006

Saturday & Sunday, 10:00 am to 6:00 pm

Seminar on The Orgone Energy Accumulator:
Construction, Experimental Use and Orgone Physics

Instructor: James DeMeo, Ph.D.

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Covering the following general topics and demonstrations:
* Wilhelm Reich's discovery of the orgone energy.
* Orgone biophysics: laboratory demonstration of orgone energy experiments.
* Effects of local weather upon accumulator functioning.
* Discovery of life energy by scientists other than Reich.
* Hands-on construction of orgone blankets and box-type accumulators.
* Demonstration of blue-glowing bions in the microscope.
* Demonstration of the To-T (thermal anomaly) experiment, and others.
* Observations in the new Orgone Energy Darkroom (room-sized accumulator).
* Discussion of orgone energy expressions in Living Nature.
* Open discussion of best materials and effective use of accumulating devices.
* Medical use of orgone accumulator overseas, in Germany and other nations.
* Problems with your energetic environment: Dor and Oranur, nuclear power plants, power lines, television sets, computer radiation, microwave ovens, fluorescent lights, etc.
* Attacks on orgone research by the organized "skeptics", and by the advocates of "Holy Hand Grenades", "Chembusters", and other distortions -- separating Reich's good science from malicious criticism, and exaggerated or bogus claims.

Demonstrations, lectures, slides, handouts.

At Right: A Human-Sized Orgone Energy Accumulator
Photo Copyright (c) by James DeMeo

In the 1950s, Dr. Wilhelm Reich published a series of books and research journals documenting the existence of a unique biological energy (called orgone ), and the construction of a very simple, inexpensive and passive device by which this same energy could be accumulated from the atmosphere. The orgone accumulator was observed to increase the growth of plants and the healing of tissues, while subjective reactions among test subjects indicated an increased vigor and resistance to disease (immunity). Microscopic observation of blood indicated serological changes towards more alive and healthy conditions among seriously ill persons who regularly sat in the accumulator. Reich's milestone papers on this discovery were published and verified by his associates, but the discovery was nearly lost to the world when the McCarthy-era Food and Drug Administration obtained a court order, banning the books from interstate transportation and actually burning copies of all books which contained the forbidden word "orgone". Book-burning actually was carried out by FDA agents in the late 1950s and early 1960s. Fortunately, copies of the original works survived, and many have been republished. Many new studies have been undertaken and published, including peer-reviewed, double-blind and controlled studies. In Germany, the orgone accumulator is openly used by physicians for experimental cancer therapy, and many anecedotal reports exist of anomalous spontaneous remissions and other kinds of healing phenomenon following orgone accumulator therapy.

This workshop on the Orgone Energy Accumulator will be led by James DeMeo, Ph.D., author of the popular Orgone Accumulator Handbook, and whose personal research with the accumulator dates back to 1970. Participants will get a complete overview of the history and theoretical background of Reich's discovery of the orgone energy, as well as practical, hands-on experience in the construction and experimental use of several different types of accumulators. Simple orgone blankets and can-type accumulators will be constructed by participants. Some laboratory demonstrations will be given, with the opportunity to observe OBRL experiments in progress. Visual observations of orgone energy phenomenon will also be possible, as well as observations inside the Orgone Energy Darkroom -- a room-sized orgone accumulator -- constructed at OBRL and similar to one constructed by Wilhelm Reich at his laboratory in Rangeley, Maine. This is the only known orgone darkroom on the West Coast.

Effect of the Orgone Energy Accumulator on Sprouting Mung Beans.
Left: Accumulator Treated Group, Right: Control Group

(Photo Copyright (c) by James DeMeo

Orgone Accumulator Darkroom (Room-Sized Accumulator)
Orgone Biophysical Resarch Lab, Greensprings Center, Oregon

Photo Copyright (c) by James DeMeo

Photo of blue-glowing "Vacor" (Orgone-charged vacuum) Tube
Photo Copyright (c) by James DeMeo

More Information:

* Various Articles: on the subject of Orgonomy.

* To Purchase the book: The Orgone Accumulator Handbook: Construction, Experimental Use and Protection Against Toxic Energy, plus other books by James DeMeo.

* To Purchase: Wilhelm Reich's publications.

* To Purchase: Books by other authors on the subject of orgonomy.

* To Purchase back issues of the OBRL journal: Pulse of the Planet with many articles on the subject of this seminar.

* Report on the Summer 2003 Greensprings Seminars, representative of the kind of work and study undertaken at OBRL. Each year is always a bit different.

Dates: 5-6 August, Summer 2006

Times: 10:00 AM to 6:00 PM each day, Saturday and Sunday.

Where: At the O.B.R.L. Greensprings Center, 20 miles east of Ashland, Oregon in the forests of the Siskiyou Mountains. A map will be sent to registered seminar guests.


Lunch: There are local restaurants, but they are slow-service and unable to accommodate our seminar guests -- for that reason, and due to time constraints, we strongly recommend to bring your own lunch - sandwiches, fruits, or whatever you like. Tables and chairs are available for outdoor eating and a coffee/tea service will be provided. However, you will be responsible for your own lunch.

Other Activities For those persons who arrive early, there will be a Friday evening lecture (on a topic to be announced - see the calendar of events for details) on the day before the event. Weather Permitting, the OBRL Orgone Energy Accumulator Darkroom will be open for viewing to seminar participants, during off-times. Likewise, the Greensprings Astronomical Observatory may be opened for evening celestial events. The region surrounding the OBRL Greensprings Center is also excellent for outdoor picnics and hiking, with Crater Lake National Park only 3-hrs drive to the north, with the bluest water in the world, and a favorite visiting place for our seminar guests. For more information, about the OBRL Greensprings Center and region, click here.

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