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Record Snowfall in Southern Oregon!



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Wintertime On the Greensprings

Record Snows of Jan-Feb 2008

If I did not post these photographs, nobody would believe it. The OBRL is situated at around 4300 foot elevation, or about 1200 meters. Every winter brings snow, but this year has been exceptional. Seems the entire Northern Hemisphere is active, with record snows in many other places of the world at this same time.

Driveway kept open by constant use of the snow-thrower.

Snow Hats on all the buildings. For comparisons, the small square windows on the green lab building are about one yard or one meter square.

Still a good place to work, with much activity.

Dr. James DeMeo, Director of OBRL, and Ms. Daniela Brückner, Research Assistant, in snow up to the shoulders, or up to the eyeballs! About 5' thick in most places. That's about 1.5 meters.

As a crusty old-timer here once said, when the first snow-throwers appeared, "God Bless the internal combustion engine"! Totally politically incorrect, but you'd have to be here to appreciate what a wonderful device this thing really is. Otherwse, everyone would have to migrate down the mountain for winter, like the deer.


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